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Nickname WitcherOntheProwl
Email Concealed by request - Send Mail
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Signed On Jun 17, 2016, 20:00
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News Comments > Just Cause 4 Spied
12. Agreed Jun 9, 2018, 16:48 WitcherOntheProwl
If JC4 is made by the same people that worked on JC3, then the game is gonna suck very hard. I did like the competition system where you could get the highest challenge (longest glide in wing suit) and have someone come along and break it. I hope they keep that. The horrible car controls and graphics I hope get fixed. The game really felt like a console release ported for PC. The game engine was a very big part of the problem and the lack of good game settings. The radius of explosions would reset when you turned your back and walked away and came back. The burned out cars would be gone, the game went back to business as usual and nothing to see here. The story was a joke. I really hated the storyboard cut scenes. I also hope the devs/company remove the ALWAYS ONLINE to play system. The game had no offline mode. If you couldn't connect to the game server(s) you were screwed. I also hope the load times get fixed. I also hope the devs remove the requirement for so MUCH LOADING in general. JC3 had loading screens all over the place. JC2 was way better and didn't require that many. It felt truely open world. I think JC3 was just a rushed product that never really got fixed or cared about after release. Square Enix seems to be the EA of it's day now.

This comment was edited on Jun 9, 2018, 17:06.
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News Comments > Four Free Humble Games
2. Who gives a Flying... May 19, 2018, 10:07 WitcherOntheProwl
HitchHiker looks interesting. The others are pixel crap. Oh yeah Bard's Tale isn't worth even 1 penny.  
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News Comments > Watch Dogs 3 Plans Revealed?
9. Re: Watch Dogs 3 Plans Revealed? Apr 16, 2018, 15:09 WitcherOntheProwl
Watch_Dogs 2 was really good. Looking forward to this.  
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News Comments > U.K. Sales Charts
1. Three strikes and you are outta here PUBG Mar 6, 2018, 05:17 WitcherOntheProwl
I am glad to see a list that does not involve the rancid cheaters paradise PUBG.  
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News Comments > Cyan's Firmament Revealed
5. Obduction sucked harder than vacuum of space Mar 3, 2018, 21:28 WitcherOntheProwl
I hope this is better than the first one. Obduction was not fun from the beginning. I know they had limited funds. Horrible level design and voice actors though. Everything about obduction was very bad and boring. I really hated the game engine also. It made the game worse. Everything felt fake. I like some level of immersion. These games are known for the puzzles and yes they were tedious and broke the fun. Plus the way they did the lighting kept giving me a headache. Furious2  
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
6. They smell like 20 year old socks Feb 13, 2018, 18:25 WitcherOntheProwl
Prez wrote on Feb 13, 2018, 15:34:
Here's hoping this is just the beginning of the greedy slimy corporate fuckwits being forced by fucking law to curb their addiction to exploiting it's customer base without limits. Fuck EA, Fuck 2K, fuck Activision/Blizzard, fuck Warner Brothers... fuck each and every one of the shameless, soulless, immoral, vile vermin who sit at the top of these behemoth publishers who make the choice to prey upon and exploit every last dime they can out of their customers. They shit on us, they shit on their employees, they shit on the once great franchises we as gamers have grown up with and have come to love. FUCK THEM.

