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Far Cry 3 Underway?

The rumor-oriented "Spy" column in the latest print issue of PC Gamer has an unconfirmed report that Far Cry 3 is currently in development at Ubisoft Montreal under the leadership of Josh Mosqueira, formerly of Relic Entertainment. Thanks Big Download, where they reference previous rumors that a third installment in the shooter series will return to the African setting of Far Cry 2.

33. Re: Far Cry 3 Underway? Aug 23, 2010, 09:18 Verno
Wowbagger_TIP wrote on Aug 22, 2010, 13:43:
No, the complaint was that the implementation of the gun decay was just stupid.

No, you're just really reading into it what you want to, the full text was (including his amusing Ubishite comment at the bottom):

Other dumb game mechanics they need to address from FC2:

# guns that degrade/jam/die after only a couple of clips

# having a bunch of enemies shoot at you for 5 mins whilst you circle round their camp; you take them out and loot the weapons to replenish your ammo, only to find 4 or 5 bullets on each corpse

# respawning checkpoints (can't say that enough!)

But it's a Ubishite game, so will have purchase-killing DRM and so not really an issue, after all.

Guns that decay within the span of firing a few clips, but didn't so much as jam once on the guy you stole it from? That makes no sense and is so inconsistent that it's clear they didn't bother to try to balance the game. They just made quick and dirty changes to parameters to try to achieve the affect they wanted on the player, even though those changes made no sense in the game world.

This is common in most games but I don't see you in those threads bemoaning it. The fact is that the protagonist is often at an advantage over the AI so to make up for that you have to balance by letting the AI follow more a dubious ruleset or just hit the player with sheer numbers. Could they have done a better job implementing gun decay for example? Sure, I would have chosen a different route but it was not the game ruining debacle you make it out to be.

These guys weren't even trying. When considered in light of the lack of friendly AI, the retarded respawn decisions, the lack of mission variety, all of it points to half-assed design and/or rushed implementation.

Really, it "all points to blah blah"? I don't really agree and some of your complaints are pretty vague and generalized so I have no idea what you're even referring to. The respawn stuff I agree with but so does everyone else. No one said it was a game without flaws.

If this game wasn't aimed at me, then I have no idea who they thought their target audience was. With a sequel, it's generally understood that you're targeting the people who liked the previous game. I loved Far Cry, and played through it several times. I'm not the only one who loved the first one and thought the second was a serious disappointment either.

Far Cry 2 really had nothing to do with Far Cry 1 and the games don't even play remotely the same. Whether that's good or bad in the context of the series doesn't really have any bearing on the second games merits or lack thereof. You can't seem to decide if you're upset with the game or angry because it wasn't Far Cry 1.
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