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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
46. Re: No subject Jan 27, 2005, 13:04 VoodooV
what's that one quote from Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

"I don't buy stuff cuz its more expensive, but because it costs more."

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
33. Re: No subject Jan 26, 2005, 16:03 VoodooV
"If one could afford the best why wouldnt, they buy it?"

what if they don't need the best? You're making two assumptions, that the average consumer can afford it, and that RAMBUS is the best, but I'll leave that to others to disprove.

Its the business's goal to make a product we WANT to buy, if they can't do that, then they failed, *NOT* the consumer, pure and simple, regardless of how you try to spin it.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
31. Re: No subject Jan 26, 2005, 15:29 VoodooV
"nearsighted consumers"

anyone else think that Tim is shooting himself in the foot with that arguement?

If RAMBUS doesn't make a product that we want to buy, how is that our fault?

*ANY* business that blames the consumer obviously doesn't deserve to be in business

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
12. Re: No subject Jan 26, 2005, 12:04 VoodooV
wtf? its the consumer's fault because we didn't want to spend more money than we needed to?

fuck that!

RAMBUS deserves what they got, I can concede the possibility that they had supErior technology, but so what? the average consumer doesn't give a fuck, they want value for their dollar, they don't give a shit about bus speeds or latency.

We bought a couple dells with rambus at work a few years back...tried to warn my boss about how expensive it would be to upgrade it in the future...they didn't listen. And the inevitable day came when that PC needed to be upgraded, and they found out what the price tag would be. They ended up giving the rambus PC to someone who didn't need the upgrade, and just got a more recently purchased computer to the person who did.

fuck rambus, fuck them in their stupid asses.

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News Comments > 2004 Vaporware Awards
25. Re: No subject Jan 8, 2005, 13:51 VoodooV
maybe they're just conceeding DNF as a given...cuz if they kept putting it on the list every year. Then it would essentially be the top 9 and not the top 10.

I think everyone who cares gets the picture already that DNF isn't coming out soon. its old news. they gotta spread the smack around more y'know?

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News Comments > New Star Wars RTS Game
39. Re: Well... Jan 4, 2005, 20:31 VoodooV
I always wished they had removed that idiotic vulenerability in the Star Destroyers.

I mean yeah, its cool and all to do the exact same thing that happened in the movie...rebel strafes a shield tower, it blows up, instantly cut to the bridge where the officers complain about the shields going down.

sure it gives you a warm fuzzy movie feeling, but it totally makes SDs lame and unimpressive, especially if you really can take one down in 5 mins.

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News Comments > New Star Wars RTS Game
37. No subject Jan 3, 2005, 22:02 VoodooV
I did beta for SWG ages ago, but didn't buy the game afterwards

aside from the Y-wing issue, how is JtL overall?

I just keep envisioning everyone and their dog running around in Millenium Falcon wannabe ships or Slave 1 copycats. nothing ruins immersion more for me than shit like that....the yt 1300 was supposed to be this junkheap (that no one would normally want to own) that han just upgraded to all holy hell.

seeing everyone trying to copy that would just annoy me to no end

This comment was edited on Jan 3, 22:05.
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News Comments > New Star Wars RTS Game
36. Re: I think... Jan 3, 2005, 21:54 VoodooV
Multi piloting a ship with human gunners is fun, but JtL is so messed up it's not even funny. A single Y-wing with a gunner can take out a Star Destroyer. I did a trial for it thinking of going back for JtL, and surprisngly alot of people only do SWG for the Space addon.

you could do that with a y-wing in the original X-wing game too....there was one of the historical missions where once you mopped up the tie escorts and otherwise completed the mission, you could stick around and strafe at the SD until its shields went down (or if you had saved your torps, you could take out the shield towers) once the shields dropped, a few hits with the ion cannons silenced the SD's turbolasers, at which point you could just park your ship and hold down the fire button until dead.

someone needs to pay larry holland an obscene amount of money to make a new sim, hell i'd even tolerate including the Ep. 1-3 ships, were holland involved

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News Comments > New Star Wars RTS Game
21. No subject Jan 2, 2005, 22:12 VoodooV
what ever happened to the rule that if you used a new engine, it was a sequel, if you used the same engine, it was an expansion pack.

sorry, but Jedi Academy should have been an expansion.

with the exception of Wing Commander 3 and 4, all of the Wing Commander games were radically different from each other in terms of game play.

as much as I love KOTOR, I take a look at the screenshots of Kotor2 and I think..."how the hell do they get away with charging full price when this should be a cheap expansion pack"

its the same game, just new story. I know that qualifies as a sequel in the movies, but these arent the movies folks, these are games.

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News Comments > Xmas Eve Screenshots
1. No subject Dec 24, 2004, 12:23 VoodooV
I sure hope this stargate game doesn't suck.

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News Comments > More Steam Bans
47. No subject Dec 23, 2004, 18:12 VoodooV
"What is amazing is people like you seem to think the developers of games owe you something. They owe you NOTHING! They made a game, you bought it, or you didnt buy it...end of story. "

what is really amazing are the people who actually believe that corporate culture can do no wrong and that all laws are pure and just and look out for the common guy, yet its always the common guy that are the ones doing wrong in their eyes.

damn you free will, DAMN YOU!

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News Comments > More Steam Bans
33. Re: Releasedate of HLČ-pirated Dec 23, 2004, 17:11 VoodooV
precisely, if steam were an option, no one would use it. I kinda think that was the plan all along fellas.

I wouldn't care at all if Steam were required for online play only. While online, they can enforce all the rules and anti-cheat systems they want and I will applaud it, I just protest that it forced its way into the offline world and its all or nothing methodology.

warez hasn't been dented at all, only thing Valve stopped were the duplicate accounts of people not smart enough to use the pirate non-steam version of HL2 or people who stole CD-keys, all of which, is small potatoes

laws only affect the law-abiding by definition.

