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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Q&A
43. Re: He's right and wrong Jun 26, 2003, 21:12 KaRRiLLioN
If I'm not mistaken, the Unreal engine is more CPU dependent than the Quake3 engine, or other comparable ones.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Q&A
24. Re: No subject Jun 26, 2003, 17:04 KaRRiLLioN
Just judging from past content and from what I've seen, Doom3 and HL2 probably won't have wide open spaces. I'm assuming the Unreal engine must be able to do some pretty wide open spaces for Tribes to use it. I've been playing Operation Flashpoint ever since it came out and you really have to adjust to wide open spaces and such on it. Most likely the Doom3 and HL2 engines will be great for urban combat but not for huge open outdoor areas. Maybe they will. I'm hoping that they can because, while fighting in close quarters is fun, I like to also mix it up with some wide open fighting as well.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Personally... Jun 26, 2003, 11:37 KaRRiLLioN
I thought the battle scenes were great in Ep2, but the thing that I loved about the original trilogy that has been MIA from these movies are the great dogfighting scenes! In Ep1 there was perhaps one dogfighting scene, but it all moved so fast that about all you could see were little explosions blipping here and there.

The dogfights of the original were great to behold. I really hope that those are featured in Ep3, because it seems that land battles are about all that are featured in Eps 1 and 2. Maybe Lucas wanted to do much larger battles in the the original eps, but couldn't because of costs and technology. Maybe he could combine them? What I'd really like for him to do with the DVD releases of the original eps is edit out all of the Ewoks from ROJ and replace them with something better, like killer hairy dwarves. ROJ was completely ridiculous with those little things banging on stormtroopers' heads with rocks of all things.

Anyway, to sum up, I want more cool SPACE battles!!!

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Q&A
1. No subject Jun 26, 2003, 11:11 KaRRiLLioN
So Doom3 will be entirely in cramped quarters? I'll also be interested to see the Unreal engine work in massive outdoor spaces. Obviously if it does, then that opens up a slew of options.

I like Tribes1 but it took me a while to get used to such wide open spaces, especially when someone was shooting me from 10 miles away with their basic plasma gun.

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News Comments > Games = Free Speech
50. Re: No subject Jun 4, 2003, 16:12 KaRRiLLioN
Not to sound too sexist, but from my own entirely and unscientific anecdotal evidence, the way a lot of women vote frightens me. Bring up the famous "It's all for the children" reason, and they seem to fall for it every time.

All those poor women need to have their suffraging stopped! It's inhumane!

I vote based on my own wallet and desires, and I'll also vote for anything that takes power away from the government. I guess living in a large city and having to deal with the INS (for my wife) makes me realize even more how the "services" the gov't is supposed to provide are manned by people who are unemployable otherwise, with the exception of a few (who end up getting fired, no doubt).

Anyone who thinks the gov't does a good job should have to deal with the INS and Social Security Administration at least once. Or maybe there should be a civil service requirement for those who turn 18. They have to work at a federal social services office of some type, i.e. Welfare, Medicare, INS, etc. That'd be an experience.

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News Comments > Games = Free Speech
23. Re: Ahh... Jun 4, 2003, 01:31 KaRRiLLioN
Both sides of the aisle are guilty of idiocy when it comes to free speech and video games and movies, etc. I'm Libertarian, but there's never a decent candidate unfortunately.

I agree with the fiscal tax-cutting policies of the Republicans, but most of it is still just misleading hype. If they'd stick to the constitution on this stuff and get rid of the income tax and many of the bloated social services that rob taxpayers blind, then they wouldn't have so much power on these issues, mainly because they wouldn't have the funds to pursue it.

I mostly agree with the ACLU's stance on free speech, but I am against public funding of art, etc. That should come strictly from private funds (as most of it does already). If people like it, then they'll pay for it. No sense in using all of our money to pay for creating art like that elephant dung work that came out a few years back.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Preview
52. Re: No subject May 28, 2003, 18:12 KaRRiLLioN
I really liked Deus Ex. You don't have to be bitter if you don't have the mental capacity to enjoy it. I would suggest you play Serious Sam.

I'm also highly anticpating HL2, as well as Thief3. I really enjoy a change of pace in my games. It doesn't make sense to limit yourself to one style game or it'll get quite stale.

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News Comments > More NVIDIA vs. Futuremark
1. No subject May 23, 2003, 17:09 KaRRiLLioN
Futuremark's Marketing Dept. vs. Nvida's Marketing Dept.

I think Nvidia's will win.

Aside from that, I think most of those synthetic benchmarks are crudola anyway.

So long as I can play my games at a high resolution with the eye-candy pumped up, I don't care how it looks in a synthetic benchmark.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Re: Dogs May 11, 2003, 15:11 KaRRiLLioN
Speaking of which, does anyone here own a Pharaoh Hound? I'm trying to find a good dog for an urban area that doesn't shed much, and isn't too small. Those Pharaoh hounds look pretty cool. I like the Basenjii dogs too.

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News Comments > Up, Up, and Away!
9. Re: No subject May 5, 2003, 10:44 KaRRiLLioN
I'm thinking the perfect fit would be DJ Qualls,%20DJ

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
109. Re: All About the Oil May 5, 2003, 10:37 KaRRiLLioN
Hey, we can manufacture oil now out of Turkey guts, so who needs Iraq anymore?

