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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance Patch
25. Re: No major bugs? Oct 5, 2004, 22:01 Beaner
They nerfed skiing speed and light armor jetpacks (or maybe its due to the "improved" netcode, that is actually much worse than open beta

A bit of a correction. In the demo they smoothed out skiing and actually improved it. Thye did nerf the jets a bit. Part of this isnt a problem. Its a case between two camps in the tribes community. The hardcore Tribes 1 players and the hardcore Tribes 2 players. It seems that Irrational is mostly listening to hardcore Tribes 1 players who want more skiing VS jetting. Also Irrational has put a lot more emphasis on skiing in the base game of Tribes Vengeance than past Tribes titles.

Tribes 2 players, on the other hand, utilized jetting far more in combat and movement than the old style T1 movement. It is a bit of an adjustement if you are use to T2. Im a T2 classic player myself, but give it some time. I can jet and ski in vengeance now just like I did in T2. Actually I ski far faster in TV.

Im sure a classic mod for Tribes vengeance will appear that puts a bit of the beef back into the jets. This will probaly apppear when bigger more vast maps and gameplay are available in various mods.

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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance Patch
24. Re: No subject Oct 5, 2004, 21:50 Beaner
This game is far more stable and less bug ridden than T2 when it was released. Irrational simply released the patch so quickly because they are trying their best to please the requests and noted issues submitted by many hardcore MP Tribes players.

I think irrationals first goal was to build the base MP piece to the satisfaction of the community. The gameplay is good, netcode solid. Most important with any game branded Tribes.

Secondly, they are also trying to make the game easier for new players to jump into and enjoy themselves and build a solid single player component. Many have complained that Tribes was bit complicated to learn with just an MP game and no Single player game. Irrational is trying its best to make Tribes vengeance something that will please the hardcore player, and yet easy enough for the newbie to learn and enjoy. Not easy. They've done a pretty good job at blending the two.

I'll put it this way. You'll be able to play Tribes vengeance without it bringing your computer to a crawl. You will be able to play on a server with 32 players and truly enjoy full fledge mulitplay gaming without any harsh annoyances or bugs. (ala Far Cry). On top of all that, the modding community for this game will Turn Tribes vengeance into several games packed into one.

The early patch doesnt mean the game isnt playable. Its a response from the Tribes community to add additonal changes and improvements on an already stable game.

Kudos Irrational. Now lets get those new maps, mods, models, sound packs a rollin!

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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance MP Demo
55. Re: Back to Joint Ops Sep 30, 2004, 22:27 Beaner
T2 classic is awesome and still holds its own even with the glitz in T.V.

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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance MP Demo
48. Re: 11 cap whore friendly maps?! Sep 30, 2004, 03:25 Beaner
TV demo is pretty stable and smooth. Netcode is pretty good as is expected from a game like Tribes and yes Im another twitcher you probaly hate, BUT I will agree that the nature of jetting, skiing in TV actually makes the excitment of defensive chases a lost art.On top of that, for some foolish reason, the devs decide to nerf the jets EVEN more.

Understandably they nerf them for Heavys (the mortar spamming and Heavy capping in TV was a bit ridiculous), but they also nerfed the jets for the lights with an energy pack in the current demo. This was probaly done to make it harder for guys to cap and force skiing. Problem is that it unbalances the game even more. Twitchers with ping connection below 60 can cap out all day long and defensive chasing is almost impossible.

I'm sure mods will improve on these problems, but I really think thye should rething the e-pack issue before releasing it to retail. the jetting in the beta was fine and just needed a slight tad more horizontal jetting and boost. The skiing is perfect (boy does Irrational love skiing, but its obvious they weren't big time Tribes players before developing the game)

This comment was edited on Sep 30, 03:27.
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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance MP Demo
40. Re: No subject Sep 29, 2004, 21:30 Beaner
Tribes 1 was perfect. Tribes 2 was dumbed down, and this is even more dumbed down. Tribes 4 will be 3d blocks jumping around without weapons

Once again, yes Tribes 2 sucked out of the box, BUT after the latest patches and mods like classic T2 it was a kick ass game that easily rivaled Tribes 1.

If their is a Tribes 4 and its built on the unreal engine (unreal engine 3) Oh my god will it look awesome. better than Half-Life 2 or Doom 3 Whats more important though is the netcode and gameplay.

Unreal engine 3

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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance MP Demo
38. Re: No subject Sep 29, 2004, 21:20 Beaner
I like Emerald. It's quick, has no air vehicles and reminds me most of T1. Cavern, on the other hand, is grapplewh0re heaven, which I don't like (since I play LD). Isle is okay, Winterlake sucks

Actually when i first played I too liked Emerald the best then Cavern then Isle then Winterlake.

