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News Comments > Op Ed
3. lol Jun 14, 2005, 20:08 Beaner
IBM buying electronic arts? Thats like mixing oil and water.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
52. control poop Jun 11, 2005, 22:45 Beaner
Its very simple, the control in BF2 are extremely convaluted. They could of simplified the controls down so vehicles etc can be controlled smoothly with mouse and keyboard and the key map settings are messed up. I'm suprised this has happen with a title that has garnered so much attention.

Sorry, but Im not going to play with a keyboard, mouse and joystick. geez.

This comment was edited on Jun 11, 22:46.
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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
315. Re: All this whining... Jun 11, 2005, 03:00 Beaner
The days of PC gaming are gone. Think not? Name a game in the next 12-18 months besides BF2 that has you by the balls?

Thats right. Guess you went to E3 right? NOTHING for the pc. Enjoy your last year or two with your computer.

Computers are a pain in the ass, too hard to develop for, piracy kills them, everyone has a different configuration and that, in the I.T. world spells disaster, loss of productivity and loss of income. Adios.

They better make those console games playable with a keyboard and mouse or they are shit for your reality to happen. Enthusiasts will play PC games until consoles can support true large scale multiplay and a keyboard and mouse! Using a joystick is like riding a bike with training wheels.

Will say though BF2 stutters like shit (is this Unreal 2?), but then again Im use to smooth free movment and great netcode ala Tribes and games like Quake.

This comment was edited on Jun 11, 03:02.
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News Comments > Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Announced
85. Re: No subject Jun 8, 2005, 23:20 Beaner
I probably had more fun with ET than Tribes. ET is just... so... *perfect*.

How can folks say they like Enemy Territory compared to Tribes. They are completely different. ET is basically another good WWII style FPS combat game. Tribes is more an FPS warfare style FPS game on a larger scale in terms of scale, maps, and it can play in a more esport style of gameplay. Its not simply a strafe strafe, crouch jump game like every other FPS. Its plays on a large scale, but its fast.. There is simply no other FPS to date that plays like Tribes.

Now everyone is trying the largescale combat thing that was Tribes. Only diff is that they are all WWII themed on a more realistic level. I still want to see how these engines handle large immerssive terrain on a full server. I'm predicting a big "choke" unless the games are played in smaller boxed maps. strafe strafe...crouch crouch, jump jump..

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Announced
84. Picking Tribes apart.. Jun 8, 2005, 23:11 Beaner
Lol. Nice looking. Always new someone would take Quake or a Quake style game in this direction. Its just sad that a decent Tribes game cant represent its own genre. Thank you smacktard Vivendi Universal you really fucked up potential. Nice to see a Quake style game moving in that direction.

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News Comments > Op Ed
5. Re: No subject Jun 6, 2005, 21:28 Beaner
You know Space Captain, there was time when no one even fathomed someone would out perform Intel on the desktop. The day has arrived. Get use to it.

For most enthusiasts, AMD is now king. I've a;ready sold off my old P4 3.2c overclocked for some Athlon X2 lovin.

This comment was edited on Jun 6, 21:29.
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News Comments > Project Offset Unveiled
51. Re: Nice Jun 6, 2005, 03:58 Beaner
But how can you even compare this with UE3 is beyond me

Because you assume something that has had tons of money thrown at it, lots of hyped marketing is superior.

Honestly, all the game demo's I've seen of Unreal 3 (gears of war for example) show a lame, 3rd person (non FPS) game. The only thing that might impress is Unreal 2007 but who knows. The point is that these 3...I repeat 3 guys are showing stuff that is on par with the looks of things I've seen from Unreal 3.

Why do folks assume Unreal 3 is the greatest thing ever? Theres is a lot of great engines out there. They just may not have the corporate marketing hype behind them. Personally, I'm all for supporting the small guy. God kows what more commercialism will do to the quality of gameplay.

Honestly, which is more important good gameplay, or paying an actor like Lou Gossett thousands of dollars to simply do a voice over in your game. Thats why we get poop these days. Hollywood, and big fat corporate publishers pushing their thing (like Unreal 3). Not to say Unreal alone isnt looking nice, but geez, at least its nice to see a bunch of guys working out of their apartment doing it for their passion, not because their working for mr megabucks corporation so they can dole out more eye candy snot to the masses.
This comment was edited on Jun 6, 04:08.
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News Comments > Project Offset Unveiled
30. re Jun 5, 2005, 09:04 Beaner
Not to say this game doesn't look very promising, because it does, but...

