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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
49. Red Baron 2 Aug 31, 2005, 21:30 Shadowcat
And with Red Baron 2 they damn near had to [...] RB2 was unplayable. The game was broken beyond belief.
Ah, fair comment. I had actually forgotten about the issues RB2 had on release. I read the reviews, but I didn't have a PC that would run the thing at the time. I bought RB2 later on once I'd upgraded my PC and immediately patched it to its 'RB3D' form, so I never experienced those bugs myself.

Still, it turned out well in the end. It's almost incredible that such an old sim still holds the attention of so many virtual pilots (although doubtless more because there really hasn't been a good WW1 sim since... sigh... Knights Over Europe was looking so good...)

I also bet the RB2 developers would have been stunned into silence if they saw screens of Full Canvas Jacket ( ) when they were making RB2, and were told that one day their sim would look that good! (speaking relatively of course, some of the community patches -- payware and freeware both -- perform minor miracles...)
This comment was edited on Aug 31, 21:33.
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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Revealed
40. Re: Swat 4 Aug 31, 2005, 19:36 Shadowcat
When Swat 3 was first released it was single player only. For ABSOLUTELY FREE they released a massive multi-player patch. For ABSOLUTELY FREE they released new weapons, skins, and maps for years after.
Yep, and it remains probably the most impressive game support I've ever seen. Just because something that great happened with ONE GAME hardly means that all publishers are bastards for not doing it every time.

Can you name some other games that were supported like this? The only one that springs to my mind as even vaguely similar is Red Baron 2 (also a Sierra release incidentally). RB2 had excellent Massive Multiplayer support added post-release, along with a free patch which turned it into "Red Baron 3D" (which was a Glide-enhanced update and re-release of the game).

As for T:V, I distinctly remember that the team were said to be working with one or two key members of the "Tribe's Community". Now you might argue that those members obviously weren't representative of the game, but I think it's probably fair to say that it would be bloody difficult to get a representative member of the Tribes community.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't, I suspect.

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News Comments > Sunday Screenshots
18. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2005, 06:05 Shadowcat
if you are constantly hearing some sounds that are full in frequency response, and then suddenly hearing sounds with half that frequency range, then full, then half, then full - its jarring and quite noticable..
on the note of mp3 audio, that's an interesting comment. I've observed that if you record a 'high quality' mp3 and then play back the original and the mp3 at the same time and switch your audio output between the two, the difference is also very noticeable (despite the mp3 sounding good on its own).

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News Comments > Sunday Screenshots
13. Re: No subject Aug 28, 2005, 21:18 Shadowcat
Disclaimer: I know nothing.

I realize that speech contains frequencies above 8kHz but I challenge the fact that they are vital. If they're so vital, why has the world has been satisfied by a lousy range of ~400-3500Hz for land-line and cellular communications for so long?
I would suggest that there's an extremely obvious reason for this: There's simply no need for genuinely high-quality voice reproduction over a phone line. All you need on the phone is to be able to clearly hear and understand the other person. Reproducing every little nuance of the waveforms is irrelevant, because phones are just about communicating messages.

Audio for games (and films, etc) is different, because the actual message is only part of the picture. The designers are trying to deliver a very particular soundscape, and the nuances DO matter.

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News Comments > Thursday Game Reviews
2. Space Rangers Aug 25, 2005, 20:31 Shadowcat
Has anyone here played this? I heard about it just yesterday, and a lot of people seem to be seriously hooked.

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News Comments > Darkstar One Announced
23. Re: Aug 25, 2005, 20:29 Shadowcat
IW:EoC is shit because there are no multiplayer gameers online.
Defeated by your unassailable wall of logic, I am forced to agree. Those damned gamers... turning an utterly amazing game into an undeniably shit one by their lack of online presence. Sigh... if only the real problem were you.

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News Comments > Vietcong 2 Multiplayer Demo Soon
10. Re: MAO! Aug 23, 2005, 20:06 Shadowcat
Hump: I'm gobsmacked. The jungle environments were completely awesome, and while I'm aware there are better looking games, the visuals in no way "sucked". Besides, I'd trade higher polycounts for the natural-looking way in which your squad picked their way through and over the fallen trees of the jungle floor any day of the week.

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News Comments > Vietcong 2 Multiplayer Demo Soon
7. No subject Aug 23, 2005, 19:30 Shadowcat
If you missed out on "Vietcong", you missed one of the best tactical shooters ever made for PC.

My advice would be to read the reviews for Vietcong 2, and to believe them if they say it's great, 'cause if they've improved on the original then it will be a must-have.

And as for the graphics, well I played the first Vietcong only a few months back, and the atmosphere was so incredible that I probably wouldn't have cared if the visual detail was cut in half again. So dopn't get hung up on polygons and buzz-words, because Pterodon know how to create the total gaming package IMHO.

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News Comments > Carmageddon Sequel Crashes
26. Re: Do we need another one? Aug 19, 2005, 20:12 Shadowcat
Carmageddon went down the tubes when they made the pedestrians into zombies to satisfy the whiners.
they didn't do it to "satisfy the whiners", they did it to satisfy the censor, and this was the case from the very first Carmageddon IIRC (so the series went down the tubes instantly according to you). There were always patches available to restore the original gore.

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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
1. AMD64 Simulator Aug 11, 2005, 08:33 Shadowcat
Anyone else automatically read that as "AH-64D Simulator"?

