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News Comments > Games for Windows LIVE Deathwatch
24. Re: Games for Windows LIVE Deathwatch Jan 18, 2014, 07:24 TheWeaponeer
I get an email telling me to check this article out. And you know what I can not stand about this "article"?

It is not the site that produced it - no, Joystiq has been a bastion of D-Level "journalism" for a while now, and that shows no sign of ever changing. It is why I gave up on their site long ago. I mean, who else would write an article like this without actually doing some research like Steven Wong obviously did?

A simple check against's GFWL title list (besides the fact I own them all) would immediately tell you that this is not the complete gaming list for GFWL titles. Not even close. The article is missing many GFWL titles!

The missing titles are:

AFL Live
Age of Empires Online (How did you miss this one guys?)
Battle Vs. Chess (European release)
Battlestations Pacific (Square Enix now owns Eidos, yes?)
BioShock 2 Russian (This one still installs from a retail disc with GFWL included and has a different Achievement List)
CarneyVale: Showtime
Crash Time 4: The Syndicate
Hour of Victory
Juiced 2
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Namco-Bandai, Japan only title)
Mahjong Wisdom
Rugby League Live
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends
Vancouver 2010 (Sega title)
Where's Waldo?
World of Goo

Batman Arkham Asylum is also not mentioned, but that one I can see why (it apparently falls under the GOTY changeover also).

The article also includes "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising" which is NOT a GFWL title.


World of Goo, Osmos, and Dark Void are all GFWL specific versions and have their non-GFWL versions available on Steam already. Why would Capcom need to be concerned with their title but the other two companies do not? Because "journalism" is a lost art at Joystiq. You can tell Steven took a gander at his Steam library, shot off a couple of emails to some folks, and cranked out this tripe. A simple five minute lookup online would have done wonders here. The article is uneven, unresearched, and completely unprofessional - all hallmarks of Joystiq's staff and their inability to actually follow up on what they produce.

No, what I can not stand about this article is that this is an alarmist piece, nothing more. It should have a loop of Hulk Hogan screaming "Whatcha Gonna Do Brother?" at the end of it because that
is all this article is doing. It screams "SWITCH TO STEAMWORKS NNNNNNOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW OR ELSE DDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" and not much else. The lack of research, the inability to take five minutes of time to check a website for confirmation of what is written in the article, and some obvious game omissions is all the proof you need to see this clearly. The service is on the way out, but some people just have ZERO patience for these kinds of things so the babies have to have their bottle RIGHT NOW.

It's Joystiq - I am not surprised. If you are going to preach this crap, come correct with it or not even try. It does the GFWL players absolutely no good at this juncture.

I own every single GFWL enabled title (mostly retail discs) and I can tell you that I will suffer more than you guys ever will with this issue. I already have. All I can do is play the games until
the service ends. And if you look at my gamertag, other than Gears of War games on the 360, that is exactly what I have been doing when school allows me too since mid-December.

And believe me, I have inquired about any kind of "check in" patch that at least allows the Zero Day Protection date check to be bypassed or to allow a simple Live sign in to update gamerscore. I have asked for some way to take my PC gamertag information, put it on a USB stick, and bring it over to the 360 for reasons just like this shutdown or loss of online so I could continue to play offline after the server goes away and still have it count towards my overall gamerscore. GFWL is part of the Live service the 360 uses RIGHT NOW, so this should be possible. But no, there is nothing out there now and it appears nothing is coming at all. That is fustrating to no end because Microsoft is not saying much at all.

As for the saves, a handful of the service's titles had save game issues. A HANDFUL. Most of the games under GFWL do not have that problem - but no one ever mentions that. I know this for a fact because I use the service way more than most of you ever did and I have moved multiple saves over multiple machines with no issues - even my own BioShock 2 saves, so that one is a shocker to me.

Feel free to pass this on to Joystiq's staff - at least then they can save some face with a proper update to a half assed article. Now, I put on my flame retardent cloak and await the usual comments. Because this is the Internet, and that is how it works. So flame away - you would surprise me more by actually not doing that but who am I to think people can be above such things?
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News Comments > DIRT 3 Leaving GFWL in the Dirt
11. Re: DIRT 3 Leaving GFWL in the Dirt Nov 12, 2013, 14:23 TheWeaponeer
As one of the few long-term GFWL players, I figured this would be coming soon enough. Thanks to Codemasters (and Capcom as well with their titles) for giving me a timeframe to plan around rather than pulling a dick move like what Warner Brothers and 2K did; simply switching everything over with no stated timeframe of doing so. Nope, no official announcements like this - they just switched them over and THEN posted an announcement about the actual change over. You have no idea how badly that screwed me and my game library up. I lost all of my Batman save data (from my retail copies of Arkham Asylum, AA GOTY, Arkham City, and AC GOTY - yup, all FOUR of them), and I was furious for days because of that. I was slowly working my way through AC GOTY under GFWL and now that is gone.

Because of that, neither 2K or WB gets upfront money from me anymore. EVER. Either 75%+ off MSRP through "servies" or USED from Gamestop. I can understand doing it for Steam - but killing my retail copies was completely unfair to me and others like me. Remember, GFWL titles are part of my Gamer Card history on the 360 and now I can not access some of my titles to work on that because of this. That IS a bad thing.

And before anyone says this was the best way, I got two words for you - TOY SOLIDERS. That is the one game on Steam that did this issue right. As for From and Dark Souls, I hope they are more like Capcom and Codemasters in this case than Warner Brothers and 2K.

/rant comment - I know, I KNOW, most people won't care about this and how it affects me, Steam rules blah blah blah, so spare me your keystrokes and smarky replies concering that. My copies are retail discs, and like you guys who will not touch anything non-Steam, I should have a right to play a game under whatever "service" I chose to support a game under. Let it now be known that a situtation like this does do damage to legitimate game owners and users - especially those who like retail copies over "services". There are gamers out there who really do not like Steam (we are few but we DO exist - Valve as a company leaves a lot to be desired), and these change overs seem to cater more to people waiting to buy the games for pennies on the dollar on sale more than those who went out and bought the games new when it mattered to their bottom line. I know exactly the kind of response I will probably receive to this post; but understand one day this might happen to each and every one of you too... pray that it never does. /end rant comment
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
22. Re: Steam Top 10 Oct 7, 2013, 00:45 TheWeaponeer
Couldn't pass up Infinite for 13 bucks.

That was a good deal for BioShock Infinite. I had a friend who did not have this and had it listed on his "WANT!" list, so I went and gifted it to him and did not tell him. Later on yesterday I get this message thanking me and promising me to catch me back. He was busy and would have missed it at that price otherwise. I just did because he was a good friend who REALLY wanted this game.*

*But you are on your own for the season pass mate heh.
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News Comments > Capcom Layoffs
1. Re: Capcom Layoffs Jul 11, 2013, 23:24 TheWeaponeer
I just wanted to post my thanks to Christian Svensson for his efforts at Capcom over the years. You are one heck of a guy and I hope your next chapter in life holds much happiness.

This comment was edited on Jul 11, 2013, 23:32.
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