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Sep 25, 2001, 23:41
No subject Sep 25, 2001, 23:41
Sep 25, 2001, 23:41

Long post, but understandable...
Sep 25, 2001, 20:49
Long post, but understandable... Sep 25, 2001, 20:49
Sep 25, 2001, 20:49
This post will show you what you are talking about. How you talk trash about the X-Box... just to turn out to be an awesome system.

Here is what one or some people have writting about the downfall of Sony and it's up-and-coming system (when this was written, that is), Playstation 2. This post consists of several forum topics started on a Playstation 2 message board.

Topic one:

When Sony announced its new console, it naturally told us to get ready for the end-all be-all of game machines. Excitement was building for the Dreamcast (or Blackbelt, or Dural, or Katana, or whatever it was being called at the time), and Sony needed to do its best to quash that excitement, fast. So it started making some outrageous claims to stir things up a bit -- my favorite of these was the one about PlayStation 2 being able to produce graphics on par with Toy Story (rumor now stands that the third film in the series will be called Buzz Lightyear’s Adventure in Jaggy-Land). The silly thing about all this boasting, though, is that everyone swallowed it hook, line, sinker, rod, and fisherman. Whether they loved or hated the original PlayStation, gamers everywhere were ready to receive their own personal holodecks. Even people unassociated with video gaming made asses out of themselves by praising the new machine. In an interview with Roger Ebert, George Lucas claimed PS2 would put power on par with the special effects of The Phantom Menace right in your living room. Newsweek ran a story about how the new PlayStation would deliver a brave new world of nigh-orgasmic entertainment (just look at the face on that kid on the cover!).

That hype continued straight on until PlayStation 2 was finally released to the Japanese market. On March 3rd, the evening before its release, stores all over the country had lines spilling out into traffic and wrapped around street corners. Hordes of eager gamers waited outside all night so that they might be the first to part with $400 when the shops opened their doors the next morning, and as a result PlayStation 2’s sold out almost instantly. In the first weekend, Sony came close to pushing one million units -- and they would have done more, if they hadn’t simply run out of stock. For the next month, it was as though PS2 didn’t even exist. The software could be found anywhere -- even used software could be found anywhere -- but anyone who wanted the actual console was out of luck. Only recently have the fancy blue boxes started showing up again on store shelves, a place where they last for up to five whole seconds before being bought.

So why did the machine sell so well? Two simple words: brand loyalty. Let’s face it; the Japanese love their PlayStations. Saturn didn’t last much longer in Japan than it did in the States, and N64 is just a pathetic (and expensive) joke.Like America, Sony has the Japanese market by both of its balls -- so that by the time Dreamcast hit the stores, common knowledge of PlayStation 2’s upcoming arrival restricted its customers to little more than the hardcore gamers. Even Dreamcast’s fantastic visuals and incredibly innovative games couldn’t convince very many of its value when Sony’s behemoth was right on the horizon. And when PlayStation 2 finally did show up, even its high price tag didn’t dissuade the masses that had spent so much time in anticipation. Heck, after waiting that long, most people wouldn’t even mind if the games were a bit on the crappy side -- and that’s good for Sony, since in fact, they are.

Topic two:

