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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
19. Re: Errrmmmm hello? Oct 21, 2005, 09:14 Shadowcat
Quite a few people have "stepped up", but there are exceptionally few people with commit access to the code.
Ah, thanks for the correction.
Thing is, Asa and other devs seem to have a stick up their ass over this issue
I guess that's the disappointing bit, then. I think I know what they're thinking, but given that they also appear to be trying to get as many people to switch to Firefox as possible (or at least the firefox web sites love to proudly tell us how many downloads they've served up), I would say that if you're aiming at the masses, you also have to cater to them, which I'm pretty sure means avoiding any possibility of wiping out their files with your software.

Here's hoping they come around before someone without a decent backup scheme loses their files...

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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
16. Re: Errrmmmm hello? Oct 20, 2005, 18:37 Shadowcat
This one's been around for ages, and the attitude of the developers is poor. No programmer enjoys putting time into fixing problems that 'sensible' people will never encounter when they could be spending the time working on more interesting things, but that's undeniably bad behaviour no matter how unlikely. If you're going to delete an entire directory, you should ensure that nothing else besides your own files will be in that directory.

In this instance it sounds like there's a really easy (if mildly inelegant) solution: if the user elects to choose their own profile location, just nest it under another directory. (And in any case, DON'T default to "My Documents" as the location. Sheesh. At least start out by suggesting "My Documents\My Profile" to prompt users to only edit the latter part of the name).

The fact that no one has even stepped up to improve the warnings is disappointing. This story will probably generate significant bad publicity for them that could probably have been avoided just by writing the better warning messages that I gather had long-since been requested.

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News Comments > Digital Jesters on the Brink?
17. No subject Oct 20, 2005, 18:16 Shadowcat
This is a shame. Any publisher who picks up both "Trackmania" and "Freedom Force" probably deserves to stick around, I feel. "Wild Earth" looks pretty interesting, too.

I wonder if this affects "Trackmania Original" and "Trackmania Sunrise Extreme"? They're both to be free downloads for existing owners of the relevant games, but they're also supposed to be on shelves at the same time as retail products for people who haven't tried TM yet.

And regardless of whether "Bet on Soldier" is a particularly good title (haven't tried it myself), you have to feel bad for the developers when their publisher shuts down just as they finish their game... that basically sucks.

Good luck to all involved.

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News Comments > Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Announced
5. Re: Like EE 1... Never game EE 2 a chan Oct 20, 2005, 17:47 Shadowcat
I haven't played either (well, just the EE2 demo briefly), but the reviews I looked at were generally positive and thought it was a good improvement over Empire Earth (if a sometimes more complex game for it) with less micro-management due to some nice interface additions.

And hell, if you think those are "crappy" graphics (they look damned nice to me), I can only wonder at what it takes to impress you. Jesus.

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News Comments > The Early Show
7. No subject Oct 19, 2005, 08:28 Shadowcat
Good grief. The cuts are so fast you can't see a damned thing in that Q4 trailer. I guess that's the problem when you're putting together a trailer that will cost you by the second (I'm presuming) when it plays in movies theatres. My mistake for downloading it.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - F.E.A.R.
56. Re: Canadian Buyers Oct 18, 2005, 02:19 Shadowcat
Requeim... never heard of it...
So let me restate the bullet time comment:
This is the first time that a good FPS has bullet time in it.
Sorry, but Requiem was a really excellent FPS. It had a terribly buggy demo that put me off ever buying it until years later when it was super cheap, but the full game was great.

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News Comments > Gold - X3: Reunion
52. Re: X3 Oct 18, 2005, 02:09 Shadowcat
Anybody know if Newton has taken a backseat on this version as well? X2 would have been so much better IMO if you had to take into account the basic laws of motion.
If you haven't already bought "Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos" please remedy that immediately (and if you want free-form trading for it then the huge new "Epic Middle States" mod is a must-have).

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News Comments > UFO: Aftershock Demo
34. Re: Sweet Oct 15, 2005, 08:01 Shadowcat
Oh damn no kidding! Is there anyway to run it in a window?
If you're talking about UFO: Enemy Unknown, then sure: DOSBox.

This comment was edited on Oct 15, 08:03.
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News Comments > Gold - Return to Infinite Space
53. Re: Weird Worlds Oct 14, 2005, 21:43 Shadowcat
Hey, Oolite has PC and Linux ports at last!! Awesome.

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News Comments > Gold - Return to Infinite Space
51. Re: Frontier Oct 14, 2005, 10:06 Shadowcat
While [Infinity] looks impressive [...] in this case that seems to be the entire FOCUS of their development, at least so far. So it boils back down to what I said, a dev has to choose what they do.
Naturally, and I most certainly wasn't knocking anything else for not doing this stuff. I simply wanted to point it out to those who were talking about the very kinds of features he's implementing in such wistful tones...

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News Comments > Until I'm Gone Revealed
10. Re: No subject Oct 14, 2005, 08:14 Shadowcat
Lucky for some

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News Comments > Gold - Return to Infinite Space
46. Re: New features? Oct 14, 2005, 01:26 Shadowcat
Does anyone know what the difference is between this and the first one? It's really not clear from the product page.
Yeah, they've kept pretty quiet on exactly what's new, mostly so that you can discover it for yourself, I believe.

