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News Comments > Vista Halo 2 Delayed Again
18. No subject May 24, 2007, 13:00 VoodooV
Halo 1 for PC was a horrible...horrible port. Ran like ass on PCs that were far superior to the Xbox hardware and there was inexcusable audio bugs for people who had Sound Blaster cards, which, back then, was a lot!

now if Starcraft 2 was Vista only? that would actually be a app people give a shit about and WOULD upgrade for despite Vista's pitfalls

This comment was edited on May 24, 13:01.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: No subject May 17, 2007, 00:13 VoodooV
I never understood the fascination with Halo....but then again, I never understood an FPS on a console...

Halo, yes, is vastly overrated. Gears of War, however, is not. I too generally believe that FPS on consoles are abominations. Gears of War is a very fun game and is good enough to make me forget about the fact that its a FPS on a console.

It's like Command and Conquer. Even if you're not an RTS fan, and I'm not, it's just one of those staple games that everyone should play. The same way everyone should play Freespace, Wing Commander, and Tie Fighter even if you're generally not into space sims.

This comment was edited on May 17, 00:15.
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News Comments > Gold - Shadowrun
16. No subject May 9, 2007, 16:03 VoodooV
Yep, MS sure is "rescuing" PC gaming by making their latest games Vista only.

In fact, it will have the exact opposite effect, pushing more gamers over to consoles.

It's such a crock of shit. It's in MS's best interests for you to have both a PC with their OS on it, AND a 360. Give me one good reason why MS would want you to save money and game on the PC when they can get you to shell out another 400 for a 360 plus the cost of games.

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News Comments > PC Gaming Rebounds?
69. No subject Apr 30, 2007, 12:22 VoodooV
My problem with MMOs is that they have too much of a wish fufillment fetish that are too centered around becoming "uber"

I play games to escape, sure. But my ego is not so damned fragile that I have to play games where I'm always the most powerful or on the way to being the most powerful, but I think games cater to that mentality, that the player ALWAYS has to be the hero.

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News Comments > C&C3 Patch Updates
13. No subject Apr 30, 2007, 10:54 VoodooV
I haven't finished the SP campaign yet, but man, its seems that mammoth tanks are way too easy to make. Granted, they've saved my butt many times. But it makes predators and pitbulls seem pointless.

Thing is though, Did C&C3 ever promise any grand innovation of the genre? The whole game seems to me a nostalgia trip to recapture the fun of the original C&C and its working for me. I don't give a shit about the bad acting. I can't think of any game that had FMV that had "good" acting.

This is a "popcorn" game no more, no less. I don't think they set out to make the definitive RTS game to challenge Starcraft or whatever.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
28. Re: Eight Reasons Why the Xbox 360 Elit Apr 20, 2007, 22:01 VoodooV
I'm just peeved at the 80 dollar price tag addition. That and the rip off that is the HD price.

Guess I'll be sticking with my premium until they actually can sell a quiet 360 with HDMI

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News Comments > America's Cup Demo
4. Re: No subject Apr 20, 2007, 21:54 VoodooV
who says PC gaming is dying? Yachting games are teh r0xXoRz!


/asshole off

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News Comments > Gold - UFO: Extraterrestrials
13. No subject Apr 19, 2007, 02:18 VoodooV
So I take it Joss is the reason Shadowrun is an FPS, not an RPG.

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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
2. Re: vista finally goes beta! Apr 18, 2007, 22:32 VoodooV
I remember reading an article somewhere that they're trying to rush out SP1 as soon as possible to fool the skeptics into thinking "oooo, SP1 is out? Then it must be good now so I'll buy it"

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
4. No subject Apr 16, 2007, 08:50 VoodooV
Whatever, 2008 is way too soon. There should be adequate public outcry to go tell MS to fuck off.

You'd think they'd learn after the last time they tried to pull this. I'm pretty sure they tried to yank W2K support shortly after XP came out, or something else to that effect.

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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
31. No subject Apr 16, 2007, 03:12 VoodooV
even if they did slash the price to a reasonable amount. What about backwards compatability? I haven't kept up to date on it, but last I heard, that was ass too!

Is there any point to the PS3 other than the Blu-Ray and the small amount of less-than-spectacular exclusives?

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News Comments > C&C3 Patch
12. No subject Apr 8, 2007, 01:02 VoodooV
its such a double edged sword. We're cynical because we look at some of the bugs (in general, not C&C3 specifically) and wonder how the fuck anyone could miss that bug and we wish they'd have tigher QA.

But on the other hand, we know mistakes are human its good that some companies will man up and fix them AND as quickly as they have in the case of C&C3. Its a hell of a lot better than...say...KOTOR2?

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News Comments > Into the Black
3. No subject Mar 23, 2007, 23:57 VoodooV
am I the only one not getting audio when I play the trailer?

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News Comments > Piracy versus PC Gaming
289. No subject Mar 11, 2007, 15:11 VoodooV
When you're already pulling down a wealthy salary Mr CEO Todd Hollenshead, and you have the gall to cry about the impact of piracy and the made up economic losses when its dubious whether or not these people would buy the game if piracy were to magically disappear.

....Mr. Hollenshead's cries are falling on deaf ears. Woe is me...I'm rich...but I could be more rich. No one is forcing us to buy games, true, but neither is anyone forcing him to take an oversized paycheck when he's already got plenty.

again, call me when you have some real problems Mr. Hollenshead. Till then, I make the claim that the PC gaming industry's problems are of their OWN DOING.