After playing and getting use to TV "physics" and skiing I now like Winterlake the most, a toss up between Emerald and Isle and cavern the least. If you've got the skiing down, Winterlake has some fast and furious ski routes!

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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance MP Demo
37. Re: No subject Sep 29, 2004, 21:15 Beaner
Exciting new maps there will be. Also, I'm betting you'll see some pretty kick ass new models NOT skins but models.

Hey whats most important is the gameplay and the netcode. For a tribes game this netcode is pretty good and the game plays smooth. Sure Farcry looks awesome, but have you tried the sucks.

Tribes is mulitplay and the mod community for Tribes is awesome fear not. By the way 11 MP maps is fine for the initial release. If I remember correctly, Half-Life didnt have many MP maps at all out of the box.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Demo Glitch
28. Re: it was... Sep 28, 2004, 21:04 Beaner
Who givesa rats ass about puffs of smoke or colored trails. Just fix the bugs, make sure the netcode is stable and smooth. Tribes is about THE Gameplay especially multiplayer gameplay. If you want the goofy puffs of smoke or trails build a mod.

If your biggest complaint is smoke exhaust on the jets you are a newb.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Demo Glitch
20. Re: Well Sep 28, 2004, 15:36 Beaner
What they should have done was added color to the smoke itself. That would have been an awesome idea. Instead of these cartoonish lazer trail vapours.

color trails, puffs of smoke it was all cheese. Tribes is an awesome multiplayer game, but for some reason its always plagued with cheesy graphics etc. Id love to see Tribes with some kick ass models like those in Halo etc or remember crack whore in quake. I mean whats with those goofy ass wings.

Anyway i look forward to the demo. and yes I can wait...geez some of you kiddies are too damn impatient.

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News Comments > TRIBES Demo Update
4. No subject Sep 24, 2004, 21:19 Beaner
Good lord the waiting drives me nuts...And yes, Irrational is awesome. I wasnt pleased initially with TV, but once you get use to the physics it is very fun and has great potential for mods.

Been playing the beta a lot, and then switching back to Tribes 1 and Tribes 2. I think TV will offer something for both crowds, and after playing TV and then Playing T1, it makes T1 seem as slow as base T2.

Im really interested to know what tweaks will me made and bugs fixed. and yes for a beta its pretty damn stable already.

This comment was edited on Sep 24, 21:20.
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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Gold
22. Re: Not Yet Sep 22, 2004, 21:31 Beaner
The vehicles in T2 where not overpowered. Actually the bomber and tank in T.V is far more powerful because they are so easy to use. At least in T2 you needed some skill to use the shriek. The bomber was powerful, but honsetly, not many players use it on a classic server, and it required a bomber AND pilot. In Tribes Vengeance you can bomb and spam the enemy as the pilot. At least T2 forced the cooperation.

I think the vehicles annoy T1 players especially those hardcore lpb players that are so use to just dominating on pubs. With vehicles and a skilled player, an lpb can get shot down or rammed to death by someone even with a slow connection. And if you learn how to play within a game with vehicles, you can learn how to avoid them or make a run without getting slaughtered.

Nothings more fun than a vehicle chasing you down only to be forced to crash or lose control with a good shocklance. You see many t1 players never took the time to learn a lot of those "new" skill tactics in T2. Classic gives me the T1 stuff and more. Thats all. T1 is still a good game.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Gold
20. Re: Not Yet Sep 22, 2004, 03:33 Beaner
Well I disagree with jarek. Tribes is about T1 and T2. Dont believe every veteran is a Tribes 1 only fan crap.

Many T1 only fans who where upset by T2 on its initial launch where so upset they never continued to play T2 even after the last patch and mods. (Base T2 did suck out of the box due to bugs, hardware requirements and the fact that the devs slowed the game down too much for what most T1 players preffered)

At that time two camps formed in the Tribes community. The hard core T1 player that was so upset with T2 on its release that they never returned to play the game on a regular basis even after all the intial patches and mods.

The other camp (that where also T1 vets and still enjoy T1) stuck it out with T2 and avidly play it. T2 is actually a very good game WITH the last patch and mods like classic T2. Classic T2 brought the speed of T1 back to T2.

Basically T1 had large bases minimal vehicles and the base gameplay (other than mods) was focused more on fast capping and twitch skill defending (sniping, chaingunning etc)

T2 brought more vehicles into the gameplay, some new weapons and packs. T2 also brought more of the strategy and teamplay element to Tribes. The great thing about T2 classic, is that it provides a VERY good blend of T1 AND T2 gameplay. You have the fast twitch gameplay in addition to the strategy teamplay gameplay.

