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News Comments > Out of the Blue
64. Pump Up The Movie Dec 22, 2004, 00:01 Cygnus
If you watch it frame by frame, that hoop bends in a way that normal basketball hoops don't. When the victim drops through the hoop, she bangs her head on it, causing it to rotate about 40 degrees, then snap back into position. Basketball hoops don't rotate. They drop down when too much pressure is applied, then snap back into place. Cool video, but fake nonetheless.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
28. Re: XBOX Next Dec 8, 2004, 00:35 Cygnus
In re: Countwhatever. I didn't have a problem seperating standard TV from HDTV. I understood exactly what Creston was talking about. You apparently didn't. Your attack on Creston was stupid, ignorant, and unwarranted (not that Creston gave a rip anyways).

Those screens could definitely be from next-gen consoles. The future of graphic technology is real-time in-game cutscene quality, like those produced by Blizzard or Relic (that Warhammer40k intro was freaking fantastic). If you thought HL2 was good (I didn't particularly, Doom 3 has MUCH better lighting) you ain't seen nuthin' yet!

This comment was edited on Dec 8, 00:38.
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News Comments > Dawn of War Patch Plans
7. Re: nice one Oct 21, 2004, 00:45 Cygnus
Fucking? I seriously doubt it.

Fabulous game, BTW. Loved every minute of it.

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News Comments > New BF 1942 Merciless Creations
11. MC 1942 Sep 2, 2004, 03:03 Cygnus
I have always enjoyed the MC add-on for 1942. Thanks guys for updating it. Keep up the good work.

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News Comments > Evil Genius Demo
45. Re: More unit control Aug 31, 2004, 12:02 Cygnus
Very nice demo. The only problem I saw was with the AI. WTF are my TECHNICIANS and CONSTRUCTION WORKERS doing patrolling the island OUTSIDE the base when I have 30 GUARDS patrolling the barracks (lazy bastards)?

As for the porousness of the front door, two things:
1. That's the good guy's job. They don't just walk in. If you watch, when your front door is intact (hasn't been compromised), the good guys will notice it, congregate around it, then breach it. Once it's been breached, it takes a technician to repair it.
2. It's the tutorial level, so the demo has a crapload of stuff disabled (maybe more than they should have).

Also, I have successfully interrogated a prisoner with the red alert blaring and a large gun battle going on at the entrance. You need to use your henchmen wisely.

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News Comments > WoW Testing Sign-ups Open
74. Bummer Aug 30, 2004, 00:10 Cygnus
So which FagPlanet server has the WORKING Zip of the installation? I've downloaded it from 3 different ones and the result is ALWAYS a corrupted zip file.

2 Gig is just plain stupid to download at current net speeds (even though I get about 650k/sec). Bad move Blizzard.

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News Comments > Sonic Heroes to PCs
8. Re: No subject Aug 19, 2004, 22:36 Cygnus
To be honest, any Sonic after Sonic and Knuckles on the Megadrive (Genesis) was a pale imitation of the first few. The series went downhill with complexity.

Amen to that brother. Maybe I should pull out my Genesis and hook it up instead of all this emulator crap.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Chessmaster X & The Political Machine
29. Re: Volcano Aug 11, 2004, 10:08 Cygnus
Sure. So are sour grapes losers who sue the system because they actually LOST! And couldn't believe it.

4 independent studies are also included that prove the winner actually won too!

This comment was edited on Aug 11, 10:09.
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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Beta Update
18. Re: No subject Aug 10, 2004, 21:30 Cygnus
I think instant's point is that Steam is the first step into turning software into a pay-for-play utility, much like DivX (the company, not the format) tried to foist on the DVD-movie viewing public back when the format was new. In other words, you pay to play the game (doesn't matter which game), each and every time you want to play the game. Even though you probably already paid an inital 'startup' fee, you won't actually own the software, or even an unlimited use license for the software (like all EULA's currently grant). Think about that for aminute or two. It's like buying a TV, taking it home, hooking it up, then paying every time you wanted to watch it. That may not be where Steam is right now, but the foundation is being laid and all you poor suckers who buy into it WILL regret it later when more software companies jump on the bandwagon.