Reasons why PS2 will fail

1. I read at MSNBC that the guys from Konami are not the only BIg time game producers who are having major problems. They interviewed the guys from Capcom who produced the Resident Evil series and the guys at Namco (of all places) along with the guys at Konami, and they got similer responces. The guy from Namco said that they could make great games on PS2, but that they were going to have to scale back the graphics. And the guy from Capcom went so far as to say, that programming for the Saturn was far easier than programming for the PS2. My Lord, if its that hard to program for, and with X-Box and Dolphin both promising better graphics and better programming environment, how much longer does the PS2 really have? I mean this question seriously. Look at what happened to the Saturn. Most people like to say that Saturn died because SEGA did not support it. And while it is true that SEGA could have supported it better, the main reason why the system failed, is that it was too hard to program for and 3rd party developers dropped it like a bad habit once they figured out that PSX was not only easier to program for, but also you could get better quality 3-D on it. And what I find most alarming, is that the people who complain the most about PS2, are for the most part, are not only the very same people who complained about the Saturn, but are the best and most talented people in our industry. Even John Carmack has commented on this. This is exactly what Sony is facing right now. Both Dolphin and X-Box will be out soon. Both systems will be more powerful than PS2, and at least one (X-Box) and maybe even both will be easier to program for. How much longer under circumstances like that do we really think that PS2 will be around. I don't care how much potential a system has. Remember, Saturn had a lot of potential too. For the most part, developers are lazy or they need to achieve quick results to make their money. If PS2 can not provide this . . . Well just remember this, prior to Saturn coming out, everyone and their moms said that SEGA would rule. Look at them now and that should tell you more than enough the importance of an easy to program development environment.
2. The cost to develop a PS2 game is outrageous. I have heard in the area of $5,000,000 per game. And that is on the lower end of the spectrum. You start talking about games like Onimusha or MGS2, and the price is going to go significently higher. In the same interview that I mentioned above, the guy from Capcom was saying how his company just simply gave him carte blanche on the game's budget. The average cost for producing a PSX game is between $500,000 to $1,000,000. In just one generational leap, production costs of Sony software has multiplied by a factor of as much as x10. Two things arise from this. One, how will the smaller developer keep up? Two, how will the larger developers make thier investments back? You know, it amazes me how much we are ready to discuss how many PS2s are sold in Japan, but no one wishes to talk about how much software has moved over thier. The last I heard, was that the ratio was 2:1 (software sold per PS2 unit). In case no one noticed, but in this business, we make our money directly based on how many games we sell, which is only indirectly based on how many systems we sell . . . but as PS2 is proving in Japan, this is not always the case. That is why to this day, I keep wondering why Sony did not support Bleem in creating thier PC-based emu. It would have openned up an entirely new market for PSX games to be sold. At the very least, Sony could have licensed out their copy protection, so that anyone who purchased Bleem, could not use it to play CD-R PSX games. That's what Connectix did with their PSX/Mac emu . . . and got sued. Sony could have broaden their market, sold even more PSX games to PC users and made even more money. Anyway, back on topic. Let's say that I am a developer and I have just spent $5 million on a game. And I am bringing this game to market so that I may profit from it. Now the retail price of software is what it has always been, so it is unlikely that I am going to make anymore money per game unit that I sell now as I did last year. Now providing that PS2 sells massive numbers, I should be set right? Maybe not. Problem one is, from current trend, their is at least one entire market who bought PS2 just for a DVD player (shame on them). So automatically, that is going to directly affect my sales potential. Of the 3 major global markets, their is at least one, that I may sale extremely little. But what say that the trend continues beyond Japan. Then the problem spreads to other markets. But even if the trend does not spread, I have yet another problem. In my haste to be the first to jump on PS2 bandwagon, I did not notice, but so did everyone else. And everyone is producing +$5 million games. and everyone else is going to be pushing like mad to make that $5 million back, plus a nifty little profit. So in less than a year of the PS2 launch, where do I find myself. Back where I was when I was only developing for PSx. Struggling. It has been a known fact for several years, that their are too many publishers, not enough active gamers on PSX. Next Generation did a story on this over 2 years ago. Matter of fact, the only people making money on PSX, are that consistantly sell games in the top ten. Everyone else, is just getting by. Now throw that entier group of developers on PS2. But now there are no where near as many PS2s owners out there, because the system just came out and and statistically speaking, the vast majority of people who adopt a game system, only do so in the systems last 2 to 2.5 years. The first couple of years, are almost totally the domain of the hardcore to medium core gamers. Add to that, the cost to develop games for the system are 5 to 10 times more than just last year. And now tell me, how am I going to not only make a return and break even on this system, but also make a profit?

3. What bugs me most about the above scenario, is that at the Y39,900 ($400) pricetag, Sony was losing around $180 per PS2 sold in Japan. At this point, I am more than sure that the amount lost is lower due to selling 2 million units, but how much lower. With Saturn, SEGA redesigned the system 5 times, each model costing less to produce than the one before and they sold about 12 to 13 million worldwide (10 mil in Japan, 1.5 mil in USA, 0.9 mil in Europe, plus whatever they sold in other smaller markets), and in the end, they were still losing about $25 per Saturn sold. So exactly how much less PS2 costs to produce now than it did when it launched, is in the air. You see, the above scenario plays directly into this one. If PS2 is doing horribly in software sales, not only does this affect 3rd parties, but it affects Sony as well. No doubt as the 1st party, Sony is going to be in that top ten that I mentioned earlier, but lsts face it, a humongous percentage that a 1st party earns, is directly related to how much royalties they can charge to 3rd parties. If very little software is selling, this is going to cut deep into Sony's massive pockets. As I recall, Sony had intended to break even on their initial losses for PS2 within two years. Of course thier initial projections put them as selling 2 million PS2s in one day (in Japan). Also their initial projections did not take into affect that Microsoft would be launching a system so soon after PS2 that was more powerful. As I recall, Sony called PS2, "the ten year system." The last time; heck the ONLY time that I ever heard of a system taking the amount of losses per system as PS2, is SEGA's Saturn. And even then, SEGA only lost $100 per unit, not $180. The fact that both Dolphin and X-Box exist, is going to reek BIG havoc on the chances of Sony ever breaking even with thier current losses on PS2 hardware. The fact that SEGA is giving Dreamcast away free later this year, does not do Sony any favors either.