"First Epic Fantasy FPS?" C'mon! Heretic! Hexen!

True, but if this game goes beyond the interiors of a Dungeon or path boxed maps It will be impressive. Fully immersive maps and an FPS woot.

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News Comments > Project Offset Unveiled
29. Re: Impressive Jun 5, 2005, 08:53 Beaner
Actually, the money they spend on their exceptional artwork makes the engine look like it does, so it's definitely money well spent (for the same reasons Intel and most other hardware makers spend as much or more money on marketing as R&D). I think you guys would be surprised how easy the rendering technology is to create these days, having the artists to show it off is another matter.

With the amount of money developers will pay to license Unreal 3. Its a joke. This offset engine on the other hand is impressive and it took 3 guys. This isnt just rendering models. Its the fact that they built a nice looking engine and the "dev" tools..3 guys.

It took how many people and what kind of budget to make the Unreal 3 engine. And then how much are they going to charge developers for licensing? Im betting it aint cheap. Hence pressured budgets. Hence more crappy games with pretty graphics.

This comment was edited on Jun 5, 09:00.
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News Comments > Project Offset Unveiled
21. Impressive Jun 4, 2005, 18:27 Beaner
Wow 3 guys. Very impressive. Honestly, this lookss as good as Unreal 3 and even a bit better than Doom 3 engine. its amazing what 3 people and a passion can deliver.

Just goes to show you how much "wasted fluff money" is thrown at a projetc like Unreal 3. All hail Indie development! Eff publishers.

This comment was edited on Jun 4, 18:30.
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News Comments > Gears of War PC Follow-up
46. Hellgate London May 27, 2005, 05:01 Beaner
Better yet Give me Tribes Gameplay with Hellgate London graphics. That game looks better than Gears of War and its for the PC.

This comment was edited on May 27, 05:01.
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News Comments > Gears of War PC Follow-up
43. Re: No subject May 26, 2005, 23:05 Beaner
More tribes 1 plz k thx.

Better yet give me a Gears of War graphics with tribes gameplay. Then you have a winner.

Oh and yes Microsoft, if you really want to market a console as a hardcore gaming platform build the games properly around using a MOUSE AND KEYBOARD vs just a joystick. Anyone who is an enthusiast gamer and competes knows nothing beats the mouse and keyboard VS a joystick. if you do that, and the box is truly beefy it could even make us harcore PC gamers try out a console.

Remember, its us hardcore gamers that make a franchise live beyond its couple weeks of pre-release/ post release glory.

Vivenedi Universal are idiots.

This comment was edited on May 26, 23:15.
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News Comments > Gears of War PC?
53. keyboard and mouse anyone May 24, 2005, 21:27 Beaner
The big question. Can I get a keyboard and mouse setup for the X-BOX 360. Please MS make it so. There is no way in hell Im using a joystick. If the x-box 360 is really aimed at being a hardcore gaming console, then I want my keyboard and mouse support.

And regarding PC games not being popular. Are you kidding me? Any enthusiast hardcore gamer especially those that play against others online are PC gamers. Multiplay is a whole new arena for the console market. Its only recently that they've caught on as broadband becomes more common. Consoles always focused on watered down, 5 button control single player games. The new consoles aim to change that and they'll be treading into PC gaming territory. If your a true enthusiast, PC gaming is where its at for now.

Yes PC games dont sell in the numbers like consoles because again, PC gaming is for enthusiasts. Telling me PC games arent populkar or very good compared to consoles is analagous to someone telling me AOL is the best internet provider. MS knows we hardcore players are PC gamers, and thats why the X-box is such a beefy machine. They want to try and not only attract joe casual gamer, but the rest of us as well.


This comment was edited on May 24, 21:37.
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News Comments > Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Announced
77. Re: What the fuck? May 17, 2005, 03:12 Beaner
Carmack and id have been saying that the Doom 3 engine can 'easily' do what the Half Life 2 engine and Farcry engine can do, ie render large outdoor areas.

Its one thing to render a large environement, its another to make it completely immersive and still provide good FPS etc when playing online on a full server. None of the engines you mentioned (Crytek, HF2 or Doom3) have proven their ability to do that.

