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News Comments > Epic Purchases Reality Engine
58. Re: No subject May 12, 2005, 22:34 Beaner
That's a shame, Unreal Engines suck.
Not surprised though.

Reality Engine was slow as fuck though, they went the no BSP route which for all their bragging, was still slow as shit.

I agree. Unreal engines do suck. They always look pretty which grabs the casual player and newbie, but the netcode etc, some aspects of the physics SUCK. They did improve the MP a bit with Ut2004. Thats possibly what they are looking at this reality engine for I guess, but I've never heard of it before.

If an engine can offer the impressive graphics like those Unreal 3 screenies AND have creamy smooth netcode, stable mulitplayer with up to 32 players, fully immersive landcapes (no boxes) and offer excellent mod tools thats the killer engine. We've all seen a lot of pretty and ended up with a lag, stutter fest online. Dont be fooled by screenshots.

This comment was edited on May 12, 22:42.
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News Comments > DropTeam Announced
14. Re: what a rip May 11, 2005, 03:07 Beaner
Whats funny is that all the models you see you can buy online for about 200 us

they dont even go to the effort of making there models.


Its an indie game you idiots. I'd like to see you make a half way decent game by yourself with a couple of your friends and no big budget. God EA, Vivendi etc have some of you eating out of their hands like sheep.

Thank God Valve escaped VU.

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News Comments > DropTeam Announced
13. Re: Graphics May 11, 2005, 02:57 Beaner
If they want that title to break even they need to spice up those graphics otherwise this is going to be an obscure niche title destined for your local bargin bin available in a shovelware pack.

Well that seems to be a popular consensus. Judge the merits of a game on the wow factor you see in screenshots or pretty graphics. My point is that great games dont need the latest state of the art graphics to be great. There are many indi titles in the works that are on par or exceeding work done by a proffessionaly hired dev team with a budget in the millions of dollars. I think good Indie developers will foster the future of quality games, not a lot of the pretty crap that gets churned out. And dont get me wrong, I love great graphics like anytone else, but if the gameplay sucks, who cares how pretty the game is.

By the way for you mech game lovers out there, you'll want to check out clancore. They are reviving Starsiege and it looks to be awesome. Vivendi are idiots when a great franchise falls into their hands, so they figure, hey let devs from the community do it.

This comment was edited on May 11, 02:58.
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News Comments > DropTeam Announced
4. Re: Graphics May 10, 2005, 22:53 Beaner
There are things greater than pretty sparkles and lights. Its called Gameplay. Cant judge anything until you play it. I've played plenty of pretty looking games that has mulitplayer gameplay that amounts to a pile of ... Then again most of you have been weened on Nintendo, Playstation and the X-Box. The big publishers will feed you pretty screenshots and then sell you an unfinfished game for 60$.
This comment was edited on May 10, 22:57.
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News Comments > UT2007 Title Official
41. Re: Torque can support more than 32 May 10, 2005, 06:43 Beaner
I'm not going to claim Torque will have uber spectacular lighting effects and graphics as Unreal 3, but their TSE will come close with the optimal netcode and capability to scale large terrain. I'm betting large scale terrain andmore than 24 players will choke Unreal 3 without a very high end computer.

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News Comments > UT2007 Title Official
31. Torque can support more than 32 May 9, 2005, 20:46 Beaner
You mean to tell me the almighty, and relatively unknown engine powering the forfather of massive warfare games (Torque and Tribes) can still support more than 32 players (up to 64)and fully immersive maps and Unreal 3 still cant do that? What the hell?

Torque may not be quite as pretty, but its pretty far advanced than even Unreal 3 in terms of netcode and scale.

Even after all these years, you can do things in Tribes that other games still cant achieve without packet loss and performance issues.

I keep reading here the same complaints. Cant support more than 32 players. Cant support super large maps and terrain. We've been playing that way in Tribes world since 1997.

This comment was edited on May 9, 20:58.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
98. No subject Feb 9, 2005, 00:02 Beaner
Firefox is nice, but its not perfect, and in many ways IE does handle some things especially css or dhtml stuff a bit better. Still for those wanting an IE alternative Firefox is a good bet. Explorer (on the pc not the mac) is still an even contender.

For Apple users, the best browser is definitely Firefox because Explorer, Safari etc suck in terms of compatibility on Apple computers.

