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News Comments > Sweeney: PCs Good for Anything... But Games

14. No subject Mar 10, 2008, 21:34 Beaner
They are all focused on casual gamers right now thats the industry focus. Plus Sweeney comes from the camp of making tings easier to develop which can be true if you only have to build for specific consoles.

My problem is that you just cannot get the networking capabilities out of console games that you can out of PC games. Secondly, I want to use a fricking keyboard and mouse. How hard is it to build in that support on console games?. Lastly, dedicated servers and mods.

PC gaming is where most game enthusiasts reside. Thats a market that is totally being ignored by many. Fortunately some of the best developers support PC gaming (love you Valve). And I think the caliber of the games and their gameplay show it. Which is more popular Unreal 3 or a little extra feature of a game called Team Fortress?

Unreal 3 was an ultimate example of console FPS mindset. Lots of eye candy, millions of machines and guns crappy gameplay and UI.
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News Comments > More on the State of PC Gaming

15. Re: valve Mar 7, 2008, 01:36 Beaner
Valve makes great games because they do design them around the PC not the reverse. I just love Valve more and more everyday. Even considering Steam. At least Steam hasnt had a bad effect on the games themselves other than soem of them being so integrated with it.
This comment was edited on Mar 7, 01:39.
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News Comments > InstantAction Instant Beta

6. No subject Mar 7, 2008, 00:52 Beaner
The interface is pretty simple and straightforward. The games are not flash. They are using their torque engine. Just some of the UI in the browser interface is flash.

For the most part the sample games are pretty bland. Marble Madness can be pretty fun. A LOT of the people who have signed up are mostly interested in this Legions game which they call a "spiritual successor" to Tribes. Although GG seems to love hocking the Tribes similarity to grab many of its audience, they keep saying you shouldn't expect Tribes. I say quit calling it a spiritual successor then.

It will be interesting to see how they handle some of the complexities like dedicated servers and all. many of the fans wanting Legions will want the same type of features they expected from a stand alone PC game.
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News Comments > New Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Beta

2. Re: No subject Mar 1, 2008, 03:58 Beaner
What is a beta patch lol.

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News Comments > PC Gaming Alliance Formed

96. Re: No subject Feb 27, 2008, 00:24 Beaner
Just like you have a market for high end cars and performance you have an "enthusiast" market of gamers. I'm not talking about enthusiast who play XBOX live with Guitar Hero not even those who play COD4 on a console, I'm talking competition players and those who enjoy high end "control" within a game. Right now the gaming industry is focusing on the "casual gamer" with consoles. Believe me, some smart people will realize there is a market of enthusiast PC gamers to go after. The concept of competition gaming is at its highest on the PC and it may crossover a bit with some titles on the consoles, but full fledge crossover would require keyboard and mouse support in games. I think Sony is the only one that gets that so far with the PS3.

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News Comments > PC Gaming Alliance Formed

91. No subject Feb 22, 2008, 04:24 Beaner
What they need to do is promote PC gaming as the upper echelon. Minor League (consoles) versus Major League. Or the console guys need to add keyboard and mouse support to their games. In that regard the PS3 is King. The XBOX 360 a toy.

Some of us dont care for a Honda Accord we want a G37.

This comment was edited on Feb 22, 04:27.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

14. Re: No subject Feb 19, 2008, 00:08 Beaner
yah and Fios would be awesome if it were in my neighborhood.

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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers

129. Re: No subject Feb 6, 2008, 22:43 Beaner
In all honesty most consoles today are PC's in sheeps clothing. They have internal drives, built in NIC's etc. The caliber of the FPS games are pretty good but I still find the PC equivalents to be more indepth and have far more controls. If they really want to get people to switch, I personaly would want full keyboard and mouse support in any FPS game available on the console. Aslo the whole pay to play on private game networks kind of bugs me.

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News Comments > Fallen Empire: Legions Video

3. No subject Jan 27, 2008, 09:49 Beaner
That grass is pretty sexy.

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News Comments > Battlefield Heroes - 3rd-person Only, Beta in Summer

18. No subject Jan 23, 2008, 04:02 Beaner
Milk it EA.

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News Comments > Free Battlefield Game Planned

76. No subject Jan 21, 2008, 22:03 Beaner
At least you wont be paying for an unfinished product.

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News Comments > Fallen Empire: Legions Announced

20. Re: No subject Jan 19, 2008, 23:22 Beaner
dsmart I know this is not going to be Tribes. I understand that. But its pretty obvious Garage Games is doing a lot with this game to provide Tribes like gameplay. Why would they even want to keep throwing out the term "Tribes like" in their press releases if that wasnt the case? Either they are lying and trying to use the Tribes name to garner attention (which I highly doubt), or they are making a game that will be Tribes like.

