Out of the Blue

Man, it is some nice brisk football weather in these parts these days. Of course that's not great news for the teams still playing baseball, but I'm not sure what the MLB powers-that-be think was going to happen when you make a schedule with more than half-the World Series falling (no pun intended) in November. Brrr.

Chilly Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez.
Play: Test Pilot.
Submachine 6: The Edge.
Shadez 2: Battle for Earth.
Link: The Nerdy Dozens.
Stories: Neighbors Thought Dead Man Was Halloween Display. Thanks theAntiELVIS.
Commuter Railroads Build a Secret Minute Into Train Departures (registration required).
Science: New ’spider pill’ camera robots offer comfortable alternative to colonoscopy. Thanks dakslf.
Images: Vincent Van Gogh Cake.
Media: Expendables Trailer. Thanks DrEnter.
Cross-country Snowboarding. Thanks Digg.
Sega Office Prank.
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Oct 17, 2009, 22:29
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Oct 17, 2009, 22:29
Concerning the "Spider Pill" camera, if you have to go through the same prep as a colonoscopy (and I'll bet you do) and the device can't biopsy anything that looks suspicious, then it's not a great leap forward.
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Oct 17, 2009Oct 17 2009
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