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News Comments > TRIBES: Vengeance Nears Gold
10. No subject Aug 22, 2004, 10:20 Shadowcat
> producers Sara Verrilli and Tony Oakden

huh. Well there are two familiar names. Lots of LGS alumni went to Irrational, of course, but it really is a bit of a shame that Sara wasn't on the Thief 3 team at ISA; she did such amazing work on the original games!

And it could just be a coincidence, but Tony Oakden is a name I recognise from my BBC Micro gaming days... Anyone know if it's the same guy...?

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News Comments > Ratbag Gets Some Action
6. Powerslide Aug 19, 2004, 20:21 Shadowcat
Powerslide rocked! I was totally gutted when they cancelled the long-awaited sequel "Powerslide Slipstream"... less than a year ago, I think.

This is an interesting move... For all the success of the Dirt Track Racing titles, they did seem to be stuck in a rut. Leadfoot was the furthest they got away from DTR since Powerslide, and I did like Leadfoot, but it wasn't all that far away. (Again, goddammit with their cancelling Slipstream!)

It will be intriguing to see how they go at making something entirely (I presume) different.

A couple of Powerslide screenshots for the nosstalgic:

This comment was edited on Aug 19, 20:35.
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News Comments > Heroes of Annihilated Empires
2. No subject Aug 19, 2004, 20:14 Shadowcat
Sweet Jesus ("now with more sodium!"), that must be a contender for the Most Awkward Title Ever.

I can only guess that they're trying to make people think simultaneously of "Heroes of Might and Magic", "Total Annihilation", and "Age of Empires".

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News Comments > Rome: Total War Demo Monday
11. Re: MMMMMMMMMrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Aug 19, 2004, 20:06 Shadowcat
No publisher ever learned from Blizzard. When Blizzard released Warcraft 2, they did it for a Xmas when everything else was being delayed
So... the lesson to be learned is: "plan to release when everyone else is releasing (as per usual), BUT! desperately hope that everyone else decides to delay their games!" ?

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News Comments > Hardware Reviews
2. Re: 'e's an 'ard worm, jimmy. Aug 19, 2004, 20:01 Shadowcat
I guess not

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News Comments > Hardware Reviews
1. 'e's an 'ard worm, jimmy. Aug 19, 2004, 01:06 Shadowcat
I know that the "Worms" worms are as hard as hard can be, but does "Worms: Forts Under Siege" strictly qualify as hardware?

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News Comments > It Came from QuakeCon, Part 5
12. No subject Aug 15, 2004, 22:35 Shadowcat
Sounds like Baby 1.0 was released right on schedule ("when it's done.")

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News Comments > Warner Bros. Buys Monolith
28. No subject Aug 12, 2004, 17:56 Shadowcat
<sarcasm>Hey, look at the bright side .. we'll get tons of Roger Rabbit inspired games rather than another boring FPS
"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" was a brilliant film, and it's sure as hell different to most same-old concepts. I think there must be scope for a great game, there.

Anyhow... while it seems inevitable that Monolith will now work on WB film tie-ins (no doubt using the new BrosTech engine), we may find that this is primarily achieved by increasing the size of the company, and thus still allowing multiple projects to go ahead, some of which are not based on existing WB properties. I don't see why FEAR would be affected... as long as it turns a profit, it's now in WB's favour, and hell, maybe they'll want to make a film out of it. But then WB aren't really losing anything if they scrap FEAR, so they could do it. I do agree that Shogo 2 is now even more unlikely than before, though (dammit -- Shogo was just plain FUN, and deserved a sequel).

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News Comments > Game Guidance - RCT3 Demo Plans
1. No subject Aug 11, 2004, 21:09 Shadowcat
grrr... why can't people release demonstration versions of the completed, retail version of their game, instead of the damned unfinished beta versions?! I play demos to (a) find out how good the game is, and (b) find out how the game will play on my machine if I buy it. Beta demos are misleading in both respects, and invariably in ways which are only liable to hurt the developers by making me not buy the game. It's ridiculous.

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News Comments > etc.
10. City of Heroes - capes Aug 11, 2004, 01:36 Shadowcat
So the capes look kinda snazzy in the screenshots. It's a shame they aren't a little more... curvaceous. They just look a little bit too angular (but I realise that cloth simulations are somewhat processor intensive...)

It will be interesting to see them in motion!

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News Comments > Wings of War
11. HOTAS Aug 10, 2004, 19:45 Shadowcat
Its not really worth anymore to buy a expensive stick like the HOTAS for example (are there any similar sticks still anyway?
the HOTAS? Not sure which one you mean... there are a number of HOTAS products out there from different companies. The most expensive of recent times was Thrustmaster's Cougar, and the best value I think is Saitek's X45 which is sufficiently inexpensive to be well worth getting for any flight sim fan lacking such an arrangement. Saitek also have a new HOTAS in the works -- the X52 -- which looks extremely nice (and one-ups some of the notable mechanical deficiencies of the Cougar), but I don't know what the price will be yet.