Dont listen to the T1 is better than T2 crap. I would try them both out because they are both great games to play in preperation for T.V. T.V. is a bit more like T1 base gameplay with some vehicles, but there are elements that come from T2, especially the vehicles (Hardcore T1 players hardly even use vehicles, turrets etc its some kind of Im too cool to use that pride thing or something)

and yes, I played T1 extensively, but I am now an avid T2 classic fan.

This comment was edited on Sep 22, 03:36.
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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Gold
17. Re: No subject Sep 21, 2004, 23:12 Beaner
Maybe some skilled oldskool tribes players will do a nice balanced classic mod, so dont write it off just yet.

There is already a classic mod being made for T.V. Classic made T2 into an awesome game. It should do the same for Tribes Vengeance. Plus Starsiege 2845 is looking to make T.V into one hell of a massive multiplayer game.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Gold
10. Re: Ummm Sep 21, 2004, 20:38 Beaner
Fear not the T.V. Yes the physics feel weird compared to T1 or T2, but give yourself time to learn the skiing and youll find its a fast fun game. With that said, however, I do hope they fixed the jetting (decreasing the time for the energy to recharge and adding better horizontal jetting) . Also the T.V gravity and pancaking is to extreme level it off to T1 T2 levels and the game will rock with some mods.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Gold
9. Double W00t! Sep 21, 2004, 20:32 Beaner
Coolness, but is there change log anywhere? I assume tweaks have been made based on the first open beta 5.

Or are they playing the get it out the door on time routine and planning to patch later? Hmmmm Maybe not so W00t.

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News Comments > Valve versus Sierra
117. Re: Release the game already Sep 20, 2004, 22:40 Beaner
Kick em in the arse Valve. I hate Vivendi with passion.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Nears
69. Re: what broader crowd??? Sep 18, 2004, 00:06 Beaner
T1 base players probaly hate T.V because the vehicles like the POD or the bomber make it easier to deem a kill on lpb defenders or mad cappers. They just hate vehicles. They hate turrets they want it fast and man to man.

T2 base players probaly hate T.V because the strategy element has been watered down, features like the command console are gone, packs eliminated and the jets blow.

T1 twitch cap fest
T2 strategy massive tactical gameplay

T2 Classic = the best of both sped up T2 with fast T1 gameplay.

This comment was edited on Sep 18, 00:11.
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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Nears
68. Re: what broader crowd??? Sep 18, 2004, 00:01 Beaner
Hmm, based on what I've seen from the forums (the gathering place for Tribes veterans), I'd say that the vast majority of vets like T:V. In fact, it seems like the only players who don't like T:V are the T2 vets

Yes T.V will be good for base 7 vs 7 or 10 vs 10 matches. Most folks that play on pubs for fun hate the game because it gets boring. They wanted to bring a broader crowd to Tribes by dumming down the game. Instead I think they isolated it even more until a good mod is available. And lets get over the T1 vs T2 player crap, it doesnt help any of us gain a Tribes game we can all like.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Nears
67. Re: what broader crowd??? Sep 17, 2004, 23:55 Beaner
"Did you REALLY...honestly expect them to just remake Tribes?"

Why not? Was Tribes broken? Ya know what happens when you f*k with a winning recipe? Parts 2 and 3 and so on... blow monkies. All Tribes would need is a new skin. Done deal

Yeah I should have know once the big corp world got hold of the name the goal was to make T.V more console like. I will disagree with you on a new Tribes needing to only be T1 with new skin. T2 was crappy out of the box. but with mods and the latest patches T2 is actually a deeper game now. The classic mod for T2 is the closets thing to an improved base Tribes that I've come across. T.V should have been a blend of T1 and T2, built on either a newer torque engine or new engine all together, all the same weapons and vehicles with new one thrown in enhanced graphics and models that arent so damn corny looking.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Nears
66. Re: No subject Sep 17, 2004, 23:45 Beaner
What amuses me is people who sy that TV is nothing like UT, and then support that claim by saying that the original Tribes laid the groundwork for all the games which came later.

which is nice, but what does that do to refute the fact that the current game, T:V, is like UT2kx? Hell, if anything, that just adds grounds for the similarity claim! Anyway, T:V just doesn't float my boat; there's a real 'been there, done that' feel to the whole thing. And skiing as a button now? about emergent gameplay

You have to understand that many hardcore Tribes players have had to deal with letdowns (T2 out of the box, T.V watered down, Unreal feel) for quite a long time. In addition to that, when Tribes came out, we had to listen to all the deathmatch old school idiots pipe of their mouth about the greatness of quake or CounterStrike.

They always called Starsiege Tribes a MECH game, and scoffed at the concept of jets.

Years later, every game on the market is migrating toward a massive mulitplayer (no boxed roomed maps), CTF style gameplay with strategy, twitch playing the works.

We all know that our fav game was the first and innovated much of that, and its frustrating that it still has nothing yet to represent as the king of Massive Multiplay.

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