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News Comments > Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Leaves Valve [Updated]

53. Re: Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Leaves Valve? Jan 11, 2016, 00:16 christheshitter
AngelicPenguin wrote on Jan 8, 2016, 14:20:
Darks wrote on Jan 8, 2016, 12:57:
thecakeisalie wrote on Jan 8, 2016, 12:30:
I was watching a video on Youtube that talked about HL3 and Valve and because Gabe Newell is rolling in dough from skimming off the top selling other people's content, why take the risk on trying to make HL3 and risking it flopping? They will just string us along counting their money from Steam until everyone that actually wanted HL3 dies off.

No, it's called be a fat lazy fucking asshole who has no drive other than making profit from other people's hard work. The guy has become the next George Lucas, someone who has lost his desire and will to continue on. If he can't find the time or will or desire to complete the Half Life story, then sell it off or have someone else finish it.

But please do not defend this asshole as someone who never intended to finish the HL3 story. That is utter bulshit to say they never intended to make HL3.

Valve as a whole has forgotten where they came from and what made Valve what it is today.

Big deal - steam is far more important than HL3. I'd rather they concentrated on what was good for gaming as a whole then churning out what will probably be a let down of a sequel.

Let everybody else make the games, and they can concentrate on their gaming platform.

I don't even know what I'd want to see in a Half Life 3 to be honest. It's not like the story was super compelling so I feel like I really need to have an ending.

So you count Greenlight as contributing anything to the gaming community? That's really funny.
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News Comments > Far Cry Primal Gameplay Video

28. Re: Far Cry Primal Gameplay Video Jan 10, 2016, 02:08 christheshitter
Yawn! Really.

And what's with the see through everything attribute. Is there some magic involved?
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

15. Re: Out of the Blue Jan 10, 2016, 02:05 christheshitter
Hey Blue! I've tried to contact you regarding my profile for a whole year without any reply.

Just so you know. Bye!
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News Comments > Steam Top 10

11. Re: JC3 second thoughts Jan 3, 2016, 19:09 christheshitter
Creston wrote on Jan 3, 2016, 15:27:
It's taken me awhile to figure out why I haven't been enjoying it as much as I did JC2. Part of that is undoubtedly that JC2 was fresh, and this is More Of The Same, but there's other things too.

I think I may have finally put my finger on it.

JC3 is too much of the exact same thing. In JC2, there were far, FAR more unique areas. The entire capital city, for example. It sprawled several islands worth in size. In JC3, the capital city is a slightly larger town than the ones you find everywhere else. It's laughably small.

Every town in JC3 is exactly the same. Just random copy pasta, a sprinkle of things to blow up in it, and voila. Another "area" done. While there was copy pasta in JC2, it seemed far less, and JC2 offered far more unique stuff. The shanty town, the wooden town built on stilts, the raft town, etc. In addition, JC2 had very different areas. The desert, the swamp, the snow-laden mountains (including a skiing resort that featured in no missions whatsoever, and was just put there as ambience. It was one of my favorite areas, because you could drive a car up the slope and then ski down on the car, which was epic.) The land in JC3 is exactly the same everywhere.

JC3 simply lacks fun stuff to see, and fun stuff to do. While the map is the same size (200km^2), I'm pretty sure there is a lot more water on this map, but even if there isn't, there is a LOT more empty land on this one. Essentially the entire northern half of the largest island is pure empty space. Just boring grassland texture and some rocks. The entire MAP is boring grassland texture and rocks. There is no variety.

The gunplay in JC3 is much improved. The wingsuit is fantastic. The driving is improved (for cars anyway. The dev who came up with the motorcycle handling should be forced to drive around in game on motorcycles for the rest of fucking eternity.) The explosions are much better.

