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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Update
24. No subject Oct 27, 2004, 14:37 VoodooV
The point is that they are unnecessarily alienating people who:

1. believe it is against principle to be forced to activate a single player game online

2. live outside the US where internet connections are not as readily available.

3. just simply don't want it. (yes, very valid reason)

for what? so they can fight piracy? how? Historically speaking, draconian methods of fighting piracy, like steam have ALWAYS ENCOURAGED piracy, not prevented it. Even on the steam boards, talk is rampant of how it will be easier to just wait for someone to crack steam and play it offline, and you know what...they're right.

So they can cut out the middle man? how does that help ME, the consumer, say they do cut out vivendi, say 100% of all money spent goes completely to valve. That means we're going to see cheaper games right? WRONG, they're going to pocket that difference you know they will..if you believe something else, you're just niave. Its either going to go towards buying everyone on the staff ferraris or at BEST its going to go into development of the next game, but even in THAT case, all it does is justify the same inflated price tage of games.

So in the end, we have Valve with all the money, still charging high prices for games, Vivendi is out of business, putting more unemployed people to drain the economy.

Gee, can't wait!

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Update
18. Re: No subject Oct 26, 2004, 21:57 VoodooV
And please don't complain that...

"what if I am on a desert island with my computer so there is no internet but I want to play HL2 on a LAN with the other person who shipwrecked with me who also has a computer with him but I can't authenticate without steam servers omg wtf"

don't get me started on that bullshit, yes I know the offline mode, but have you read the instructions on how to activate it?*&p_li=

The first step here is to perform the latest update and capture it. This is very important to make sure you get the latest content and bug fixes. Everyone that will be participating at the LAN event must have the latest update!

Easiest way
Bring the computer that will be playing offline to an available internet connection at a friend's house, school or perhaps business. Log into the account and do all the updates, make sure it all works.

RIDICULOUS! The convoluted nature of these steps inspires NO confidence in me that they want you to go offline, ever. I also find it amusing to note that the instructions require you to be at the latest patch level before you go offline


The instructions also explicitly encourage you to connect to business and/or school networks in order to update.....places that IN ALL LIKELYHOOD have policies against using their network for entertainment uses.

This comment was edited on Oct 26, 21:59.
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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Update
13. Re: No subject Oct 26, 2004, 18:52 VoodooV
nice how you actually fail to answer the questions I raise., all you can do is flame someone who doesn't agree with you.

Fact of the matter is that I have no problem with change, If steam were 'merely' an option, you wouldn't hear one peep out of me, and in fact, I would be much more likely to try it out. but it is NOT merely an option, it is a requirement. Hence, my 'aimless moaning'.

its not a question of if a patch breaks something, its a question of when, something you also failed to address.

What happens when a HL2 patch breaks something....Since steam is a requirement, the patch is forced upon you, and you're fucked.

thanks but no thanks. I don't take freedom of choice for granted like the lemmings here.

Digital delivery is a nice option, but Valve are fools for forcing it to be the only option. What, you think its a coincidence that they're TYING it into their most anticipated product? If Steam was being sold on its merits alone, there would be no need to do this. they're counting on the fanbois to keep on drooling and install whatever shit they dump on you just so you can play HL2.

funny, thats the exact same methodology spyware writers use to get you to install their crap.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Update
6. No subject Oct 26, 2004, 10:59 VoodooV
yeah, cuz everyone knows that patches were impossible to install prior to steam *rolls eyes*

If that's your arguement that Steam is cool cuz it auto-patches itself, then you gotta come up with better arguements,

We all did that kind of thing long before Steam was a marketing flunkie's wet dream, so try again. But now, if they fuck up and release a bad breaks everyone, not just people who chose to install it.

I seem to remember a lot of bitching and moaning over some Half Life updates that affected FPS rates and what not back in the day. I'm guessing you don't get the ability to choose to NOT install certain patches with Steam Too bad for you. Who needs pesky things like choice and intelligence to manage our own games anyway...stupid freedom.

Team Steam: Fuck Yeah!

This comment was edited on Oct 26, 11:03.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
3. No subject Oct 22, 2004, 09:53 VoodooV
Microsoft CEO: Hackers Getting Smarter.

They're just now figuring this out?

