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Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8

Section 8 for Windows is now on sale in North America, offering PC owners to get in on the first-person shooter action from TimeGate Studios that Xbox 360 owners have been experiencing for a while now. The Games for Windows LIVE edition of the jetpack-powered shooter is due in the UK and Asia on September 11 and in Europe on September 18. Here's a bit from the announcement:

Section 8 allows players to join the epic conflict between the 8th Armored Infantry – nicknamed ‘Section 8’ - and the Arm of Orion by taking part in fierce combat across majestic alien worlds. Players create their own unique game experiences by customizing equipment Loadouts, and dramatically impact the flow of battle through strategic vehicle and asset requisitions. Dynamic Combat Missions (DCMs) are player-driven objectives, generated during the course of combat, that affect gameplay with tangible rewards for completion. In addition to the deep single-player campaign and multiplayer mode for up to 40 combatants, Section 8 features an Instant Action mode where players can challenge the game’s competitive AI on any of the multiplayer maps. For the competitive gamer, Section 8 will implement an online stats portal on Friday, September 11, which boasts a phenomenal in-depth stat-tracking system, showing clan and individual rankings on over 50 unique fully-searchable Leaderboards.

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8. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 6, 2009, 02:53 Sty
This becomes very annoying when you're in the open areas speed running across the map and some moron kid with terrible aim locks on you with an assault rifle or sniper rifle and hits you.

They have the passive modules for lock-on avoidance. Just have to give up the points from somewhere else and focus on role based loadouts. I've enjoyed the open beta and am currently enjoying the retail game. It's fun.
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You know selling dlc before you patch the client doesn't impress upon me the need to support your shit. -massdev
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7. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 5, 2009, 09:17 Eldaron Imotholin
Fucking hell, that first post critted me for 10k!

This game sounds like crap ideed, but it also sounds like it can be ok if devs change minor things:

1. Remove lock-on.
2. Increase Turret damage way way way waayyyy more.
3. Increase Turret health way way way waayyyy more.
4. Make snipers effective for personel only.

Those improvements to start with. Later they can include demolition, scout and soldier classes. Seriously, development time for those changes are relatively minimal and could obviously make this game way better.
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Playing: Skyrim, World of Warcraft.
Future: Dead Space 3.
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6. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 5, 2009, 03:39 Ant
When does the beta end? I still haven't installed and tried it.  
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5. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 5, 2009, 00:38 siapnar
Holy giant first post batman.

BTW, this game looks totally boring and uninspired. It's like watching a really bad action movie. Tons of explosions and shit going on, but somehow your bored out of your skull
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4. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 5, 2009, 00:00 Jerykk
I even have quotes from people on the main forums saying stuff like "without lock on, it's too hard to hit people that jetpack over me" or "i cant hit people without it". WTF? How is this even remotely acceptable or allowed in an FPS?

Welcome to the world of console shooters where aim assist and regenerating health are expected and playing with a gamepad is standard.
Avatar 20715
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3. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 4, 2009, 20:39 ColoradoHoudini
nah man, it's not that I want a new Tribes, or wanted this game to be Tribes.. it's that the things this game borrows from other games and implements, aren't done right.

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2. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 4, 2009, 19:42 DangerDog
I can elaborate further on any of the items above or anything else you want me to cover.. if anyone cares.

dude, I miss Tribes too but we've just got to let it go.

or maybe not

This comment was edited on Sep 4, 2009, 19:43.
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1. Re: Ships Ahoy - PC Section 8 Sep 4, 2009, 16:00 ColoradoHoudini
Umm...Okay, this is where I let you know that the dev said..
"We do not have plans to release a Section 8 demo for the PC at this time. Currently, we only have a demo for the Xbox 360 version."

That to me, and to anyone in the know smells of not having confidence in your product. The beta flew under most FPS radar.. and this game could use a lot more attention. What are they afraid of? They had an open beta client, that was patched near the end. Why not use that?

Anyhow.. my problems with the game (from the last open beta) --keeping in mind I played on the same 2 maps, no tanks in the beta i played, and I was playing vs fanboys and devs. Playing vs these people over and over.. people I think actually take the game seriously and play correctly.

Also keep in mind I am an old school Tribes player (Western Alliance ftw!)XMP/Planetside/Quake Wars/TF2 .. all those games influenced S8.. the devs admitted to that. So I freely admit to comparing Section 8 to the games it borrows from. Especially when the game looks and feels like it's really a mashup of those games. In a nutshell, I believe that S8 borrows a lot from those games, but doesn't implement them in the right way. Not just for my own person taste either, I mean that some things in game don't make sense for the setting the game is in.

