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News Comments > No SC Retraction from The Escapist

75. Re: No SC Retraction from The Escapist Oct 6, 2015, 18:06 Megalodon
That's just one of the many sad facts about this situation. The idea that they're scamming anyone is absurd, we have plenty of evidence they're making a game and way too many people are employed for this to be any sort of scam. At worst its a project being run badly but we don't have enough info yet to really determine that. People feel entitled to know everything about the project, ignoring the fact that they willingly gambled money on an unknown and did not buy shares or even a product. If you want to be a patron of the arts then you don't get to cry about knowing the inner workings as if you were a stockholder of the company. I had to laugh at that moron dork snort demanding financials on the game as if he has any right to the financial statements of a private company because of a kickstarter pledge, what a fucking joke. I wasn't happy with the direction of the game so I got my kickstarter pledge refunded and went on with my day like a rational human being instead of trying to make war on chris roberts as if he fucked my wife.

Devs on these kinds of things are going to be a lot less likely to disclose info for fear that some random basement dweller will try to twist it against them. OH OH YOU SAID YOU USED 5K ON TRAVEL! I BET IT FILLED YOUR 401k AND YOUR PRIVATE JET! *gurgle* You've got idiots doxxing his family, making all sorts of baseless accusations and these things read like supermarket tabloids. I wouldn't blame Roberts if he refunded the pledges, told everyone to go fuck themselves and signed off like the Cube World guy after the death threats and DDOS.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Specs; No Microtransaction Plans

37. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Specs; No Microtransaction Plans Oct 6, 2015, 17:38 Megalodon
Slick wrote on Oct 6, 2015, 17:04:
Keith wrote on Oct 6, 2015, 11:52:
Oh, and douche check the irony of you saying I'm on the hype train while you are clearly riding the EA hate speed rail.

you realize you just won this thread right?

where's the activision hate? i just fired up destiny after almost a year to find out that all the fun stuff i was looking forward to finally doing (vault of glass, crota's bane etc) are all GONE. you can't even replay old missions on higher difficulties anymore! they're just perma locked to "easy", wanna know where the hard missions are now? all locked behind the new DLC! oh you're right i should be fine cause i bought the season pass, NOPE! apparently that didn't include the one DLC pack where they actually did something interesting. that's $99 for the original game+season pass, now they want $40 more for a whopping total of $140, and they want to get it from me by LOCKING OUT OLD CONTENT.


can you imagine if vanilla BF4 maps got locked out entirely, ceased to exist, just to force you to buy the latest DLC? people's heads would explode.

Oranges to avacados. Who knew that PC gamers might not give a shit about some random console game? You look like you're managing enough activision hate all yourself there little tyke.
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News Comments > Far Cry Primal Announced

23. Re: Far Cry Primal Announced Oct 6, 2015, 17:32 Megalodon
Cutter wrote on Oct 6, 2015, 15:19:
Played any FC game? Then you've played them all. Yes, ARK is different but it's better for a lot of reasons. Whatever, play it or don't, I really don't care but I'm not a fan of Ubisoft and their grindy games. The only reason I like the Ass Creed series is for the history.

Really Far Cry 1 and Far Cry 4 are similar then? What a moronic thing to say. Have you even played ARK? It plays nothing like a Far Cry game. It's hard to believe you manage to make it out of bed in the morning.
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News Comments > No SC Retraction from The Escapist

73. Re: No SC Retraction from The Escapist Oct 6, 2015, 17:29 Megalodon
eRe4s3r wrote on Oct 6, 2015, 14:24:
Kxmode wrote on Oct 6, 2015, 10:14:
This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of CIG's shenanigans, it will soon see the end of the White Knight backers.

Lock S-Foils in Attack position. Here we go. Accelerate to attack speed!

So.. excuse my question, but if you haven't backed then wtf do you care?

Heck I have backed (30$ I think) and aside from DS doxxing people I don't give 2 shits about any of this

Seems to me some people got a real weird anti and pro cult going on here. Only moment I will care, is when SQ42 episode 1 doesn't release before 2016 or if it's total shit

He has some mysterious evidence on this subject but he doesn't have time to post it, only enough time to post the same shit 1000 times in these gossip column headlines. If you want to see him pull a disappearing act, just ask for the evidence.

You remember Lemmings? Nuff said.
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News Comments > CIG Demands Escapist Retraction; Threatens Lawsuit

158. Re: CIG Demands Escapist Retraction; Threatens Lawsuit Oct 5, 2015, 19:19 Megalodon
Did he claim to have a knighthood now in addition to his 2 PHDs? That would be the cherry on top. Chris Roberts is a saint by comparison, Derek smart has been lying and suckering people in the industry for 20 years.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

15. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 5, 2015, 19:17 Megalodon
Kxmode wrote on Oct 5, 2015, 13:29:
Only heard great things from coworkers this morning about The Martian. Spoiler free discussion anyone?