Iikka had this to say on the Shrapnel Games forum:
It's a sequel, as in it starts right where SAIS left off; at Glory system in 4590. It's the same universe so the races are the same and everything that was in SAIS also exists in Weird Worlds. But there are all kinds of additions and you can choose from three different map sizes (1-3x the size of the map in SAIS) and so forth.

That last point should give you a lot of control over the length of the game. Select the small map for a quick game, and increase it for a longer, more involved experience.

Basically, when compared to SAIS, I think you can expect the same but much much more so, and with a serious update to the presentation. You can also look forward to some excellent mods, I believe. There's a scriptable quest system built into the game for mod-makers to use, and I would expect that the standard game makes ample usse of it as well, so there should be many more connected sequences of events than there were in the first game.

They've spent a lot of time polishing this one. IIRC, the original estimated date for completion was close to a year ago, so it's most definitely not a case of pushing it out the door early. Even at this point they still delayed about a month to make it perfect. I'm anticipating a very professional and bug-free game here. If you liked SAIS I'd be surprised if you didn't love this. If you didn't play SAIS, well you're in for a treat.

I think there will probably be a demo (seeing as how there was for SAIS), but I don't think they've said anything official about that yet.

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News Comments > Gold - Return to Infinite Space
41. Weird Worlds, I-War 2 , and planets Oct 13, 2005, 21:07 Shadowcat
Weird Worlds:

I pre-ordered this some months ago, the moment I heard I was able to do so. Strange Adventures in Infinite Space was "staggeringly brilliant", and for a mere handful of dollars sucked away more hours of my life than most full-priced games. The new game looks gorgeous by comparison, and will offer more options, much more Stuff, and much Much more in terms of modding: SAIS was given some simple mod support post-release which produced some really nice efforts, but WW has had this in mind from day one. I can't wait.

Oh, and I didn't interpret the comments as bashing WW/SAIS for not being I-War or TIE Fighter... I just thought it was that a new space game of any kind made people nostalgic for those titles?

I-War 2:

I-War 2 is still an awesome game (and still incredibly beautiful, for that matter), and there's plenty of life left in her yet. Although it's just the first formal release with some known bugs, and is intended as a platform for future releases with bug-fixes and added features, you guys should definitely check out Epic Middle States. See the release announcement here:

Procedurally-generated 'landable' planets:

...and a procedurally-generated universe in general. Billions of planets, literally.

Take a look at the development journals for "Infinity: The Quest for Earth". It's a long ways off, and it's going to be a MMO first and foremost, but the guy really seems to know what he's doing.

Experimental planet terrain has been a recent focus, and he's using pixel shaders to generate the terrain textures entirely from the video card!

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News Comments > TrackMania Original Demo
1. Trackmania is pure fun Oct 13, 2005, 08:47 Shadowcat

Trackmania Sunrise was my introduction to the series, and some of the most fun I've had on my PC. Great to see the original game getting the upgrade treatment!

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News Comments > Help Wanted
3. Re: wtf kind of ad is that? Oct 12, 2005, 19:21 Shadowcat
man that sounds pretty deragotory to me.
then you're misinterpreting it.

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News Comments > Until I'm Gone Revealed
8. No subject Oct 11, 2005, 16:29 Shadowcat
So they're going for atmosphere and immersion. Excellent. Good luck to them. I hope they'll hire a skilled translator to work on the final in-game text, though

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News Comments > Activision Countersues Spark
2. Re: Well... Oct 7, 2005, 01:49 Shadowcat
If Spark's telling the truth, and I were in their place still waiting to be paid, I sure as hell wouldn't be returning their property either

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News Comments > Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory Patch
2. Re: No subject Oct 5, 2005, 08:59 Shadowcat
So you bought Rowan's Battle of Britain(*), hated it, and then bought the new remake without so much as reading a review (any of which would have pointed out that it is largely a graphical update to the original game, and that in most respects it plays the same way as its predecessor).

Somehow I find that hard to believe (and as such, your opinion on the matter seems more or less worthless).

(*) Whilst definitely flawed, Rowan's BoB was actually quite a stunning creation.

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News Comments > New Vietcong 2 Demo
13. Re: No subject Oct 2, 2005, 00:12 Shadowcat
Hump: No, that wasn't me. A good many years after first selecting this name I became aware that it was also the name both of a Battlemech (doubtless the source for the person you knew) and an X-Men superhero. I rather suspect that the source I took it from had been inspired by one of those two, but I was entirely ignorant of them until relatively recently.

I do actually own MW3, but I've really only watched the intro movie... it's sitting there in my pile of games I need to play sometime (and will probably do so for some time longer, as I think I'll be playing Heavy Gear 2 before MW3). I completed MW2 a couple of times, OTOH.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Firefly Sep 30, 2005, 19:58 Shadowcat
Blue, I would honestly recommend just buying the DVD boxset of the show and having a marathon viewing session or three. The show is superb, the box set doesn't cost much, and there aren't so many episodes that you won't be able to get through it quickly.

This comment was edited on Sep 30, 19:59.
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