This comment was edited on Feb 9, 00:05.
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News Comments > AIAS Winners
13. Farcry belongs in this list Feb 3, 2005, 02:51 Beaner
its a shame that Farcry got no mention in the list. it was an outstanding game and the engine technology is in may ways better than Doom3 or HF2 Source. GET OUT OF THE BOXED MAPS!

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News Comments > SWAT 4 Demo Plans
17. Re: No subject Feb 1, 2005, 22:41 Beaner
IG, VU and multiplayer do not mix. Good luck.

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch
45. Re: No subject Jan 31, 2005, 23:21 Beaner
Tribes didn't really have a story.
Tribes in the past didn't, but Vengeance did. I'm not saying it was a literary masterpiece (the story part, that is), but it was pretty dang good....

I was astoniished, as I only bought it for the MP aspect.

And being a Tribes game, its the MP that was dissapointing. Tribes cant really knock em dead without a refined, detailed,strategic,grand MP. That aint TV MP, but at least the SP was decent. Maybe they'll get the formula right if theres ever a Tribes 4.

Crytek would be an awesome engine for Tribes since one of Tribes unique charcterisitics was straying away from boxed in maps and the physics of the game fit into that formula perfectly. Too bad Crytek's netcode kind of bites.

And yes Far Cry's SP was awesome. In many ways better than the solve this puzzle HF2 storyline.

This comment was edited on Jan 31, 23:23.
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News Comments > Far Cry Patch
37. Re: No subject Jan 31, 2005, 21:20 Beaner
Tribes didn't really have a story.

Tribes was always more about its superior multiplayer gameplay. Not many are happy with Tribes Vengeance. The single player is the best of the Tribes games, but it really watered down Tribes MP way too much and the choice of The Unreal engine for Tribes Vengeance is questionable.

Some debate what would be a better alternative engine for a good Tribes game and the Crytek engine always comes up or Torque (the engine from T2) Far Cry did have some awesome outside maps that where in many ways superior to Doom 3 or HF2, but the netcode has serious issues and any game engine with lousy netcode would not be a good candidate.

Hopefully Crytek can resolve those problems.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
8. Boy this all sounds familiar. Jan 29, 2005, 00:04 Beaner
You know its kind of funny how Irrational decided to "change things" for their interpretation of the better.

If this game doesnt feel as familiar as SWAT 3, now you know why The Tribes community has been raising so much stink about Tribes Vengeance.

IA is a good SP game dev, but they've got a lot to learn in terms of catering to their audience when it comes to Multiplay games. Its like they abandon the market for a particular title and build it for a completely new audience.

A bit arrogant.

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News Comments > On Tribes: Vengeance Patch Delays
10. Re: No subject Jan 21, 2005, 04:23 Beaner
Yes lousy marketing may have hurt sales of the game, but a lot is still attributed to the nuances of gameplay that are not present in TV. Sure the skiing is fast and uber easy, but sometimes it seems like they focused on skiing and forgot about a lot of everything else. The server alone has issues and that includes voting etc. The list of tweaks and changes to features is long. Carving is gone etc. Skiing is fast, but general movement, cratering etc is not as good as T1 or T2.

Its not just marketing, but the gameplay and features in TV's multiplay that arent very appealing to many folks who have been playing both T1 and T2 religiously for the past 5 years.

This comment was edited on Jan 21, 04:30.
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News Comments > On Tribes: Vengeance Patch Delays
6. Now dont you miss dynamix Jan 21, 2005, 00:55 Beaner
The Tribes franchise has had one hell of a rocky ride. When Tribes 1 came out it was an immediate underground hit. It was only overshadowed by the release of Half-Life at the same time. Because Half-Life had a great singleplayer campain and better marketing it took of and Tribes lived as an underground Multiplayer star.

T2 is released and with all the excitement it sold well, but had a pretty shaky release out of the box and some of the gameplay speed was throttled back too much compared to Tribes 1. It kind of slowed the Tribes Franchise momentum and fractured it even though T2 would evolve into a great strategic evolvution of Tribes with the same gameplay.

So after 5 years many Tribes fans have been waiting for the ultimate Tribes game. A polished, complex Tribes with all the good aspects of T1 and T2 and some new. Excitment over Tribes Vengeance was brewing. Instead, Tribes Vengeance is a Tribes game with too many features and gameplay nuances removed. And although it has a decent Single Player, VU missed the point again. T2 didnt have a rocky start because it had no single player game, it was because of the bugs and nerfed gamespeed of the Mulitplayer game out of the box.