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - PlanetSide: Aftershock
8. No subject Oct 20, 2004, 17:46 VoodooV
I kinda liked the concept of the game, FPS with RPG elements....played the free trial.

I liked it, but at the same time the game was so goddamned repetitive, bases annoyingly identical, die/spawn/die/spawn/die/spawn/die/spawn The guy who lost was the guy who got bored and just stopped respawning.

got old quick!

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News Comments > Jump to Lightspeed Date
20. No subject Oct 20, 2004, 10:41 VoodooV
1. MMORPG are crack. We know this, don't play these games if you like things like "social life" "work" "sunlight" etc.

They're designed to be this way, its not through 'genius of gameplay' its specifically designed to egg you on, to tease you with "hey if you just play a little longer, you'll get X"

The developers know this, they specifically cater to the obsessive compulsive crowd, their livelyhood thrives off of addictive personality.

How else do you explain 'powergamers' who ignore virtually all content in order to do nothing other than to obtain that high number on their character to pertain to level, they'll grind endlessly, not cuz they enjoy the game, they enjoy the grind. In fact how many people have admitted that they hate MMOs, but play them anyway?

not saying its wrong, just that it is.

I would love a MMO game that has slower pace, more cerebral, more depth, but less monopoly on time, but nope, current business model is designed to cater to people like Phillip Fry on Futurama when he's on his 100 coffee binge,

"why don't you smoke that cigar? puff puff puff go go go!"

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News Comments > Jump to Lightspeed Date
18. Re: No subject Oct 20, 2004, 10:32 VoodooV
I had to cancel my accounts in SWG. Loved the game, but it was my first ever MMORPG, and I found that it takes WAY too much time to play (like all MMORPGs I suspect). It was like a 4 hour minimum to accomplish anything. And 4 hours FLEW by.

dude, try City of Heroes, easy to get into, and if you've EVER fantasized about being a superhero as a kid, this will pull on those emotional strings and hook you in.

and you can actually fight man-sized opponents and beat them rather handily too, you don't have to start off fighting stupid corellian butterflies or whatever (former SWG beta 3 tester)

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News Comments > America's Army Patch
7. No subject Oct 19, 2004, 18:08 VoodooV
really loved that game, but I haven't played it at all for a long time.

they took out 'nades??...granted It was highly annoying that the shrapnel seemed to be 100% lethal even if you were at the outermost fringe of the 'nades radius, I didn't think they were THAT bad, if they had just fixed that little issue, they would have been fine.

my only other pet peeve about that game is how the M16 was so underpowered compared to the SAW, would HATE it how I would get the jump on a SAW gunner, start unloading into him, but even after being hit, he would still be able to swing the SAW around and cut me in half before I could kill him.

bullet impacts should spin you around or at the very least, make it so you can't accurately aim WHILE you're being hit multiple times.

surprise was such a key part of that game, which is what made it so frustrating.

any other big changes to gameplay besides medics and no 'nades?

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Submitted for Certification
102. Re: LOL! Oct 15, 2004, 21:05 VoodooV
if you consider this degenerate thread entertainment, you REALLY need to get out more.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Submitted for Certification
65. No subject Oct 15, 2004, 18:22 VoodooV
So lemme get this straight, you pay a company a boatload of cash. you don't actually get anything in return, and they'll 'let you know' when you can play the game?


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News Comments > More Half-Life 2 Preloads
37. No subject Oct 15, 2004, 17:08 VoodooV
from the Steam website on how to enter offline mode:

"Bring the computer that will be playing offline to an available internet connection at a friend's house, school or perhaps business. Log into the account and do all the updates, make sure it all works."

funny how they're encouraging people to connect steam at places where in all likelyhood, have policies that prohibit non-school-related or non-business-related activities on their networks.

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News Comments > More Half-Life 2 Preloads
36. Re: No subject Oct 15, 2004, 16:40 VoodooV
too bad for Valve, guess I won't be buying the game then.

At some point, you just gotta draw a line at the what you're willing to allow companies to get away with.

I refuse to participate in the melodrama that is Valve/VU and steam. Yes, I want to play HL2, but not if it means I have to install a bunch of crap I don't want, or need.

I realize i'm in the minority, but I frankly don't care, Hype may work on a lot of people, but it isn't enough to get me to buy this ball of wax.

