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Re: On Sale
May 17, 2012, 21:39
Re: On Sale May 17, 2012, 21:39
May 17, 2012, 21:39
It's all because of the supposedly awesome Day Z mod. Zombie survival, check it out:
Re: You'd think if anyone read the EULA..
Nov 12, 2004, 15:05
Re: You'd think if anyone read the EULA.. Nov 12, 2004, 15:05
Nov 12, 2004, 15:05
I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned more. I mean, granted they provide the tools to make your character like a copywritten character. But it's right there in black and white that they don't condone such usage and they will (and do) penalize people who do such things.

Marvel is wasting time and money, of both organizations.

Re: Anyway...
Mar 3, 2004, 16:31
Re: Anyway... Mar 3, 2004, 16:31
Mar 3, 2004, 16:31
To play Sam and Max on the PC using current hardware go to: and search for a program called Scumm VM. It's hard for me to explain what it does, but it basically runs the game's interaction with the PC while using all the original content from the game's CD. It can be used to run all sorts of old adventure games (classics like Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max)

Anyway, I was miserable the day I learned Full Throttle was cancelled and I'm pretty upset today now that Sam and Max have been cancelled. I miss the classic adventure games. Hopefully they'll still make another Curse of Monkey Island...

edit: guess I should have read further up and I would have seen that this was already posted. Oh well...
This comment was edited on Mar 3, 16:34.
Worse than a Turkey Crossing the Road
Nov 29, 2003, 16:37
Worse than a Turkey Crossing the Road Nov 29, 2003, 16:37
Nov 29, 2003, 16:37
The other day, my father and I were out in his front yard chopping down a short/budding palm tree. I was cleaning leaves, and he was hard at work sawing through the base of the tree. Suddenly, he bolted upwards and to his surprise, my brother's little Chihuahua dog (dumb, freaking dog) had wandered over to see what all the noise was about, climbed under the fence behind the tree and emerged right next to the chainsaw. If my father hadn't have jumped back, the little Chihuahua would have met the business end of the chainsaw.

All animals are dumb.

Changes to 1.02
Dec 13, 2002, 18:48
Changes to 1.02 Dec 13, 2002, 18:48
Dec 13, 2002, 18:48
Actually, they do have a list of what's changed. It's just in a different thread:

---- Changes done to 1.02 --------------------------------------------------

* Interface Tweaks and Additions
- Gamespeed should now be adjustable in MP. No messages will be shown on client though.
- Delay before pause removed in MP.
- Anyone should now be able to resume the pause after the 30 seconds timer has expired.
- Slowest gamespeeds tweaked alot to get the slowest speeds much slower for MP support.
- It should now be possible to cancel unit developments and technological research.
- There is now a day/night indicator on the CCB which shows if it is day or night in the target province at the given time.
- Modelname of Divisions/ships/airwings are now shown in the tooltips of the combat window.
- You can now build multiples of the same type of unit at the same time in the interface.
- Unloads to provinces without a beach should never even start now, but shown an error marker.
- A cogwheel is now shown in economic mapmode where provincial developemt is being done.
- There are now small buttons to manually control the production sliders more perfectly.
- Sliders should no longer move mystically when double-clicked.
- Several messages have been cleaned up.

* Gameplay tweaks

- Difficulty modifiers are now much larger, where very easy actually is really easy, and very hard a real challenge.
- Only national provinces now give manpower income.
- To reduce problems with expedition forces for the AI, they are now fully given over to the target country if its AI, and you can no longer send them to your enemies.
- Resource incomes are now processed daily before the total IC calculation is done, leading to exact IC capping.
- Building costs for provincial improvements will now never assign more than 5 IC from the province.
- Each new IC now costs 1 Manpower to build.
- Increased cost of building AA and made it exponential past level 10.
- Provincial AAguns are no longer insanely good.
- Income from puppets are no longer automatically moved to the homeland, unless their homearea neighbours yours. If you have other landareas nearby, they are moved to the port in them.
- You can now use convoys from puppet nations ports.

- Dissent will now increase dramatically when declaring war upon a nation which you have no claims upon, especially so if you are democratic.
- Germany, Japan and Italy is now almost immune to bad affects from agression.
- Slightly harder to influence nations now, especially those with governments differing from your alignment.
- Sharing tech research now work like other diplomatic actions, maximum one each week, and costing 1 DI each time.
- Warentry increases have been tweaked down to avoid the allies going to war in 1938.
- Puppets are now very unlikely to join alliances without their master in it.
- When countries are granted independence from events, they now get a tenth of the manpower and resources from the granting country (plus a related bug was fixed).
- Coup is now even further expensive.