They take away fun, engaging games like space sims and flight sims and turn based games in favor of dumbed down shooter after dumbed down shooter. They keep pushing out the same tired gameplay over and over with nothing but updated graphics engine that forces us to keep buying more and more ridulously priced hardware to keep up? Anyone remember the days when the most cutting edge video card only cost you 200 bucks? and you wonder why people aren't as interested anymore? Color me surprised.

Greed is why we are here bitching gentlemen. You can argue who is more greedy, the pirates or the companies, but who pays? US. You can't attack the Pirate, because he's going to remain hidden and will always pirate no matter how cheap a game might get. but you can do something about the companies for playing their part in the cycle. Neither side is innocent, admit it.

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News Comments > Piracy versus PC Gaming
277. No subject Mar 11, 2007, 11:41 VoodooV
Why do you believe that you are entitled to such a special privilege (risk-free, satisfaction guaranteed money spending) when it comes to games?

I think a better question is why do the publishers and developers feel so entitled to get so much of the money I spend?

Its one thing to earn a wage so you can live a comfortable life and have money you need to take care of the daily issues that come up. But its quite another to scream at me that piracy is hurting the industry when you're living in a mansion and have multiple exotic cars. Look at yourself before you start throwing judgement around.

Call me when these publishers and developers can't afford to pay their rent or put braces on their kid. Then we'll talk about how piracy is hurting the industry.

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News Comments > Piracy versus PC Gaming
222. No subject Mar 10, 2007, 19:54 VoodooV
yes lets degenerate into calling those who don't agree with us or see our points imbeciles and morons...cuz that accomplishes so much

Riley, you are a smart person, surely you can refute his points without the name calling eh?

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News Comments > Piracy versus PC Gaming
217. No subject Mar 10, 2007, 18:18 VoodooV
Even if piracy were to somehow stop. Do you honestly believe that companies wouldn't find a new excuse to raise their prices?

Steam has proven that prices don't magically drop for the consumer once you've cut out the middleman of the publisher. So why do you believe things would be better if pirates were to somehow go away?

At some point when you're pondering why stuff costs so much. You have to eventually come the fact that at some point, the guy selling you the product has decided that earning a modest wage is somehow not good enough and that he needs more and the consumer pays for that and you have to decide if that's justified or not.

Pirates. Are. Not. The. Problem. They are merely the easy scapegoat.

This comment was edited on Mar 10, 18:21.
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News Comments > Piracy versus PC Gaming
216. Re: No subject Mar 10, 2007, 17:56 VoodooV
Ok, you obviously aren't in business. "Everyone" won't have it, because you don't sell it to "everyone". You license it to Publishers. They, in turn, pay you either a yearly fee, or an amount based on the number of games they protect with it. It's not like it's a non-renewable commodity.

You're proving my point, you've just turned it back into an issue of greed where you illustrate you're not about solving the problem, you're just out for a paycheck. Which is fine, but man up and admit that piracy isn't the problem you're concerned about, that you're just looking for a continued paycheck.

What do you not understand about this system Bhuric?

A company releases a game. someone pirates it. eventually enough people pirate it to prompt some beancounter to say: "Hey, if we could somehow stop people pirating our game, we'd make much more money" The company comes up with a way to stop pirates. Lets suppose this system is successful for a time and people stop pirating. But inevitably, someone beats the system and piracy resumes. Which again prompts someone to say the same thing, that if they could somehow stop the piracy, they'd make more money. They have to pay for these anti-piracy systems, so they charge more money. eventually the whole anti-piracy system becomes so complex that they make entire businesses around it. Lather rinse repeat.

So yes, I equate stopping piracy to a magical hypothetical, because there will ALWAYS be piracy. Whatever is made by humans will be undone by humans. To believe otherwise is moronic.

The question is, do you want that cycle to perpetuate? or stop? If you want it to perpetuate, then you can't complain about piracy, as they are part of the system. They aren't the problem. If you want the cycle to stop, great, but if you're going to target the pirates, either you have to somehow use magic to get pirates to stop, because pirates will always eventually circumvent technology. Or you have to find a psychological solution that makes pirates not want to pirate in the first place. How do you go about that? lower prices? make better games that people WANT to buy? the possibilities are endless. But the bottom line is that you don't blame pirates. They're just part of the system. They'll pirate just for the challenge of it. Who are the ones actually raising prices in order to maintain their already wealthy lifestyle?

In addition, how do you think these anti-piracy companies get their talent? They recruit former pirates. So the idea that pirates are the source of the problem is just insane.

So don't try and pretend to have this noble goal of trying to eliminate a crime, when that crime actually enables you to earn more money.

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News Comments > C&C3 Audio Sync Fix
1. No subject Mar 10, 2007, 17:25 VoodooV
when I tried to alt-tab out of the demo, I couldn't alt-tab back in. the game would just freeze Anyone else have this problem or do I just need to reboot and free up memory?

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News Comments > Piracy versus PC Gaming
212. Re: No subject Mar 10, 2007, 16:38 VoodooV
If a company came up with a system that eliminated piracy, they most certainly wouldn't be out of a job, they'd have more customers than they could count. The fact it elimated piracy would sell the product for them. So I'm not sure how you think your argument makes sense.

Think about it over a longer timeline. yeah, people have purchased your magical unbreakable piracy scheme and you're filthy rich. Guess what, even rich people run out of money. but you can't sell more of your product, because eventually everyone will have it and there will be no new customers and your revenue will dry up. And that's just assuming no one copies your magical unbreakable anti-piracy scheme.

If there was suddenly no crime or war..who goes out of business? The same applies here. If there suddenly were no more pirates. anti-piracy also goes out of business. They don't want that so they're always going to scare you into thinking you NEED their next product so that they can get a slice of that imaginary 3 billion pie.

always bet on greed.

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