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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 N7 Diary Trailer
7. Re: Mass Effect 2 N7 Diary Trailer Jan 19, 2010, 12:52 VoodooV
On one hand, adding in armor appearance customization seems rather frivolous. Do real hard core special ops people go around complaining that their gear looks ugly?

But on the other. It was a real shame that you got this cool N7 armor at the very beginning of the game, but you ditch it right away because it's the weakest armor and within 10 minutes you've already got a Predator armor that's way better (in addition, the camo look is better, but that's just personal taste)

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News Comments > Rumored Mass Effect 2 Day One DLC Details
31. Re: Rumored Mass Effect 2 Day One DLC Details Jan 16, 2010, 17:09 VoodooV
Finally, us rich bastards who collect game boxes get our deserved rewards.

Yes, the struggles of the oppressed rich are well documented. I realize you may have been just joking with that consider this a joke in return.

Anyway, back on topic. Day 1 DLC is not the trend..It's just EA being EA. Milking us for every penny is what they do. Producing a good product...that's just a nice side bonus
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription
39. Re: Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription Jan 15, 2010, 23:32 VoodooV
you can run the $$ per month numbers all you want to make yourself feel better. But it still boils down to one thing. Is it worth it to you? y/n.

Paying that much money for a single game is NOT (and never will be) worth it to me.

Though I have to admit, I'm really kinda surprised they're doing the lifetime thing. Like Star Wars, Star Trek is iconic enough that there are a large number of people out there who will buy ANYTHING with the Star Trek/Star Wars/LOTR name on it, regardless of how stupid it is. The iconic nature of the game practically guarantees some semblance of longevity. Star Wars Galaxies is still going right?

You would think they would definitely want to string those people along.
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News Comments > Rumored Mass Effect 2 Day One DLC Details
20. Re: Rumored Mass Effect 2 Day One DLC Details Jan 15, 2010, 23:22 VoodooV
In principle, I am against Day 1 DLC. It should be in the damned game and not separate if it's day one.

That said, I'll still probably get it. I got it for Dragon Age too.

Bioware makes solid games (though they all seem to have the same style and general overall story. c'mon Bioware, give us something different than Jedi, Spectres and Grey Wardens. It's all just variations on the same goddamned theme)

Bioware is the exception to the rule. Dragon Age and ME2 are the first full price games that I've bought since....probably ME1. Otherwise, I refuse to buy full price games anymore. I can wait for them to drop to sub-$20

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Morning Consolidation Jan 6, 2010, 18:29 VoodooV
Were it not for how unbalanced the game was, it would have been a hit.

those PILE spikes ruined the game for me. It's funny how the article mentions how people were turned off because of the slow pace. That wasn't the problem. There needs to be more slower paced tactical mech games like this. But I'm sure it's just more convenient to blame it on the slower pace than to acknowledge the true issues.

Not every game needs to cater to the FPS instant gratification crowd.
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News Comments > On ME2 Save Game Imports & New ME2 Trailers
2. Re: On ME2 Save Game Imports & New ME2 Trailers Dec 27, 2009, 17:23 VoodooV
Huh...didn't they say previously that New Game+ was no longer implemented? Change their minds or did I get bad info?

Anyway, yay for NG+ I'm not a min/maxer by default, but it's nice to be able to should the mood hit me and I feel the desire to optimize everything and make future playthroughs easier because of it.

The only way this could be better is that instead of throwing away our stats and merely giving us a bonus if we import over a ME1 save, that the ME2 truly continues where you left off and just raises the level cap to something like Lvl 120 and ME3 raises it to 180 or something like that. The last time something like that happened was way back in the DOS days of the D&D Pool of Radiance trilogy. IIRC, the only thing you lost when you imported your characters over to the next game was weapons and armor. But im sure someone can correct me on that since I never did finish that trilogy. I finished the first game and imported over and played a little bit of the 2nd, but that was as far as I got.

More RPGs need to implement this sort of feature
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Trailers
11. Re: Mass Effect 2 Trailers Dec 26, 2009, 11:22 VoodooV
We've already seen the collector's ship a couple times in previous trailers, so yes, I stand by my assertion that nothing new was revealed. The emphasis placed on how big it was was also nothing big. I mean shit, We defeated a gargantuan reaper in ME1. Another super large what?

Just reminds me of Darth Maul in Episode 1. If Lucas wasn't such a merchandising whore, the scene where Maul reveals his double bladed saber might have actually been shocking. But Maul was merchandised and spoiled to death long before the movie hit the screen, so the reveal of the double blade was underwhelming
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Trailers
8. Re: Mass Effect 2 Trailers Dec 24, 2009, 15:42 VoodooV
Am I the only one that was unimpressed by the 2nd half of the ME2 trailer? Not that it was bad or anything, I actually really liked the action sequence. just that it really didn't show us anything more. They split it up and made it seem like something big was going to be revealed in the 2nd half...but nothing other than some CGI action sequences.

