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News Comments > Good Old Games Q&As
3. Re: So HOUD but not free? Jul 11, 2008, 11:16 Shadowcat
"rightfully be abandonware"?! You actually WANT good games to be abandoned by their publishers? That is truly retarded.

And as you mentioned HOTU, allow me to quote them on the subject of games which are still available for purchase:
We strongly encourage you to buy them-- their developers need all the income they can get to make future classics for our benefit

But as the passage of a few years apparently gives you some kind of unassailable moral right to download these games for free, please don't pay attention to any of that. I'd hate for you to have to question your ethics or something.

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News Comments > Good Old Games Coming (Back)
30. Dark Engine Jul 11, 2008, 09:40 Shadowcat
Shock 2 and Thief 1/Gold/2 are (for most people) running very nicely on recent hardware thanks to the sterling efforts behind ddfix and the widescreen mod. TTLG's servers had a hardware failure and won't be back up until after the weekend, but Google has the relevant thread cached:

I can't help but think that support could turn out to be a problem for GOG, given that they are intending for all games to work under XP and Vista. I think it's most unlikely that they'll have the resources to subject each game to the kind of testing that a game would undergo before its original release, and there may well be issues running them on the newer operating systems that don't rear their heads immediately. Hopefully they don't get bogged down dealing with such things.

I'd also say that it's time for some people who try to justify piracy to put their money where their mouth is. Cheap prices, no DRM, absolutely no excuse not to buy.

And while I hate to sound overly-dramatic over just an announcement, it occurs to me that this site is something most of us have only ever dreamed would happen. In today's market, the idea of anyone releasing classic games, DRM-free, that 'just work' on your modern PC is just extraordinary. If this project was to fail due to people not even being willing to fork out $6-10 for a classic game, who knows if we would ever get another opportunity like it?

Someone is actually doing this. I'd say it's time to jump on board with both feet, and make sure it's here to stay That goes even if the service turns out to be a bit lacking to begin with. Hopefully it will be fine, but in any case it's bound to improve with time -- just so long as the company is still around to improve it.

This comment was edited on Jul 11, 09:48.
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News Comments > Good Old Games Coming (Back)
4. No subject Jul 10, 2008, 17:47 Shadowcat
I hope this pans out for everyone. Good support from publishers, good service from GOG, and loads of customers. All of which are pretty much crucial.

If all that happens, this could be a really important site.

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News Comments > Warcraft III Patches
40. Re: No subject Jul 1, 2008, 18:18 Shadowcat
look at how Blizzard treats their fan base and take notes.
Would that be a note to create the most profitable computer game in history, thus enabling you to support your older games without your bank balance even noticing?

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News Comments > The Political Machine Return Policy
18. Re: WOW Impressive! Jul 1, 2008, 18:12 Shadowcat
Actually Sierra/Vivendi used to do this on most if not all of its titles with the first 30 days of purchase AND provide a return shipping refund. [...] Microsoft also had a 30-day money back guarantee on at least some of its PC games. Links 2001 was one. Today though I can't think of any publishers which do that off the top of my head.
Possibly because most games nowadays can be finished over a weekend or two?

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News Comments > Wii-style PC Controllers
2. Re: No subject Jun 26, 2008, 02:37 Shadowcat
it's not clear if this is intended as an exclusive for Eee PCs
I do hope so, because what one really wants to do when dealing with a teeny tiny little screen is get up and stand several feet away from it in order that you have room to wave your hands at it.

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News Comments > BioShock Postmortem
6. Re: Mistake..? Jun 24, 2008, 01:43 Shadowcat
$20 says no one would have bought it again.
I'm convinced that if SS2 (a) had slightly better graphics (the infamous polygon budget discrepancy was a real shame regarding the character models), but more importantly (b) had a truly monumental marketing campaign (such as Bioshock enjoyed) then it would have sold like hot cakes.

SS2 did not having anything like that level of marketing and media coverage behind it.

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News Comments > In-Game Ad Survey
17. Re: ENOUGH of this bullshit Jun 17, 2008, 13:47 Shadowcat
Glad to see lots of sane voices in this thread.

PropheT, sorry to pick on the single instance where you tolerate them, but:
driving games where the billboards along the road have real products for example. They're not really selling you anything as much as just making the game world seem more realistic though
"They're not really selling you anything" is ludicrous! of course they're selling you something. It's a god-damned advertisement. That is its one and only purpose.