Lock on:
You can lock your crosshairs on a player and shoot without regard for aiming at all. It has a cooldown so it can't be spammed, but can be amped up a bit (through modules that buff up abilities) to lock on longer. This becomes very annoying when you're in the open areas speed running across the map and some moron kid with terrible aim locks on you with an assault rifle or sniper rifle and hits you. Getting shot by someone who otherwise without lock on couldn't hit you, really screams that this game has a built-in lol terrible players can compete" button.

I even have quotes from people on the main forums saying stuff like "without lock on, it's too hard to hit people that jetpack over me" or "i cant hit people without it". WTF? How is this even remotely acceptable or allowed in an FPS? I can avoid lock on by hiding behind items and line of sighting them.. but that's not always an option. The other option is to have a jammer/blocker and activate it. Here's the god damn problem I have with that whole clusterfuck of an idea.
If you know a lot of players are going to abuse lock on (and from my hundreds of hours in beta playing time experience, they are).. and you know the sure fire way to make a firefight even, is to have the jammer.. then make the jammer a standard equip item and allow me to bind it to a key. The way it is now, I have to take up 1 of 2 slots to have a jammer. Thanks devs, way to fuck over the enjoyment of using the various items in this game. You pretty much force people to have to use the jammer in order to engage in a fair firefight.

Sniper rifle:
It seems underpowered compared to every game Section 8 borrows from. The devs and aplogists say it's a support weapon, but in reality, the assault rifle is probably better to equip to support your team.
Also, the sniper rifle does too much damage to items (fixed base defenses, deployed assets, armor). In every other game S8 borrows from, if you use a sniper rifle, then you hit people and people only. The penalty for killing people well is that you probably aren't great vs other enemies/objectives in the game..not so in S8. I can take out
turrets from way away with my sniper rifle, I don't think that's balanced or smart. However, like i said, if they amped up the damage on the sniper (for anti person), then it'd take out turrets in 2-3 shots, instead of the 5 it takes now-lol.. really, think of how terrible that is in terms of implementation.

In every other game, if you choose the sniper rifle/sniper role.. there is a penalty for doing so.. not in S8. -More on unbalanced load outs later-. If your enemy is using a heavy shield loadout (more on shields vs armor later).. then your sniper rifle is pretty much pointless. If he's not using shields then you can probably take him down in 3 shots. The sniper rifle doesn't play like sniper rifles in the games this one borrows from.. to me, it doesnt matter, I don't use it. (more on what I use later)

3. loadouts:
There are no classes in this game. Anything you use, I can use too. If I want to equip the sniper rifle and the machine gun, I can. Sniper rifle, machine gun, mortar, det packs.. all at once! the problem with this is that everyone can perform every role at a given time. There is no thought whatsoever in choosing the right loadout for the job. Assault rifle, machine gun, mortar, det packs.. yes sir.
You know when you defend a base vs the guy that can blow up turrets, you kill him.. the threat is gone until he comes back? It's not in this game..I can wear full armor, and take my machine gun and go toe to toe with a minigun turret (anti personnel) and outright win, face to face, exchanging round for round. So how do you know which enemy is a threat to which asset? You don't.. and personally, i don't like
that. It's as if the devs said "okay,. give everyone everything, don't make them have to choose a role"

my loadout:
assault rifle - med/long range anti everything. and does hurt at close range vs people too (sometimes i swap this for a machine gun.. depending)rocket launcher - takes out everything in the game.. even people (low splash damage though..gotta be direct hits)
mortar - anti everything
det packs - anti everything
full armor buffs
full anvil buffs (wep damage)
and then some shields or some extra dmg buffs (smaller buff)

All i did for the last 2 days of the open beta was to destroy base defenses/armor and kill anyone in my path.. it worked. Due to a lack of classes or penalties for having some weapons, you can be damn near a master of all trades. I'd think, that if I carried a det pack and a mortar, that maybe, just maybe.. my other gun would be a pistol or shotgun.. you know.. to have a penalty of some sort for being able to destroy armor, a penalty like not being so good vs people. But not in S8.. no trade offs of any kind.
You have rolled the TF2 heavy, demo, sniper and solider into one class.. wtf? oh and a scout too.. because I can also speedboost run everywhere.

