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News Comments > Halo PC Preview
15. No subject Jul 15, 2003, 00:07 Zeus
I look forward to this game's arrival in the local IRC channel.
You figure they'd add some more single player maps to help make it up to the PC gaming community for selling out but nope. We get a snot launcher instead... NOW THAT'S SOME NICE EXTRA CONTENT!! YES!

So you want extra content for a game that you publicly stated you will steal anyway. When most of the pc gaming community consists of thieves like yourself, why should developers bother making extra content. The ROI is hardly worth it.

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News Comments > Tomb Raider Trailers
8. w00t.. can't wait May 31, 2003, 10:37 Zeus
I for one am looking forward to this one. There's always been something about the Tombraider series that did it for me. Seeing the t-rex in Tombraider 1 in full 3d was what convinced me to buy my first 3d card, a Voodoo 1 powered Diamond Monster 3D. ahhh... memories *sniff*

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News Comments > UT2003 Software Renderer
34. Re: No subject May 22, 2003, 02:19 Zeus
I don't know much about the specifics on this but would it be possible for the sound card to process geometric (and material if such is available) information from the CPU in a similar way video cards do?

Isn't this how A3D2.0 in Halflife worked?

Creative own the patents to A3D now so I suppose its possible that their next sound card will provide a similar api.

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News Comments > New Enter the Matrix Patch
49. Re: Reviewers don't seem to agree... May 17, 2003, 16:56 Zeus
With direct comparisons between Serious Sam and Enclave, 'Sam can seem to "pull ahead" by having a lower price, better graphics, being a shooter (lowered standards set by people compared to a RPG - not fair, but how it is), you are the same character throughout the whole game, you do not have to continously pay for the same weapons you had before, etc.

Get some glasses guy. Enclave has way better gfx than either Serious Sam title released so far. Wait till you get to the island level and you see the beach... all that pixel shaded goodness brought a tear to my eye.

I wouldn't class Enclave in the rpg genre either... the ability to buy different weapons is just lip service. I put it in the hack'n'slash melee genre inhabited by Rune and Blade of Darkness.

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News Comments > On Doom III & the Xbox
65. Re: It seems to me... Apr 6, 2003, 21:50 Zeus
Newsflash ... SOF2 sucked donkeys balls. Multiplayer was its only saving grace, and that's only because Raven did a good job of ripping off CS.

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News Comments > Mafia Patches
10. Re: Impossible... Apr 4, 2003, 05:17 Zeus
It took me ages to finish that race with the keyboard... but when I tried it with a wheel, I did finish it first time. The wheel makes it so much easier to pass on turns.

By my count Mafia was released over 6 months ago. Is this a new record for the time taken to release a first patch? :p

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News Comments > Unreal II Manual Patch
16. umm yeah... Mar 25, 2003, 20:48 Zeus
I dont know what you've been smoking vacs. Let me get this straight... you're saying U2 doesn't have beautiful localities and immersion?!

First of all buy a decent soundcard/speaker setup and a half decent video card (GF3 or faster will do) and then when you can actually bump up the gfx options to something other than low and turn EAX on... come back and preach about U2's immersion factor.

Beautiful localities... geez... how many whiffs of the crack pipe did you take before coming up with that one. Unreal had beautiful scenery back in 1998 but U2's scenery and localities are simply miles better. For example, the fossils in the desert on the level where you have to defend a base with squadmates, the snow covered plains as you approach the spider lab, etc.

I find it hard to believe that you've even played Unreal 2. Unreal 2 has its faults but graphical beauty is definitely not one of them.

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News Comments > Unreal II Manual Patch
6. No subject Mar 25, 2003, 10:56 Zeus
Cainin = biggest moron ever.

There is nothing wrong with Unreal 2. It improves on the original in leaps & bounds. Its not the greatest fps ever... but then neither was Unreal at the time of its release.
Those who think otherwise should take off their rose coloured glasses and play the original Unreal again. Don't hesitate... do it now!