(source: That link in OOTB a week or so ago)

One thing about Iraq, is I can now see why Sadaam ruled with an iron fist! Those Shiites go hog wild over there! I know it's wrong to make fun of another culture and religion, but damn, those rituals of beating the hell out of themselves is funny as anything I've seen, and maybe a bit sad. I understand it's because they have a collective guilt about the death of the Shiite founder (who had to face an army of 4,000 by himself). Maybe they should shoot themselves if they feel that guilty about it.

Every religion has funky rituals, it's just a heck of a lot stranger when you're not a part of it, of course.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
23. Re: No subject May 2, 2003, 11:26 KaRRiLLioN
I thought it was risky, but pretty damned cool. He even flew the jet in formation, according to the pilots who were interviewed on CNN this morning.

Also, he's the president from Independence Day! So if we are invaded by aliens, then we can depend on him to fly a jet to victory against the greys! w00t!

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News Comments > Battlefield Vietnam?
24. Re: No subject Apr 22, 2003, 20:34 KaRRiLLioN
Some guys came out with a really suhweet Nam pack for Operation Flashpoint a while back. It has the Hueys, Cobras, tanks, mortar pits, etc. and we play quite a bit of it on my server. I like to go as VC because it's more fun playing against the odds.

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News Comments > Op Flashpoint 2 Confirmed
16. Re: Cool Apr 16, 2003, 16:46 KaRRiLLioN
Actually those waypoints that show up are in cadet mode. In vet mode you don't get those and you also can't see where you are on the map so you have to navigate using compass and the GPS, and/or the stars depending upon the time of day.

Also, user-made missions don't normally have the waypoints in anyway. At least I don't put em in my missions.

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News Comments > OFP2 = Vietnam War?
9. Re: No subject Apr 16, 2003, 16:24 KaRRiLLioN
Most of this has been speculated about for a while now on the BIS official forums:;act=SF;f=34

I don't like the idea of Vietnam either. I was really hoping for some fictional Sino-American conflict or something. We already have tons of vietnam stuff available in the form of user-made addons so I just don't see what else they could add to it. Most of the user addons are incredibly detailed. We also noticed that the makers of a mod named Operation Nam have been working for BIS (Bohemia Interactive Studios) for a while, so that was the first major clue.

I'll get the game if there are major improvements in the game engine that will allow for even better user made addons. Personally I think it's amazing what many of the addon groups have accomplished thus far. They've even gotten F-18's with folding wings, a lowering arrestor arm, etc. You should go to the addons forum and look at pics of some of the stuff ppl have made.

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News Comments > Op Flashpoint 2 Confirmed
2. Re: Cool Apr 16, 2003, 09:37 KaRRiLLioN
I'm still playing it. With all of the addons, there's a never-ending supply of new vehicles and such.

I also scripted an RTS series of missions for it which are pretty fun to play, and then there are tons of CTF's, Cap and Hold, coops, etc. It's an extremely flexible game.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: NBC NEWS Apr 6, 2003, 16:14 KaRRiLLioN
Here's a snip of what I read from this url:

Background: Pulmonary embolism (PE) is an extremely common and highly lethal condition that is a leading cause of death in all age groups. A good clinician actively seeks the diagnosis as soon as any suspicion of PE whatsoever is warranted, because prompt diagnosis and treatment can dramatically reduce the mortality rate and morbidity of the disease. Unfortunately, the diagnosis is missed far more often than it is made, because PE often causes only vague and nonspecific symptoms.

The most sobering lessons about PE are those obtained from a careful study of the autopsy literature. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and PE are much more common than usually realized. Most patients with DVT develop PE and the majority of cases are unrecognized clinically. Untreated, approximately one third of patients who survive an initial PE die of a future embolic episode. This is true whether the initial embolism is small or large.

Most patients who die of PE have not had any diagnostic workup, nor have they received any prophylaxis for the disease. In most cases, the diagnosis has not even been considered, even when classic signs and symptoms are documented in the medical chart. Sadly, appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic management often is withheld even when the potential diagnosis of PE has been considered explicitly and documented in the chart.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Re: NBC NEWS Apr 6, 2003, 15:01 KaRRiLLioN
Damn that really sucks about David Bloom. I was reading about Pulmonary Embolisms and it says they are common and about 650,000 people a year are affected from them. They're also hard to diagnose. Scared the hell outta me reading about them.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Mouse Apr 2, 2003, 11:25 KaRRiLLioN
I would also recommend the new Logitech Mx700. It's got a nice recharging station and it seems to work quite nicely. My Major gripe with many of the new mouse designs seems to be that the right mouse button gets closer to the left one with each iteration, thus making it much harder for me to keep three fingers on the mouse as I'm accustomed to.

I like to keep a finger on the left, one on the scroller, and one on the right button. I find it easiest to play games that way. The old mice with three buttons were great because there was plenty of hand room. I just wish they'd add a bit more space in the middle of the mouse so I don't get cramps in my hand from trying to keep those fingers so close together.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
285. Re: The real Last Word -Pedle Zelnip Mar 31, 2003, 18:15 KaRRiLLioN
As I said, Capitalism works best with a dose of socialism thrown in so there is some government oversight of business practices to keep sweatshops, etc. from becoming a widespread issue. It'll still happen, regardless, but arguably most people in a communist society are basically working in sweatshops with little or no incentive to improve since they'll never earn more than what the gov't feels is appropriate.

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