- You no longer get both paradrop and amphibious landing penaltys when landing on islans with paradrops.
- Winter penalties on attacker in landcombat has been increased.
- Landcombats should now take alot longer.
- Fortifications are now three times as good.
- Naval combats are now much longer in duration.
- Naval units now correctly use their Sub Attack value against subs.
- The Visibility value of subs now has a huge effect on the chance of scoring hits against them.
- The Sub Detection value of naval units is now crucial to score hits against subs.

- Bombardments should no longer be able to reduce organisation below 10 on units.
- Tactical bombers are now much less effective.
- Fighters never get tactical bombing values now.
- Night modifiers are now applied correctly in bombardments.
- Pure rocket units should no longer be interceptable, and can not enter air-to-air combat.
- Nukes are now only usable once each, even when on planes.

- Experience gained from bombardments are now much less than before.
- Default leaders no longer get experience.
- You can no longer determine exact count of divisions in enemy stacks without good intelligence.
- Land units no longer regain organization while moving.
- Cavalry is now quite a bit slower, on par with motorized infantry.
- Divisions in the forcepool should now use supplies too.
- Out-of-supply loss of organization increased.
- Organisation recovery is now a fraction of the speed of previous. It is even slower for the players at the highest difficulty.
- You can no longer retreat through the enemy lines.
- Retreating units should no longer take control over provinces when diplomatic status is changed.
- Logic for interception have been streamlined, and they will no longer intercept in adjacent provinces if too low organisation.
- You can now only load nukes onto rockets and strategic bombers.
- Supplycosts for landunits have been tweaked.
- Important changes have been made to the Combat Values of INF/MTN/MAR/PARA/MIL to make INF better.

- Requirements and prequisits for several technologies have been overhauled.
- Supply and Fuel modifications for all techs changed to go with actual unit values.
- Aircraft Assembly Construction Process; now also give cost reduction for naval and dive bombers.
- Caoutchouc& Vinyl Acetates; now give industry bonus +1 each.
- Added a new techscript command "double_nuke_prod" which doubles the A-bomb production rate of a country.
- Tech: Infantry Gun 30mm+ & Light Mortar have been changed to make INF better at the expense of MTN/MAR/PARA/MIL.
- Tank Model speed has been tweaked. The Lights will not be that good anymore. Further for all Tanks it’s a trade-off between Firepower and Speed.
- Tech effects affecting supply and fuel consumption should now work correctly on the upgrade template.
- Basic & Improved Torpedo-pattern Apparatus now give a bonus.
- Major changes of effects on certain Industry techs.
- Corrected the "mass assembly" tech app effects. No more 1 IC Carriers...
- Anti-air and anti-tank brigade costs further increased.
- The game now uses the modifiers set by the important tech commands "research_cost" and "research_time".

- War reduction of worldmarket income is now much higher, especially if you do not have a working merchant fleet.
- You can now do 1 for 1 deals on the worldmarket.
- Convoys can now go through Suez, as long as you are not at war with the controller of suez.
- Nations at war with the controller of Port Suez can no longer trace convoys through the Suez Channel.
- Daily transports tweaked down for UK.

