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Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest

Vendetta Online announces the addition of a new Station Conquest mode to this Windows, Mac, and Linux space combat MMORPG, a new gameplay system that allows groups to take over space stations using coordinated attacks. The system is now live, and there are plans to expand it over the coming months "to allow surrounding territory to be held for the benefit of the station." Full details follow.
Multiplatform Space MMO Vendetta Online has recently released a new Station Conquest feature into their evolving game. This new gameplay mechanic allows groups of players to coordinate their attacks on a particular station, seizing control of it through the disabling of defense turrets, and taking direct ownership via a new "key" based hierarchical authentication system. Owner keys may then be distributed to other leaders, while various User keys may be generated and given to those needing only more limited types of access. The entire conquest system will be expanded over the coming months to allow surrounding territory to be held for the benefit of the station, while automated drones may be manufactured to mine ores and minerals within the conquered regions and provide for the finances and defense of a given station. In this way, large groups of players may conflict with one another over territorial gains and losses, while also running amok of established NPC factions and the Hive.
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9. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Feb 1, 2010, 10:24 Grounded
It is better than anything Derek Smart ever designed, its got that going for it  
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8. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Feb 1, 2010, 06:38 Calabi-Yau
I've played this a few times over the years, paid a sub for a while. It's got a lot of great stuff if you like wandering the systems, but I have always found the space combat too twitchy, sort of like Descent. I never really liked combat, so I'd avoid it, so I ended up as easy prey.

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7. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Jan 31, 2010, 22:59  Burrito of Peace 

Did you and your development ever play Privateer or Freelancer? If not, I would definitely recommend that you do so for research purposes.

I tried VO for about a month in the latter part of last year and it felt like I was eating the same bowl of unflavored oatmeal every time I played it. I don't know how to put my finger on it but there didn't feel like there was a spark that kept me wanting to play one more mission.

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6. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Jan 31, 2010, 22:09 timesten
I tried it earler after posting and i thought it was ok. i didnt realy have an issue with the reticle, seemed pretty obvious that it was trying to constantly predict the right angle to fire, but the jerkiness came when it was "wrong" for a sec.. reminded me of cruise-control in a car. i do like the twitch/tie fighter style instead of the eve online style. maybe just an option to get rid of the prediction reticle and figure out on your own where to shoot.

i did notice that if i tried to pick up everything that dropped, i was full pretty quickly, but i just started only picking up purple cans(which the ppl in chat told me was weapons).

i like the scale of mmos more than the lvling up, so id rather be able to jump right into large battles without having to gain liscenses or whatever they are called, but thats just me.

not sure how many hours i played so far, but ill play till its run out . id like to see some pvp, and what a large battle looks like.
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5. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Jan 31, 2010, 21:11 Stanly Manly

I tried your game because I was looking for another space themed mmo, since I've worn out my welcome with Eve. I do like your game's stylized graphics, and the actual flight dynamics were pretty good. I tried both the physics based, and the computer assist based flight, and found both to work well.

I certainly may not be part of your target demographic, as I am focused mainly on the PvE aspect of MMO's. However, if you would like some suggestions, I'd be happy to oblige.

1. Rethink the tutorial. It was tedious and restrictive, as well as quite long. A pop up type tutorial with simple arrows and an indication of what does what, would probably suffice. The game is not complicated, yet the tutorial is.

2. Redesign the station UI. No tabs. No need to take up the full screen. Clear and intuitive labels and menu structure. Present missions in a consecutive order with an immediate summary of objectives and rewards. An intuitive and un-nested fitting screen would be nice.

3. Change the combat dynamic of the npc leading reticle. It seemed to "jump" after every shot, resulting in mostly misses. I understand you want to stay away from an auto target system, but you could find a middle ground.

4. It seems you limit cargo space due to the trading dynamic in your game, but you could simply adjust the selling price vs cargo space of items you collect from destroyed npc's. It seems silly to me to have to selectively jettison cargo. Perhaps eliminate most cargo and go for a bounty system?

5. Change the warp dynamic. This seems like nothing more than a tedious timesink, to have to slowly (even with turbo) fly away from a station or other structure in order to warp to another system. Again, this is compounded with your current cargo dynamics.