With that said, however, I do have faith in ID and Carmack. If they can pull this off on the Doom 3 engine and it plays smooth on a full server Ill be impressed.

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Announced
76. Re: No subject May 17, 2005, 02:49 Beaner
Ever since GarageGames showed off their huge terrain paging system at this past GDC, all the big studios have been scrambling to fucking make it too, since they all realized wtf it's a great idea that we didn't think of, let's rip off the little guy. Two weeks after GDC, this Megatexture shit, U3's Paging system, all that was announced. Let's see if they pull it off as well. I'm betting GarageGames is going to fucking surprise the shit out of everyone next year, anyone who pays attention to the little things has noticed them hinting at getting back into games, has noticed them reaquiring all the original core Tribes / Dynamix crew, and has noticed their employee's page grow from 3 to 8 to 16 in the last year. Keep your eye on that company because when they drop the bomb, it will own. Tribes 4eva. kthx.

Amen to that. Dynamix was doing this type of stuff several years ago. I was wondering when everyone else would attempt stepping out of the box.

And oh yeah, I just wish they still owned Tribes. VU has completely fucked that franchise to death, what a bunch of idiots look where everyone else is trying to go now.

Whats going to slay me is some tard interview about UT3 or Halo 3 claiming how groundbreaking the games and their technology are with those neato immersive terrain.
This comment was edited on May 17, 02:59.
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News Comments > Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Announced
62. Re: No subject May 16, 2005, 21:43 Beaner
Ok kiddies, the eye candy and photrealism is getting good in all these engines, but the question remains. Which one of these engines with boxed maps as their roots, will be able to handle large immersive landscapes/maps, still support up to 32 players with smooth gameplay and good netcode?

Between Unreal 3 and ID, I'd have to place my bets on Mr Carmack. ID practically created online mulitplay. With a second trophy for "its a done deal" going to Garage Games with their upcoming Torque Shader Engine, which already can easily handle large terrain, large numbers of player, and smooth netcode. it just isnt quite there in terms of graphics but who knows.

This comment was edited on May 16, 21:45.
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News Comments > etc.
1. No subject May 14, 2005, 05:11 Beaner
Vivendi Universal says: "Hey kiddies, bend over. How may I screw you today". I cant beleive Im saying this. Kill em off Microsoft!

This comment was edited on May 14, 05:12.
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News Comments > Epic Purchases Reality Engine
78. Re: No subject May 14, 2005, 04:49 Beaner
Well VU effed the Tribes franchise soo damn bad, a complete idiotic missed opportunity. Maybe someone like Epic, Ubisoft whoever may get smart and aquire the franchise from those idiots. (although I wish we could get garage Games to do it on their TSE). These companies have no fucking clue how many dormant Tribes players have been waiting for the ulitmate sequel. TV was a piece of shit and an emabarrasing portrayal of a tribes game to the public.

Maybe the Unreal 3 engine will provide all those things Torque can do easily in terms of netcode and handling large terrain and large numbers of players, but I doubt it. Its going to be a lot of eye candy in a box. A slightly bigger box. And it will cringe and lag to hell with more than 15 players.

If someone put together a community of Tribes 1 players, I would sign up and leave all this eye candy CRAP that's out now behind.

Problem is we need a new game to bring back the masses of dormant Tribes players and VU has the franchise locked up. Maybe UT3 will be capable enough to handle a Tribes hurts to say that. Hell Id take MS owning the franchise over VU. Valve was smart to seperate themselves from VU.
This comment was edited on May 14, 05:06.
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News Comments > Epic Purchases Reality Engine
66. Re: No subject May 13, 2005, 03:25 Beaner
Tribes was pretty advanced for its time and really evolved gameplay in MP video games. So many of these friggin games are only now treading in gameplay areas where Tribes existed several years ago. (I godamn hate Vivendi). Keep the faith, Garage Games is Dynamix and their TSE on Torque is going to shock a lot of peeps and bring goodness to the indie developer. Unreal 3 engine will be overpriced that we know, and overhyped

This comment was edited on May 13, 03:26.
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News Comments > Epic Purchases Reality Engine
64. Re: No subject May 13, 2005, 03:14 Beaner
Gee, I wonder if there are any engines like that out there...

lol you read my mind. Torques the best thing ever, but it doesnt have the big commercial name and VU has killed Tribes.

This comment was edited on May 13, 03:15.
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