* Generic Bugfixes

- Fixed a CTD which occurred whenever a country was annexed that had an ai country puppeted.
- Fixed a very rare crash bug in the ai resource manager.
- The game should no longer crash after france is eliminated.
- CTD when having research-screen up when quitting have been fixed.
- Fixed a CTD which occurred when units was in combat with a nation who was annexed by someone else.
- The CTD when deploying military controlled allies ships after repairs to non-coastal provinces have been fixed.
- CTD when selecting bomber in a strategic bombing after a load was fixed.
- Fixed a ctd with reorganising and reselecting units.
- Fixed some CTD's and inconsistencies with military control.
- Control of provinces should not be changed by reloading.
- Combats should no longer restart if a unit is retreating and gets bombed.
- Paratroopers aboard transport planes now load and save correctly.
- Tech event effects should now never lower unit values below 0.
- You can no longer send ships into your port if they are controlled by the enemy.
- Fixed the bug which caused units to appear in the wrong stack after getting bombarded during a combat in which they were the attackers.
- Units should no longer dissappear when retreating towards a territory where you only have military access.
- Fortresses can no longer be instantly destroyed by combat.
- You can no longer drop paratroopers on the water.
- Technology statistic graphs are now saved and loaded properly.
- The build_cost value in the division upgrade template is now used correctly.
- Units that switch alligiance during Civil Wars should now be automatically deselected.
- The scenario editor should now correctly save terrain changes.
- ScenarioEditor: Default country leaders should now be correctly loaded and saved.
- ScenarioEditor: Changing IC in a province now sets both current and max IC.
- "sub_attack" tech effect text now appears in the game.
- "detection" tech effects should now correctly be displayed as decimal numbers instead of being rounded to integers.
- Mechanized units should now look correct on the map.
- Fixed a problem with the "independence" event command.
- The "gain_tech" event command now works for random techs too.
- The modifier set by the "industrial_modifier" tech event command should now actually be used.
- The "gain_tech" event command now works correctly with level 1 theoretical research.
- Fixed a problem with strange strings in some tech effect descriptions.
- Event command rollover text for "leader_loyalty" fixed.
- Event command rollover text for "minister_loyalty" fixed.
- Several position problems fixed.

* AI Fixes

** Land Forces AI

- Improved AI pathfinding to not go through no-infrastructure provinces if possible.
- Garrison AI overseas troop distribution scheme tweaked and debugged.
- AI beach garrison priorities further tweaked.
- AI retrieval of units from foreign provinces fixed.
- Garrison AI should now be a bit better at deploying mountain troops in mountains etc.
- Garrison AI should now deploy its troops more evenly.
- Garrison AI should now be less prone to ping-pong effects.
- Tweaked Germany's garrison AI to protect only relevant beaches (but those a bit better).
- Garrison AI should now try to move troops to provinces under attack (before a front is created - i.e. defense against invasion.)
- Germany should now try to keep a small garrison against Yugoslavia.
- France should now guard its border with Belgium better.
- China should no longer garrison friendly borders but prioritize Japan.
- Germany should now keep a small garrison in Paris to avoid silly raids and paradrops triggering "Liberation of France".
- After the "Bitter Peace" event, Germany and the USSR should not garrison as heavily against each other.
- Tweaked Japan's border garrison priorities.

- Front AI should no longer refrain from attacking deeper from beach heads (bugged "spearhead" check).
- AI should now be better at defending versus the player.
- AI should now be better at prioritizing between fronts.
- Two Front AI deadlock bugs fixed.
- When AI fronts urgently request units, other fronts will now always comply if they have better odds than the requesting front.
- Front AI should now be even more careful about attacking forts.
- AI Fronts should now never consist of attrition provinces.
- Front AI should no longer forget troops and leave them behind the front line.
- A nasty crash bug in the Front AI was fixed.
- Front AI should now be better at attacking provinces ASAP and all attacking units should arrive simultaneously.
- Front AI should now sometimes abort planned attacks (movement into a province) if the enemy grows too strong there.
- Front AI should now be a bit better at leaving defense forces behind when attacking.
- Front AI should now redeploy its forces faster and better.
- Front AI should now retreat from battles when prudent, although more reluctantly if desperate and defending.
- Front AI now does an additional check before stealing units away from the garrison.
- The Scandinavian countries will no longer attack each others provinces even if they are formally at war (as long as they are democratic and AI controlled.)
- The Balkan states's Front AI is no longer defensive, although Hungary and Slovakia will not help Germany against Poland.
- AI shouldn't pour more divisions into an attack if it is no longer effective.
- AI should be a bit better at attacking the right kind of terrain with the right kind of unit.
- AI should now value militia units lower when calculating odds for attacks, etc.
- A better (high infra) arrival province is now chosen when fronts urgently request divisions.

** Naval Forces AI
- Targetting algoritm for invasion AI have been improved.
- Allied AI nations should now be better at knowing when/how to use invasions of mainland europe.
- AI should concentrate troops much further in invasions now.
- AI should no longer move its ships or planes if its under military control by a player.
- AI now cheats naval attrition. Enjoy
- Improved AI handling of transports.
- Improved the naval defending AI slightly.

** Air Force AI
- Improved air defence AI.
- Interception is now default task for pure fighter units.
- Air Strikes no longer called in against too heavily fortified provinces.
- The AI should now exploit the possibility of quick and repeated tactical bombing more.
- AI Tactical bombing plans should now be aborted against provinces the AI is retreating from.
- Improved AI for preserving airforces.
- The AI has now learned how to protect its airforce from falling to the enemy on the ground.
- Tactical bomber units should no longer get "forgotten" in allied provinces.
- Fixed a problem with tactical bomber rebasing that occurred if there were more desired bomber locations than bomber units.