A big part of the uique aspect of Tribes gameplay (being Tribes like) is jetting, jump skiing and x,y axis movment. If this game has all 3 of those elements, its captured a majority of the essence which is Tribes. That does make it unique. Why? Name me one FPS shooter that has jetpacks, jump skiing, x, y axis movement and routes for CTF. None. Honestly the only game that I can remember that even had something somewhat similiar was a game called Citizen Kabuto and that game wasnt really known for its multiplay FPS but the players had jetpacks.

That is why Tribes fans throw out the word "unique" in comparison with every other deatmatch, CTF, capture hold blah blah army whatver FPS. Every other FPS, CSS, BF2, TF2, HALO etc all have the same physics and movement. Being that you arent a big FPS fan I can understand why you cant relate to peoples passion about Tribes. You truly have to be familiar wit the game to understand its differences. It held a special place in many a gamers heart, just the way a game like Civilization or Bioshock may hold a special place in your heart. Many of us that are FPS fans hold Tribes up their in very high regard.

I will agree with you, however about Legions and whether it may be a success or not. Even with jetpacks and all it just may not play the same or have the same fun factor. Who Knows. I'm not expecting Tribes. But if it has the physics and all like Tribes I may enjoy it. Heck Tribes fans havent had much of anything decent since the release of T2. And some would argue since Tribes 1. So we are desperate let us enjoy this while we can. And I am so happy that many of the peeps that worked at Dynamix and made Tribes have found success in other areas without the need for big publishers. I'm also excited to find out later in the year what Scott Youngblood is up to at Red5.

This comment was edited on Jan 19, 23:36.
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News Comments > Fallen Empire: Legions Announced

17. No subject Jan 18, 2008, 22:21 Beaner
I hope this is good but I dont know. This browser thing just worries me. Damn Tribes just can never get the "build" respect it deserves. Its one of the top 5 mulitplay FPS classic of all time. Now we go from TV to a browser game. =(

How would you Quake, ET or Counterstrike folks feel if they told you the next game would be built to run in a browser. When if Valve told you TF2 would run in a browser.

And to dsmart. You can have spore and the art school games. Some of us have been waiting years for a decent successor to Tribes or at least a spiritual successor. Garage Games has said at various times that Vivendi has asked them if they would build another Tribes game. They said no. And Im glad they did. If anyone knows anything about the history of the Tribes franchise, they'll know Vivendi/Sierra were a big part of effing it up and closing down Dynamix. Garage Games wants to revive their baby without any control or influence from the likes of Vivendi and more power to them. I just hope this browser thing works out.

I'll say it again..fuck Vivendi.
This comment was edited on Jan 18, 22:32.
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News Comments > Universal Combat Freeware

129. Re: No subject Jan 3, 2008, 06:07 Beaner
Lol this thread is turning epic. Maybe Derek is smart after all.

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News Comments > More on TRIBES-Like Footage

19. Re: Browser Gaming Dec 25, 2007, 07:02 Beaner
If these guys have done this much in only a couple months, there is a good chance this game is going to kick some faces in! They already know what to shoot for - Tribes 1 & 2 - so that helps alot and removes a lot of development time.

I hope you are right. It seems every time you think the devs of a new Tribes game have learned from the past, some nutbag decides to drastically change a feature, remove a feature or nerf all to hell. (Granted this so called game is not meant to actually be Tribes 3)

It happened with T2 when they nerfed the hell out of the speed on release. With TV they thought hey lets put the speed back, but then they removed a whole lot of everything else, changed a lot of what was left and built it on the crappy unreal 2 engine which changed the whole way the movement and physics felt. TV was a perfect example that tells you that its not just the speed of movement that made the game good. it was the full immsersive maps, the sense of scale, yes vehicles and deployables, yes the command map and more.

Personally as much as I loved T1, After T2 got through patches, updates with things like classic it really was a better game than the first. An excellent evolution of the first. If T2 was released with the classic physics and speed and didn't have the initial bugs it would have been almost perfect. But that whole foible split things up and left us to where we are today. TV just made it even worse.

The good is that this game is being made by folks who made up the first Dynamix crew, its being built on new tech Torque which tells me the netcode and physics should be smooth and maps without any hard boxed in boundries. But yeah this whole browser thing is somewhat a concern. I guess Tribes can never get away from potential issues. I remember when it was announced that TV was being built on a "enhanced" unreal 2 engine, everyone had instant fears about limitations. Those fears came true.

Sometimes I wish Valve created Tribes, because they always handle everything just right. Whether its TF2, or CSS etc. It must be heaven being a fan of Half Life and the mods that surround it.

This comment was edited on Dec 25, 07:06.
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News Comments > TRIBES-Like Movies

21. The good the bad and the ugly Dec 24, 2007, 06:42 Beaner
Granted this is a very early alpha video. So I dont want to be too hasty to judge, but based on the video:

The good is that the landscapes look very Tribes like. Im sure its on a variant of Torque so the maps shouldn't have any hard boundaries lots of hilly landscapes and netcode should be excellent (although Im not so sure about this browser thingy). Jetting is there. Thats the Good.

