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News Comments > More Half-Life 2 Preloads
12. Re: gaben wasn't his password Sep 3, 2004, 00:14 human
Oh my lordy lodry, creston! I only have 400 gigs of storage! I voluntarily let Valve take up a gig because I want HL2 faster...let's crucify Gabe Newell for it! Christ, what kind of imbecile bitches constantly about a game you claim to have no interest in?

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Preloads Steam Ahead
49. Re: $TEAM !!!!!!!!!! Aug 27, 2004, 02:16 human
shurrap ghoti, ur just a valve fanboy...steam forces u 2 have adsl just to play multiplayer..i want to play online from a plane or wherever..with a CD from a store i could play MP whever i want but NOT W/ $TEAM !!!!1one

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Preloads Steam Ahead
40. $TEAM !!!!!!!!!! Aug 27, 2004, 01:42 human
$TEAM forces u 2 get online just to play multiplayer games that'z BULLSHI T!!! with a regular cd i can play multiplayer whenever i want, u valve fanb0ys shurrap!!! VALVE IS JUST LIKE MICRO$L0TH, VALVE RIPPED iD N-E-WAYZ!!! HL2?? gay! GAY!!! greedy bastards keeping more money for themselves, just like greedy publishers!! information (including HL2) WANTS 2 B free!!!

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News Comments > Afternoon Q&As
18. DVD Aug 19, 2004, 17:21 human
Some people just don't need a damned DVD drive in the PC. They'll watch movies on a real TV with a DVD player, and have no need for DVD burning. It's that simple.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Steam Preloads
41. Re: No subject Aug 19, 2004, 15:48 human
Awwww, poor dumbass Scottish Martial Arts (a contradiction in terms, by the way, given Scotland's colonization from the british) doesn't get what he wants.

Cry me a shader-based realtime refraction and wave superpositioning rendered river.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike Source Beta Update
5. Re: Source preload Aug 17, 2004, 03:56 human
Just let me pre-empt everyone else and be the first to say the following, so no one else has to:


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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source/Half-Life 2 Preloads
44. Re: steam Aug 11, 2004, 15:07 human
Hey, whiners. Just DON'T BUY ANY FURTHER VALVE PRODUCTS and you won't need to use Steam any more.

Then everyone wins, becuase you won't have to use something you obviously hate, and the rest of us can BE FREE OF YOUR GOD FORSAKEN, CONSTANT WHINING.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 = Late Summer?
73. Re: Told ya! Apr 27, 2004, 18:09 human
Someone wanna tell me what the hell 'titular' means?

= "as named in the title"

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News Comments > Chrome Dedicated Server
2. Re: About time! Apr 6, 2004, 13:58 human
I liked the OLD dawn better...

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News Comments > Steam Survey Update
44. Re: This you need to explain to me Mar 13, 2004, 15:35 human
Creston is such a little bitch. Hey, little bitch. You dont have to download Steam. Just don't do it! It's not forced on you, it's valve's own business decision. If they fail, they fail. None of your foaming at the mouth on Blue's News will alter their plans one iota. I just wonder what personal investment you have that you constantly on here deriding valve, first claiming that HL2 didnt even exist a mere month before it was announced. That was funny, wasn't it? How wrong you were?

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News Comments > Molyneux on Design
19. Re: Head out of arse please! Mar 7, 2004, 16:02 human
Yeah, there are plenty of successful games that one line doesnt do justice too.

"You are a Master Chief, a superengineered soldier who is called to destroy a fanatical aliens species for control of a vast enigmatic ring-shaped space construct with the help of a onboard supercomputer from your crashed battleship." ???

One line is need to SELL or PITCH a game idea to a publisher, maybe, but that has nothing to do with how good the game itself is.

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News Comments > New H-L Natural Selection
5. Re: Can anyone be so kind... Feb 11, 2004, 10:11 human
You should try NS just for being one of the few quality games that have integrated RTS elements (marines' Commander) with a FPS shooter. Only the Marine commander plays RTS, but if you're a marine grunt you'll be basically be playing like a grunt in starcraft or something, trying to follow orders while using a bit of your own initiative to get the commander's tasks done.

Aliens are a very different team of creatures with cool abilities (silent wallcrawling, invisibility, etc).