There are plenty of other things they could do that no sane person wants that would make the game world seem more realistic. Like making you lose the rally because you had to stop to fix a random flat tyre. Or making you live through the driver's entire pre-race day in real-time.

I'm sure everyone can think of many other unpleasant aspects of day-to-day reality that we don't want cropping up in games (even when they're simulations).

Allowing this crap will never EVER lead to anything good. The interests of the advertisers and the interests of the gamer DO NOT COINCIDE. It's as simple as that.

As to the staff at Neilson: Please please please kill yourselves as soon as possible. I hear that 82 percent of people who bathed with wild crocodiles had absolutely nothing bad to say about the experience afterwards, and many of the participants found the experience highly satisfying.

This comment was edited on Jun 17, 13:48.
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News Comments > Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Demo Plans
1. No subject Jun 7, 2008, 23:19 Shadowcat
Good to hear, and personally I wish that ALL developers would wait until the product is on the shelves before putting together their demos. If the demo isn't based on final code, it's not really a demo.

Which isn't to say that there's no value in having something out there prior to the release for testing purposes -- just (a) be VERY VERY clear that it's not the demo, and it's not representative, and (b) make sure you do a real demo after the game comes out.

Or if you insist on having a demo out before the game reaches retail, make sure you update the demo post-release.

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
3. Re: Precursors May 28, 2008, 05:53 Shadowcat
It's a concern, but the old trailer that they released for it certainly got you pumped up about the possibilities. I'll be checking the reviews for sure, and keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. No subject May 17, 2008, 21:11 Shadowcat
In general, I think graffiti warrants imprisonment, because nothing else seems to stop those fuckers from vandalising people's property with their insipid ugly crap. That said, Muto is absolutely INCREDIBLE. And given that most of the surfaces were covered in other rubbish, the vast expanses of white left behind are actually something of an improvement, I think

This comment was edited on May 17, 21:15.
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News Comments > Beyond Good & Evil 2 Rumor
13. No subject May 17, 2008, 01:54 Shadowcat
Here's hoping it's all true. BG&E was (despite some flaws) one of the most polished, playable, and outright enjoyable games I've played in all my many years of gaming.

The graphics, audio, and gameplay are all superb, and I loved every minute of it.

Very definitely deserving of a sequel. Fingers crossed, all over again!

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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Patch
11. No subject May 13, 2008, 18:03 Shadowcat
Overon: I think they removed it in a previous patch because it was messing up on nVidia systems. Now this patch adds it back in, presumably in a form that is more stable across different video cards.

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News Comments > Free Digital Eel Games
3. No subject Apr 23, 2008, 18:01 Shadowcat
Digital Eel rock. Plasmaworm is trippy, but very simple, and lacks the graphical polish of their subsequent games. DBO is still a simple game, but swisher (not to mention squishier and squelchier), and one of the most entertaining uses of Conway's game of Life that I've seen. BBoB I've not played yet, but IIRC it has several different gameplay modes with plenty of variety, so it should hold the attention for a while. Pretty sweet deal for the price!

"Weird Worlds" is their best game, and very highly recommended if exploring the galaxy in about 15-30 minutes strikes your fancy The random factor has caused me to spend more time playing WW (and its predecessor) than a great many full-priced big-name productions.

(and if you're into board games, they're currently working on a fast-paced table-top game based on Weird Worlds called "Eat Electric Death")

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News Comments > Steam TrackMania Releases
26. Re: No subject Apr 18, 2008, 23:24 Shadowcat
that is the most confusing thing ever dog, how many different versions of this shit are there? three mentioned in that news piece? And I still don't know what the fuck is going on.
Fair point, although far from unique in today's gaming market -- my best guess is that publishers and/or developers seem to want to avoid potential customers who have not played the previous game(s) in the series from discounting the new game as a potential purchase on that basis, and so they ditch the numbers to make every game seem like a stand-alone product. This is even happening with games that did have numbers in the past -- "Thief: TDP", "Thief 2: TMA", "Thief: DS". The "Battlefield" series is another prime example for confusion -- you wouldn't have the foggiest what was going on there if you hadn't followed it from the start.