4. And mentioning SEGA, their is the SEGA factor that MUST be accounted for at this time. For over a year, it was the hip thing to do in the games industry, to blow off SEGA as if somehow they did not matter. Now I look at things, and I see a whole lot of people kicking themselves for having done this. The gross hubris in the game industry, is going to be serving up a lot of crow over the next few years. Whether you like SEGA or not, they have done a remarkable job with the Dreamcast. If nothing else, they have assured themselves a 2nd place status in the current iteration of console systems. The very fact that they have gone out of their way to make narrowband online gaming one of thier highest priorities, assures it. Not only have they made it a priority, but they have facilitated the means to produce all genres of online games that even the PC has a hard time handling. When gamers finally get a look at NFL2K1 or NBA2K1 running a 60fps in high res, with not slow down, no draw-in over the Net, they are going to forever expect this type of gaming from everything from here on. If you can not deliver this experience, you are going to have a bad mark against you in the eyes of so many gamers. Notice, X-box is shipping with a modem in the box. Take in online play, a lower cost, a get a DC "free' deal, over 200 games due out by years end, Bleemcast (which so far is running and excelerating PSX games, better than the PS2), and the graphic quality of almost every DC game, equalling or besting everything so far from PS2, and you see that it is extremely important at this time, that SEGA be accounted for. And to think, just a year ago, we were all so sure that SEGA would simply die once PS2 was launched. then their is the actual gameplay quality of DC games. So much innovation. Honestly, the last time I so this much innovation in gameplay on a consistant basis, was back during the early days of 8-bit. If somehow SEGA ever manages to convey just how "new" a great many DC games are, then getting gamers to buy the system is going to be a no brainer. Then there is the matter of DC's development costs. While they are definitely more than PSX's, they are certainly a far cry from PS2's. I think the result of this, is already beginning to take shape, or has no one noticed the increasing numbers of small developers who are beginning to embrace the DC? Traditionally, the best innovations in gaming, have come from the smaller development houses (either that or the 1st parties themselves). With the cost of entry for DC development being so low, expect by next years end, to see a swarming mass of small developers keeping DC plenty alive. And these small developers, they are the BIG boys of tomorrow. And with relative little competition coming from any of todays BIG boys, not only will these guys make an easy profit on DC, but they will be the BIG boys of the future. Afterall, we all start out small. Where was EA before Genesis? How about Konami before NES? Or Psygnosis before Playstation? They are all 3 major players, and at one point, all 3 were nobodies . . . and coincidentally, they all 3 started out developing on consoles that everyone thought would fail. In 5 years, expect to companies like UbiSoft, Crave and Ripcord as major players in the game.

Everything is doom and gloom for the PS2, and I think Sony in creating PS2, has created itself an uphill fight. Had they settled for a dedicated game console, instead of creating a device to take over the entire livingroom, there is no doubt in my mind that they would not only succeed, but retain the top spot in the game. But honestly, if you really think about it, with all the stiff competition from the entrenched SEGA, and the promise of better developing grounds just around the corner provided by both Nintendo and MicroSoft (who by the way, will likely follow SEGA's lead, and give X-Box away free with sign-up and commitment to MSN/DSL), the many mistakes and miscalculations that Sony has made (system too hard to program for, high cost to develop for system, high cost to manufacture system, too many developers too early on system, etc.) in developing the PS2, could in the end prove quite detrimental for Sony. But considering that in the entire history of videogaming, that no company has held unto the #1 spot for more than a generation (hey, we got better term limits that the federal government), I would not worry too much. I see it as just par for the course. Every company so far, has gotten a BIG fat head, following their time at the top. A fat head, that caused them to make plenty enough stupid mistakes. But as the industry continues to grow, there will be room for everyone to join in on the fun. Just like with other forms of entertainment, the "good ole days" of monopolyies and dynasties are at an end. I don't think that anyone was counting on it, but then that's evolution for ya (and this industry is certainly going through an evolution), it just sneaks up on you, and before you know it, you are an entirely different species.

Welcome to the next level . . .

Topic three:

this is from r good friend rawness
Yes on Sept. 7th 2000 the death of ps2 will
begin. To the moron who thinks October 26 will
even effect dreamcast let me educate your biased
misinformed, opinionated pea for a brain. Since
you have no idea on how both ps2 and dreamcast
graphic architectures work, let me tell you the
absolute truth, since Iam a graphic artist and
computer graphics developer. Sega and Sony both
lied about their consoles specs! Sega purposely
stated that the dreamcast does a moderate
3million polys per sec. because they knew
companies would try to one-up them since sega's
the first out the gate. The truth is the power
vr2 chip in the dreamcast can push between
7million - 10 million polys per sec. at 60 frames
per second with all effects turned on. Just ask
infogrames who's developing Lemans 2000 for
dreamcast with a engine that runs 6million polys
per sec at 60 frames per sec with 40 cars on the
track at the same time. Now Sony lied like
always. The ps2 can only do 10million-15million
polys per sec in game max. Sony chose to
sacrifice resolution and anti-aliasing per scene
for polygon count. the result is nothing
spectacular. Every ps2 game coming out at launch
is from average to a complete waste of money.
Now there is no difference between the 64 bit
nintendo and 32 bit playstation, so what the f$%@
makes you think there is going to be a difference
between a 128 bit dreamcast and 128 ps2? Enough
graphic talk the real matter is as follows. Sony
is too late, there are too many dreamcasts sold
in America (3million and counting). Ps2 either
should have come out in USA last march or they
should have held it back and made it 256 bits and
released it in 2001. Sony f#$%ed up! Seganet
launched on Sept.7th 2000 will lock in the user
base of dreamcast users for 2years and developers
know this. So making a dreamcast game is
guaranteed money. But the new Sega is too smart.
while you sony clowns are getting burnt for $300
and hoping for ps3, seganet subscribers will
recieve Dreamcast 2 with packed in games for free
in 2002 just for renewing our seganet
subscriptions at the end of the 2 year seganet
contract. Sega users will never have to buy
another Sega console again. You see we'll get
them for free since Sega will make billions from
their isp service. Sega can literally bit@# smack
the industry every year by putting out a console
every year and consumers don't even have to pay
for them to have them. But of course this Sega
wouldn't be that arrogant and the key is to make
development environments for game developers
stable and not changing so rapidly. Sega has the
industry in a choke hold and I can hear companies
sufficating quickly, why the hell you think Sega
said NO to Microsoft? The truth is and I know
none of you know this yet but Sega's dreamcast
DVD add-on will be out in 2001 and it will have
in it the 256 bit upgrade power vr2 chip or the
512 bit power vr3 chip! which incidentally Virtua
Fighter 4 is being developed on the 512 bit Kyro
board But wait Virtua Fighter 4 is confirmed for
the 128 bit Dreamcast! Put 1 and 1 together
moron. Dreamcast users will be rewarded with a
$200 rebate, The BEST offline and online
games,the fastest isp service and compatible DVD
add-on in 2001 that will sell for $50 since the
price of DVD player technology will drop due to 2
reasons. First DVD Recorders will be out next
year and the second the ps2 launch this year. Gee
thanks sony!. So do you really think Sega is
even worried about Sony, hell no! Ask Sega's
Peter Moore. A matter a fact Sony did nothing in
Japan, japanese gamers were extremely
disappointed in ps2 and to this day all they do
is watch movies on it. Sega sold over 2 million
dreamcasts in japan and they still sell roughly
6000 - 10000 dreamcasts a week in japan.(check
out sega-zone.numbers) Dreamcast has Grandia 2,
shenmue, shenmue2, ecco, sonic advent.2,
PhantasyStar ONLINE, NFL2k1, NBA2k1, NHL2k1,
Virtua Tennis 2 online, HEAD HUNTER, Ecco 2, Jet
set radio, hundredswords, DOA2special edition,
yes! Streets of Rage4, seaman, Rayman2, Rayman3,
TombRaider 5,seaman2001,halflife, Quake3,
outtriggers, starlancer, blackandwhite, TokyoEX2,
SegaGt, VirtuaCop3, HouseoftheDead 3,yes! Shinobi
the return, Crazy Taxi 2, Soul caliber, Legacy of
Kain 2, Driver 2, Soul Caliber 2, Nights 2,
Carrier 2, Illbleed, Akolyte, Bang gunship, D2,
Frogger 2, independence war 2, Sega epic new
fighting game, Virtual On, Zombie Revenge 2,
Project Eden, Samba de amigo, Space channel 5 the
sequel, Tetris online, Heavy metal 2000, Kiss
psycho Circus, Microsoft flight simulator 2000,
New Resident Evil Online, Capcom vs SNK, Spawn,
F355, Sonic shuffle, alone in the dark 4,Rogue
Spear, Tony Hawk 2,Alien Front online,Picassio
,Metropolis, Evil Dead, Evil twin,Skies of
arcadia, Chakan the forever,xtreme games, Espn
track and field, Unreal Tournament,F@#$ it,
theres no need for me to go on. Iam sick of these
babble mouth,know nothing geeks on the internet
who feel threatened by one company or another in
the console market. I don't work for Sega, sony
,nintendo or microsoft. I work for me and I tell
it like it is because I know exactly what Iam
talking about. So all you losers out there
waiting for ps2 you may as well skip that and
wait for x-box or skip that and wait for
Dreamcast 2. Whatever, Sega is here to stay and
so is Nintendo. Sony's not even a game company
they're a 35 billion dollar electronic company
trying to be a wana be multi-media company and
believe it or not Microsofts in house game
development teams are way more skilled than
Sony's in house but microsoft can't make a good
game to save their lives. So the bottom line is
Sega, Nintendo and Atari are gaming gods, If you
want to buy your way into this business, Money is
not enough, cause what goes up must come down.
Sony prepare to make more TVs for these
Dreamcast and Starcube users, you losers! A
matter of fact some econimists are predicting
Sega to go from a 3 billion dollar company to a
projected worth of 10 billion dollars in 2
business quarters due to the Seganet contracts,
Sega expects 12 million Seganet subscribers by
2002. So money won't be an issue with Sega either
in the long-run, why do you think companies like
Motorola, GTE, Hitachi, ATT,, etc are
investing their money in Dreamcast. That little
machine with the bright orange light is worth
billions, its expandability is ingenious and its
functionality is incomparible. On top of all of
this not to mention the ps2 shortages. You think
Sony's gonna ship 1million units on October 25,
you better guess again! Try 700,000! So 300,000
of you ps2 preorder guys are going to be pissed.
But wait, those clowns you buy your games from
didn't tell you that when they took your money in
advance? Sony is its own worst enemy in this
case. The next shipment of Ps2s won't be until
2001, and if the second shipment comes before
2001 be aware cause your ps2 might not work due
to Sony's infamous skipping of test cycles to
sell units. The Ps2 is black and blue for a
reason, cause after Sega, Nintendo and Microsoft
are done beating Sony's @$$ it would be those
colors anyway and leaking red. The name Dreamcast
will be king and the only reason you clowns are
believing that ps2 hype is because it isn't here
yet, well on October 26th the only emotion your
going feel from sony's chip is disappointment and
when all your false words, waiting and money has
gone to waste because it wasn't worth it don't
cry, Go buy a free Dreamcast or starcube because
Metal Gear Solid 2 will be on starcube also and I
bet anything Konami will put it on Dreamcast too
after looking at the sales numbers in 2001 for
all systems. If your a real gamer you all ready
knew this, If your a stupid biased bum your now
half the @$$ you used to be. IGN. Post this
letter on IGN Dreamcast or IGN games. whatever,
gamers need to know this. End of Discussion.

