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News Comments > Why No Ghostbusters PC MP
33. Re: Why No Ghostbusters PC MP Jun 18, 2009, 16:00 .Drifter
Bought it on steam, burning it as I type for my xbox

I actually made a joking response in the Steam forums to someone who stated they didn't want the PC game because of the missing multiplayer, but would be pirating it anyways.
They banned me for "Advocating Piracy."
Steam forum mods can go screw themselves.

Steam forums, where they ban you as a pirate for teasing one.
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News Comments > The Sims 3 Sells Big
45. Re: The Sims 3 Sells Big Jun 11, 2009, 05:25 .Drifter
If everybody pirated games and always bought the ones worth buying, shitty games wouldn't sell anymore, good games would and marketing wouldn't be the biggest factor in a game's success.

And that right there is the problem. Not everyone who tries the good games buys the good games.
How much profit is actually lost due to piracy? I don't think actual numbers will ever be known, but a large part of the issue is perception. If I were an inventor/programmer, and I saw left and right people using what I had created and I was getting nothing out of it except a good feeling about a job well done, eventually I'd say screw it and move on to something else. Something that would turn a profit.
Like making shitty, mass marketed games.
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News Comments > The Sims 3 Sells Big
42. Re: The Sims 3 Sells Big Jun 11, 2009, 00:28 .Drifter
Your analogy and logic is so flawed that this isnt even funny....
I got a response, mission accomplished. It was meant to be an overblown comparison.

I had considered using a different analogy, possibly one where you design a revolutionary battery design that could power electric cars for weeks at a time between charges, but the design is stolen, everyone starts using it, and you don't get a dime from all the time and effort you put into the design.

Still flawed in some way, but I though stealing cars was more fun and would have a better chance of a reaction.

And, I'm guessing the analogy you made was meant to reference used game sales? Or was the little flaw that you were, in fact, referencing used game thefts? There is a difference between selling something you've bought and something you've stolen.
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News Comments > The Sims 3 Sells Big
20. Re: The Sims 3 Sells Big Jun 10, 2009, 04:39 .Drifter
You try a demo, you like it, you buy the full game. Or you try the full game, you like it, you buy it. The motivation and the end result are the same.
Yeah, I agree with this sentiment.
Every time I steal a car, and find I like it, I go out and buy it.
Uh, did I say "steal"?
What I really meant to say was "test drive."
Yeah, when I test drive a car I go out and buy one just like it.
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News Comments > Team Fortress 2 Patched
6. Re: Team Fortress 2 Patched Jun 9, 2009, 03:51 .Drifter
But then I came to my senses. They don't patch Left 4 Dead, they just make you buy it all over again.

Valve doesn't make you do anything.

If you don't agree with their making a second game instead of doing more for the first, then don't buy it. And don't pirate it. Just don't have anything to do with the second game at all.
It's called free will.
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News Comments > The Old Republic Trailer & Database
23. Re: The Old Republic Trailer & Database Jun 2, 2009, 03:00 .Drifter
Am I the only one that watched the trailer and thought:
Wow, that looks like Darth Vader without the full mask.

Seriously, the bad guy in KOTOR was Mr. Roboface, not sure about KOTOR II, and now another bad guy with Mr. Roboface? The fact that they're in the mindset that a bad guy has to be part cyborg worries me, makes me think "one track mind" when it comes to story. Seriously, why not someone that was somewhat like Darth Maul? Not so much look, but just not Vader like?
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News Comments > Vendetta Online adds Dynamic Warfare
5. Re: Vendetta Online adds Dynamic Warfare May 23, 2009, 22:02 .Drifter
I tried it years ago, when it was in beta. Seemed like it might be interesting eventually, but at the time everything that involved anything outside of flying the ship was in a window where you had to type every command. it was almost like operating a bank teller machine, but without a touch screen or anywhere you could click a mouse to make the process faster. No idea how the game is currently though, but I did notice the game gives a free 8 hour trial.  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - X-Men Origins: Wolverine
15. Re: Ships Ahoy - X-Men Origins: Wolverine May 2, 2009, 00:09 .Drifter
But aren't reviews in the 70's range good for a movie based game? Lol.  
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News Comments > Champions Online Dated
14. Re: Champions Online Dated Apr 25, 2009, 01:12 .Drifter
Graphic glitches, somewhat poor performance, no functional V-sync, a lot of missing text and in game content. Very doubtful 3 months is enough time.  
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News Comments > Champions Online Video Diary
4. Re: Champions Online Video Diary Jan 17, 2009, 04:36 .Drifter
I'm not sure what comics you're reading, because the last ones I read were anything but
morality tales of high drama
when it came to story or anything else. They were just excuses for flashy artwork and action scenes. Maybe things have changed in the past few years, but I'm not putting down any money on a comic to find out, I'll just stick with the few manga I read now.
And the quotes you gave to support comics seem to be from fantasy novels, not comic books.
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News Comments > Steamships Ahoy - Saints Row 2
16. Re: Steamships Ahoy - Saints Row 2 Jan 8, 2009, 00:22 .Drifter
Bought the game from walmart last night, tweaked the settings a bit, and it runs decently for me.
My biggest issue so far, other than the random slowdown others are reporting, are the resolutions available to the game.
My monitor is 1680x1050.
The game does not support this resolution.
This is only the second time I've bought a game that doesn't support 1680x1050 out of the box, which is very annoying to me.
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News Comments > Retail PoP DRM-Free
45. Re: Retail PoP DRM-Free Dec 12, 2008, 00:33 .Drifter
The way I took the comment, he wasn't referring to all people, ie. all PC gamers, just mainly the ones complaining about DRM.
Had he phrased it "A lot of people complain that DRM is what forces people to pirate games but as PoP PC has no DRM we'll see how truthful those people actually are. Not very, I imagine" it would not have come across as bad. And there are people complaining that DRM forces them to pirate, saying "if I have to crack it to play it, I'll just get the cracked version instead."
And if they wanted to see how not having DRM helped or hurt sales, they could just look at the percentage of copies sold compared to the percentage pirated, and if they used the exact same method to collect that data as they have in the past they should see how it compares to PoP 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
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News Comments > Op Ed
3. Used sales... Dec 5, 2008, 00:41 .Drifter
I'm surprised the auto industry isn't blaming used car sales for their decline... or are they?  
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News Comments > Sword Of The Stars Interview
4. Re: No subject Sep 22, 2008, 01:52 .Drifter
SotS is a RTS and TBS, sort of. Moving on the galactic map it's turn based, in that you select research items, design ships, set build queue's and such. Then you click the button, stuff happens, and if a fight starts it goes to a RTS phase. At that point, you control the ships in battle by selecting targets, setting destinations for ship movement, and then fighting until time runs out, at which point the game returns to the turn based phase.