Granted, I should already be in media blackout over this game...but still. I just felt underwhelmed to see the 2nd half.
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News Comments > Free MechWarrior 4 Status
19. Re: Free MechWarrior 4 Status Nov 15, 2009, 22:17 VoodooV
I'm not going to knock the fact that an old game is being released for free. It really needs to happen way more often.


The hype surrounding this seems...excessive.
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. Nov 15, 2009, 21:14 VoodooV
I think the money spent on this game reflects more on the quality and reputation of Bioware and not the concept of DLC in general.

Most DLC is a ripoff in my opinion. I totally agree. We all know about the Horse Armor BS and all the worst of DLC.

I'm generally sick of the whole dragons and wizards and medieval fantasy genre. But virtually every game Bioware has made has been quality gaming so I bought Dragon Age on that alone. Like the previous poster mentioned. I'm a grown-up with a job and responsibilities and my gaming budget has dropped significantly. With the exception of Dragon Age and the Mass Effect games, I've been strictly bargain bin for over a year now.

But you know what they say about opinions. You probably absolutely love a game that I despise so whatever man. Why do you care what other people buy? I mean sure, a lot of the things you can "buy" on XBL is ridiculous, themes, gamer pics, etc. But so what?
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News Comments > Digital Distribution to Reign by 2013?
23. Re: Digital Distribution to Reign by 2013? Oct 7, 2009, 18:19 VoodooV
Gamers aren't afraid of DD. They just want some sort of guarantee that the company they bought a game from isn't going to pull a fast one and say fuck you and not host a certain game anymore.

We've all been told the story of the "promise" that Steam made about how if they ever go out of business, they'd release a crack that lets people play their games without Steam. What exactly is preventing them from saying, "oh yeah, that..well we changed our minds" Or even if the company has honorable intentions of taking care of their consumers. What happens in some sort of catastrophic event and the company loses all their records of who bought what? Or what is preventing that company from being bought out by another company and THAT company says renegs on the "promise"

There is nothing really preventing some company from just going "too bad, guess you'll have to buy our new version all over again"

DD will eventually take over and become the primary means of getting games and software. There is no doubt about that. It's just a question of when. But it would all go a lot smoother if there is some sort of guarantee that a game we purchased through DD will still be honored 10 years from now..or longer. As long as I take care of my retail copies (and find some way of playing them on newer OS's or keep old hardware around) I can still use the data.

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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
5. Re: Saturday Consolidation Sep 27, 2009, 14:45 VoodooV
Cut the bullshit, Nintendo. I suppose the PS3 price cuts weren't influenced by the success of the 360 and the Wii either. Companies just lower prices spontaneously out of the goodness of their heart, right?

The Wii doesn't exist in a vacuum.

Remember when the gaming community called Sony out on their PR bullshit and they were making one stupid statement after another about the PS3? No one believed that nonsense either.
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News Comments > Tron Legacy Game Confirmed?
13. Re: Tron Legacy Game Confirmed? Sep 14, 2009, 13:50 VoodooV
For a game that was supposed to be mostly eye candy, Tron 2.0 was actually pretty good.

No it wasn't a great game, but it was solid.
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News Comments > Wing Commander, Populous, & More Re-TMed
40. Re: Wing Commander, Populous, & More Re-TMed Aug 11, 2009, 19:35 VoodooV
Sadly, I just can't trust any company these (not just EA) to faithfully bring back Wing Commander as we recognize it.

I still remember the dummies that thought that just because WC: Arena had this awesome manual that reminiscent of the old WC, that that was somehow a guarantee that Arena was going to be good.

How many times do we have to get burned before we finally realize that game companies no longer cater to people like us who want deep, complex games. It's not that these games aren't profitable, it's because the game doesn't have mass appeal.

So if this means a new WC game is on the way, you can bet your ass it's going to be another dumbed down game like Arena. The sad thing is that WC really wasn't that complex of a space sim game. Compared to Tie Fighter and Freespace, WC was really quite simple. But even by today's standards, that's too complex for today's crowd.
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News Comments > Mechscape Plans
11. Re: Mechscape Plans Aug 9, 2009, 22:11 VoodooV
This is exactly while a Mech game needs to be at least partially based on player skill and not 100 percent based on stats. Hits/misses, where the shot hit, criticals, piloting rolls and all that should definitely be stat based. But as the old MUSH and MUSE games have taught us, the only skill levels necessary are green/regular/veteran/elite/legendary. Other than that, the game should be based entirely on the players wits and tactics as any mech game should be.

Sure you can dump some newb in a Daishi, but if he doesn't have a solid grasp of tactics and plays the game like it's just another shooter, he's going to get his ass handed to him by a veteran pilot in a much smaller mech. I want a game that, yes, is primarily based on stats and die rolls, but I don't just want some fucking spreadsheet in space. The player's(not the character's) intuition, wits, tactics and strategy need to be involved.