** Research AI
- Tweaked research priorities for Germany - will now do a bit more heavy aircraft research.

** Production AI
- Germany and the UK now improves its AA cover over high-density industrial provinces.
- AI countries should now be more likely to increase their industrial base if needed.
- AI will now de-emphasize research and start building land units, then just militia, as the situation grows more desperate.
- Tweaked the AI build preferences for most countries (mostly they now build more infantry and other land units).
- AI slightly better at building transports.
- Improved the worldmarket AI slightly in wartimes.
- AI now do some price adaption when buying on the world-market.
- Building new IC now costs 1 Manpower.
- AI will now start to disband militia divisions if it runs out of manpower during peace-time.

** Diplomacy AI
- Japan will no longer attack any chinese nation allied with a greater power unless they are strong enough.
- Some AI countries will now send expeditionary forces to their allies at need.
- Finland and Romania should now usually join the Axis if Germany is at war with the USSR and they have lost territories to the Soviets.
- Japan is now smarter about when to try to get the indonesian oilfields.
- AI will no longer spam players with diplomatic offers.
- Japan is now slightly more stubborn when it comes to accepting peace.
- South Africa should now send expeditionary forces to help the british defend east africa.
- Japan will no longer attack dutch east indies before winning in China.
- The allies now accept anyone willing to join them if they are at war with the axis.
- Tibet is now much less likely to secede provinces.
- Germany is now smarter about when to go to war with the Soviets.

* Scenario Setup & Events


- Spanish Civil War - Fascist Nation event increase N.Spains leaning toward Fascism.
- Djibouti & Syria is now part of Vichy, when it is created from event.
- Major Worker Strike event now reduces IC not increases it.
- The Independence of India event will now only trigger if Germany is gone.
- The Finnish Winter War must have started by event for the Swedish Intervention events to happen.
- End of the Finnish Winter War event will not happen if FIN is allied with GER.
- Vichy event will no longer happen if Germany is at war with the Soviets.
- Lend-Lease events added for Nationalist China
- The Sian Incident event reintroduced.
- Soviet claims on Finland and the Baltic countries are now lost with The Bitter Peace event.
- The Vichy event shall not happen more than once now.
- Blunder with US election of 36 fixed.
- US Presidential Candidate Wendell Wilkie was of course LC and not LE.
- One of the events moving Soviet Industries has got one of its inherent provinces changed.
- Winter War event may not introduce Mannerheim as Chief of Staff and Chief of Army in Finland.
- Bitter Peace should now release Manchukuo from Soviet captivity.
- Soviet capital now moves to Novosibirsk in "the bitter peace"
- Soviets now cede Ocha and Kamtjatka to Japan in "the bitter peace".
- Italian event: Albania must exist for Albanian events to happen.
- Tweaked Vichy event a bit - now France cedes more provinces (in case they've actually taken some provinces from Germany.)
- USSR should no longer claim Bessarabia if at war with Germany.
- USSR should no longer attack Finland if at war with Germany.
- Sweden should no longer intervene for Finland if Finland is Axis.
- German events: The Treaty of Munich & The End of Czechoslovakia do not happen any more if GER and CZE are at war.
- The Independent Croatia events should now trigger correctly.
- The German End of Czech events changed so that the Slovak independence will trigger correctly.
- The Bitter Peace event should now give independence to most conceivable nations that Soviets can have conquered.
- Tweaked the trigger for the "Bitter Peace" event.

** 1936
- Finland got some more doctrines in the early scenarios.
- Communist China is now regarded as being in a civil war with Nationalist China. This has an effect if one should conquer the other.
- SIK and CHC are at war in 39 and 36.
- French Convoy Marseilles to Gabes corrected in 36 scenario
- Fortress in Tobruk added
- 3 Japanese techs duplicates removed from the 36 scenario.
- Dutch CA 'Tromp' under development has been removed from the 36 scenario.
- UK and Japan now starts 1936 scenario with DI.

