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Op Ed

GamePro - The Cost of Piracy. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Indeed, while it may not always be the case for every new video game, it's hard to imagine that piracy does not result in a significant loss of revenue. Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which has recorded over 10 million copies sold, has been the target of piracy on the PC. In an online post, Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling ironically muses, "They wonder why people don't make PC games anymore." Bowling writes that while the number of PC gamers playing the last Call of Duty game was "fantastic," what wasn't fantastic was "the percentage of those numbers who were playing on stolen copies of the game." Piracy tends to be more rampant with PC games, and thus the platform serves as a cautionary tale for the rest of the industry.

Ars Technica - Why lack of StarCraft 2 LAN play still matters.
We'll see how many of those people break down and buy the game for the single-player campaign. What's clear is that a large part of gaming's past is being deemphasized. This story isn't over, but for now, LAN gamers are going to angrily shake our canes at the younger gamers and even—amazingly!—Blizzard, the company that used to be so welcome to frolic on our lawn.

BitMob - Badvertising: The Art of Abusive Marketing.
Both Blur and Saints Row 2 openly attack the games posing a threat to them. In both instances, the games they poke fun at happen to be obvious inspirations for their respective creation. Without the success of Mario Kart's power-up racing, Blur would likely have been a very different game. Without Grand Theft Auto, the similar Saints Row probably wouldn't exist. These commercials shouldn't be insulting their origins. They should be acknowledging them -- beyond saying "look how terrible this is" -- or simply ignoring them.

32. Re: Op Ed Jul 31, 2010, 21:11 ASeven
I fully agree with Vermo's points. If publishers did that, if they had the common sense to do that the PC market would be a lot more lucrative, astronomically more.

I don't deny that piracy is a problem as my earlier posts attest it, I do say it, it is a problem. I just don't think it's the problem publishers cry out it is, because after all they would and do cry out on piracy. Piracy is a problem, I just don't believe it is a problem as big as many believe it is, and that it certainly isn't as big on the PC compared to the xbox where piracy there is also huge.

It isn't about a my platform has less piracy than yours argument but about keeping things real and using common sense. All platforms suffer from piracy, every single one. The PS3 right now is an exception but you can bet anything you want that with the rise of popularity of the PS3 sooner or later it will be cracked as well. As someone said it here, gamers flock to the platform where more games are, if more PS3 exclusives are made and if the sales of the PS3 keep rising gamers will flock to it and accordingly the pirates as well. And all I'm saying is enough with the PC piracy bullshit because yes, we don't have a fucking clue about piracy data so don't try and say that PC has more piracy than any other platform, it may be true and it may be not but nobody knows. I'm tired of the PC being used as a scapegoat for piracy without presenting anything to back it up. As far as I know all platforms have enormous amounts of piracy at the same level, the consoles more so because common sense dictates gamers have more consoles than PCs and that's where a lot of exclusives are.

As cliffski's article and Vermo's points out, if only a little bit more effort was made for PC games the sales would increase and I am tired of the piracy excuse to cover up bad sales due to horrible games or execution in porting the game.

There is piracy, it is a serious problem, it affects every platform, not just the PC which may suffer much less than the gaming press and publishers wants us to think it does.
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