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News Comments > Eidos and Ubisoft?
15. No subject Aug 9, 2004, 08:31 Shadowcat
Going back a bit further, both the "Little Big Adventure" games (aka Relentless and Twinsen's Odyssey; two of my favourite games of all time) were French. And wasn't Outcast a French game as well?

I feel the urge to point out that the French in general have always shown a flair for doing things differently. Sometimes the results are freakin' weird, sometimes they're freakin' brilliant (and not uncommonly, they're both at the same time). My point is that one of the biggest and oft-made complaints about PC games is that they're all the same... sequels and clones 'til the cows come home. People are always asking for more originality. I suggest looking to the French developers... they seem to have a lot of it.

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News Comments > MoH: Pacific Assault Delayed
9. Re: No subject Aug 7, 2004, 01:03 Shadowcat
> HIDDEN & DANGEROUS HAD THAT BACK IN FREAGIN 98' or whenever it was released.

Yeah, but H&D isn't a run-n-gun FPS. Tactical games always let you control your team.

What seems far more likely is that they looked at the previews for a certain other WW2 shooter in the works and thought "Gee, 'Brothers In Arms' has this cool one-button context-sensitive squad control thing. We're going to look a bit lame without something like that... let's delay a bit and add it in."

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News Comments > Bizz Buzz - Psychonauts Deal
3. Tim Schaffer Aug 5, 2004, 21:19 Shadowcat
I gather that Psychonauts is being headed up by Tim Schaffer (of Full Throttle and Grim Fandango fame). Sounds worth keeping an eye on!

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News Comments > Making of DOOM 3
12. No subject Aug 2, 2004, 22:41 Shadowcat
Although conventional wisdom has it that games like id's appeal to just a narrow, nerdy hard-core subculture
Uh, what conventional wisdom is that? id's games have always been "wildly popular". Sounds more like "conventional ignorance" to me.

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News Comments > Vivendi Gets Irrational
21. Re: No subject Aug 2, 2004, 20:09 Shadowcat
> He didnt correct me about the SS3 scrip thou :p

Yes, Ken has stated publically a number of times that he has a great design document for Shock 3 should the chance to make it arise. We can (and do) hope, but the existance of a design doc does not imply that the game will ever be made.

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News Comments > Vivendi Gets Irrational
20. Re: woot Aug 2, 2004, 20:05 Shadowcat
System Shock 2 = Awesome
Freedom Force= BLECH

Why would Vivendi waste their time with a publishing agreement? You'd think Blizzard would be enough to not have to go after small, one-hit-wonders.
Uh, Irrational is hardly a one-hit wonder. For starters several of their staff had their hands in a number of the great Looking Glass titles, and both Shock 2 and Freedom Force were successful. Shock 2 made a reasonable profit, but I rather suspect that Freedom Force was a much bigger commercial success.

Freedom Force was awesome -- if you like that sort of game. Which vast numbers of people did. I'm highly encouraged by the news that Irrational are self-publishing the sequel... the fan base is in place to make it a success for them, and it indicates that the company is already doing nicely. If FFvTR turns out better than the original (which is should do, especially given that the company can take their time with it), and Tribes Vengeance and SWAT 4 turn out well (remains to be seen, of course -- both games have decidedly large boots to fill), then Irrational will have made a very impressive name for themselves I think.
This comment was edited on Aug 2, 23:22.
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: Driv3r Aug 1, 2004, 21:38 Shadowcat
...and to indicate that the game's quality can have very little to do with anything, we have this quote:
``'Driver 3' would have had to be as good or better than 'Enter the Matrix' to regain investor confidence,'' said Jean-Michel Salvador, analyst at French investment bank Fideuram Wargny.

Although I've not played either game, I saw more than enough reviews of ETM to assure me that it was rubbish. Surely the chances of Driv3r being a worse game than ETM are incredibly slim.

And despite the vast amounts of money spent on marketing Driv3r, it sounds as if they thought it could compete with the marketing provided by the Matrix films, which is crazy (regardless of how bad the Matrix sequels were).

Like you said... why would a publisher bet everything on a single title?!? It makes no sense. Developers often have to do that, but I thought the whole point of being a publisher is that you have your eggs in many baskets.

This comment was edited on Aug 1, 21:40.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
124. Rosalind Franklin Jul 30, 2004, 21:48 Shadowcat
Thanks Ihya. I just finished reading an account of that in John Gribbin's "Science: A History", and was going to make mention of her if no one else had done so. She was clearly a remarkable scientist, and it seems exceptionally unfair that she was treated so badly by not only her competitors, but her supposed-colleague (and then died before the Nobel Prizes were awarded).

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News Comments > Mashed Demo
2. Re: No subject Jul 24, 2004, 05:42 Shadowcat
How so?

I've heard a lot of comments suggesting it's a well-tuned and highly addictive game, so I'm curious to hear the flip-side...

I think the graphics were said to be somewhat out of date, but I presume you're not making your judgement based on graphics?

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