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Game Reviews

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4. Re: Game Reviews Jul 28, 2010, 16:35 Wallshadows
I never really cared for the first StarCraft but I'm actually enjoying my time on StarCraft 2 which makes me feel better about dropping $60 for the single player campaign.

Yeah, it's cliched and there are some quirks, but it's still fun.

I'll get around to multiplayer eventually.
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3. Re: Game Reviews Jul 28, 2010, 16:31 eRe4s3r
Well - having played it through now i - and having seen the ending i have several more things to comment on.

1) The End-Twist - you see it coming ever since the intro (if not, you are not paying attention ;P)

2) That Kerrigan is in Part 2 means by definition that we free her from overmind control.... if you didn't see that part of the end coming, you were not living on this planet. (and that is not the twist)

3) The 3 Choices are even worse than i thought

the first choice is basically just switching objectives in a mission around
the second choice is giving you 2 maps to choose from (the 2nd choice involves which special unit type you get - that is 1 - 1 special unit type)

Theres also some badly balanced maps. On Normal in the Protoss - Last Stand mission i could have survived for more than an hour - i had to actually lose on purpose to end the mission.

The last mission is hilariously easy - unless you picked the wrong thing in the 3rd choice. ;p

Research: Is totally pointless - at the end you have each thing (althoug you have to chose from 2 research things each time) at max which means at no point in the game have you to decide between zerg or protoss research. It comes to you just by not falling asleep during the campaign.

Armory: You can buy basically any "useful" upgrade there is - and not many of em are useful - save 300k for the battleship upgrades though because these make that the unstoppable super pwn mobile of the game.

but the main thing - whatever the hell was Blizzard thinking with giving Units this plastic comic look - the textures are low-res all around - the only thing thats amazing are the face textures and the scenery in the "Wing Commander" sequences - and even in the in-game sequences you see many BLUR parts that look like from 2000.

Also without AA forced in Nvidia control panel you have an really ugly shimmer around each unit
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2. Re: Game Reviews Jul 28, 2010, 14:39 JaguarUSF
It will be PC Game of the Year if Activision/Blizzard buys enough ad space to make it so.

Plus, a lot of "those" sites rarely review PC games anyway.
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1. Re: Game Reviews Jul 28, 2010, 13:43 eRe4s3r
If this becomes the PC Game of the year then PC Gaming is doomed. The Campaign is a huge linear snoozefest and the so called "non-linearity" consists for 3 primary choices you can make - yes, a whole of 3 choices throughout the whole 26 missions. And worse - the Story is boring and cliché. Its like super marines in a western setting with too much ego and too much macho - the "story twist" is not even a twist, you know all that happens just from the preview footage of the cgi sequences.

The cinematics are great - but a game ain't the cinematic movie show - its the gameplay - and just from the campaign alone DoW2 and WiC completely own this. From graphics and detail level as well. WiC is the FAR better SP rts.

Some other stuff
- Auto Attack does *NOT* target a units primary counter - that means a marine will HAPPILY shoot at a larva while that ultralisk smashes him to pieces. Auto Attack also does no focus fire or damage assist , the medics heal the most damage unit, not the one being damaged right now... etc

- The Campaign can be won by amassing a bunch of units and auto attacking, 0 tactical challenge ;/

- Skirmish is OK but gets boring fast.. at least the AI is pretty good at doing its thing

/ranting over ;p
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