Topic four:

Innovation. Innovation is what makes this industry go. Without it, games aren't worth playing. Innovation is the key to keeping gamers excited. You got it, you can turn Metal Gear into Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Bros. into Super Mario 64. Don't got it, and your award-winning Tomb Raider becomes Tomb Raider Five. No matter your role in this industry, you have to stay on your toes and fuel yourself with new ideas. Evolution here is rapid, and today's gamers don't have the time for yesterday's games.

Enter Sony. This absolutey massive electronics company waltzed into video games out of nowhere and unexpectedly trounced the established competition, two companies that knew their industry a hundred times better, but didn't have the money to keep up. Funded by its gross amount of resources, Sony had no trouble imperializing the market. But while Sony may be big and wealthy, it doesn't know much about innovation.
Now of course there have been innovative games on PlayStation. What third parties have achieved on the machine simply can't be denied. But take a look at Sony itself. A good look. The truth isn't hard to see: a vacuous, uncreative corporate giant that should have no business selling game machines. And don't go givin' me that bull about Ken Kutaragi inventing the concept of 3D gaming. Sure, he's a great hardware designer an' all, but Shigeru Miyamoto was inspired to make Mario 64 by Star Fox, not by anything on PlayStation. The 3D revolution was well on its way already; all Sony did was rush it out the door. If it did envision some sort of great 3D turnover, the least it could've done is provide an adequate 3D controller.

That Blasted Controller
Back when the original PlayStation was first announced and shown off, the gaming public had yet to be wowed and hypnotized by it. This was before we were all suckered by Toh Shin Den, which sneaked its sphincter-licking gameplay behind sweet next-generation graphics that made the Saturn version of Virtua Fighter look like, well, the Saturn version of Virtua Fighter. In fact, this was way back when no one was even quite sure how Sony's 32-bit machine would stack up against Sega's. (Don't laugh -- Sega did, after all, have great relations with third parties such as Electronic Arts. Now you can laugh.) But if there was one reason to dismiss PlayStation, above all else it was that blasted controller. At the time the common reaction was, 'Look, someone made the SNES pad crappy.' And damn if that remark wasn't spot on.

