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News Comments > Ships Ahoy-Op Flashpoint: Resistance
8. Re: No subject Jul 12, 2002, 12:43 KaRRiLLioN
I play it at 1600x1200x32 with a 100hz refresh rate, nd viewdistance at 2000 on my Athlon XP 1800+. I do have 1.5GB DDR ram and my page file is turned off in Windows XP pro. It runs very smoothly and I haven't had any slowdowns at all. I didn't, however turn LOD up to max I don't think. The only problem with that is you really do need binocs or a sniper scope to effectively see targets that are 1500+ meters out.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy-Op Flashpoint: Resistance
4. Re: No subject Jul 11, 2002, 20:59 KaRRiLLioN
I got the expansion a couple of weeks ago and it is excellent. I've already finished the new campaign. My primary complaint is that I wish it were longer, even though it was fairly long as is. I just really enjoy those SP missions.

The new graphics are really nice and the multiplayer code is much improved, even though I rarely had issues with the current 1.49 netcode.

I understand about the clipping in buildings. It's only happened to me a couple of times though, mainly after they'd been blown up. I've never just fallen through a ceiling though. Strange.

Anyway, this is my all time fave game now. I just wish I could get my hands on VBS1. That looks really awesome.

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News Comments > Consolidation
8. Re: remedy...maybe...maybe not...but? Jul 11, 2002, 16:42 KaRRiLLioN
It just doesn't seem like a port would be that hard since it already is running on x86 hardware with a stripped down version of windows. The primary difficulty would be in the support for diff vid cards and such that ppl have.

And #4, is it really worth getting upset over whether he can determine if it's Danish or Swedish? I don't think that "Language Expert" is part of Blue's job description. We don't pay him enough for that. =)

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News Comments > Consolidation
1. No subject Jul 11, 2002, 09:37 KaRRiLLioN
LOL, like a cat circling a bowl of hot oatmeal....I like that analogy.

Damn, when is the PC version coming out?!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Door replacement Jul 10, 2002, 13:24 KaRRiLLioN
My house was built in 1947 so both entry doors had the old Mortis style lock and they both used skeleton keys. This isn't a very secure thing to have anymore, as you might guess. I bought a prehung door from Home Depot and completely took out the old door frame. Well I got it in there ok, but then found out the thickness of the walls was thicker than the frame. Then I had to take some 1x2's and a nail gun and attached them to the inside of the frame so the frame's thickness would match the wall. Then I took some white caulk and filled in the small cracks where the 1x2 intersected the frame. I then smoothed this over and painted the frame again. Now it looks just like new! BTW I recommend either a heavy solid wood door or a metal door. I used a metal door for the back door, but I'll be using a hardwood door for the front.

Right now I'm enlarging the single bathroom in the house while my wife is visiting family in Russia for a couple of months. So far I've torn out most of the plaster and I also replaced a load-bearing wall with a large 4x6 beam that I located in the attic so it wouldn't be visible from below. I'll probably start running the plumbing today so that when I tear out the old bathtub I won't have to go too long without a bath. =) It isn't good just having one bathroom in the house.

Already I've refinished all of the hardwood floors, repainted all the walls and patched up the plaster, and I also gutted the kitchen and completely redid it. We didn't have a dishwasher or much of anything in there at first, so it's really nice to have the modern amenities. =)

I really can't recommend any one book for help. I typically find that one book is good at explaining some things, while another book is better at others. I recommend you spend some time looking up specific items in several books in Home Depot just to see which one you like better. I've already bought 10 books so far. Really I don't use them much unless it's something that has me totally stumped.

Speaking of which, I think I just about wrote a book here now.

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News Comments > The Massive Number of MMORPGS
6. Re: WoW and RO will rule! Jul 9, 2002, 22:46 KaRRiLLioN
I'm really looking forward to the Garbage Pail Kids MMORPG. Right now though I'm too busy playing the Real Life MMORPG. It's pretty cool, you wake up early in the morning, shower, dress, eat, and then get in your car and drive to work. Hell, it's just like real life! This is what i've always wanted in a game.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: Op Flashpoint: Resistance
20. Re: Not Much.. Jun 29, 2002, 13:18 KaRRiLLioN
Oxygen and the Map editor have been release for a while now, primarily to those making mods since they're probably the ones who would need the least tech support.

Aside from that, the scripting is so flexible that you don't really need anything except for Notepad and the mission editor that shipped with the game. I've already made an RTS out of opflash without any unofficial addons, and ppl could make just about anything they wanted. The scripting is that flexible.

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News Comments > Ghost Recon: Game of the Year Edition
17. Re: Re to #9 Jun 29, 2002, 13:14 KaRRiLLioN
I'd definitely have to agree about Operation Flashpoint. I've been playing it since the Euro release and I still can't put it down. The game offers such a free-flowing environment that the possibilities are limitless.

Opflash: Resistance looks to really add a lot more. I just hope that with Opflash 2 they can make terrain with true 3D like tunnels, caves, etc. I'd also like to see buildings handled a lot better because that's probably the weakest part of the game.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy: Op Flashpoint: Resistance
5. Re: ...but still no fix... Jun 28, 2002, 10:57 KaRRiLLioN
Yep there's an easy way around the savegame limitations. All you have to do is Alt-tab out, go to the users directory, and find the latest save. Then you can rename the save and when you go back into the game, continue the game, then hit ESC and you can save again.