I just want to know how many of those 30K accounts were legit users who just were victims of having their CD-keys stolen/cracked.

Another thing I want to know is how long until the price of HL2 is dropped. My thought is that since they don't rely on Vivendi as much for distribution anymore, there will probably be less incentive to drop the price since they don't need to move as much inventory.
This comment was edited on Dec 23, 17:18.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
112. Re: No subject Dec 21, 2004, 18:11 VoodooV
take your own advice, I already have a clue.

what? you can't be bothered to make a backup of your CDs? you deserve what you get if you don't do that. not to mention stupid copy protection schemes that necessitate you to have the CD in the drive at all times in the first place (who do we have to thank for that, little hint: it aint hackers)

as for work and relatives, guess its just me cuz I actually have a life, but when I work, I work, I don't play games, and when I'm with relatives, I can think of a few more things to do than just playing games, or are your relationships with your family so weak they are based on showing off overhyped games in order to validate yourself?

*shrug* to each his own, but everything you've described is easily something you could have prevented yourself if you had thought first(see how easily your insults are reflected back?) , or a trivial luxury, none of which necessitates steam's draconian measures.

all of which goes back to reinforce my original complaint that if Steam were merely an option, everyone would be happy..but since its a requirement it needlessly pisses off the fanbase and hence..less money for Valve...Oh wait, they already thought of that by offering overpriced gold and silver versions...what do you get in return? useless trinkets and tshirts you'll never wear lest you get beat up in an alley somewhere and updated versions of games you probably already own?

hrm, Valve's rich no matter what you do, you're left with stupid trinkets and shit you've already bought. and you're out 90 bucks! Again, I applaud your shrewd consumer skills you rock!

oh wait, I win if I don't buy it....yay for me!

night night, don't let the steam bugs bite!
This comment was edited on Dec 21, 18:17.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
109. Re: No subject Dec 21, 2004, 17:39 VoodooV
($55 vs. $50)

yeah cuz that's such a bargain. normal price, vs inflated price.

you crafty consumer you!


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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
108. Re: No subject Dec 21, 2004, 17:37 VoodooV
I never thought of the option of being able to download a game you own (and, gasp, had to go online to register) to any computer you want and play it anywhere before Steam was unveiled. It is a plus to me.

-if you own it, wtf do you have to download it for much less ask for permission to play every time you run it?
-play it anywhere? please, gonna go to the library to study and suddenly decide to take a HL2 break...of course the library won't mind that you hog 3+ GB of their bandwith to play (not to mention how likely it would be that they would have sufficient hardware to play)...pshaw...such a triviality! same goes for work, or a friends house...or school how stupid is that? All these places more than likely have policies against such things. ever read the instructions for how to go into offline mode? they totally encourage you to do just that!

you trust a business that implicitly? to look out for your best interests? you deserve what you get. have fun in 1984-land!

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
106. Re: No subject Dec 21, 2004, 17:24 VoodooV
(for less $$$)

now I know you're just a fanboi and talking out of your ass....or is it gabe's ass? (certainly enough room for you to live there)

seriously, thats rich! companies charging less for software..*lol*

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
102. Re: Strange Days Indeed Dec 21, 2004, 17:02 VoodooV
And then, suddenly, Gabeth smite voodoo

and by smite, you mean 'sat on'

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
100. No subject Dec 21, 2004, 16:57 VoodooV
Wrong. Bait and switch is where they promise one thing and then try to sell you another. Nothing like that is occurring here

*lol* how long until they decide to change HL2 into something you don't want...too late, you've already agreed to make sure its ok with big brother before you got to install HL2, you already agreed to make sure its ok with big brother before you installed the demo. only a matter of time before they 'upgrade' steam to make it so that it forces an internet check before you run the game and HAVE to have the version they want you to have....oh wait..too late. Sure its just an 'option' to have offline mode now, but just wait. Suddenly, you don't have what you originally bought anymore. hence, bait and switch. cry paranoia all you want, but its all fun and games till it inevitably happens...and it will.

business 101 here kids...I mean think they're just going to stop with Steam in its present form? they're always going to push and push and see how far they can go before the collective says stop, what do you think they do in board rooms all day, figure out ways to squeeze a little bit more out of you...and a little bit more....and a little bit more...and they're not going to stop out of some niave sense of trust and moral decency....the only way they stop is if you push back.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
93. Re: No subject Dec 21, 2004, 16:23 VoodooV
We've all seen little voodoos post

yeah, like you really get to take the moral high ground here. Talk about two faced, you all act like i'm the first person to rant and make personal attacks ever on the internet, and then you turn around and do it yourself.

real class act there fellas, a paragon of virtue you are.

How niave can you be? read any tech site or magazine and there is someone talking about going to, or have gotten to a subscription based price model where you don't buy software, you rent it's services. Its happening...its GOING to continue to happen...unless you stand up and start saying NO and take a stand now. Hell its been here for years when you take EULAs into consideration. You didn't buy the software, you merely bought the *priviledge* to use the software, a privilidge that can be taken away

Of course they're going to try and lure you, of course they're going to bundle the shit you want, with the shit you don't want...hello...bait and switch anyone? oldest trick in the book, and you're falling for it.

you know i'm just voicing what you've all been thinking, difference is I've got the balls to say it AND stand behind it, you don't.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo
61. Re: ... Dec 21, 2004, 01:27 VoodooV

I don't EVER spend $50 on a meal, so no I do not go hungry.

Sad - you're missing out on a lot of really good meals.

WTF...Gabe? is that you?

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