During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.

That's the literal description of the film from a little website called IMDB.
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News Comments > CIG Demands Escapist Retraction; Threatens Lawsuit

156. Re: CIG Demands Escapist Retraction; Threatens Lawsuit Oct 5, 2015, 19:05 Megalodon
The money is better spent suing Dork Snort so that the internet can witness his spectacular meltdown.  
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News Comments > Steam Top 10

14. Re: Steam Top 10 Oct 5, 2015, 19:04 Megalodon
Hey guys CS:GO was on sale last week. Ok you can go back to arguing about how the list is formulated now.  
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse

11. Re: Morning Metaverse Oct 5, 2015, 18:42 Megalodon
People having tantrums stops being cute when they are toddlers, you would do well to remember that you are supposed to be an adult cutter. No one is impressed by your hate filled rants and lame attempts to bully others, you just make yourself weaker in their eyes. Shape up or GTFO.  
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News Comments > Star Citizen Employees "Speak Out"

163. Re: Star Citizen Employees Oct 5, 2015, 07:26 Megalodon
Still waiting on kxmode to post this so called evidence hes seen and possesses. Any day now *tumbleweed*  
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News Comments > Escapist Defends Star Citizen Sources

81. Re: Escapist Defends Star Citizen Sources Oct 4, 2015, 07:36 Megalodon
Kxmode wrote on Oct 4, 2015, 00:12:
Comet wrote on Oct 3, 2015, 21:54:
IF someone had ever accused me of posting a false CV without evidence of falsehood you can be sure I would take him to court.

As you know faking your CV is a criminal offence. So obviously, I would need to clear my name.

So Derek. Are you absolutely sure Sandi has faked her credentials?

Evidence: "Sunny's Diner: The Star Citizen Podcast" interview with Sandi, skip to 17:00. Sandi claims to have a degree in International Business from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and also a degree in Marine Biology from Australia. Derek paid a lot to have a private investigation done and found neither of Sandi's claims to be true. It would not surprise me if CIG is trying to get that mp3 deleted from the servers (good luck with that). They've been busy for the past few months deleting just about anything that has any proof of wrongdoing.

That's not evidence of anything. You do know Derek smart has a significantly dishonest past, right? Its well documented online, you should do some of your own research and stop relying on others. Don't take my word for it, go look up his instances of lying about having a PHD (in fact he now claims to have 2). This is the person you're putting your faith in. You're repeating past mistakes all over again.

Going after Roberts wife is not helping your dumb little crusade any, it just smacks of desperation and creepiness.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Employees "Speak Out"

152. Re: Star Citizen Employees Oct 3, 2015, 14:03 Megalodon
Kxmode wrote on Oct 2, 2015, 19:07:
My comments are based on evidence as I've read or seen them.

No, they're not. You can lie to yourself if you want but don't be dishonest with the rest of us. You have a bone to pick, a lot of time on your hands and nothing to lose. Your dedication to this topic borders on zealotry. Despite that you have failed to produce evidence and insist that such things are beneath you due to time constraints. Those constraints oddly don't seem to appear to be stopping you from making a significant volume of posts on this topic. Blog opinion posts and anonymous sources are not evidence of that will convince most people either. Derek smart having nothing better to do with his time and seeking attention is not evidence of any wrongdoing with Star Citizen. I am person swayed by evidence and I already got my pledge refunded after the project missed some milestones but so far no one has presented any evidence of wrongdoing, misallocation of funds or really anything of note. Some people on the team disagreed on a 250 person project, what a revelation.

It is natural for a project this large to have turnover, layoffs and overages. I just didn't have the patience and decided to pick up the game when its finished, if its finished. Until then though this is all just noise and innuendo. It's a Kickstarter project, we bought a promise not a product and they still have time to deliver it. You can take your victory laps and I told you sos after it fizzles out...or disappear conveniently to avoid comeuppance if it does get delivered.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

2. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 3, 2015, 13:11 Megalodon
Nest is really overpriced and the cost savings are far less than they advertise. We ended up getting rid of ours this year after a debacle that almost resulted in frozen pipes. It's ability to learn your routines is much more limited than people realize and is highly dependent on motion sensing from your thermostats location. We had Nest set the house to away mode several times in the middle of winter while we were home. I guess the motion sensor hadn't had anyone pass by in awhile so it assumed we weren't home and turned the heat down. It would also inexplicably fart around with the AC in the summer, sometimes turning off the compressor in the middle of a heatwave when humidity was insanely high.