But the game just lacks fun shit to do. There is no airport. There is no aforementioned skiing resort. They went horrifically overboard with challenges (and tying in upgrades with challenges is a decision that deserves to get their lead designer shot.) There are far, FAR fewer of the gas bottles that rocket into the sky, which were the bomb in JC2 just as a means to launch yourself into the air, or to tie enemy soldiers to and watch them fly away. Why are there fewer gas bottles, avalanche? Why isn't the game fucking LITTERED with them??

And while they've given you more toys with the grapple, there is now a 3 second delay (for whatever unfathomable reason) to grapple things together, so whatever funny thing you're trying to set up with enemy soldiers typically fails because by the time you've finally gotten all the buttons clicked, he'll have disengaged the grapple already.

They even changed the default "Grapple enemy soldier" action from "yank him down from the top of the building" to "winch into him and drop kick him." This may seem like it would be a lot of fun, but like other things, the very first iteration of this is pathetic. It takes TWO upgrades before you're finally kicking people all over the place. WHY? Why do I need to do 170000000000000000000 fucking challenges before I can unlock the shit that allows me to have fun??

C4 explosives have an upgrade that turns them into rockets. When I saw the little upgrade movie, I cackled with glee, imaging the shenanigans I could get up to with those. Then I finally got the upgrade, and... Well, they don't work. Put 4 of them on a single soldier, and he'll get launched maybe 2 feet. Put 4 of them on a deer, and rather than Rocket Deer, you have a deer that tips over. Their combined thrust has roughly 1 Newton of force.

Turns out you need the SECOND upgrade (900000000000000000000000000000000000000000 challenges away) for the rockets to become good and provide enough thrust to start launching things.

Again, WHY, Avalanche? This whole game has become so fucking serious, as if you guys were desperately trying to make it realistic. Why fuck with your formula so badly? The despot in JC3 actually tries to be serious. What happened with the lunatic madman despot? Pandak Panae was ten times the enemy that this dour-sounding dipshit in JC3 is. Why is there no more fun? Why is blowing shit up the only thing to do anymore?

Here's another example: Statues. In JC2, you could wreck a statue, grab its head, tether it to a chopper, then use it as a flying wrecking ball. In JC3? The statue disintegrates into dust 9 out of 10 times. Also, you can no longer just grab a jeep, tether it to the statue and wrench it off it's stand. You HAVE to use explosives to destroy it. It's all gotten so much worse...

All in all, JC3 was fun for the first 15 or so hours I played it. Then I realized every single village was exactly the same, the entire map is EXACTLY the same, every single military base was essentially exactly the same, and all the cool stuff that I thought of doing requires upgrades that are 7000 aggravating hours of trying to get enough stars in challenges away.

I'm not even sure I'll finish the story. Very disappointed.

Avalanched used their satellite studio in New York for Just Cause 3. Themselves developed Mad Max instead which is a far better game despite the same repetitive formula.
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Early Play Bonus Scrapped

13. Re: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Early Play Bonus Scrapped Oct 1, 2015, 20:32 christheshitter
Aero wrote on Oct 1, 2015, 17:11:
I would say it's generally a bad idea to pre-order any game, but I wouldn't read too much into this. To me this reads like a company that knows it has a hot product (the IP at least, regardless of the quality of the game) and is trying to milk it for whatever they can. Their greatest sin is probably giving the marketing team too much money and too much power.

Personally, this is one of few games I might pre-order because I'm pretty sure it will be decent at worst and I like the IP, but I'd never pre-order something months in advance. Maybe I'd buy it when Steam pre-loads start at the earliest. The only time I can remember pre-ordering early made sense was before the internet kept tabs on everything, and games were sort of just released whenever. That was actually kind of cool. One day you'd get home to find a surprise package on your doorstep from Chips and Bits or wherever.

You have no idea what you're talking about! There are multitudes of fuckups from most renown game studios.
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News Comments > Serious Sam 4 Writers Named

11. Re: Torchlight Burns Out Runic Sep 26, 2015, 18:28 christheshitter
I really didn't like the third game. It didn't fell like Serious Sam. It didn't have those big gazing beautiful environments and atmosphere the first two games had and as Gadzooks said the first part was more or less like a Call of Duty clone.

