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Nickname Spektr
Email Concealed by request - Send Mail
ICQ 78129615
Description interested in level editing, texture editing modelling and some programming
Homepage http://
Signed On Jun 26, 2000, 20:57
Total Comments 364 (Amateur)
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News Comments > Lord British's Countdown
32. Re: Lord British's Countdown Mar 4, 2013, 04:29 Spektr
I hate that backstabbin' basterd! Oh wait... that's Lord Baelish :p  
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News Comments > AMD's Hair-Raising Tech
25. Re: AMD's Hair-Raising Tech Feb 26, 2013, 17:45 Spektr
jdreyer wrote on Feb 26, 2013, 13:03:
It's weird, he features look half-Asian, half Caucasian. I wonder if that's to appeal to a broader, more international audience?

Personally, I kind of like the new look.

hmm I don't know, asians do appeal to the part of the caucasian audience that is me :p As do caucasians and half asians too to be honest :p

Ok to be serious... this kind of "technological patch" has me wonder why Nvidia bothered purchasing PhysX at all. I mean what have they brought forward in term of graphical revolution with this purchase? Better capes in Batman Arkham City? Aww come on. Can't say that's the be all end all of modern graphics but it's been a while we were waiting for that graphical improvement to appear in games. ( I know I was at least :p) Reminds me when bump mapping normal mapping appeared in video games. It's starting to be a while already since we've seen that sweet candy appear. Since then developers have been quite content with the status quo it would seem. Actually it's been a while I've been waiting for a new improvement of this scope. I am betting this one will make babies and we'll see nice-looking hair in plenty of videogames soon. This is something which might have come up thanks to physx and that would have heralded an era of realistic hair fur grass leaves and cloth physix. This is a missed opportunity as something Nvidia has failed to cash on when they purchased PhysX.
An opportunity missed for the gaming community too because the games that come out today don't use all the power of the videocards and a success with pushing this technology could have brought with it more innovation. This might still be the case but I doubt this studio has the stature to bring it on all on its own.

This comment was edited on Feb 26, 2013, 17:51.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
12. Re: Morning Mobilization Feb 7, 2013, 20:21 Spektr
Sacrifice wrote on Feb 7, 2013, 12:02:
Most people have an older computer that runs well enough for their needs.

Well the jumps in raw processing power for pcs in the past decades brought about the possibility of making powerful processors the size of a toenail. If Nvidia and the likes weren't contenting with that huge market and they came to bring about new relevant innovation to pc gaming that might lead the leap forward. this said devs are already not using the full power of current hardware.. so manufacturers cant really be blamed... Physx anyone? Well it's a period of maturity instead of innovation and it's q good thing for developers. People who dont buy hardware have a better budget and they have more time to produce polished products. Actually the last game that I remember as potentially pushing techmology was Rage as a card with more than 1k in ram was necessary to get a decent resolution ( in bestcase) and it was received by fans with shotgun shells. So I suppose a golden age of innovation cannot be dictated. As far as tablets go I wouldnt buy one to play games.. I have big fingers and they tend to hide what happens on screen. I wouldnt mind a tablet used as a pc peripheral though. Maybe a small one that replaces the numpad on the keyboard. Maybe devs will start implementing secondary touch interfaces for their games but I hope it's not restricted to win8 rigs.
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News Comments > Borderlands 2 Racism Discussion
54. Re: Borderlands 2 Racism Discussion Feb 3, 2013, 20:17 Spektr
Cutter wrote on Feb 3, 2013, 16:15:
Spektr wrote on Feb 3, 2013, 15:23:

Psychologists actually have started calling ugly people those with severe appearance deficits. Its getting so bad that any day now I expect to hear a rape victim referred to as an unwilling sperm recipient."

Lol and people with impaired understanding are actually morons? :p
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News Comments > Borderlands 2 Racism Discussion
31. Re: Borderlands 2 Racism Discussion Feb 3, 2013, 15:23 Spektr
Quboid wrote on Feb 3, 2013, 14:52:
RollinThundr wrote on Feb 3, 2013, 14:09:
Political correctness is a disease. Pure and simple.
Political correctness is the ideal of considering others' feeling and not being an asshole.
No, that existed long before the phrase political correctness was coined. And sorry but that definition seems fairly incomplete as under that definition, an American black street kid calling another "nigger" in a tv series like the wire would be being political correct.

It seems that political correctness is used nowadays to address a situation some people are getting paternalistic and overprotective nay hypocritical using euphemism with some issues. For instance calling blind people visually challenged. Black people coloured people. As such it's a bad thing because on grounds on being nice and respectful ( it starts as being the opposite of using disparaging words ) it puts on the same example having a handicap ( which is a bad thing in itself ) and belonging to a minority. ( which isn't )
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News Comments > Crysis 3 Crisis Averted
21. Re: Crysis 3 Crisis Averted Jan 30, 2013, 13:57 Spektr
Jee getting banned from EA games for not reporting a bug.. it's so absurd that I shouldn't even comment it. I am merely stating the obvious that banning people for no real reason represents less sales and more piracy. And that it's nearly impossible to prove that a player didn't report a bug and even more so detect the players who don't report bugs...  
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News Comments > Crytek Opens Austin Studio With Vigil Staff
4. Re: Crytek Opens Austin Studio With Vigil Staff Jan 28, 2013, 21:20 Spektr
Yeah I was kinda thinking that too.. isn't it like Crytek has more studios than games released?  
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News Comments > Wildman Status Report - GPG Retaining Some Staff?
4. Re: Wildman Status Report - GPG Retaining Some Staff? Jan 22, 2013, 10:22 Spektr
Am I the only one for whom the whole thing awfully sounds like emotional blackmail? Send us money or we're gonna die... Many other studios have been bought by big companies..( ID for instance) that's another viable solution.  
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News Comments > Rob Pardo on Jay Wilson and Diablo III
55. Re: Rob Pardo on Jay Wilson and Diablo III Jan 20, 2013, 16:01 Spektr
I haven't tried Diablo 3 and as such cannot comment on it. I have watched my bro play it for a few minutes and I thought the graphics were way better than what I expected from the screens I had seen on the net. What troubles me about this game however is that I have seen my bro play through the two previous games on and on like an addict before he turned to WOW. And the least I can tell is that he didn't seem impressed. To sum it up according to him it sounds like to him Blizzard had taken apart what made the previous games fun.