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News Comments > Game Reviews
2. Re: No subject Aug 8, 2004, 15:50 Cygnus
You're going to lump the ToTheGame guys into the same group as those who (you claim) spout "lies, overstatements, or just plain delusions regarding Doom III?" For a simple typo?

2 words for you: Prozac. Now.

And BTW, all those "lies, overstatements, or just plain delusions regarding Doom III" most likely were the result of the tremendous hype machine surrounding the game before its release. In which case you can't really call them "lies, overstatements, or just plain delusions regarding Doom III" now, can you? You could call it an incredibly high level of excitement with an unnatural need to find and report every last little bit of minutia about the game. "lies, overstatements, or just plain delusions regarding Doom III," I don't think so.

Gaming websites that flat out lie or spread misinformation don't last long (*cough* DailyRadar *cough*).

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News Comments > Help Wanted - Game Tester
7. Re: One question.. Jul 16, 2004, 21:17 Cygnus

Most of you probably have NO idea how correct FourPak is.
Another funny thing is that I recently read an article in Wired! about Indian software houses. They actually claim to churn out better code than anyone else on the planet. Wassa matter? Can't get an H1-B any more you fucktards?

(former Silicon Valley resident/engineer)

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News Comments > etc.
5. Re: LAN Centers Jul 7, 2004, 20:44 Cygnus
That's a really dumb analogy. Haven't you ever heard of a cyber-cafe? They're pretty much the same thing. LAN centers grew out of LAN parties, it's true. But rather than your silly description of them 'standing on the shoulders of LAN parties,' they're actually the natural extension of that phenomenon. I defy you to show me any LAN party that is successful and growing that DOESN'T turn into a for-profit gig.
You've obviously never put together a LAN center much less visited one. I have (done both). LAN centers typically offer much much more than just a place to play games. They usually have Office type software and printers for people on-the-go (just like Kinko's), rent out their space for software training sessions, and several other convenience-based PC services. It's far, far beyond the simple hobby you claim it is(at least for the successful ones). The truth of the matter is that the industry is so new that most software publishers either don't offer, or haven't figured out how to capitalize on a site license. When we put a LAN center together in northern CA 2 years ago, software companies laughed at us when we asked about site licensing (ALL of them), then got all defensive and pulled the Valve thing (we'll sue you if you do), so we went ahead and bought several copies of all the games we offered. That isn't the right way to go, but it's better than using one master to install to 32 machines (besides the issues with playing online and CD-keys). As software companies have come around, more and more site licensing options have become available. We always pick up the ones we feel the customers will use. Valve's is definitely the worst. Sorry to say, but your logic is backwards. It's the software companies that have been screwing legitimate entrepreneurs out of a living (though most are coming around).

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News Comments > Consolidation
10. Re: Xbox Apr 27, 2004, 20:31 Cygnus
The short answer is you need an HDTV compatible TV (one that supports 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions) and the HDTV AV pack (not sure of the exact name).

An alternate solution is to pick up the X2VGA monitor dongle ( I have one and run it through my 19" CRT. Fabulous. All I can say is fabulous. Works with LCD's as well!!)

This comment was edited on Apr 27, 20:34.
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News Comments > Steam Survey Update
52. Re: No subject Mar 14, 2004, 04:53 Cygnus
Finally people are starting to come around. I am not against digital distribution, in fact I'm all for it, but Steam is pure evil and not the way to do it. In effect, Steam==DivX for those who remember that boondoggle of a DVD format. Steam destroys what keeps the game industry alive and kicking: LAN parties. Steam is one step closer to pay per play software. If Linux hadn't gained so much popularity (and more every day), this very business model is what Microsoft was working on. Now they're scrambling to rework their plans so open-source and pure Unix-based OS's don't kill them off altogether. Steve Ballmer is completely delusional if he thinks open-source OS software is not the wave of the future, or is a bad thing (and he does, BTW).

