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News Comments > Empire at War - Forces of Corruption Demo
4. No subject Oct 6, 2006, 03:43 VoodooV
not too shabby. the demo didn't explain a lot of stuff..but the new corruption ability instead of conquering is kinda neat. buzz droids seem kinda useless as they don't cover a large area and enemy fighters AI is actually smart enough to not go where the buzz droids are.

biggest thing I noticed was that in the core game, ground turrets were so ridiculously cheap that losing one was no big deal....turrets cost a lot more you may not want to waste the cash. mobile turrets are kinda neat

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News Comments > Steam Fix
27. Re: No subject Oct 3, 2006, 17:48 VoodooV
now its my turn to say you're wrong Riley. I just built a brand new rig last month so I decided that now that I had a PC beefy enough to play HL2, it was time to take it for a spin.

I only have a single network card running on my computer, I do have firewire installed, but its disabled and not active. I disabled my network card and activated steam and put it into offline mode without incident.

Now yes, I dislike how Steam behaves in principle. I think its dumb as hell that you have to disable your network card to get offline mode to work....I don't like how offline mode is not advertised at all as an option and you HAVE to go to the knowledge base to find out how to go into offline mode. It should be as simple as just right clicking on the tray icon and selecting offline mode.

But as much as I disagree with Steam in principle, I cannot deny that it has been more or less a painless experience so far (im a single player only guy). Of course you can also make the argument that I'm only seeing the current version of Steam and that past versions (and hey, maybe future versions) were/will be crappy

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News Comments > Steam Fix
21. No subject Oct 3, 2006, 00:39 VoodooV
god...not again....hasn't this same ole repetitive arguement gotten stale yet?

I despise Steam too...but c'mon. Its not like Newell is monitoring this forum and going "hrm...maybe we should rethink this steam thing cuz a handful of people can't seem to get along on every steam topic generated"

have your little pillow fight on the STEAM forums

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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront 3 News?
41. No subject Oct 2, 2006, 14:02 VoodooV
what's funny is that I was one of those naysayers who said Freelancer would suck without joystick support. I ended up realizing that the mouse interface really wasn't that bad...its just too bad it was the story that was so lackluster.

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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront 3 News?
29. No subject Oct 2, 2006, 03:38 VoodooV
people don't buy space/flight sims because people dont make them anymore. Sure you could certainly make the argument that they didn't enough money...but here we are...whining that Lucasarts isn't doing the obvious and revising possibly the greatest game they've ever made...TIE Fighter....why isn't someone filling that obvious gap?

what is so hard about making a game that is deep and complex and moddable for the advanced gamers who want that sort of thing...but yet simplified enough and accessible for the 'instant gratification' crowd.

It just doesn't seem to me like its rocket science....make a space shooter thats easy to get into on the surface and dumbed down for consoles...but moddable so that if you want to make a hard boiled space sim out of it on the PC end, you could.

I mean god, look at the awesomeness that is Freespace 2, its STILL going strong...but yet, the business says there isn't enough interest in the genre? someone needs to fire their marketing analysts.

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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
4. Re: Podcast Sep 25, 2006, 22:06 VoodooV
What a silly, useless buzzword "podcast" was in the first place. There's no "broadcasting" involved in the strict sense of the word, and they are not exclusive to iPods. They're just plain old MP3 files. I hope "podcasts" die the horrible death they deserve.

I wholeheartedly agree, when I first heard the term, I thought apple had come up with some sort of new, better, streaming technology. but you said, they're just stupid mp3 files. you can thank the effete culture that surrounds apple/ipod/mac/worshipping Steve Jobs for this idiocy.

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News Comments > BioShock Movie
32. No subject Sep 22, 2006, 23:42 VoodooV
what surprised me is that they didn't spend a lot of time talking about the RPG elements of the game...just, "oh btw, heres the plasmid-mat thingy where you can do stuff to modify your genetic structure, anyway, now look at those pretty water effects...go us!

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News Comments > City of Heroes/Villains Veteran Rewards
32. No subject Sep 20, 2006, 18:25 VoodooV
I used to play a Kinetics Defender. does CoH still have that little thing about people sending you tells asking you to join their team, but then they find out that you're not a healer and suddenly you're off the team or they're pissed at you

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News Comments > City of Heroes/Villains Veteran Rewards
20. Re: No subject Sep 20, 2006, 14:38 VoodooV
my only issue with veteran rewards is that they tend to be useless junk....the equivalent of getting a timepiece for long service to a company.