** 1939
- Communist China is now regarded as being in a civil war with Nationalist China. This has an effect if one should conquer the other.
- CHC is at war with CHI in 39 and 41.
- SIK and CHC are at war in 39 and 36.
- Decreased cost for German and Italian ships under repair in 39&41 scenarios.
- San Ignacio now Bolivian not Brazilian in 39/41 scenarios
- Fortress in Tobruk added
- Hungary no longer has claims on 728, 729, 730 in 39 scenario.
- The Philippines is now playable in the 39 scenario.
- The USA only has one Philippine Division in 1939 and it is correctly spelled in 1936.
- French 5th Army is moved from Nancy to Colmar in the 39 scenario to stop the Germans from making unrealistic exploits into the Southern flank of the Maginotline.
- Germany now have a few tranport units in the 1939 scenario.
- Canada now has naval doctrine Combat Unit Transport Procedure in 1939 scenario.

** 1941
- Communist China is now regarded as being in a civil war with Nationalist China. This has an effect if one should conquer the other.
- CHC is at war with CHI in 39 and 41.
- Decreased cost for German and Italian ships under repair in 39&41 scenarios.
- San Ignacio now Bolivian not Brazilian in 39/41 scenarios
- Move industry to Siberia events are now considered to have happened at the start of the 1941 scenario.
- The Croatian Independence events is now considered to have happened at the start of the 1941 scenario.
- Swiss fortresses increased
- France in the 41 scenario now has its resource stockpile increased to be able to sustain until recapturing some territory.
- Two German techs removed from the 41 scenario so that they don't get the V-weapons to early.
- Arctic Warfare removed from German Tech setup in 1941.
- Kristiansand fortress removed from Germany in the 41 scenario.
- Bhutan, Nepal, Oman and Yemen are now UK puppets in 41 scenario.
- Manchuria is now a Japanese Puppet also in the 41 scenario.
- 2 German SS Cavalry divisions in the 41 scenario given their correct names.
- A Vichy Submarine Unit was moved to Toulon in the 41 scenario.
- Effects of events concerning moved Soviet factories implemented for 41 scenario.
- A script error in the Portuguese 41 scenario setup that made the army and navy to exist in one unit removed.
- Germany now has the Infantry tech Penicillin in the 41 scenario.

- Lots of new pictures added for leaders and ministers.
- South Africa now has got access to the members of the Commonwealth.
- Rubber added to three Nationalist China provinces.
- French Army Leaders: Changed Chief of 9th Army to Gamelin, and chief of 7th Army to Weygand.
- Zjitomir now has clear terrain not Marsh.
- D'Ouessant no longer has got a beach.
- Liberia (Monorovia) now has got 40 rubber.
- French Air General Tetu is no longer leading land units in Orleans.
- Mannerheim added as viable chief of staff and chief of army in Finland.
- German Head of State (A.Hitler) now allows PA ministers.
- A number of Manchurian provinces have become Japanese in all scenarios.
- Japan now has got garrisons in all her island possessions in all scenarios.
- Philippine Army is now correct for all scenarios both in placement and content.
- The Indonesian Minister file got a major update.
- Removed and/or modified certain ships under development for Argentine and Italy in 36, Italy and Germany in 39, and Germany in 41.
- Some seazone name inconsistencies were fixed.
- Some ports in North America were moved.
- Honolulu is now jungle.
- Inner californina now have the right climate.
- Most minor islands can now build fortresses.
- Lots more names added for various nations different models of airplanes.
- Some military leaders added for South Africa.
- Some missing naval leaders added for the USA.
- Corrected some Belgian and Canadian ministers.
- Siamese ministers added.
- Naval OOB revised for UK in all scenarios, removing most ships from buildqueues to not cripple the nation.
- Terrain changed in the USSR, Poland, Sweden, Finland.
- Kharkov/Donetsk names changed
- Armour Tech: prereqs changed
- Province Hohhot ownership/control changed from Japan to China.
- Marshall Islands no longer have 0 infrastructure.
- Petsamo now produces some steel to simulate the nickel production.
- Some Argentinian leaders were added.
- A large overhaul of leaders were done, adding traits and tweaking skills.
- Most nations should now have unique colors on their counters.
- Some countries (Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) will now be a bit more neutral.
- Italy is now smarter about when to go to war against the Balkans.
- An Air General that lead a French land unit has been removed.
- The province info name of the province Donetsk should now be consistent.
- There is now a direct connection between Novgorod and Tallin.
- Italian Convoy to Rhodes got its path changed. A typo correction making it taking a trip to Los Angeles.

And lots of minor bugs and tweaks done.

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