Wish I could upvote you. I agree.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
2. Go to hell Feb 13, 2018, 00:28 WitcherOntheProwl
Considering Civ 6 is one of the worst games in the series.. No pressure cause they didn't even try to make a good game.  
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News Comments > Dying Light to Celebrate Anniversary with Free Content
5. Dying of Boredom Feb 6, 2018, 04:29 WitcherOntheProwl
This was one of the worst games I've ever played or bought. It was okay for about an hour and then the missions just get worse and worse. Boring soundtrack, boring story, boring game play, boring graphics, boring weapons, boring characters, boring plot, boring side quests. Buying this game even on sale was a bad mistake. Never buying anything from these devs ever again. Thumbsdown  
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News Comments > MS Acquisition Rumor Targets include EA, Valve, & PUBG
24. Valve and EA can suck it Jan 29, 2018, 23:05 WitcherOntheProwl
Valve releases hats and dlc now and EA kills good companies once they have been bled dry. PUBG is a cheaters haven. Good riddance. Maybe better game companies will rise from the ashes once these three are gone.  
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News Comments > Into the Black
7. sadness brings amazing stories Jan 24, 2018, 07:17 WitcherOntheProwl
I've never read any of her works. I'll check out one of her books at the library and see for myself, whether she was a good writer or not. Sad to see a sci-fi writer bite the dust. Most of these so called sci-fi writers now are just glorified women writing romance novels disguised as sci-fi. Cry  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Greedy hooker Dec 30, 2017, 14:57 WitcherOntheProwl
Can't say I mind this. She really liked to string her books along in hardcovers only for years. Good riddance.  
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
2. Cold day in hell Corsair Dec 17, 2017, 23:09 WitcherOntheProwl
Overpriced and the performance is a joke. I will stick with G.Skill. At least I get better performance from them and the price is pretty good.  
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News Comments > Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Demo
5. This game is racist towards germans Nov 23, 2017, 01:55 WitcherOntheProwl
Boycott this game.  
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News Comments > Titan Quest Ragnarök Released
5. Glory to those that fall first Nov 17, 2017, 19:06 WitcherOntheProwl
Well I was blindsided by this dlc and also by the $14.99 price tag. I will likely wait for a sale. I supported the game for 5 dollars on steam and will likely do the same for any future dlc also.  
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Eased
19. Death Threats now come in loot boxes!! only $9.99 Nov 14, 2017, 02:22 WitcherOntheProwl
Death threats over a game? It's only 60 dollars people.  
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News Comments > Wild West Online Early Access This Month
6. Re: Wild West Online Early Access This Month Nov 4, 2017, 18:37 WitcherOntheProwl
MMo's take way to much time to level by yourself. If you can get into a group of people and charge through raids, or flash points or any area's where you gain huge xp. I would say do it. I remember playing AION and I stopped because the XP amount got into the millions at a mid level. Talk about a grind fest. If this goes f2p I will give it a try.  
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News Comments > Starpoint Gemini Warlords - Cycle of Warfare Next Week
1. No more DLC mate! Sep 28, 2017, 22:41 WitcherOntheProwl
I bought into the other DLC. This time I will skip it. The story and game play is not that great. The universe is copy/paste from the last game. The rushed patches to get the DLC out. Pretty much shows you what the focus is. DLC over properly patching the game. Do to these antics they lost a beta tester. I will wait for a sale now after it goes gold. The DLC is very likely content already in the game and cut to sale back to us at a later date. The devs are great at responding to the community but shady things are starting.  
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News Comments > etc.
1. Loco Moco Sep 23, 2017, 20:30 WitcherOntheProwl
Amazing how much they ripped off from the game. Just shows not to see the movie and play the game again.

This comment was edited on Sep 24, 2017, 21:44.
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News Comments > X4 Details Today
17. Burned so many bridges Aug 26, 2017, 21:39 WitcherOntheProwl
Egosoft burned so many bridges with the companies "Ego" treatment of it's former fans. One of the worst games in history of gaming was X-Rebirth. Such a rushed product that was and is still broken. No matter how many patches you throw at X-Rebirth it's still DOA. I've written Egosoft off as a complete waste and incompetent and very badly managed. Don't get me started on the shill mods on steam forum either. Or the shills the come out of the wood work on a game/product that is very bad. You can smell who paid them.  
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News Comments > New AMD and NVIDIA Drivers
7. 3D Glasses required Aug 15, 2017, 16:04 WitcherOntheProwl
Only problems I've had with these drivers so far is that the nVidia release notes are in 3D image. You have the regular font and then a shadow of the letters behind it in white outline. I really like using Ansel in games. Really wish more of them were supported. I also like using: Disable Nvidia Telemetry v1.0 after every new driver install.  
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