That being said...I liked CoH, as with every MMO i've ever played, I got sick of the grind, but CoH kept me interested longer than most....havent played in over a year though.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
12. No subject Sep 17, 2006, 02:45 VoodooV
bar of entree

quit being so fucking pretentious and just say "barrier to entry" for christs sake.

otherwise I tend to agree with him about how SS2 and DX weren't shooters and quite frankly I wish more developers would say fuck graphics, lets bring something else to the table for a change

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News Comments > Star Trek Online Status Report
22. Re: ... Sep 10, 2006, 20:42 VoodooV
if by similar, you mean that the only difference between MI3 and Alias is that Sidney's a girl and Cruise is a 'guy' then yes...I mean similar.

but hey, if you think its cool that JJ couldn't make Alias and MI3 even the least bit distinct from each other...hey..whatever floats your boat.

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News Comments > Star Trek Online Status Report
18. Re: ... Sep 10, 2006, 11:29 VoodooV
Admit it though:

*IF* they could avoid the whole teen hearthrob bullshit and *IF* they could avoid all the standard 90210-esque cliches that plague teen shows and *IF* they could actually make the show semi-serious. Given those three freakishly large IFs...a Starfleet Academy show could kick ass.

Oh yeah, btw..JJ is highly overrated...MI3 sucked balls and was a ripoff of Alias's style...right down to the Flinkman-esque character....pathetic.

This comment was edited on Sep 10, 11:32.
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News Comments > Morning Q&As
7. No subject Sep 9, 2006, 15:39 VoodooV
Star Trek and PhAt L00+

I just can't see them working well together. But most of all, Im just really curious about how they are going to structure the do ships get they get customized at much of a setback is it if they get destroyed. cuz man..its going to be highly annoying if starships are disposable

How is chain of command going to work..if at all. All MMOs talk about how teamwork is crucial..but they always seem to end succumbing to lone wolf syndrome once all the exploits are figured out.

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News Comments > Jade Empire Switch
20. No subject Sep 7, 2006, 22:58 VoodooV
I liked JE because it was part RPG...part action. But I got fed up with the overly long and drawn out dialogue...I just couldn't keep interested in it and I gave up at the imperial city.

and just simply because it copied KOTOR's style a little too much.

Which is why, as much as I can't wait to see Mass Effect, I still have a little dread for it in the back of my mind..because based on that XBox Live Marketplace video...Mass Effect also copies the same KOTOR style of RPG. As much as I love KOTOR...need a little variety and it just seems like Bioware is becoming a one trick pony.

This comment was edited on Sep 7, 23:00.
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News Comments > Morning Q&As
2. Re: star trek Sep 7, 2006, 16:33 VoodooV
no least not till it hits bargain bin.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
52. No subject Sep 5, 2006, 15:57 VoodooV
Typical religious overreaction.

seriously, how many people even remember being taught evolution in school? They spend so little time on it..its not like the Scientists are going "Evolution is everything, evolution is all...Evolution is better than stupid religion Evolution is divine, We're all going to evolve into space iguanas like in Voyager lol! What's this? Little Suzy, are you wearing a cross around your neck? go sit in the corner until you're more enlightened like the rest of us"

so show me where the fire is?

This comment was edited on Sep 5, 15:59.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. No subject Sep 5, 2006, 12:33 VoodooV
you know people will scoop it up anyway thinking they WILL get a benefit from the adapter.

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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
1. No subject Aug 31, 2006, 08:52 VoodooV
you got it wrong...the quotes in the link need to be around "expert" not "bullies"

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Episode Two Delayed
86. No subject Aug 29, 2006, 15:21 VoodooV
if people would just ignore him....

but apparently thats asking too much.

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News Comments > Star Wars Game Plans
44. No subject Aug 24, 2006, 00:46 VoodooV
yeah the pre-vis thing was nice but:

1. whoever it created it clearly has some anger issues...I mean seriously..almost every Jedi in that clip was completely sadistic....Stormtroopers begging for mercy...hello?!

2. as someone really wasn't anything new except for the graphics....<insert standard arguement about how graphics doesn't replace gameplay cuz its all been said before and I don't feel like rehashing it>

I know im going to get flamed for this...but you really cant blame Lucasarts crappy selection lately on anything but the gamers themselves. Everyone knows that Star Wars fans are so uber-fanatical that it doesn't matter how crappy it is...they slobber all over it and buy at least two copies every to play..the other to keep in the original wrapper for collecting purposes. So when you have a fanbase that just clearly doesn't give a shit and buys your product no matter how much or how little thought is put into it...can you really blame Lucasarts for taking the easy way out? If the fanbois wouldn't just blindly lap this shit up and beg for more...maybe we'd get some more higher quality games.

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