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News Comments > Midway Bags Ratbag
5. No subject Aug 5, 2005, 09:05 Shadowcat
I never heard about that. That really sucks. I think they hit the jackpot with Dirt Track Racing, though. I believe that was a *huge* seller in the U.S., and may well have made up for the lost revenue from Powerslide.

The frustrating thing was the way in which they neither made significant improvements on that formula, nor produced anything substantially different. DTR Sprint Cars I think was also very popular, Leadfoot was great but I believe the vehicle setup options were lacking or perhaps broken in some areas that frustrated their core audience, so that never took off. Proper sequels for DTR and Sprint Cars eventually emerged, but were not sufficiently big improvements on the originals, and there were a couple of other games like Dukes of Hazard and another one which slips my mind that were basically just leveraging the same engine over again.

It's also a shame to see an Aussie company (or at least its identifiable name) get swallowed up by a big US company like this.

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News Comments > Far Cry Patch Plans
7. Re: Well Aug 4, 2005, 17:09 Shadowcat
despite it being long past the point where it's making them any more money.
Nonsense. There's definitely life left in the game. Well-regarded games can have a very nice extended sales period as budget releases after the initial sales. I've not bought it yet, but I liked the demo so I intend to do so when I next upgrade my computer, and I'm quite sure I'm not alone. In any case, continued support not only keeps the game in the public eye, but more importantly suggests that Crytech are the sort of company who will give their games this kind of long-term support, and that one can likely buy their products in some confidence that any issues will be resolved. Very good P.R.

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News Comments > Midway Bags Ratbag
2. Powerslide Slipstream Aug 4, 2005, 16:55 Shadowcat
Slipstream slipped off the radar, unfortunately. I think they may have used the phrase "indefinitely postponed" rather than cancelled.

So with that in mind, a message to the wallets at Midway: WE WANT A POWERSLIDE SEQUEL FROM RATBAG!!!!!!!

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News Comments > The Late Show
7. Re: No subject Aug 2, 2005, 08:49 Shadowcat
Well I already mentioned one of them for you, and I can spot a few other turkeys in this list...

Their output in recent years has been pretty decent, though. Heck, I'm something of a fan myself thanks to Shogo, NOLF, and TRON 2.0; but it's a bit laughable to suggest there's only one dud game in their history.

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News Comments > The Late Show
4. Re: No subject Aug 2, 2005, 03:21 Shadowcat
> but Monolith does know how to make scarey games

Which scary Monolith games are you basing that statement on?

AvP2 was less scary than Rebellion's original game, and the only other Monolith titles I can think of which might apply are the Blood series, which were intended to be more funny than frightening I think (and Blood 2 was a disaster in any case).

I don't doubt there's some notable talent at the company, but I can't figure out any sensible basis for what you've said.

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News Comments > Tuesday Game Reviews
1. Worms 4 'review' Jul 26, 2005, 22:38 Shadowcat
Don't bother reading it. The reviewer tries to claim that the major technical achievement of the past two games (i.e. retaining the series' fully destructable scenery in 3D) isn't even there. I'm consequently dubious as to whether he actually played the game.

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News Comments > Vietcong Rising Sun
4. Vietcong is brilliant Jul 25, 2005, 21:40 Shadowcat
I just played it recently, and it's a simply awesome game. I had a few complaints (the first tunnel rat sequences overstayed their welcome by some margin, and I really did come to hate two of the other missions), BUT all things considered it's the best shooter I've played in years. The atmosphere is just incredible, the tactical play and use of cover is superb, and it's a simply excellent game.

Very highly recommended, even more so if you enjoy co-op, and with the recent free expansions ("Red Dawn" from Pterodon, and "Strike Force" and now "Rising Sun" from mod teams), the game has enough great content to keep you and your friends busy for a long time.

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News Comments > Privateer Gemini Gold
4. Re: Da da da daaa dada daaaa Jul 24, 2005, 07:26 Shadowcat
Well I hope your aim is better than the A Team's... never before in the history of television have so many rounds of ammunition been expended for so few (no?) injuries (albeit with a great many explosions accompanied by trampolining bad guys to disguise this fact). You'll certainly never keep those space pirates off your back if you can't shoot straight. OTOH I'm guessing that you'll acquire significant skills in building an armoured car^H^H^Hspace-ship every week.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
25. Re: The R.I.P. blurb Jul 22, 2005, 20:22 Shadowcat
Yeah, I read that headline at least five times trying (and failing) to make any sense out of it, before realising that it wasn't about Doctor Who!

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
2. Re: Heavy Duty Jul 22, 2005, 00:39 Shadowcat
Oh man... now I have to be seriously interested in this title. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for someone to implement the following:
And the other thing that is definitely worth mentioning here is our really, really advanced kinematics. There is not a single frame of animation made for the robot's legs; everything is real-time code that determines where to put them and how to position them. In fact, it's almost impossible to imagine how nice this feels before you take control yourself. Let me just tell you that feet are always positioned correctly; there is no sliding, no getting into solid objects, perfect control and balance. Check our E3 gameplay video and imagine controlling a machine that feels alive.
I guess a robot is the sensible first step for such tech -- you can't say it dooen't look natural when it's artificial to begin with -- but a successful first step will lead to subsequent more advanced steps. Good enough for me. Go Primal!!!

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