Anyway, IIRC the Trackmania series is as follows:

Trackmania (TM)
TrackMania Power Up! (TMPU; retail expansion for TM)
Trackmania Sunrise (TMS; a sequel with a new graphics engine)
Trackmania Sunrise Extreme (TMSE; also a FREE upgrade from TMS)
Trackmania Original (TMO; also a FREE upgrade from TM, uses TMS engine)
Trackmania Nations (TMN; FREE release based around new Stadium environment)
Trackmania United (TMU; combines TMO, TMS, and TMN, plus more)
Trackmania Nations Forever (TMNF; FREE brand new version of TMN)
Trackmania United Forever (TMUF; combines TMU and TMNF. Also a FREE upgrade from TMU)

All in all, that's a staggering number of free professional add-ons for the existing owners (I was particularly blown away by the TM -> TMO patch). I don't know what is up with the Steam pricing, but if you pirate from these guys you are absolutely retarded. If the price bothers you, just wait for it to come down again. The community is not going anywhere in the meantime, so there's no rush.

And just to reiterate for those who are confused, the evil Starforce drivers have been absent from TM games since the release of TMU. They still (initially, at least) used software from Starforce for encrypting the executable in TMU, but that software is NOT the Starforce software that so many people have had problems with.

I believe that the original TMN also did not install Starforce drivers IF your system was free of them, although it did update them on your system if you already had them installed from another game.

Now, it would appear that Nadeo are no longer using ANY Starforce software at all in their TM games from this point (TMUF and TMNF) forward (which is probably a good move, given all the confusion and bad publicity surrounding the Starforce company).

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News Comments > TrackMania United/Forever Patch
4. No subject Apr 15, 2008, 12:35 Shadowcat
Don't worry -- Trackmania and its sequels are among the best-supported games I've ever seen -- to a frankly astonishing degree, in fact. The statistical probability of the Steam version of TMU not receiving this update is about zero, in my estimation.

This comment was edited on Apr 15, 12:37.
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News Comments > Demigod on Impulse
20. No subject Apr 7, 2008, 17:54 Shadowcat
Is anyone else sad that the game title turns out not to be Demigod on an Impulse?

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News Comments > Galactic Command: KnightBlade Announced
13. Re: No subject Mar 18, 2008, 15:11 Shadowcat
he is no more a veteran than any of the rest of us.
Speaking generally, "the rest of us" aren't game developers, so what the hell are you on about?

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News Comments > New EA Prez
20. No subject Mar 17, 2008, 23:41 Shadowcat
Hmm... I heard that EA had been making some uncharacteristically good moves recently (from a gamer's perspective). Maybe the powers that be thought they'd better put a stop to that.

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News Comments > BioShock 2 Confirmed
37. Re: No subject Mar 13, 2008, 00:28 Shadowcat
You folks do realize that the ability was added to the game options to disable the Vita Chambers right?
Yep. I'd played the game by then. I'll quite likely play through again with Vita chambers disabled, but that's still not ideal. The thing that irks me is that Bioshock is in so many ways a clone of Irrational's own System Shock 2, which had a GOOD implementation of this feature. If you're going to clone something, you should at least keep all the good features intact.

In SS2 (and SS1 of course) the resurrection machines were there, but you had to find them and activate them on each level -- this resulted in an excellent gameplay cycle between cautiously exploring a new level knowing that you have no safety net, and being a bit more gung-ho once you'd found it and activated it. Also, you had to heal yourself after resurrection, so dying still cost you something.

Bioshock's model means you are never in any danger. Ever. The sole downside to death is needing to make your way back to where you were. There is no sense of tension in the game, because it quite literally does not matter if you die. By comparison with the SS model, it plain sucks.

Really though Vita Chambers are no different that Auto-Saves
Nonsense. Not unless you mean an autosave that saves your progress up to the very moment you died, and then reloads at a safe location with a big health boost. Is that the sort of autosave you meant?

In Bioshock you don't lose any progress. If the Vitachambers had any resemblance to a save-game feature, facing a Big Daddy with only (say) standard pistol ammo would be madness. You'd never survive. In Bioshock you can do stupid things like that, because every hit you score remains in effect while you continually resurrect, until eventually the opponent goes down.

The closest this comes to being like a save feature is if you were hitting the quick-save key after every shot you fired.

It annoys me because it was a monumentally stupid design decision (design change, really) in a mostly superb game. If they'd kept the older system, the added sense of danger, tension, and achievement would have improved the long-term game experience two-fold or more. That is why I say that it hamstrung the gameplay.

This comment was edited on Mar 13, 06:37.
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