Supposedly it will learn from its mistakes if you manually set it to home a bunch of times but that wasn't our experience. It also sets the temperature based on internal and external factors like the weather in your area so that wifi connection is pretty important. I found myself constantly checking on the computer to see what it was doing and why. Eventually we got tired of trying to decipher the puzzle. The Nest team was nice but ultimately couldn't solve the problems, telling us to just program the thing which I can do with any $20 thermostat. I have no idea why I bought the thing in the first place, I guess the promise of it was interesting but it just didn't live up to my expectations which I thought were pretty mild. Also the idea that someone could wardrive my thermostat while I'm gone in the winter is pretty alarming. Remote chances at best but still alarming.

It isn't cool or neat looking but I would suggest getting any other thermostat, the ones where you ponder over the chinese manual for 10 minutes but ultimately never have to touch it after its setup.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits

26. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 3, 2015, 10:45 Megalodon
Razumen wrote on Oct 2, 2015, 19:52:
Murder She Wrote wrote on Oct 2, 2015, 18:47:
It's a reasonable price given the hardware, ignore the cheapskates and trolls.

It's too much for a package that won't even include the motion controllers like Valve's will, something that's really necessary for the best experience. A bloody 360 controller just doesn't cut it and people are going to be let down by their initial impressions.

Ok lets make it $500 and include the motion controller then, sounds good to me.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

49. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 3, 2015, 10:14 Megalodon
The problem is so much bigger than "guns" - but again, it is easy to go after guns, because saying that requires no though process and is popular. It will solve NO PROBLEMS. It is a systemic community, ignorance, wanting to be PC problem. The worst of the worst are walking the streets because the judges let them out. Period

We just went through a mass shooting where the guy had never seen a court and its not the first so I don't agree with your theory. Ignoring the mass shootings there are many gun crimes committed on a regular basis by people who are not depressed or mentally unstable. Americans don't want to admit it but we have a gun culture problem, its a fetishism even. People hold up the 2nd Amendment as if it is applicable today (we dont need guns to hold back the slaves fellas) and the NRA crushes any attempt to modify regulation in a meaningful way.

Your messages conflict too. You talk about personal accountability but then go on to say its everyones problem. Then you say people are too PC which is strange because you want people to be more sensitive to others mental states and stop ignoring mental illness...that requires a lot of PC discussion and education.

I agree that the problem is complex and there is no real bullet point solution, there is only as much prevention as we can manage. People will slip through the cracks, that's society. But we have to start somewhere and any solution involving changes to mental health will take decades to see effect. All of that needs a lot of money and politicians see mental health as a loser campaign slogan. Gun control is another area where we need changes and I don't understand the resistance to them. There have been some great ideas to help minimize gun crime and the NRA just blanket fights any attempts which is absurd. You can't take everything off the table and declare theres no problem when we see the evidence on a regular basis, both in the news and outside of it.
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News Comments > Escapist Defends Star Citizen Sources

36. Re: Escapist Defends Star Citizen Sources Oct 3, 2015, 07:55 Megalodon
Luke wrote on Oct 3, 2015, 06:11:
If ya lucky you will get a sandbox for your (gezzz) 100 $ pixel
Then you can load it up and turn it up and down............ Clown

Post better or GTFO.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits

4. Re: Evening Tech Bits Oct 2, 2015, 20:29 Megalodon
Last quarter saw AMD take back ~18% market share from nVidia, so the actual current number is nv ~60%, AMD gpus 38% FTFY. But accuracy is the last thing AMD doomsayers are interested in...;)

I should hope so, they were so far down the only place left was up, it was getting really worrisome. Unfortunately most of their gains were in the bottom end of the market which isn't very profitable and they are supply constrained for the foreseeable future due to HBM issues. I think they need to concentrate more on higher end parts where the margins are better.

I don't consider myself a doomsayer, I hope AMD is around for a long time but I don't want to act like a company who lost 400 million last year is healthy either. A viable mobile SoC would've gone a long way. I hope their efforts in the embedded market pan out, perhaps that will help buoy them through the death of their CPU division.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits

19. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 2, 2015, 18:47 Megalodon
It's a reasonable price given the hardware, ignore the cheapskates and trolls.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

14. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 2, 2015, 08:19 Megalodon
BobBob wrote on Oct 2, 2015, 01:10:
What about a car?

You would have a hard time driving a car around inside of a college campus on a murderous rampage. There was a guy who drove through a crowd of pedestrians in a parade a few years ago and he didn't manage the kind of body count you can with a gun you can get far too easily. Let's bust out that straw man about how someone who really wants to will find a way though, I always love that one.

Unfortunately guns are part of some weird cultural fetishism in the US and mixed in with politics and hunting it becomes this dumb taboo to suggest that maybe the general populace doesn't need access to them without a very strict licensing system that has background checks. People seem to believe that the government will oppose them and that they will somehow overthrow them possessing a Glock and a few clips of ammo.
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News Comments > Into the Black

2. Re: Into the Black Oct 1, 2015, 23:55 Megalodon
except for that movie.  
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