I like the limited saves in some way, but it can be frustrating if you just spent the last half-hour creeping up to an enemy base only to die without a save.

I can't wait to get this. I've been playing Opflash solidly since the europe release and I still love it.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: about that breaker Jun 24, 2002, 11:56 KaRRiLLioN
It's not too hard, just go to a hardware store and purchase the appropriate type. Square D is a good brandname, but there are 2 different types, so you'll need to bring an older breaker in possibly because the connectors can be different.

Most new breakers just snap into the electrical panel but make sure to TURN OFF THE MAIN POWER. =)

On 2nd though, I'd like to continue reading BluesNews for quite a long get an electrician.

This comment was edited on Jun 24, 11:56.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Broken HTML.. Jun 20, 2002, 11:59 KaRRiLLioN
<!-- all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Now I'm afraid...

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News Comments > etc.
12. Re: Business Breakdown Jun 19, 2002, 16:26 KaRRiLLioN
That depends on the game and the marketer mostly though. If it's a hotly anticipated game, then the publisher can negotiate better deals since a retail store wouldn't want to get left out of being able to carry a title.

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News Comments > MGS 2: Substance Movie
14. Re: PC Release? May 28, 2002, 09:51 KaRRiLLioN
I thought that MGS 2 had more in-game movies than actual gameplay. The game has some cool stuff to it that I'd like to see in some FPS's, especially the hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately the actual game itself had very little actual gaming to it, and more cutscenes than anything else.

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News Comments > OpFlashpoint: Resistance Movie
5. Re: hmmmm May 14, 2002, 22:25 KaRRiLLioN
Well, I actually think they would implement JIP if it were possible with the current code, but the way the game is initialized and all scripting is done, including the destructable trees and other object, the netcode just wasn't made to handle sending that info to a new player during a game.

Another reason was that they made it using DirectPlay. Supposedly the new netcode isn't based on that anymore, but they'd still need a complete rewrite of code to do a JIP.

Anyway, once you get a couple of fave servers, then it's no probs getting into games.

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News Comments > MGS Substance Revealed?
1. No subject May 9, 2002, 14:32 KaRRiLLioN
The actually announcement of what this is all about is expected at this year's E3.

Actually should be actual?

This comment was edited on May 9, 14:33.
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News Comments > Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Gold
20. Re: --- May 9, 2002, 00:40 KaRRiLLioN
I just cannot conceive this huge development cycle for Duke 4ever. Look at how Raven pumps out good games within a reasonable time using liscenced technology. Look at Jedi Knight that just came out. It's a decently long fun game with a lot of detail. 3dRealms could've released 3 duke games if they had the likes of Raven working for them.

Maybe that's the answer...perhaps they should let go of Duke4 and let Raven handle it for them.

I'll most likely get the game when it comes out, but I pray it isn't a Daikatana all over again. Heh I remember when Prey was first being worked on and they said they were building it for hardware that wouldn't be available until 1998. Welp, we got the hardware, so bring on the games!!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: Spidey May 6, 2002, 10:49 KaRRiLLioN
I was very impressed with the movie. It's one of the best movies of its type that I've ever seen I think.

I love it when he swings through the city shouting "WOOHOO!" I think I'd do the same thing if I could do that. =)

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News Comments > Shiny Sale
7. Re: Shiny made one of the best games ever. Apr 16, 2002, 13:43 KaRRiLLioN
That's unfortunate. That game was one of my all-time favorites.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
73. Re: Telemarketers WAS: Shack's Popularity Apr 13, 2002, 12:35 KaRRiLLioN
After reading this thread through...I'm wondering how it went from Traficant, to BluesNews vs. Shack, and now suddenly to getting rid of telemarketers?!

Umm, anyway, during the outage here at Blues, I tried the Shack, and I ended up getting more work done during that time after realizing that there was no substitute for the REAL THANG.

Gotta have my PoPs!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
68. Re: Talk of God Mar 26, 2002, 10:41 KaRRiLLioN
I'm a Christian, but I'll admit I have doubts. I get depressed thinking about if there really were no God. I mean it really sucks to have such a short life span. Think of all of the cool stuff that'll be out in about 1000 years, and we'll all be dead. If there's an afterlife, then I'll be really glad. Otherwise, just drifting into oblivion would SUCK!

I don't want the world to go on without me! I'm enjoying the ride too much and I don't want to get off! Growing old sucks so badly, damn, just pisses me off.

Anyway, I pray and hope for salvation, but the Doubting Thomas side of me delves too often on death. If we're truly evolved beings, then I suppose that means that we're truly unique and that we can never ever exist again because the molecules will never again form in the same manner. Our consciousness, whatever makes us who we are, the person who can touch, sense, perceive the world around us will be gone forever.

Some of us look forward to oblivion. Some say they don't care. Maybe when we're 90 and can't move anymore we'll wish for death.

I just pray that there is some form of eternal life. Although hell would really suck probably.

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