The bad, well the jetting is there but jesus its more like flying than skiing or jetting, but again its early alpha. so far the direction looks exciting, but I wish they'd hire on some of the guys that turned Tribes 2 around like Zod and Zodd. Put those guys in charge of physics.

The ugly. Why can't Tribes ever get away from looking corny. The models are ok but whats the deal with the big honkin packs on the back and the crazy jet trails. Tribes Vengeance started off doing the same thing and eventually people agreed the trails were just annoying. At least let us turn that crap off. Give us some kick ass light models along with the heavy and mediums. Light models that looks fast and stealthy.

Other than that, I am intrigued.

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News Comments > Team Fortress 2 Gameplay Stats

89. Re: ... Dec 14, 2007, 06:59 Beaner
Its funny. I never stopped playing Tribes. More Tribes 2 now, and strangely enough Im noticing a small but sudden increase in new players. It seems a younger generation is finally discovering the greatness that is Tribes CTF. Its Bizzare but cool to see. Maybe all the mulitplay stuff on the consoles and all are opening more people up to mulitplayer gaming.

And comparing TF2 to Tribes. Totally different games with the similarities of classes and thats about it. TF2 is more like team based strategy in smaller more confined maps that lends itself more to deathmatch style of melee fighting. Like CSS. Its not far too different from most team based FPS shooters, but its definitely well executed and polished. A good game.

Tribes is still quite unique even today for a few reasons. The maps could be large or small with both outdoor and indoor environements, and a lot of Tribes was about the big immersion factor and the scale. No hard boundries, vehicles and tactics like many other team based FPS games, but the defining unique quality is the concept of Tribes jump skiing, jetting and and the total freedom of movment. The concept of good cappers running "routes" to cap the flag based on the "accidental" discovery and widespread adoption of jump skiing. Or defenders not just simply going melee on each other in small corridors, but able to chase over expansive terrain to take down an escaping capper. Its just so different from everything else and so awesome. Once you get it its like Team based tactics, a sport, and Matrix esque moves all in one. Plus it can play fast for a game known for such big maps. In fact once you do get it, you are ruined because everything else seems so constraining in movement, claustrophobic and slow. It was a darkhorse underground hit in 99, but overshadowed by Quake and the oncoming of Half Life.

For those trying to download it, Tribes 1 is probably easier to get up and running, but the graphics and all will seem really dated and a bit cheesy by todays standards.

Tribes 1 download

If you can manage it I recommend getting Tribes 2. I know tribes lovers will hate me for saying this, but Tribes 2 will offer more of the tactical warfare experience many of you like while offering the classic stuff from Tribes 1.

T2 download

This comment was edited on Dec 14, 07:42.
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News Comments > Activision & Blizzard Merge

78. Re: WoW Dec 9, 2007, 09:01 Beaner
When was the last time you played a game made by a guy in a garage?

This is what makes me laugh about hardcore gamers, a few years ago they bitched and moaned about how games didn't have mainstream respect as a viable business, and now that that's happened, they bitch and moan about how game designers have "sold out".

You can't have it both ways: you can't have a modern AAA title produced without a shitload of money behind it, which means that you need corporate backing. And of course corporations want safe bets, particularly when it comes to putting up large amounts of cash. So either you have very well polished AAA titles which are lacking somewhat in innovation, or you have graphically sub-par and/or short games which are more creative and/or innovative (but of course get completely panned by critics).

There are your Paramounts and Universals that spew out mostly the same junk, and then you have those innovators that jump out like Lucas films in the day or Pixar. Hard Core Gamers are just waiting for the Lucas Arts and Pixars of the gaming world to emerge thats all. Great Independent studios that arent under creative control by the likes of EA, Vivendi and now Activision. You see far too many game franchises thats start of great, then get swallowed by big publishers and fall apart.

And who cares about Blizzard anymore. All the best are with Red 5 now and they will be one of those Lucas Studios of gaming we've been waiting for.
This comment was edited on Dec 9, 09:05.
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News Comments > GameSpot Staff Speaks Out

9. No subject Dec 5, 2007, 03:02 Beaner
Payola is BACK. New and improved. Now featured at your latest Game review website.

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News Comments > Crysis Patch Within Two Weeks

76. Re: No subject Nov 20, 2007, 05:56 Beaner
Note: I don't care about CoD4 multiplayer. Everyone's been raving about it, but why do i want to buy a game just for the multiplayer? If i want to do that i'd buy a fucking MMORPG, not an FPS.

Some people like SP some prefer MP. I think for years everyone gloated over the SP in a game. If some game came out that was say MP only it would get scrutinized.

I think today there is a vastly larger audience of folks who buy games for the mulitplayer aspect, not just for the SP. Some folks could care less about the SP portion. I think most publishers under estimate the market for people who like playing good mulitplayer games. They've been so focused on eye candy console like games for the last several years.

This comment was edited on Nov 20, 05:59.
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