This comment was edited on Sep 26, 2015, 18:44.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

9. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 4, 2015, 21:09 christheshitter
Haha you Americans! It's already winter and snowing up here in Sweden.  
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News Comments > Torchlight Burns Out Runic

29. Re: Torchlight Burns Out Runic Sep 1, 2015, 19:57 christheshitter
PHJF wrote on Sep 1, 2015, 10:46:
Torchlight 2 was boring as fuckin hell. An entirely by-the-numbers affair with competence abound but utterly lacking in imagination. Torchlight represented a solid foundation that its sequel totally failed to expand upon.

If you thought Torchlight 2 was boring try the first one. An unimaginative plot if you ever could call it that. It was like playing an user interactive comic magazine. The game has aged badly! No really they tried and failed with Torchlight.
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News Comments > Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies - Shadows of Evil Revealed

10. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies - Shadows of Evil Revealed Jul 10, 2015, 07:06 christheshitter
Didn't know Edward James Olmos from Battlestar Galactica was a knife wielder.  
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News Comments > DOOM Next Spring

37. Re: DOOM Next Spring Jun 15, 2015, 11:52 christheshitter
Such a letdown! I can't believe that every here are excited about it! You are either under seventeen to look forward to this or have never played a classic Doom game, let alone Heretic, Hexen and other similar old school fps-games. It's yet another shitty console port game. All that bling bling and id Tech 6 engine still can't handle the hordes of enemies as the classic Doom games could. They seemed to lend a great deal from Croteam and their Serious Sam games especially the repeatedly melee-moves. They should just rehire John Romero again!  
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News Comments > Adds Freebies

3. Re: Adds Freebies May 22, 2015, 10:00 christheshitter
Yea it's not even worth a news line.  
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News Comments > More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy

36. Re: More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy May 19, 2015, 16:59 christheshitter
Simon Says wrote on May 19, 2015, 10:13:
Amd drivers being "horrible" was true 10'ish years ago, but its now an argumentum ad populum and ad antiquitatem. I've had a HD5850 for the past 5 years now, I used many different driver versions, not a single hitch. Same for the previous 9600 pro years ago just before I got a Nvidia 9600GT for a few years before switching to HD5850. Same for many people I know who use Amd cards.

In fact, I still get called in my spare time to fix PCs even tho I left my old job as a full time technician, I saw no noticeable difference in issues with the different vendors.

My uncle who still works as one and gets to see and fix hundreds if not thousands of PCs a year tells me that there is no noticeable difference either in the number and seriousness of issues with Nvidia and Amd drivers. So do many other technicians I know.

Internet's old history, our memories and the appeal to the masses logical fallacies says one thing, reality tells quite another story tho.

Without a singel hitch? Are you kidding me? Just go and view some 60fps youtube videos at 1080p and you will get a stutterfest!
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News Comments > DOOM Reveal at E3

53. Re: DOOM Reveal at E3 May 18, 2015, 20:00 christheshitter
NewMaxx wrote on May 18, 2015, 17:33:
peteham wrote on May 18, 2015, 17:21:
True about the monster closets, but then, the world had moved on and already given us Half-Life by the time Doom 3 came out. I don't think it was unfair to expect more.

The irony being, of course, that now people are paying for kickstarters, remakes, and clones with old school mechanics. Timing is everything, as they say, and Doom 3 was the wrong game in the wrong place (to twist a HL2 quote). I remember I worked for ATI back then (or soon after, really) and was happily mocking Carmack and boosting HL2 because the Source engine and the HL2 game was just the right game in the right place.

Before ATI went apeshit after the AMD buyout. I hate my HD 6850! Also owned a Rage Pro 8mb but i remember it rather deaccellerated Half Life under Direct3d than accellerate it. It got owned by my 3dfx Voodoo 2 12mb card thanks to Glide. I remember the ATI Rage Fury Maxx, an awesome card for it's time. That's where you got your name from i guess?

