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News Comments > Quake 4 Mania
29. Re: MP Sep 16, 2005, 21:22 Beaner
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will be the game. I think Q4 is going to be the same old enlosed deathmatch game ala the 90's At least games like Tribes are open and immerssive Q2 had CTF etc.

Right now the game to watch isnt anything Unreal 3, its ET Quake Wars and Project Offset. A new modern "non Vivendi" Tribes game wouldnt be bad either.

hop, strafe, jump bounce, crouch crouch yawn..

This comment was edited on Sep 16, 21:25.
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
6. Re: Vista's 7 editions Sep 12, 2005, 03:27 Beaner
Usually Id have to admit MS is smart when other can just whine, but what they are doing with Vista is completely idiotic.

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News Comments > BF2 Patch Notes?
40. Re: This scares me Sep 12, 2005, 03:22 Beaner
Please release COD 2 and ET Quake Wars so this can die.

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News Comments > Windows Gaming Revival?
79. Re: No subject Sep 9, 2005, 22:34 Beaner
At this point I dont care if we are talking MS. Anyone who wants to focus on the continued strength of PC gaming (which we all know is the hardcore enthusiasts game market) is all good to me. Honestly the fact that its MS is actually a good thing. If they offer keyboard and mouse support for games on the XBOX360 thats another bonus.

You cannot tell me the console market is as rich as the PC gaming market. Sure the consoles sell to the masses, but wwith PC gaming, you get a game thats most likely more indepth, has far more controls, supports more players in mulitplayer and of course their is the free reign of MODS, skins etc. How can you create mods and customization on a console? And even if you can it will be limited.

PC gaming will be revived as soon as people actually start paying for their games instead of warezing 'em.

and just like those who discovered the "real internet" after only knowing AOL they will migrate to the better thing with experience and exposure.
This comment was edited on Sep 9, 22:40.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
1. firefox hype Sep 8, 2005, 04:08 Beaner
Firefox is a good browser. Im not going to deny that, but to say its the better than IE is a bit far fetched. Its pretty even with IE and offers a good alternative but it still has issues with all kinds of things including java. Hell I've had java stuff work better in IE than Firefox (and no not MS specific java stuff).

Glad to see others have enough balls to admit it.

This comment was edited on Sep 8, 04:09.
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News Comments > The Mod Squads
2. Re: No subject Sep 5, 2005, 13:57 Beaner
It will be interesting to see this on TSE. Great engine, but no one has really pimped the artistic ability of the engine yet. Nothing handles large immersive terrain like torque or the new Atlas engine in TSE. not Unreal 3, and even ID with their yet to be proven megatexture technology.


This comment was edited on Sep 5, 14:10.
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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse
5. Re: No subject Sep 5, 2005, 11:10 Beaner
Unlike most, Im not going to say I hate everything MS because whether you like it or not they have done some great things. C# on .NET is far better than java in my opinion and SQL server is quite impressive for its many features and abilities.

The one thing MS will never be able to achieve is beat Google in the search engine war. This is one war they cannot and will not win and thank god for that. MS does need a good slap from a worthy competitor, because god knows neither IBM, HP, Oracle SUN etc can take them on.

On the other hand, Googles hubris is starting to look a lot like Microsoft itself. Plus Eric Schmidt for those who dont remember use to run Novell. Whatever happened to Novell? Of course the real folks that truly make up Google (Not Schmidt) have better vision.

This comment was edited on Sep 5, 11:13.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
12. Re: Playstation 3 supports mouse... Sep 5, 2005, 09:25 Beaner
its going to suck for controller users, they will get their asses kicked all over the place.

Lol this is going to be awesome. Imagine getting on a server playing Halo 3 or Unreal as a keyboard mouse FPS player. All those joystick guys are going to be crying cheat all over the place.

Kidding a side this is great news. If they reall want to move gaming to consoles this is a big step. Still there are things about PC gaming that will be superior such as modding and just the sheer size of the online games you play.

This comment was edited on Sep 5, 09:27.
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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
90. Re: re: Ray Sep 4, 2005, 05:18 Beaner
Bye bye off to indie development. As my Geometry teacher use to always say: "Never assume.".

Heed the advice. And by the way, no offense against the SWAT 4 crowd, but the Tribes community is far larger than the SWAT 4 community.
This comment was edited on Sep 4, 05:35.
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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
86. re: Ray Sep 1, 2005, 23:07 Beaner
The community is nuts. ;)

A brilliant marketing strategist and business person would interpret that as a huge, untapped, hungry market. But hey, you cant sell that market a Pontiac with gobs of plastic and knick knacks when they like BMW's.

Look what Bill did with Halo, which by the way, is another game conceived and influenced by Tribes. Honestly, at this point only Garage Games themselves or maybe MS would be able to handle the Tribes franchise.

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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
85. Re: Riley Pizt -Do you even play tribes? Sep 1, 2005, 22:33 Beaner
Tribes Vengeance is not Tribes 2 nor should it be. There are plenty of things to use and do in Tribes Vengeance without having to recreate Tribes 2. If you want to play Tribes 2, play Tribes

and hence the problem. Why in the hell do people always think they need to re-invent a great thing, especially when they arent even that familiar with it or its audience. Granted in TV they thought; "hey lets ramp up the speed and make things like literally skiing, and focus on a great SP game."