And sure, a newbie might start out with something like a piece of shit locust or something like that, but I really don't want to encourage the bigger=better mentality. speed is crazy important in the battletech universe and stomping around in an assult usually just means you're a sitting duck, sure you might be able to fend off a few attacks here and there, but eventually, they'll peck away at you and you're dead meat. You have to know when to retreat, which isn't really taught in games these days. Lone Wolf syndrome will get you killed pretty fast in a mech.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
7. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 1, 2009, 10:55 VoodooV
:is using 64 bit Vista at work. We still have some old 16 bit legacy apps, but it's easy to make a virtual 32 bit XP machine or to remote into a 32 bit server to run those apps

Now if Adobe would just make a 64 bit version of flash. I know it's a minor app so it's definitely not a deal breaker, but it just annoys me that they haven't done it yet.

IMO the biggest hurdle is convincing my coworkers, fellow IT people mind you, that we need to start preparing for 64 bit. It's so fucking annoying when I find out that fellow coworkers who are supposed IT professionals either don't know that 32 bit is nearing it's end of life or they make the argument that no one needs more than 4GB of ram right now, therefore, we don't have to do anything about it.

I think a lot of my coworkers think we should go to 32 bit Win7 in a year or so...then later go to 64 bit. I say let's start going to 64 bit sooner rather than later. rip that bandaid off quick even if we really don't need it. I really don't want to have to rebuild someone's Operating system just to give them a memory upgrade.

This comment was edited on Aug 1, 2009, 10:56.
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed Aug 1, 2009, 10:37 VoodooV
delays are just one of the many tools of manufacturing hype. I think it's niave to think that some delays aren't calculated into the overall scheme.

What Sessler needs to talk about is how we should stop giving a shit about delays. Games come out when they come out. I think the real issue is how freaking expensive games are.

Game delays are such a non-issue.
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News Comments > The Force Unleashed on PCs
94. Re: PC Force Unleashed Jul 26, 2009, 23:11 VoodooV
Uh, you can't have it both ways, jackass. You can't claim that we're wrong because the reviews are "good" then in the next sentence invalidate all reviews and claim they're worthless.

Pick one.

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News Comments > The Force Unleashed on PCs
79. Re: The Force Unleashed on PCs Jul 25, 2009, 23:44 VoodooV
Well I suppose I need to pull an Obama and apologize for using the word stupid. Ignorant and lazy would be more accurate.

If you got money burning a hole in your pocket, you're less likely to do some reading and find out which components give you high performance for low cost. You're just going to save yourself the headache and overspend "just in case" You don't need a ton of money for a good gaming computer. But again, the video card companies would have us believe you need a liquid cooled SLI configuration.

Sure, even a budget gaming PC costs more than console, but you're going to get a lot more out of it.

The thing is though. I really don't think of PC gaming dying. It's just been morphed. Consoles have become more and more PC-like over the years. The ability to be networked with other computers, Internet access, downloadable add-ons. If consoles continue to dominate, there will be increased demand to open things up a bit to allow for more third party peripherals, mod support, etc.

So PC gaming isn't dead, Consoles have just turned into PCs In truth though, depending on how you look at it. This is what gamers have wanted for a long time. For a long time, we've wanted some form of streamlining the platform, standardizing it a bit so that developers don't have so many obstacles. I remember people complaining that no one has yet made an Operating system optimized for gaming, none of the bloatware that comes with your typical OS robbing us of performance. For long time, people have been clamoring for a way to simplify hardware so that it took less time to develop on and less bugs. Well that's what consoles are. Consoles are only going to get more advanced, not just in raw computing power, but in the addition of features. They're going to HAVE to open it up at some point to allow for customization

My only real beef with consoles is what others have already alluded to. The continual lowering of standards in games. The lack of depth and challenge. But that sort of thing is not completely exclusive to consoles.
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News Comments > The Force Unleashed on PCs
66. Re: The Force Unleashed on PCs Jul 25, 2009, 21:46 VoodooV
The key to stopping this bullshit is to stop buying console games on day one, wait a month, 6 months is even better.

As much as I prefer PC gaming. That just simply will never happen. The tide has already turned. As long as there are PCs, there will always be games for it. It's just that consoles are dominant now and will remain dominant until something better comes along.

Maybe if the prices for video cards were to drop substantially for example. 200 bucks USED to net you the top of the line video card not too long ago. The stupid thing is that 200 bucks will still net you a perfectly adequate video card for PC gaming, but it's just that the video card companies have succeeded in convincing the public that you're not really a gamer unless you drop at LEAST triple that for a video card. Not to mention SLI/Crossfire and the nonsense we went through not too long ago where they tried to get us to buy separate physics cards

You also can't deny that developing for a single hardware configuration is way easier and cheaper than developing for the infinite PC variations out there.

If consumers were the least bit discerning and did their homework. We wouldn't be in this mess. But always bet on stupid. People just throwing down a wad of cash instead of doing their homework on what will get them the most bang for their buck. So when it boils down to that. spend a couple grand on a PC or spend 400 on a console? hrm, not exactly rocket science there.
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