And Doom 3 was really shit! Vanishing monsters, no splatter sounds and absent corpses did really *ucked it up amongs many other things. As a general FPS-shooter it was OKAY but far far from the magic that was Doom 1 and 2. ID Software lost it there completely! I would say they went downhill from thereupon.

This comment was edited on May 18, 2015, 20:09.
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News Comments > DOOM Map Sources & More Released

18. Re: DOOM Map Sources & More Released Apr 28, 2015, 17:37 christheshitter
Fletch wrote on Apr 26, 2015, 17:43:
I still play Doom and DoomII about once a year. Try to keep it as vanilla as possible (no look up and down, no jumping, etc.) for that old Doom experience I remember. Still as fun as it was in the old days. I fuckin' love Doom.

Never tried Doom Retro, but I'm digging it so far.

Correct me if I'm wrong but you couldn't strafe nor use the mouse either?
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News Comments > Star Citizen at $77M

35. Re: Star Citizen at $77M Mar 30, 2015, 13:50 christheshitter
Haha you guys backing it up are so getting f*cked over!  
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News Comments > Steam Top 10

40. Re: Steam Top 10 Mar 30, 2015, 12:59 christheshitter
JohnBirshire wrote on Mar 29, 2015, 13:15:
The Steam pre-order bonus for GTAV is absolutely worthless. Why would I want a money cheat as my pre-order bonus? Should have included some actual content or cosmetic items.

Cosmetic items haha you're funny!
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse

8. Re: Evening Metaverse Jan 31, 2015, 03:49 christheshitter
Jivaro wrote on Jan 30, 2015, 23:38:
christheshitter wrote on Jan 30, 2015, 22:44:
Paying $35 monthly for 100/100Mbps connection here in Sweden. I feel sorry for you guys over there!

Stofa? Is it still the awesomesauce?

Mmh.. Stofa seems to be based in Denmark so we don't have them here.

And there's quite plenty here who get subsidized fiber connections. Taking an example some choose to lock in themselves to a singel fiber provider for a five year plan. Then they can pay $16 for 1000/1000Mbps. Some pay nothing and instead it's baked in the rent.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse

6. Re: Evening Metaverse Jan 30, 2015, 22:44 christheshitter
Paying $35 monthly for 100/100Mbps connection here in Sweden. I feel sorry for you guys over there!  
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News Comments > $500 Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition Announced

17. Re: $500 Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition Announced Jan 6, 2015, 13:25 christheshitter
NewMaxx wrote on Jan 6, 2015, 13:06:
Never, EVER spend a nickel on anything made by Creative. They engage in monopolist activities by buying up, suing, licensing, and doing whatever they can to anybody who tries to get in on the PC audio market. I can't express enough that giving them even a dollar is hurting the entire audio market for the PC gamer. I regularly mod drivers for people, opening up all the crap Creative forces companies like Realtek to disable, and I'm well aware of Creative's negative business practices even outside of that. Trust me when I say they will stop at nothing to corner the market and it has pretty much destroyed any real innovation, and they even sell software solutions using 2000-era tech for $50+ (xtreme audio being a recent example). Even their good stuff is overpriced, there's nothing redeemable here.

Although i already knew it thanks for letting us know. I spit at them!
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News Comments > EA: No Origin Breach

24. Re: EA: No Origin Breach Jan 1, 2015, 20:23 christheshitter
Jackplug wrote on Jan 1, 2015, 07:15:
Who in their right mind would wanna hack into origin, they would only find outdated accounts that haven't been used since they've been opened.

Really? Origin has been gifted a great deal of free trippe AAA games lately. I have no problem with the client. Then the Origin support from what i've heard is much better to Steams almost non existent support.

Stop living in the past!
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