The glaring similarity probably has something to do with the fact that the truly original PlayStation (which predates the ‘PlayStation X’ we’re all familiar with) was a 16-bit machine made from the remains of the failed Super NES CD-Rom drive venture. But when they decided to scrap the old console and start again with 3D in mind, why didn’t they scrap the old controller design, too? Their folly can be summed up quite well in the following statement: It has a freakin’ ‘Select’ button for cryin’ out loud! Yes, it’s all thanks to Sony that the most useless button ever put on a controller has survived until this very day. Well, at least the designers made the effort to throw in a few ‘improvements’ all their own, even if it did result in two horribly uncomfortable extra shoulder buttons. The discussion Sony had about the new design can be envisioned like so:

Sony Designer: Hey, check out this great machine Ken threw together. Let’s put it on the market today!
Sony Executive: Wait! We can’t sell it with these Super Nintendo controllers! There’s probably a law against that.
Sony Designer: No problem! Thank goodness I have this controller prototype I made while I was on the crapper once. It’s basically the same thing, but I’ve added two horribly uncomfortable extra shoulder buttons!
Sony Executive: Wow, these extra shoulder buttons are horribly uncomfortable! Better add some hand grips to balance that out.
Sony Designer: Sure thing. While I’m at it, I’ll break up the cross pad and turn the button names into gibberish! Triangle!
Sony Executive: Good work! Just make sure you don’t get rid of that precious ‘Select’ button!
Luckily for gamers, the SNES controller was designed by intelligent people and even Sony’s incompetence couldn’t screw it up that bad. Instead, that happened when they decided to add analog.

Frickin' Analog
You could hear Nintendo laughing when they released the Nintendo64. With those weirdo Batarang controllers, every console seemed to be saying to the competition, ‘You think you know 3D? Take a look at this badass thumbstick and tell me that. Yeah, that’s what I thought, chump.’ Instantly, Sony and Sega were forced to play catch-up, ‘cause when Nintendo innovates, you pay attention. Sega did the smart thing, completely redesigning the existing Saturn pad into one that’s even better than the Dreamcast pad of today. But Sony was just a little too arrogant to admit what a dork it was when it came to 3D control.
Here’s a more detailed explanation. When Nintendo designed the N64, its talented designers took a good look at their sleek SNES controller and concluded, ‘This controller would suck if we just slapped on an analog stick as an afterthought. Let’s start over.’ Sony, on the other hand, took a quick look at its clunky pseudo-SNES controller and concluded, ‘People will buy this controller again if we just slap on an analog stick as an afterthought. Let’s have some beer.’ Oh, if only that were the end of the story. While drunk, one of those brilliant executives shouted, ‘I know how to show up those talented designers at Nintendo! Let’s add two analog sticks!’ Then while they were brewing up the new concoction, someone tossed a couple Rumble Paks into the pot and the Dual Shock was born.

Sadly, even the addition of a second utterly pointless analog stick couldn’t stop Sony from getting upstaged yet again, this time by lesser rival Sega. Since Sega was actually consciously thinking when it designed its new analog controller, it was capable of coming up with a brilliant idea. ‘Hey!’ shouted an excited Sega employee, ‘This analog thing is cool. Let’s make some analog buttons, too -- like, for racing and stuff!’ The idea went through, was put to god-like use in games like NiGHTS and Manx TT, and that employee was awarded a percentage of all hardware sales Sega makes in Japan. Shortly after he was evicted from his apartment and died of starvation.

Sony took Sega’s innovation as a personal insult, and it wasn’t satisfied with simply swallowing up the cash its enemy’s employees needed to feed their families. Sony needed to catch up again, but it couldn’t drastically modify the format of its controller to include analog triggers because that would mean admitting that its format was the worst one on the market. Some deep deliberation was in order, and that was a big problem for a bunch of guys used to just tacking on twice the amount of features already invented by Nintendo. Then one day, one of the designers remembered how pissed off he had been when he found out his microwave oven wouldn’t cook any faster even if he pushed the ‘Start’ button really, really hard. A ‘brilliant’ idea formed in his head, and everyone agreed it was the perfect example of Sony-brand ‘innovation’ to build into the second coming of PlayStation: PlayStation 2.

Stay tuned until next week for part two of:
‘Why Sony is Bad For Games’

I had unfortunately had not been able to find the second part of that topic.

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Sep 25, 2001, 20:31
No subject Sep 25, 2001, 20:31
Sep 25, 2001, 20:31
I'm sorry, but running around corny Egyptian landscapes where it takes you twenty seconds to get to the other side, does not equal the great atmosphere from Doom. The gameplay is not the same - it never has, and it never will be.

Re: No subject
Sep 25, 2001, 20:13
Re: No subject Sep 25, 2001, 20:13
Sep 25, 2001, 20:13
Ray Marden, someday you will realize what other companies do instead of putting off projects future projects. I visit companies like Raven Software weekly, and find you quite discouraging to all Half-Life players (not like I care, though - half of its fanbase consists of players who think they are the most 1337, or best players out there and will stop at nothing to announce that Half-Life beats games that sld 5 times more than it, has had more downloads for a demo, and so on).

I laugh at you. I laugh at your rediculous statements that almost nothing holds a candle to the game.