Worth checking out for sure.

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News Comments > More 3000AD vs DreamCatcher
28. Re: is it me... Feb 1, 2004, 03:53 human
John Nelson, just take a simple microeconomics class. You can find them at your local institution of higher learning. Any university or community college will do. Your gut intuition about how to make the most profit is just meaningless speculation. Learn some of the theory and see why you're wrong.

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News Comments > Far Cry SP Demo
211. Re: Cannot install game Jan 27, 2004, 20:40 human
You are retarded, 'Defbringer', you can easily subst and create a virtual drive C that is really whatever your primary is. Haha. Instead, you formatted. The last refuge of idiots.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
19. Re: Starship Troopers Jan 25, 2004, 10:11 human
Actually, hump, ths protagonist in the book was of Filipino extraction. (He mentions toward the end of the book that he speaks Tagalog, one of the official Filipino languages, and he also refers to Ramon Magsaysay as a national hero.) But, yes, as you say, for a time when America was segregated, Heinlein was way ahead of his time. Notice also the Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, German, and other diverse nationalities of the soldiers in his novel. Definitely not your typica; white-bread narrow minded Flash Gordon story here. Too bad Verhoeven trashed all of Heinlein's diversity and reverted to an all-white cast for the movie. Of course, Verhoeven wanted to paint Heinlein as a Nazi, and wasn't going to get things like facts get in his way.

Xenos: I actually believe that a lot of the ideas in the novel are not just '50's-era' but are applicable today. The idea that citizenship requires some effort to get (and would be therefore valued more) is still a very relevant idea for many countries, especially ones that require civil or military service (Finland, Switzerland, Taiwan, to name a few). Whether Verhoven wanted to portray that or not, it wasn't particularly ethical of him to ignore that and turn it into a Fascist state. If Heinlein's society in Starship Troopers is fascist, then so must be all the nations I mentioned above that require civil or military service for citizenship. But to my knowledge, Finland, Switzerland, and Taiwan are all democracies, and doing quite well.

This comment was edited on Jan 25, 10:14.
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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
13. Re: Starship Troopers Jan 25, 2004, 00:44 human
None of the cool techy stuff OR the moral philosophical questions were in the movie, so, no it wasnt really inspired by the book except for character names and title.

The director said himself he never read the book before he filmed the movie.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
11. Re: will justice finally Jan 25, 2004, 00:32 human
Who cares about the 'movie license'. The movie was a deliberate parody of the book. Verhoeven is a fucking asshole for mocking a classic of SF.

A game done based on the novel itself would be very excellent. Dropping into combat from orbit in a personal space capsule, waging war in a damn-near one-man, very mobile tank suit. That would be grand!

Anywaya all mechs and battle suits from Japanese anime or other SF sources are really based off of Heinlein's idea of powered armor, which was pretty much the first instance of such in literature (1959). Even Cameron took much inspiration from Starship Troopers the novel, in the close-quarters combat vs. insectoid aliens and also Ripley's powerlifter, an industrial civilian version of Heinlein's powered armor.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Screenshots
87. Re: oh darn Dec 16, 2003, 10:56 human
That's a good one, space captain. Gabe newell and his other MS buddies were a "Q2 MOD TEAM"??? HAHAHAHahahahahahahahahaha... hahahahahahah!!

oh, and: hahAHAHAHAHH!!


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News Comments > BREED Demo Redux
24. Re: Sigh Dec 5, 2003, 19:05 human
Let this be a hint to Brat...having your own artists do voices DOES NOT WORK. Besides the bad sound effects (the alien fighters sound like a flanged distorted wind sample) BAD VOICE ACTING TAKES EVERYTHING DOWN 5 NOTCHES JUST BY ITSELF. HIRE SOME PROFESSIONALS.

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News Comments > Universal Combat Demo Update
33. Re: This Thread Oct 19, 2003, 05:41 human
I've never played a Derek Smart game in my life, but at least the guy's got the balls to go out and do his own game and keep it alive. I can see plenty of problems with stuff like the UI and stuff from these screenshots, and frankly this kind of simulation isn't my bag at all, but like I said: at least he's working on something he likes and trying to keep it alive. It's much easier to snipe anonymously and slag off this guy and quote him out of context than it is to actually do what he's doing.

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