With the above loadout, I can kill everything in the game without be fair, there are two things I cannot do at all with this loadout: repair, or drop in directly over enemy Anti Air (should it even be up, which it never is) I do not care about repairing anything because - turrets/defenses/supply depots go down wicked fast. So on the flip side of repairing, would you repair knowing that in 10
seconds when I come back through, it's going down again and it takes me 3 seconds to kill it, takes you 15 seconds to repair it, and I'm just going to keep killing it as soon as you put it up? You won't even be able to kill me before I take it and maybe 3-4 other assets out.. they go down very fast, so in my beta experience, they aren't worth having up unless you have a lot of spare time. Base defenses suck in this game (more on that later). I used base defenses as my warning that someone was coming..-shrug-

Also, that's for organic base assets, for deployed assets, it costs you money to use.. so you're spending money, and i'm killing your item in a few seconds. the tradeoff simply isn't worth it.

Base defenses are woefully pitiful. If the full games bases are anything like the beta, then bases are a joke. With 4 bases on the map, and no sort of chokepoint to any of them, there's no fixed action, or good defensive spot to defend from. An enemy can attack your base from any direction.. at all times. (oh but they have turrets right? well if they are still up-doubtful- the turrets can be ignored. Yes.. ignored) Remember those massive battles for bases in the games i referenced above? Well, if the final maps are like the betas, you won't see that. Also, there's hardly any incentive to
playing defense given lack of points/money and turret restrictions (more on that later).

With 4 bases and side missions going off at any time, there is also a severe lack of action at a base for defenders. Again, this was playing with known decent players and devs, people whom I'd guess were trying to win and play the right way. A solid base defense is something to behold and be proud of.. in Tribes i remember holding down the top entrance to my base for a map.. or playing cat and mouse with their defender as i tried to get in and take down their gens. In XMP, same thing.. PS.. yep..

The single worst turrets I have ever seen in all my years of gaming. I can dodge the miniguns rounds, dodge the rocket turret rounds and if they happen to hit me, bah.. it's nothing. Like i said above, the AA is effective, but, everyone knows to take that out first.. so it's often not up at all. Turrets die quickly and you'd be better left to not even spend time repairing them..again, unless you're bored.

Some forum people who didn't get my points told me "the turrets are for support".. but what kind of support is it when i can ignore the turret and take you out, turn and take out the turret? they simply don't hit hard enough.. if they ever hit you at all.There's a catch with the minigun and rocket turret.. you have to deploy them where there is open air above them. Meaning, you know that dark corner in your base, or that pathway leading to your Control Point.. yeah, you can't put a turret there. Where it would make the most sense to place turrets in this game (ya know, under some kind of cover, or hidden from open view) .. you can't place anything. not supply depots either..You wanna call in the mech suit, you need open air to do so.

Of course it doesnt make sense to place an AA indoors.. but ya know.. what about having built in AA that perhaps is covered? or cant be destroyed but only deactivated by a switch inside the base? Everyone that plays knows that the AA is the first to go.. and seeing as how they go down quickly, it isn't an issue. Take out the AA, have your team drop right in on the base.

Right now, the minigun and rocket turret hit too softly, shoot too slowly and die way too quickly. The AA works, but dies too quickly and doesn't lock on to jetpacking people either (i think it should, right now it only locks on to drop pod people). The turrets in general don't lock on at all anyhow. Wouldn't you think that a rocket turret, aiming at a guy in a mech, should have the ability to lock on? I do.. in this setting it'd make sense.

What most people in the beta figured out was that if you put 2 supply depots and 2 turrets together, the supply depots would repair the turrets effectively.. and they do.. but, the problem with this is you just put all your eggs into one fragile basket and it's going down quickly. One mortar,1 det pack and boom.. gone.

As far as I can tell, there are 4 bases per map, each with a control point. So you'd want to capture each base and while that's going on, there are 4 side missions. VIP (gotta escort him to your base), Commando (he attacks the enemy), Convoy (escort the truck), and Intel (CTF style). before I forget.. the rockets that shoot out of the convoy vehicle are hilariously terrible. I thought the game was bugged when i first saw the rockets shoot out.. they look like sleepy rockets, sped up 10x the speed. i cant explain it.. they just look

With 4 CP's and at least 1 side mission going on at the same time.. you can have lulls in base action like I've never seen in any of the games S8 borrows from. Also, the side missions always (i believe) start at the same place every time. So you or the enemy can get there first, set up turrets and whatever.. and be ready for that engaged action before it even starts. It took people in open beta all of 3 games before you'd see turrets and mechs standing at the convoy start point before the convoy spawned.. it'd die in 3 seconds. No randomness to these starting points for every side mission really stinks to me. Once everyone catches on, the drop spots for these side missions becomes the only hot spot i have seen in the game. The CP's go ignored and the action in finally concentrated.

It doesn't really seem to make a big difference if you hold CP's at all anyhow. do the side missions, kill enemies and you can win the round.

I can elaborate further on any of the items above or anything else you want me to cover.. if anyone cares.

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