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Sword of the Stars: Argos Navy Yard Patch

A post on the Kerberos Website from about a month ago reveals the release of a patch to update the Sword of the Stars: Argos Navy Yard expansion to version 1.80 (this is not required for the Sword of the Stars Complete Collection, as was originally stated here, thanks Wolfox for straightening that out). The patch is mirrored on AtomicGamer and The Patches Scrolls, and the patch notes follow (renumbered, as the original skips a couple of digits.


  1. Alliance downgrade option reporting the incorrect player name.
  2. All known turret, ship section, weapon and weapon layout data issues.
  3. Docking assault shuttles may freeze the application for a noticeable period.
  4. Bug where enemy AI was not decloaking when revealed by deep scan.
  5. Cosmetic issue where miniship could be displayed upside-down
  6. Issue where CNC ships could not be pulled to the back line.
  7. Issues with Stealth armor.
  8. Station build queue overrunning the bottom of the station build window.
  9. Bug where combat players could be shifted slightly from intended start point
  10. Raid encounters no longer show raider's name on both sides of the load screen.
  11. Known cases where ETAs were being reported incorrectly for enemy fleets
  12. All known population manager UI and reporting issues.
  13. An issue that was preventing AI from certain ship types.
  14. Bug with max freighters for a sector not taking into account the trade stations.
  15. Long processing time for Hiver AI with large commercial empires.
  16. All known installer dependency issues that could crop up for some users (including vcredist and DirectX).
  17. A few minor memory leaks.
  18. Rare crash can occur just after a SK is destroyed in combat.
  19. Cosmetic issue where players were being reported as defeated when they still had imperial population left on their system.


  1. Reviewed auto-resolve behaviour for each encounter type with an eye to making results more accurately match player controlled battles.
  2. Reduce duration for trade raiding combat.
  3. Players may now demand surrender of NAP and Alliance members.
  4. Flagship destruction now lowers empire morale.
  5. AI players are now insulted by being asked to surrender repeatedly.
  6. Abandoning any colony affects empire morale. (Not just the home world.)
  7. Improved AI trade sector management including freighters, raiders and escorts
  8. Improved AI weapon research and loadouts
  9. Tighter collision/manouver spheres for Liir and Tarka dreadnought shapes 10 -Primary PD weapons now picking boarding pods off of allies in combat.
  10. Reduced Progression Wars stage length.
  11. Players with non-aggression pacts no longer share sensor data in combat.


  1. Antiquarians scenario.
  2. Fleet manager band-boxing.
  3. New random encounter.
  4. New avatars and badges.
  5. Optional axis line rendering overlay for star map.

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10. Re: Sword of the Stars: Argos Navy Yard Patch Jun 29, 2010, 21:29 Nate
Agree, one of the best 4x games. Only reason I stopped playing was because the AI in the tactical battles wasn't very good.

SoTS2 is looking even better! Can't wait.
Avatar 24272
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9. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 19:42 Roachmojo
fucking awesome game! Play the "End of Flesh" scenario...its friggin brutal!!!!! I beat it once...  
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8. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 17:29 Suddenly_Dead
I really didn't like the game when it first came out, but because of the sale I just picked it up on Steam (along with Dawn of Discovery). Hopefully it goes a bit better this time.  
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7. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 14:26 eRe4s3r
Yes - and i concur that its a very very good 4X game. By far the most entertaining anyway.  
Avatar 54727
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6. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 12:35 Parias
The best part of the combat is how it's all physics-driven and such. Unlike games which just do invisible number crunching to determine if a shot will "hit" or not and how much damage it will do (i.e. Sins of a Solar Empire), things like projectile trajectories and locational damage are modeled accurately in SOTS. You can also tell your fleet to target specific parts of a ship (i.e. the turrets) and watch those components break apart when destroyed, and so on.

My only disappointment with the game is a lack of visual detail on the level Nexus: The Jupiter Incident had (visible ship nameplates, maneuvering thrusters, etc), but allegedly that's being looked at for the upcoming SOTS sequel.

Beyond that though it's awesome. My favorite memory is when I was attacking a planet with a bunch of Mass Driver-equipped ships and ended up knocking the enemy ships out of orbit and into the planet they were defending, simply because their engines couldn't compensate for the sheer amount of kinetic force my weapons were throwing at them.
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5. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 11:56 Wolfox
Blue, the Complete Collection is already 1.8.0, and needs no patches. The 1.8.0 patch basically brings Argos Naval Yard in sync with most of the new features and fixes in the Complete Collection.

I agree with Tavillion: SotS has become my favorite 4X game. 1.8.0 also improves the AI, which can be quite cunning too. I recommend it to everyone that likes 4X and tactical combat.

@the_culture: yes, it's turn based, and combat is real-time (time-limited too, which is good). Actually, the combat is one of the best parts of the game, as it does feel more tactical than any other 4X I can think of. Fleet composition and formation are very, very important, as is movement and flanking. If you already have the game, you should definitely try it.
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4. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 11:30 the_culture
I'll have to break it out this holiday weekend. It's turn-based 4x with real-time combat?  
Avatar 10598
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3. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 11:25 Woebringer
I got into the Sins of a Solar Empire beta right about the time I got a copy of the Original Sword of the Stars. I need to go back and visit it again. Sins + Expansions are brilliant but I seem to remember there being a lot of factional diversity between factions, including weapons, mode of travel, etc in Swords.

Swords certainly didn't come off as a "bad" game with the limited time I gave it.

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2. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 11:12 Tavillion
the_culture: It is by far the best 4x game I've played to date (and that includes MOO2, GalCiv 2, and Civ IV). Play it. You will NOT be disappointed!  
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1. Re: Sword of the Stars Patch Jun 29, 2010, 11:01 the_culture
I have yet to try this game, even with the Complete Collection sitting on my desk mocking me.  
Avatar 10598
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10 Replies. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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