As for comparison to GalCiv2... well, SotS isn't really the deepest game around, it's mostly about researching a high level of technology, building ships with that technology, and blowing up whatever those ships run across. Diplomacy consists mainly of you and an opponent agreeing to not attack each other for a little while, or until one of you changes your mind. Planet construction projects are limited to defensive satellites circling planets.
In conclusion, if you want a lot of strategy go with GalCiv2, if you just want to design and build ships that you control directly to blow stuff up, and don't care for diplomacy or a lot of other strategic stuff, you might find SotS fun. Just be warned that all parts the ships are built of are predesigned, so it's not like GalCiv2 where you can come up with some crazy designs.

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News Comments > Gold - Sacred 2
14. Re: Hmmmm Sep 21, 2008, 01:05 .Drifter
this is the one where they told us we didn't own the game
Maybe I've been misunderstanding it for years, but I've always thought manufacturers have said you don't own the games you buy. Yeah, you own the disc(s) it comes on, and a license to use the game, but not the actual game itself. At least in terms of game code/intellectual property rights and such.

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky in NA Next Week
7. Saw it in walmart already Sep 8, 2008, 15:34 .Drifter
I went there Friday, and there was a spot for it on the rack, but no games, but when I looked at the space they shove all the extra games into on the bottom shelf, there were around 10 games in DVD style packaging, nothing on it about preorder, so maybe they had pulled them for return due to the CD key issue?

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News Comments > Bionic Commando: Rearmed a Sales JUGGERNAUT
18. Re: ... Aug 25, 2008, 20:24 .Drifter
I bought it directly from Capcom, and as far as I know I didn't have to install anything to use it. Other than the game that is.

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News Comments > No DX10 Call of Duty: World at War
10. Re: ... Jul 15, 2008, 01:40 .Drifter
The simple reality is that gamers expect to see high-end features like DX10 included, even if they won't be able to appreciate it until they upgrade.

Personally, as a gamer, I expect a good, fun game. What "high end features" it includes, well they don't matter to me unless they increase my enjoyment of the game.

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News Comments > On WAR Cuts
12. Re: Bad sign Jul 14, 2008, 16:04 .Drifter
If this was Blizzard they would have extended the release date OR, more likely, pulled the plug on it all together.

From what I remember of WoW, there are several unfinished areas you can glitch yourself into, or at least you used to be able to.
Examples that come to mind: Old Ironforge and the airfield above the mountains. I've seen a couple other areas in other zones too.
And unfinished quests and other content.
Take the smiling John or Jim (where they burn down his bar) quest for example, I don't remember them finishing that quest, which came out at launch wasn't it, until around 2 years later. And how many other quests, from launch, seem to just stop without a resolution. And how many times has Blizzard gone on about how they'd absolutely LOVE to get this old, meant to be out when game launched content finished, but well we just have to put out the next expansion to make more money?

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Devil May Cry 4
8. Re: Direct-to-Download Jul 9, 2008, 00:12 .Drifter
Direct to download is somewhat akin to Direct to Video. Rather than getting it in a store, you can buy it online and download the game (kinda like direct to video, where you get it on video instead of seeing it in a theater). Demo is still free though, last I heard.

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