Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online Open Beta

Open beta testing of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online is now underway, as predicted earlier this month, offering the chance to see if you can hit it like Tiger (sorry). Registration for the open beta is free, and they also offer a free demo that can be played in your browser using the Unity Web Player. Here's word on the game.
Want to test your skills on the cliffs at Pebble Beach, or the infamous 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass? With Tiger Woods PGA TOURĀ® Online, you can take on the world's most challenging and legendary courses. And with the Course Mastery feature, you can tackle each course with a series of increasingly challenging objectives. Score multiple birdies, complete a 300+ yard drive and sink record-breaking putts to earn the title of Course Champion. Every course provides its own set of challenges, and the more courses you master, the more bragging rights you'll earn!
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Re: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online Open Beta
Jan 22, 2010, 04:56
Re: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online Open Beta Jan 22, 2010, 04:56
Jan 22, 2010, 04:56
Hellbinder wrote on Jan 21, 2010, 19:49:

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You would not know what real "LOVE" is if it walked up and gave you a hug.

Yeah, and since Tiger Woods is a rich, famous athlete, he must have forced them to have sex with him. Because since women aren't meat, they can't possibly enjoy sex right?

He cheated on his wife, not the best of things, but not unheard of behavior either. I guarantee those women wore probably shaking their tails in his face as vigourously as they could.

His wife (is she ex yet?) Is well off on her own money, and she'll be even mroe well off after the prenup gets taken care of.

Tiger Woods is just a man, he's not famous for his moral integrity, but, he's a frikkin' golfer, and anyone that expected more was a moron.

His biggest mistake was getting married in the first place, because he can nail loads of hot chicks that are just waiting for the opportunity to tell everyone on their Facebook friends list "I nailed Tiger Woods!"

His wife may have been hurt, she's rish, beautiful, and young, she'll get over it.

The nice thing about women having achieved by and large social and economic equality (yeah probably ain't 50/50, but it's closer now than it's ever been)is that they're not automatically victims any longer. Women aren't stupid, they're not defenseless little prncesses that need our protection because they're just a female.

If anyone is "deprived"(though I think you menat depraved btw) it's the people that think women are incapable of handling this shit.

His woman knocked him out with a golf club, made him run into a tree...all he was doing was gettign some sex. Again, he shouldn't have played arround behind her back, but she could have killed him...

Who's the depraved one, some guy (a bit sleazy) cheating behind his wife, or the Lady that almost kills him for getting some time on the wrong course...(sorry, can't resist.)

Tiger Woods isn't a role model, neither is his wife. They're both just people.
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