"If you don't think Valve has given a lot to us, besides the incredible single-player game, I really have nothing positive or respectful to say to you."

Then I am expecting a flame, as I normally would when I complain about a game.

"Half-Life is still a high mark for gaming that is still rarely beat or even matched."

Half-Life has not been a mark for anything. It has nothing in the game that is even remotely revolutionary.

"I love playing TFC, Day of Defeat has got me really excited (Mmmm....beta 2 ), and, although I don't care for the game, CounterSMACK is an amazingly popular game."

All modifications that have nothing to do with the game in any way, shape or form except for the engine that they are built with, the sound, art and graphics.

"and they are in a battle with X number of people who are constantly looking for new ways to cheat."

The latest patch fixed almost all cheats except for some features of Xqz2 (an aimbot, which is not fully operational), including the wallhack bit. They are horrid for fixing cheats, and will not long for the day when they fix a cheat that is not fully operational from a downloadable patch within one week of the latest, official Half-Life patch.

"When was last Quake 3 patch released? When is the next one due? Hey, everybody at ID must be complete morons (especially that Carmack guy)"

Wow, I am appalled by your loss of sense when you were writing this one.

Ok... :

"When was last Quake 3 patch released?"

Probably several months ago. Since not many things are broken with Quake 3: Arena, and are also currently with limited staff on the next biggest hit, they could not possibly have the time to write a senseless patch, which will not include many features that will be recognized as 'extremely helpful' (since they, after all, have a strong community behind them, including two CS-like mods (one of which is already released)).

"When is the next one due?"

Probably not for a long while. Refer to my above statements for viable reasons why the next one is not due for a while.

"Hey, everybody at ID must be complete morons"

Yeah, only morons could shape the First-Person-Shooter industry, let alone create the whole genre. Only morons could create some of the best-selling line of computer games in history.

"(especially that Carmack guy)"

Only a moron could create the most advanced engines suitable for gaming in history, and could only create some of the most recognized, and most licensed engines ever.

" Whe was the last Unreal patch released? How many patches has UT had? Morons."

No comment. I am sure my case rests somewhere on the lines of id Software's perfectly excusable solutions and answers for patches (they are flawwed like every company is in a small way, though).

"What about Raven's games?"

Their game, Soldier of Fortune, sold 400,000 units in no time. Their games are of no hinderace to the gaming community as a whole in any case.

"How many for Black & White? Morons."

I am not up-to-date with Black & White, so I cannot comment.

"What's going on with the latest patch(es) for Tribes? Morons."

I agree, though Tribes is more user-friendly for playing new mods and maps more than any other game in history. You do not have to download (or did not for that matter) have to download 95 percent of all mods and maps (since they use prefabs from the game itself).

"I hope it's apparent that I am being sarcastic, but is this where we are right now?"

It's apparent that I visit, and do hope that this offends no one.

Now, I have to apologize to you, Ray Marden, for singling you out and to make you seem like a bad player. You are not.

I am using your post as an example that no one should bash game companies of this sort. I could go on for hours talking about Raven Software. Let this become a lesson. Don't bash companies unless you know something about them (and even used myself as an example, writing about how bad VALVe is). I apologize for everything I have said about VALVe Software. They are as guilty as the rest (more guilty, muahahaha :)).

I am apparently in a good mood. I will probably contradict myself later, though...

Re: dudE!
Sep 25, 2001, 17:13
Re: dudE! Sep 25, 2001, 17:13
Sep 25, 2001, 17:13
It's been three weeks since the falling of three buildings, and a hole being punched into another.

It is time to return the logos, and the Bluesnews motto.

No subject
Sep 25, 2001, 17:10
No subject Sep 25, 2001, 17:10
Sep 25, 2001, 17:10
Although I'm not an anarchist at heart, there is some part of me that is laughing right about.......... now.

I don't cheat on Counter-Strike anymore, and have not been for some time now. The funny thing is, it's like Kasparov (sp?) versus the world (which was an event hosted on the Internet Gaming Zone). I had laughed when it had announced that the world had given up. The same seems to follow suit here. It seems as though the world has given up to cheaters.

No subject
Sep 20, 2001, 19:10
No subject Sep 20, 2001, 19:10
Sep 20, 2001, 19:10
And Half-Life and even Counter-Strike are not runing on four year old engines?

Stupid fuck...

No subject
Sep 17, 2001, 02:24
No subject Sep 17, 2001, 02:24
Sep 17, 2001, 02:24
605, that is an idiotic post of yours if you ignored my apology in the following post shortly after the first, instigative post.

No subject
Sep 16, 2001, 06:37
No subject Sep 16, 2001, 06:37
Sep 16, 2001, 06:37
I live in Wisconsin, and I don't even like cheese.