Clueless...Clueless ..Clueless..

So yes VU loses out like a dog with piss poor sales due to piss poor judgement. Honestly, just sell off the darn franchise to someone who can do it justice. VU has no fricking clue. There are tons of dormant players that play other things now, but made right, you'd be suprised at the numbers.

Do the same types of things to the Counter Strike crowd that VU has doen with Tribes, and you'd see a shrinking angry fanbase.

In regards to Unreal engine again. it may look pretty, it may be used in a lot of commercial games, but its just not the right engine for Tribes. The next gen best engine for Tribes would be Torque TSE because the engine just "feels right". There is something skitchy about the Unreal engine physics no matter what game I polay that I dont like. Its good for your standard FPS deathmatch enclosed map style of game. Not something like Tribes. Hell, Id rather use DOOM3's improved engine being developed for ET Quake Wars over Unreal. The physics in the Quake /Doom series have always felt smoother than Unreal. Execs playing Donkey Kong 2005 at E3 have no clue about these nuances or the enthusiast gamer market. Right now they are just trying to sell anything pretty to the masses of casual players and small kids.

Someone bright will organize outside of thhis norm. Its the market it will happen. The whole gaming market is giving the business world hard ons these days. There will be a large succession of pretty crap hitting the market, but hey that cant last forever.
This comment was edited on Sep 1, 22:55.
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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
64. Re: Riley Pizt -Do you even play tribes? Sep 1, 2005, 04:51 Beaner
Unreal engine v2 maps can be plenty big. Just look at UT2004 onslaught maps. They may not be as big as Tribes 1 & 2 maps can be, but that is not what is really wrong with this game

Although some may argue the size of maps doesnt matter, in Tribes it DID matter to a lot of players. Its one example of how the makers of the game underestimated certain elements of the game that players loved, especially with T2 where larger games would be played with 40+ players using vehicles and such. The whole sense of free movement within the environement of Tribes is one of its trademark characteristics.

In regards to Unreal. The older engine used in TV is horrid. I'm sorry but it not the best for networked games especially with a lot of players on a server. Granted the TV engine is tweaked, but even Unreal 2 was pretty bad. TV did not use the engine for Unreal Tourney 2004. Perhaps Unreal 3 will be vastly better in terms of its network performance VS the eye candy we see.

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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
62. Re: Riley Pizt -Do you even play tribes? Sep 1, 2005, 04:24 Beaner
Even though Unreal has Unrealscript this was a tweaked version of the "older unreal engine" there was limited access to how you could script or modify the TV engine.

Also, its been made quite apparent that there were limits to what was possible with the engine (expansive maps for example) that caused various issues.

Even clancore, who is working on a major MOD for Starsiege decided it had to switch to Garage Games Torque TSE engine due to limitations with the TV engine. What would be better. After all Torque is the engine made by the makers of the original Tribes and Tribes 2. Id's megatexture? Are you kidding me, Torques Atlas engine can span miles.

One thing many modern engines like Unreal cant handle is large immersive terrain. Add more than say 20 players and the engine chokes. That is why everything is boxed in. Perhaps Unreal 3 will change that, but for now we know Torque can handle that, and it sounds like ID is trying to move the Doom engine in that direction with ET Quake Wars using their announced megatexture technology. We were playing Tribes on an engine like that since 1997. They release TV and low and behold theres a damn hard grid around the map.

The only thing that hasnt been fully reralized on Torque is in the area of art. The engine seems bland looking to many, but thats just about art direction and the new TSE will change that quite a bit. Current demos and pics are more oriented toward the tech of the engine not the art abilities. Thats soon to change as GG moves toward promoting the art abilities of the TSE engine. A lot of engines like Unreal 3 are promoting the art of the engine with swanky pics, but the real test is how it performs ona full server with a lot of players. Choke.

This comment was edited on Sep 1, 04:43.
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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
53. Quit blaming Irrational Aug 31, 2005, 22:57 Beaner
When you try to please the masses you risk alienating your fanbase (Tribes community), they gambled that if they "streamlined" it, the tribes community would buy it and so would the masses... But as it turned out neither did the community buy it nor the masses. So they gambled and they lost. Had they listend to the community at least the community would have bought it, and maybe even the masses as well. That's why IG has fault in it as well.

Look at Deus Ex Invisible War. Another example of what happens when you "streamline" to please the masses, you alienate your community.

Well said. Although Tribes folks must stop blaming IG. IG was simply doing what they were hired to do. They implementd a good SP, which VU felt was needed to make the title succesful. (VU is so clueless about this franchise its disgusting).

Most of the blame is due to the fucked history of the franchise which has been through the burner because of VU, and very stupid production decisions for Tribes ever since the release of Tribes 2. TV hardly had a chance because it had a piss poor funding and was simply squeezed onto the market because of some major pleading by various insiders who love the franchise.