It's the same thing I've been telling you since Steam first arrived: Keep supporting it and you'll be paying every time you want to play a game in the near future. You will never again own your own software (not even a license to play whenever you want), you'll rent it. Just like DivX.

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News Comments > Infinium Labs vs. [H]ardOCP
38. No subject Feb 21, 2004, 01:10 Cygnus
I'm a survivor of Silicon Valley. I've seen things like this before (RealPC, anyone?). I know that VCs are smarter than that nowadays, especially after dot.Bomb. There is no possible way Infinium could have $25 mil with credentials like that. Personally, I believe Mr. Roberts to be a complete fraud, luring unsuspecting venture capitalists with tales of El Dorado, squandering their money on himself ("$3 million dollar house"), and hiding behind bankruptcy when the kitchen gets too hot (past business record). People like this actually flourished.
3 and a half years ago.
Not today.

That was the most unbiased news article I've come across in any form of media in 20 years. All research was listed and quoted. There wasn't even an attempt at spin, and even the last part was presented as opinion (certainly a valid opinion considering the findings). What I got from the article were documented, published facts and a vague feeling of disappointment from the author. Not much else.

If HardOC reported normal, everyday news like that, they'd utterly destroy CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, MSNBC, CIAtv, and all the other alphabet networks. Nobody needs, or wants, drama in their news.

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News Comments > Help Wanted
7. Re: No subject Feb 10, 2004, 16:54 Cygnus
Why don't you lay off Pharcyde? He asked a legit question. Guzzlefish is pretty cryptic until you go there and click the About link, whereas Blues is plainly obvious. Until I looked into it, I would have concluded that Guzzlefish was a waste of bandwidth (it's not). Someone should come up with a better description of the site/service being offered.

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News Comments > Conan Demo
26. Re: Works, wish it didn't Jan 12, 2004, 23:02 Cygnus
People say don't judge a game on its demo

No they don't. I have never heard anybody say that (except for a few developers trying to cover up 'leaked' versions). In fact, exactly the opposite is the case. If I shouldn't judge the game on it's demo, then what, exactly, is the purpose of producing a demo in the first place?

BTW, demo==demonstration - a showing of the merits of a product or service to a prospective consumer.

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News Comments > etc.
13. No subject Jan 8, 2004, 18:58 Cygnus
The only reason to get offended at the ad is by knowing where the original picture came from, what context it was used in, and how it was altered. I didn't know these things, so the ad didn't offend me. The only reason any of you know that this is an altered picture is because the petition author pointed it out. Considering what much of the rest of the advertising world tries to push off on us, this ad is pretty non-offensive, and even creative.

And I'm still not offended by the ad.

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News Comments > Half-Life Hostile Intent
6. Realism? What for? Dec 31, 2003, 20:35 Cygnus
If I want realism, I'll wake up every day, get out of bed, do and go through the things I already do and have done for a long time. I don't play games for realism. I play them for escape and entertainment. I wish that game and mod-makers would realize that 99% of ALL gamers feel pretty much the same way as I do. It's one thing to try to make a game as realistic as possible given a certain setting, but still realize that the player is the (super)hero of the story and modify the game accordingly. Trying to make a game that perfectly mimics real-world physics/situations/scenery is just stupid. YOUR perceptions of time/space/physics are going to be different from MY perceptions of the same things (laws of physics notwithstanding). Just look at mbmonk's comments for proof.

No, I haven't played it. I don't trust Valve for trying to turn game software into a pay-for-play utility. It may not be at that level presently, but it will be in the future if you continue to support applications like Steam.

Second, "modeled with a level of detail that a lot of other games/mods/tc's don't have" using the Half-Life engine? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAaaaaa *cough*.

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News Comments > Mac Halo Gold
6. Re: G5 Dec 8, 2003, 20:17 Cygnus
Don't forget that the PC port of Halo wasn't done by Bungie.

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