6. Put in easily identifiable requirements on ships and items. If I want to be able to use those missile launchers, I don't want to have to guess at how I can learn to use them.

So there ya go. While I certainly don't expect you to go against a currently working business model, a bit more of a streamlined experience may be beneficial to your game in the long run. Good luck to you. I certainly see potential in your game.
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4. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Jan 31, 2010, 20:15 sc4r4b
I bought and tried the game about 5 years ago and have kept it on my radar. I'd always hoped it would do well. Time to give it another go!  
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3. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Jan 31, 2010, 19:39  1ncarnate 
Our game definitely has a lot of areas that need improvement, and is not for everyone. That being said..

You can select dropped loot and identify it, by hitting "b" to select-in-front. You can also examine and selectively jettison after picking it up. The second tutorial should describe this. They're also colorized by item class, which makes for fast identification of "scrap" and the like, but selection is what most people use. License progression should also be explained in the early tutorials.

We definitely need more missions, and a better mission interface. But there are quite a few story-driven mission trees, and we're continually adding them. Players can also make missions, if they like, via the PCC construct.

You can pretty quickly upgrade to a ship with more cargo space. Plus, people are usually selective of what cargo they want to carry, using the object-selection and the cargo jettison interface. That being said, maybe we can reduce the amount of scrap dropped, or buff the newbie ship cargo space. I hadn't actually heard the "not enough cargo" criticism before.. people are usually in such a hurry to upgrade their ship.

Combat is probably the deepest aspect of the game, and has a learning curve, but also has a lot of flexibility and depth for those with experience. As a result, PvP is usually cited as one of the better areas of gameplay, but I know that's not for everyone. Some adapt to combat quickly, others don't. I still struggle with how to best help new people learn the system. In part it may just be the price of having a "twitch" model game.

We also have two entirely different flight models (one that behaves like a flightsim, and one that behaves more like space physics), the use of which has a major impact on combat. There are advanced tutorials intended to help people learn the pros and cons of the two systems, and how you can toggle between them.

We're continually working on the "endgame", of which this new conquest thing is a part (as are previous additions, like Dynamic Warfare shown in the game trailer), but will not be entirely combative at all. If anything, the direction we're headed is far more driven by economics and production.

Also, our trial is only 8 hours, but it's of total in-game time. So, it could be used in one day, or spread over a week, etc. Plus, there are some extended trial key promos that are still available.

Anyway, I appreciate the honest feedback. We are an indie developer and a tiny company, but we listen to our playerbase and try to improve the game every week.

-Incarnate, lead developer of Vendetta Online.
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2. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Jan 31, 2010, 16:42 Stanly Manly
I tried it last week. Its a very simplistic game, and has a ridiculously convoluted station menu/inventory interface, as well as a vague "level up" dynamic. There was some sort of license system to get to new ships and weapons, but no indication on how to acquire these licenses.

The missioning system was horribly generic (kill 10 of these, kill these until this drops, etc) as well as limited to 1 mission at a time. The loot that dropped was encased in glowing colored crates that didn't give much indication as to their actual contents. Green might be ore, yellow an item... I couldn't figure it out. However, it didn't matter, since your ship had such limited cargo capacity, that you could fill your cargo bay in a few minutes, or even with a single kill of a transport class ship. If running back to a station to unload cargo every few minutes is your idea of a good time, you are in for a treat, I guess.

The combat itself boiled down to lining up your reticle with the moving yellow reticle indicating where lead your shot, and hoping the shots connected. The shots (at least from the noobie weapons) moved quite slow, and it seemed unless your target was moving in a straight line, standing still, or you were right on top of it you pretty much missed all the time.

To find npc's to shoot, you had to choose another system to warp to on a rudimentary map, then for some unknown reason, move 5km away from your home station before you could warp. Since your noobie ships only flew at around 50km/h, and you had to unload your cargo every few minutes... well, it got real old real fast.

Good try I guess, for a small indie game company. I think they rely on the pvp as their endgame, but I had no interest in looking into that. Their trial is 8 hours only, but you'll know right away if you like the game or not
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1. Re: Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest Jan 31, 2010, 16:10 timesten
anyone tried this?  
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