Maybe if you live in the area we could have a chance to share a few thoughts (or we could just talk on Yahoo Voice Chat).

"That's pretty funny considering your complete lack of intellect."

And your supportive reason is where?

"You're just another stupid, pathetic, looking-for-a-reason-to-be-pissed-off, Timothy McVeigh wannabe, who likes to cry anarchy because you've been rejected by your peers and branded a loser."

Lets see... I must be a stereotypical terrorist, who loaths for violence since I have no friends. Well, Mr. Noname, I have friends (and do so as a chosen lot, not as a dire need). I am no terrorist, unless defending yourself, and your differing opinions is terrorizing someone else other than you. Oh, and I'm not looking forward to instigating any sort of fight on these boards or in real life.

No subject
Sep 15, 2001, 22:25
No subject Sep 15, 2001, 22:25
Sep 15, 2001, 22:25
"As far as you anti-American or un-patriotic assholes on this message board... your ignorance and lack of respect for human life is appalling. And may God punish you all as well..."

I will have mercy on your intellect.

May the deepest soul savior the slightest intellect... and the slightest soul destroy the deepest intellect.

No subject
Sep 15, 2001, 16:05
No subject Sep 15, 2001, 16:05
Sep 15, 2001, 16:05

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No subject
Sep 15, 2001, 16:04
No subject Sep 15, 2001, 16:04
Sep 15, 2001, 16:04

No subject
Sep 15, 2001, 15:52
No subject Sep 15, 2001, 15:52
Sep 15, 2001, 15:52
You do not even have a name, anonymous.

As for my profound stance earlier: I had apologized. So if you did not understand the word 'condolences', I suggest you take a refresher course, or English 9.

Also, I had registered long ago, when it was required. Though, I would have registered no matter the option.

You are no bother on my mind. You are the dust I brush off of my shoulder.

No subject
Sep 15, 2001, 15:18
No subject Sep 15, 2001, 15:18
Sep 15, 2001, 15:18
May anarchy unite the best of us, to destroy the worst of us...

Oh, and I'm sorry for being so rude. My condolences...

No subject
Sep 15, 2001, 15:16
No subject Sep 15, 2001, 15:16
Sep 15, 2001, 15:16
May anarchy unite the best of us, to destroy the worst of us...

No subject
Sep 15, 2001, 14:54
No subject Sep 15, 2001, 14:54
Sep 15, 2001, 14:54
I find this apple pie bullshit of America pretty funny.

Though, I am an American, just not by heart.

I'll take a stand and say, "Shut the fuck up already."

No subject
Sep 13, 2001, 02:04
No subject Sep 13, 2001, 02:04
Sep 13, 2001, 02:04
Mankind was born of unknown cause. Their presence is well known by all who is hunted.

Humanity will grow when it stops crying God, and to end exaggeration.

The war was fierce. It harbored hatred and unnoticed skill. No one paid attention to oneself.

The bloodshed is over.

The rolling hills are no longer green, the fields of flowers are no longer strife with life, and the sky is no longer graceful.

Life is no longer a solace for the soul.

The day the earth ceased to exist is the day peace became synonymous with existence.

Sep 12, 2001, 22:27
... Sep 12, 2001, 22:27
Sep 12, 2001, 22:27
"I just noticed that Blue did indeed take "All the carnage that's fit to post!" off of the main page. Thank you once again, Blue."

Thanks to Blue, this is no longer a hardcore gaming news site, as it once was in the day...

No subject
Sep 6, 2001, 20:35
No subject Sep 6, 2001, 20:35
Sep 6, 2001, 20:35
The 3D Realms team has no slack on their release date as of now. Their engine is out-dated, what support for them is now in the hands of 3D Realms fans with high hopes, and their work ethic must have been challenged several times over. It is a constant failure on their part to produce a game than cannot hold a candle to commonplace work ethic and effort among most game developers, whose effort has produced strong titles such as Soldier of Fortune, The Sims and Half-Life.

It is not beyond all reason to hope for a strong title from them; but as of late, the title has been delayed. Their delaying of the title has not only proved that one will not only need to wait longer, but will need to hope more than ever, that this title will become a break-through in any technological department.

Without straying from core elements of what makes a great game, though (Unreal survived on technology alone), we can only hope that Duke Nukem Forever has not lost its sense for great game play. Game play makes the game (or most games, at least). Without game play, the game will need technology. So in conclusion, Duke Nukem Forever may very well have to survive on great game play (and technology is a very much a standard in today's titles).

This game is using the Unreal engine I believe, which means it will not live up to current, extraordinary technological standards (which is what Quake 3 and F1 Racing Championship boasts).

No subject
Sep 6, 2001, 17:28
No subject Sep 6, 2001, 17:28
Sep 6, 2001, 17:28
"When it's finished" is a more logical way to present a release date than "When it's done."

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