What many who dont play Tribes dont understand, is that VU has been trying to force changes to the game to dumb it down and make it more inviting to the masses or new players ever since they took over the franchise with tribes 1. They felt it was too complex and hard for new players. I ask you Mr Half-Life CS player, Mr Civilization player, Mr BF2, Mr Quake. How the hell would you feel if your franchise was constantly being dumbed down in various ways simply to make it easier for new players? How would you like it if everything in Half-Life CS was reduced down to 1 gun, one gernade and a knife? How about limiting mod scripting in the game? This is what has been happening to Tribes ever since VU took over. Why is Tribes considered so hard and complex when other franchises like BF2 are very complex, rich in features and popular? I don't see them dumbing down the Battlefield franchise very much. Its because the original developers of those franchise are still in control. Tribes has been severed from its makers for years.

When Tribes 2 came out, there was huge anticipation for the game. Problem is that VU in control over the games production decided to change the speed factor in the game which was a major letdown to its MARKET (Tribes players) and the fact that Tribes 2, although well designed was flawed by an unfinished release that brought ill will bugs and endless patches (BF2 players are getting a good feel of what it was like owning Tribes 2 when it first came out).

If Tribes 2 was simply released in more of a gold status without the reduced speed, the franchise would probaly still be flourishing. It actually became a very good game after being patched many times and with player based modifications such as Tribes 2 classic.

Years later after the T2 mess, TV was released on a little budget, developed with the SP in mind (hence the hiring of Irrational games) and like T2, it was obvious on release that the most important aspect to its market, the Mulitplayer piece, was unfinished. To top that off, so many features of the game were removed it was unbearable for some. The other bad decsions was building the game on the old unreal engine.

Still with all that, dont blame Irrational, blame the folks at VU who are completely clueless about the franchise, its nuances, its following etc. Tribe is no way near dead. Its game concept is still unmatched by anything on the market. Its just that VU doesnt get it. The Xerox factor. So now we have a publisher who is afraid to approach the franchise because they dont understand it, and its frozen in state because they own it. No better production and dev team can touch it.

If Tribes is so worthless how about VU let go the franchise for cheap. I mean it is worthless right? Garage Games please take it back...please. Hell Id rather Microsoft own the franchise over VU.

This comment was edited on Aug 31, 23:11.
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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
37. Re: No subject Aug 31, 2005, 15:24 Beaner
I think the Unreal engine is more suitable for the walk, run strafe style of games like SWAT 4. Its a horrible engine for the physics and net demands of a game like Tribes. I dont have hate for Irrational, but they wern't really the right dev team for Tribes. It needs to be folks from Garage Games or devs familiar with all the little nuances of Tribes, one of the best MP games ever.

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News Comments > Savage 2 Announced
25. cool. now give me Project Offset too. Aug 31, 2005, 15:19 Beaner
This sounds and looks awesome. Whats even more exciting is the seperate Project Offset. Screw Unreal 3

This comment was edited on Aug 31, 15:20.
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News Comments > BF2 Stats Server Downtime
13. Re: Fine...I read the damn thing. Aug 30, 2005, 01:12 Beaner
this would be a great time to redo the physics and damage model and turn the game more like Enemy Territory (near perfect) and less like a game of complete chance.

as much as i play BF2, i really deplore the seemingly random hitscan, the miracle 1 shot kills and the wavering damage model.
come on ET:QW !

Yes ET Quake Wars sound awesome, and unlike Unreal or BF2 you know the physics model will rock. Well that is until Vivendi pulls there head out of their ass and realizes the gold they have in the form of a franchise called Tribes. How many of these flippin games these days are pulling elements of gameplay from the classic Tribes franchise. SO they finaly move out of the enclosed indoor maps, add vehicles and wow. all of a sudden everyone raves. Tribes and Tribes 2 have been like that since 1997 and no game yet has its great physics model and movement.

Its only when they tried moving the game to the Unreal engine with the crapola called TV did it really start to suck hard. BF2 has a similar feel. Skitchy movement and the bullets that seem to go nowhere or penetrate nothing.
This comment was edited on Aug 30, 01:19.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
10. keyboard and mouse please Aug 29, 2005, 04:35 Beaner
Oh please MS add keyboard and mouse support to the XBOX360 and fututre XBOX360 games. I mean honestly, if they did that a lot of hardcore PC gamers might consider it a purchase. Plus how cool would it be if the same game for an XBOX360 or PC would allow players on either to play on the same server together in a game.

With an added harddrive perhaps it will be possible to make MODS for games on the XBOX360, something thats impossible now with console games.

This comment was edited on Aug 29, 04:36.
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News Comments > etc.
3. No subject Aug 17, 2005, 23:23 Beaner
MAC gaming what is that?

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News Comments > Unreal Engine 4 Unveiled
34. Re: Um Aug 17, 2005, 23:12 Beaner
I haven't played any UE3 games yet and they're talking UE4?

Lol I was thinking the same thing. The most overpriced overhyped gaming engine ever. At least ID talks about the now and not the what may be.

This comment was edited on Aug 17, 23:17.
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