Don't get me wrong, digital content delivery has its place in the future, but I don't appreciate the strongarm tactics they are using to force people to use it.

I simply don't need steam, I don't do multiplayer gaming often enough to justify it, and I can patch games myself thankyouverymuch,

Sorry Valve/VU I like HL, but in the final analysis, it IS just a game. And I'm not going to participate in your marketing experiment just so I can do that.

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News Comments > More Half-Life 2 Preloads
32. No subject Oct 15, 2004, 12:43 VoodooV
got Broadband, still don't(and never will) want steam. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with retail boxes cuz i'm not a fanboi who "MUST HAVE IT NOW"

However, I'm seriously thinking about getting the collectors box, for a change, there is some really worthwhile shit in that box instead of stupid shit like cloth maps and idiotic pins

anyone know if HL1: source comes with all the opfor and blueshift expansions as well?

This comment was edited on Oct 15, 12:44.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: No subject Oct 6, 2004, 11:34 VoodooV
FINALLY!! K/M for X-box.

While I still think Halo is just way the hell overhyped, its a good game but it isn't the shiznit people like to claim it is, Halo2 doesn't look to be much diff in my opinion.

MS could have won PC gamers hearts so easily had they made this adapter themselves, but no, they tried to force people into one way of doing things, and someone inevitably came along and mucked up their house of cards.

now this company will be reaping the profits..not MS

I still don't think this will change my stance on FPS games on consoles (still think they're way dumbed down) but it does give me one less excuse.

as for fairness? fuck fairness, I didn't cry foul back when I had 56K and the first DSL and cable gamers started to show up. Is it fair that I have a full time job and part time college, and can't even begin to compete with younger gamers who play 24/7? no, but that's life isn't it?

life aint fair, even online. adapt or die.

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News Comments > Stargate SG-1 Q&A
12. Re: bleh Aug 30, 2004, 12:56 VoodooV
Hope i'm wrong, but I suspect the game will suck, especially since its an FPS...expect something similar to Elite Force

I heard a rumor once that someone was making an Stargate game out of the Silent Storm engine....or am I just imagining things? I think that would rock.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
6. No subject Aug 27, 2004, 13:13 VoodooV
UFO Aftermath was a complete bore.

no AI to speak of, every alien and creature would advance toward you in straight line motion.

the final mission was a joke....fight the 'big bad boss' in order to beat him, you have to use skills and strategy right? WRONG, just equip the right weapon and it goes down like it had a glass jaw.

if it sounds like I'm bitter for paying full price for this coaster, that's because I am.

also wondering why this deserves a sequel.

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
4. No subject Aug 18, 2004, 16:00 VoodooV
It NEVER WAS going to be a new XvT, they admitted long ago on the message boards, even before beta that it was nothing but a glorified arcade shootemup.

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News Comments > Jump to Lightspeed Beta Sign-ups
11. Re: No subject Jul 20, 2004, 23:43 VoodooV
yeah and i'm totally making it up when I say that there are thousands of people out there constantly complaining about how much SWG sucks..yet they still play it.. (begin sarcasm) cuz we all know how frugal consumers sci fi fanatics are (end sarcasm)

comprehend much? I'm talking about how idiots buy shit that they know is going to suck, but get it just cuz they're SW fanatics

just cuz its star wars and they have to keep their 'collection' current.

the kind of people that bronzed their fucking Beta CDs

sounds like I struck a nerve there sinner's saint...could it be that you're a member of the self-loathing SWG club? you're the one making homo jokes...talking from experience are we?

just don't think its a accident that we're not hearing much about the actual game mechanics of the spaceflight..or how no one seems to be asking these questions? they're just blindly assuming its going to be just like XvT and they're going to be burned. and so is SoE, cuz people are going get tired of paying a monthly fee for something you could get from any coin-op and they're going to lose even more customers

its just an arcade game that you're paying a monthly fee for, and you got suckered didn't ya?

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News Comments > Jump to Lightspeed Beta Sign-ups
7. No subject Jul 20, 2004, 16:31 VoodooV
remember, its not a sim, its an arcade game

its not XvT2
its not XWingAlliance2
its not a Larry Holland sim

they're COUNTING on you to be a super SW dweeb and just lap up everything they dish out unquestioningly

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