VU still doesnt get this point and its obvious with Tribes Vengeance. The MP is no where near as sophisticated and fun as T1 and T2, the fully immersive environements (a Tribes trademark) has been replaced with closed grid maps and now we have delays on the patch, and silent communication about the game.

Perhaps VU thinks this game will never sell. No it would sell if done right. Theres plenty of dormant Tribes players and they are waiting.

What we really want is the best candidate dev company that plays and knows Tribes and another publishing company to take over the franchise...Well at least we can dream about it. Please, someone save us, we are very thirsty. The Tribes Franchise needsa proper home.

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News Comments > New Tribes Vengeance Demo
52. No subject Jan 4, 2005, 20:49 Beaner
TV MP isnt horrible. If you liked UTk2004 and want something with better CTF gameplay this is your game. The sad fact, however, is that they watered the game down too much compared to Tribes 1 and Tribes 2. TV is analagous to making a new CounterStrike and deciding to remove all gernades and only have one machine gun, one gun, and one sniper rifle. You get the picture.

And let me remind all of you, that Halo, UTK2004 etc all got their conceptual gameplay that invloved team vs team in large immersive environements from the original Tribes. Its sad, because Tribes broke a lot of ground.

Take a gander at the vid URL's below. Some real Tribes gameplay. Theres no strafe crouch, run strafe crouch run boredom here. And note, Tribes was never know for gorundbreaking graphics, it was always about the gameplay.

T1 Gameplay:

T2 Gameplay:;3267361;;/fileinfo.html

This comment was edited on Jan 4, 21:02.
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News Comments > Tuesday Game Reviews
15. Re: Another Positive Tribes:V Review Dec 1, 2004, 05:45 Beaner
I've yet to see/read anything other than positive reviews for Tribes:Vengeance, yet NOONE is playing this game. WTF is wrong with you people?

Contrary to some of the glowing reviews, The MP of Tribes Vengeance has upset quite a lot of folks that play The Tribes. The MP is fun and Tribes like, but Irrational stripped and watered the game down so much, that most hardcore Tribes players are waiting on patches and some mods to improve the game. Yeah its shiny and more vibrant, The SP is good, but they really bombed out on the MP portion of the game.

There are bugs with the server, voting system etc. excessive non regs, missing features etc. Things some new players may not notice. Thus the low numbers on the servers. Hopefully after a couple months this will pickup, but some of the improvements require some serious overhauling.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 for Sale?
90. Re: No subject Nov 14, 2004, 00:06 Beaner
It doesnt matter that Vivendi is a French company. Come on guys that is a bit foolish.

BUT It is fact that Vivendi has done a lot of bad for gaming franchises etc.

Face it folks, Its no longer about the passion of the game and gaming. Big publisher companies like Vivendi are dictated by their shareholders. They must be profitable and please their shareholders. Personally, I think it would behoove any new creative devlopment company that releases some new great title to never deal with Vivendi if possible.

Or the creation of of game publishing company founded by gamers. Sometimes I wonder who is better Vivendi or Microsoft.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 for Sale?
85. Vivendi sucks Nov 13, 2004, 23:49 Beaner
Vivendi screwed up Tribes vengeange, not Irrational. Now their going to pooh pooh with Valve.

Why in the hell did these developers sell their souls and the licensing rights of top game franchises to the devil.

Lessons to be learned in the young gaming business world.

This comment was edited on Nov 13, 23:50.
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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance Dedicated Server Plans
1. ATTENTION GAME PUBLISHERS Oct 8, 2004, 02:56 Beaner
Attention Attention! All Game publishers and devlopers!

Never..ever..ever release an MP title without the completed dedicated server. And for the love of god, dont release the server component and require the CD to run the server.

Can you beleive a title like tribes was released like this? How sad can you get. really makes you feel like they are in touch with the community that paid the $50 bucks for the game in the first place. Lets hope Vivendi doesnt Fu@# up the release of Half-Life 2.

You really shouldnt take your demographic as a bunch of idiots.

This comment was edited on Oct 8, 03:00.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: TRIBES: Vengeance
39. Re: No subject Oct 7, 2004, 00:41 Beaner
My Action Quake skills Owned you all. And now I own you in Tribes because I got the additon of a jet pack on meh back.

By the way good flippin job VU for releasing Tribes vengeance without the server LOL. Unbelievable. Idiots.

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