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Global Agenda Launched

Global Agenda has officially launched, and players can now purchase this online third- and first-person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios and explore its espionage-filled science-fiction environments. New players will also be able to freely test the game's Conquest mode until March 3 without a subscription that this persistent game mode will require after that point. As for players who do not opt to subscribe, here is a description of what you will get with the game along with a description of the premium Conquest mode:

As a special agent playing only the non-subscription features, players can fully level eight different agent characters, participating in both player-vs-player and cooperative missions, as they infiltrate locations belonging to a totalitarian faction, The Commonwealth, and establish themselves inside the game world.

Players in Global Agenda: Conquest form their own groups, called Agencies. These Agencies conquer territory, construct facilities, manufacture vehicles, raid bases, and engage in formal and informal alliances and betrayals on their way toward world domination. The Conquest meta-game revolves around player-driven politics and strategy with each battle being resolved via squad-based combat.

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13. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 2, 2010, 00:08 Frijoles
Crafting sucks. I haven't checked in live, but just prior to live, every upgrade cost the same items (4 partial assembly and 17 scrap metal). They all did the same thing, too (10% bonus to hp, and +1 to a few other stats). Chest piece, leg piece, etc. Didn't matter, they all did the same thing.

Weapon upgrades sucked even worse. They gave 1 point to your energy pool. That's like having 1 extra bullet in your favorite FPS. Crafting is absolute crap in the normal version of GA. Could be different in AvA, but I don't know. I hear you build dropships and cool shit like that. Too bad none of that spills over to everyone else.

That said, I'm enjoying the game.
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12. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 21:55 ColoradoHoudini
It still bugs me that they list this as an MMO, when the majority of knowledgeable gamers will say that it isn't for a ton of reasons.

Going to need a demo and it's going to have to be damn impressive for me to buy it, but a subscription, no way in hell.

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11. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 20:23 .o0o.
It's a third-person shooter. I played the beta and, although was fun for a while, it ultimately didn't seem worth paying a monthly sub for.

They call it a MMO shooter RPG hybrid. I don't know where the massive part comes in. The max number of players on any map in AvA is 24. I guess the RPG element was the unnecessary leveling up where you would gain access to a wider variety of weapons/armor/dyes and open up more PVP modes and PVE missions. You get one point every other level that you would put into a tree that would enhance your abilities (you do more damage, you can take more damage, your DOTs last longer, etc). All sounds like a pretty glamorous RPG, right? But all the leveling just seems so pointless in a game where skill should be the deciding factor, not level. The armor you gain access to in level is purely cosmetic. The weapons do more damage/healing and some have secondary abilities. There is crafting, but I have no experience with it. From what I've read, it's shallow, unrewarding and forces you to play boring PVE games.

Every zone was instanced and there weren't any places to explore. With PVE maps, you go from point A to point B and kill the end boss. Usually done with 3 other people in complete silence because no interaction is required to complete the mission. The "Dome City" is the only place you can actually see other people outside of matches. It's not city-like in any way, it's just a name. It's an instanced zone and there isn't much to see outside of a few vendors. I should mention how you are forced to visit one of the vendors to allocate the skill point you gain every other level. That would be no problem if you could just park yourself at that vendor, but you occasionally appear in a different spot when you zone in. You can't use your jetpack in the city and are forced to walk around. It's a small zone, but it's still walking I feel like I shouldn't have to do.

Until max level, you'll be spending most of your time leveling up in PVP matches. There are five modes. It used to be that you could pick a mode and get entered into a queue until enough people entered the queue to start the match, but they didn't have enough people for games outside of Control and Breach (the first two modes you'll have access to with level restrictions). To solve the problem of long queue times due to lack of players, they decided to make one queue with a random mode. So if you were unlucky enough to get stuck in a mode you hated then you either had to suck it up or leave the game and get hit with a penalty where you couldn't reenter another PVP match for another five minutes. You can read an official post HERE. There's another post of interest on the second page, fifth post down by HiRezStew that goes more into detail.

I'm not sure how many new maps are in the release, but in beta there were only 1-3 for every PVP mode. There were even some maps that were nearly identical to one another with a few very small changes. I have never seen a game reuse maps like this. Seems really lazy and makes the game feel much smaller.

If they removed the single queue/random mode crap and added more PvP maps, I would probably consider playing this game without the sub. The matches can get pretty hectic, especially when it comes down to the last second where the counter runs out, but the game isn't over until one side is cleared off the objective.
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10. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 18:45 Skoll
Needs a demo, or a deeeeep discount for me to test it out, even without a subscription. Sounds like it could be fun with a group of friends.  
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9. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 18:10 KilrathiAce
Its MMOFPS(spam+rush)  
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8. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 18:09 Kxmode
Is Global Agenda a MMORPG or MMOFPS? Because it doesn't sound like either of those.  
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7. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 17:50 space captain
id like a new planetside but i realize this isnt it

but i still play CS:S.. and this GA game looks like a regular fps with some other tabletop boardgame element that determines which matches you will play and why you will play them.. and possibly other stuff to go along with that

sounds interesting to me - i need more reviews tho

and im not interested in hearing "its repetitive".. no shit - its a MP FPS. would you call CSS "repetitive"?

sometimes repetitive is good - like breathing, for example
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6. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 16:56 Nate
Viranth wrote on Feb 1, 2010, 16:21:
Is it any good?

How does it compare to planetside?

Its not Planetside. Its quite similiar to TF2 but without the crits and 10 vs 10 matches. There are some fun, player vs environment, timed 4 man team maps you can do. Also a game type somewhat like L4D.

The AvA stuff you can read about on their website. The benefits to the monthly subscription are also clearly explained there.

Avatar 24272
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5. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 16:29 Ant
Viranth wrote on Feb 1, 2010, 16:21:
Is it any good?

How does it compare to planetside?
It was OK to me, and not enough to make me buy the game. I don't remember if I played Planetside. I wasn't impressed with the beta.
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4. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 16:21 Viranth
Is it any good?

How does it compare to planetside?
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3. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 16:13 Sepharo
I just played three games of pvp and all three were maps that weren't available in the beta or early access. Hopefully there's a lot more of that.  
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2. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 16:03 space captain
are you just a hairless ape?  
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1. Re: Global Agenda Launched Feb 1, 2010, 15:54 Stanly Manly
Is this just Hellgate: London reskinned?  
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