Funny thinking accusing the kids of today as the ones responsible for dumbed down games.. Developers like Blizzard are the only one to blame. When they realized WOW had become such a phenomenon that middle aged women were starting to play it they saw the potential if they made the game accessible to an even wider audience. But that meant sacrificing the audience that put them where they are. But I suppose that their core audience was going to move on after five years anyway.
I am curious to see what the future holds. Whether so many fans are going to flock en masse as soon as the next games come out.

This comment was edited on Jan 20, 2013, 16:13.
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News Comments > Into the Black
9. Re: Into the Black Jan 17, 2013, 08:07 Spektr
The Half Elf wrote on Jan 16, 2013, 22:47:
Damn I didn't know about Plato or Coleman being dead.

Here's hoping you folks find peace and a better life on the other side.

Yay, never expected Mister Drummond to outlive them..
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News Comments > Edge: Valve, Mojang "Greatest Developers"
53. Re: Edge: Valve, Mojang Jan 15, 2013, 08:11 Spektr
Fibrocyte wrote on Jan 14, 2013, 18:44:
Mojang even being mentioned is a joke.

Why? I don't think we have seen the end of what Notch achieved with Minecraft. This game was developed by one single person and is followed by fans of all ages. From eight to forty. No other developer can brag about that.
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News Comments > Op Ed
5. Re: Op Ed Jan 11, 2013, 08:02 Spektr
Jerykk wrote on Jan 11, 2013, 00:37:
- Console gamers migrating to PC where they can save money and get the best versions of any given game.

I am not sure switching to pc is the best way to save money. The same consoles have been around for nearly ten years. At the same time pc gamers were compelled to buy new processors and new graphic boards whereas new games coming out didn't bring any technological revolution.
Look at Farcry3. Might be one of the few freeroaming FPS out there but can't say it brings much in terms of technology compared to Farcry2
Well console player can play it on same hardware whereas pc players can always read articles telling them their old graphic board will play farcry3 at less than 30fps max.
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News Comments > Path of Exile Open Beta This Month
9. Re: Path of Exile Open Beta This Month Jan 10, 2013, 11:46 Spektr
The world of Wraeclast huh? That phrase sounds familiar........  
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PC Gaming > Far Cry 3 save system annoyances
6. Re: Far Cry 3 save system annoyances Dec 24, 2012, 21:25 Spektr
Yeah the save option allows you to save at a certain spot of the island. Allowing to stop the game at a specific place before stopping it or before anticipating trouble. the only thing I could advise her is to play the game herself. Not sure she's missing much tho as in my humble opinion the story is not the highlight of the game.
Otherwise the current system works for me. I find it hard to die often in the game except when I am being careless.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - RAGE: The Scorchers
44. Re: Ships Ahoy - RAGE: The Scorchers Dec 19, 2012, 08:13 Spektr
jdreyer wrote on Dec 18, 2012, 15:38:
DangerDog wrote on Dec 18, 2012, 15:01:
I guess you mean the Q3A id? They've been a subpar developer for a decade: Rage, Q4, Doom 3, etc.

Quake4 was made by Raven. And in my humble opinion the proof that ID could do worse.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
3. Re: etc., etc. Dec 6, 2012, 09:29 Spektr
I am ashamed to say I have no clue who "famed director" Albert Hugues is. At the same time there is the mandatory "About Crytek" and "About Electronic arts" statements even though everybody knows who they are. Well I do at least... Go figures.  
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News Comments > Diablo III Bans
6. Re: Diablo III Bans Nov 9, 2012, 11:28 Spektr
ViRGE wrote on Nov 9, 2012, 11:21:
I'm still dumbfounded by how we've reached the point where you aren't allowed to cheat in a single-player game.

Being banned in a game you can play offline is no big matter but here that's another story. Once again a good reason not to buy it.
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News Comments > Skyrim Premium Edition Outed
10. Re: Skyrim Premium Edition Outed Oct 29, 2012, 14:49 Spektr
I'd rather wait for the discounted version.  
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
4. Re: Evening Mobilization Oct 19, 2012, 08:38 Spektr
For this price one can have a netbook running windows 7  
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News Comments > Blizzard's Pardo: Single-Player Games an "Endangered Species"
48. Re: Blizzard's Pardo: Single-Player Games an Oct 4, 2012, 09:11 Spektr
Ok Mr Pardo. You and your company are officially on my black list. Yes I have played WOW for years but those days are yesterday. And I didnt even try D3. Go on and maximize your profits. I'd rather play interesting creative new games like say Minecraft that your nth iteration of your big franchises that you are sucking dry. Burn the ground that you are standing on and we will see where you are in a few years. I really hope Titan is a success because I am sure that the weakening income you are getting from WOW is already not enough for your company and your greedy shareholders.  
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