This comment was edited on Mar 25, 10:57.
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News Comments > SimCity 4 Patch
10. patch distro method. Feb 7, 2003, 06:03 Zeus
Perhaps those cabs check the cdkey to see if your copy of Simcity 4 is legitimate or not.

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News Comments > Rage in Receivership
35. Re: :( Jan 21, 2003, 00:36 Zeus
The only three "old school" Brit dev companies that I can think of offhand that are still going are Codemasters, Rare, and System 3

What about the Bitmap Bros? They released a sequel to Z a couple of years ago and I think they're still around working on something. GODS rocked!

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News Comments > Vivendi Raided
28. Re: Blue Cheese Dec 12, 2002, 20:33 Zeus
LOL... its hilarious watching you people clamour for the return of Roberta Williams. Her last few games SUCKED!!! Anyone remember that abysmal pos Phantasmorgia?

Sierra have produced/published much better games without their influence. Here's hoping the bitch stays retired.

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News Comments > UT2003 Patch Plans
69. Re: UT2003 is CRAP! Dec 10, 2002, 23:04 Zeus
I think what most people lose sight of is that UT2003 was originally a console game (Unreal Championship) and it shows. e.g. lack of demo recording, some of the most annoying voice acting I've heard in any game, the weapon sounds and all the other little things.

Evilgoof: all the reasons you gave are spot on but that does not make the game crap. They're minor niggles compared to the abysmal state BF1942 was released in.

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News Comments > MoH AA Spearhead Patch
16. Re: 55meg? Dec 7, 2002, 05:46 Zeus
I'm glad they finally added Malta. Malta is a much better map than any of the dm maps in the full game imo.

However I noticed this in the changelog,
- Added the Malta map, new German weapon and new skins

Is said German weapon the dreaded greanade launcher from the demo? If so, it makes multiplayer very unbalanced imo. /me hates grenade spam.

This comment was edited on Dec 7, 05:47.
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News Comments > More on Condition Zero
13. Good news Dec 7, 2002, 05:41 Zeus
Well I for one am glad that Gearbox got kicked off the project. 007 Nightfire is an abysmal port... here's hoping they don't screw up Halo in the same way.

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News Comments > Wolfenstein Enters Enemy Territory Alone
19. Re: Sigh ... Aug 7, 2002, 00:27 Zeus
you dumbfuck #11... Grey Matter has nothing to do with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. They developed the sp portion of RTCW and were cut loose after that.

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News Comments > Final Fantasy XI Preview
5. No subject Jul 19, 2002, 04:47 Zeus
Bah... FF7 is the greatest game ever.

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News Comments > Consolidation
12. Re: Monopoly Sucks Jul 7, 2002, 14:22 Zeus
I'd take a Sony monopoly over a Microsoft monopoly any day of the year.

What difference does it make whether its a Sony or Microsoft monopoly?! A monopoly is a monopoly... its bad for the consumer. I'd be extremely sorry to see Nintendo leave the tv console market. After Sega left, they're the only ones left who care about the gamer.

Not withstanding the huge sales of the PS2... Sony is in a much better position to form a monopoly than MS. MS has very little in the way of content generating business.

Who owns a global music empire?... Sony
A major Hollywood studio?... Sony again
A huge consumer electronics brand?... No prizes for guessing who

It's all in their product statement.

This comment was edited on Jul 7, 14:28.
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News Comments > On Take 2, GTA, & DNF
44. Re: Heard it before... Feb 20, 2002, 07:23 Zeus
#23, err... Max Payne was released before GTA3. It also started production before GTA3. In future research the facts before you come up with moronic comments.

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News Comments > Half-Life On Film?
20. who should play gordon freeman Oct 27, 2001, 05:21 Zeus
Gordon Freeman kinda looks like Charlie Sheen with a goatie imo

think Sheen's character from "The Arrival" (yeah I know that was a bad movie).

edit: I see this has already been said. I knew I should have turned anon posts on :p

This comment was edited on Oct 27, 05:23.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. No subject Aug 15, 2001, 08:55 Zeus
So long loony, we'll miss you

Pity that blues got affected by the advertising slowdown

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