BC2 Beta Dates; No Mod Tools or Public Server Distribution

The Battlefield Blog has a post from today (dated yesterday) with details on the PC beta testing for Battlefield Bad Company 2, saying the test is slated to run from January 28 to February 25 on a 32-player map called Port Valdez, which features a snow environment. They say preordering the game is "the most sure fire way" to get access, and that this can be done now through the EA Store and GameStop and they are working to get this offer on other retailers and e-tailers. They also confirm a recent leak suggesting a Steam beta, but say this does not mean this is certain: "We are however working with Steam to have the Public PC Beta available on Steam, but can't confirm this quite yet so cross your fingers Steam users." The post also has some further details about the game, saying it will use PunkBuster as an anti-cheating measure and there will be no mod tools, "However a majority of the games logic is controlled by the server and there will be Serverside control options for the dedicated servers." Finally, speaking of dedicated servers, while the game will make use of them, the software will not be distributed: "We will not distribute these publicly. There are many factors for why we have decided this with the biggest factor being security & integrity of our game & Dedicated Servers."
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