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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
25. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jul 13, 2018, 17:46 christheshitter
RedEye9 wrote on Jul 13, 2018, 16:22:
Not dead yet, but on life support.
Enterprises are migrating over to Windows 10, which resulted in PC shipments increasing year-over-year during the second quarter. However, demand on the consumer side continues to struggle, which doesn't bode well for future growth.

If only the RAM-prices will go down i am pretty sure it will gain again. Ultraportables and similar is shit compared to their desktop counter parts.
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News Comments > Anthem Gameplay Video
12. Re: Anthem Gameplay Video Jul 6, 2018, 04:51 christheshitter
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Jul 5, 2018, 22:16:
Seriously, Cutter? That game looks gorgeous, and the gameplay even this Alpha(beta?) seems good enough to be fun in coop. Somewhere between The Division and Borderlands, with apparently a night time Dying Light style mechanic thrown in.

Frostbyte used to make a more vertical, alien world, with some flying and stomping around, blowing stuff up... can't be that bad.

The coop group will probably get onto this, unless something horrible happens to the game near release day.

I agree with Cutter this looks awfully dull just like a typical shitty third person consolegame does nowadays and has been for the last twenty years only exception is maybe the Zelda games.
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News Comments > Suspect GTA6 Tease Appears in GTA Online
5. Re: Suspect GTA6 Tease Appears in GTA Online Jul 2, 2018, 16:15 christheshitter
Well at least we can agree on that it's not a vaporware and rip off like Star Citizen.

The only problem is that the GTA games get's incompatible fast. Someone remember Windows Live?
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Video
27. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Video Jun 30, 2018, 16:35 christheshitter
CJ_Parker wrote on Jun 29, 2018, 13:12:
Scheherazade wrote on Jun 29, 2018, 11:44:
So why get obsessed with details when players (presumably they are like me) will be too busy playing to pay attention to details.

Cuz the mere claim of "never been done before FIDELITEH" keeps the money train rolling and rolling and rolling on.

The cultist whales pour money into the project precisely because of this minute attention to detail. They demand it. For the IMMERSHUN.

It's like a perpetuum mobile at this point. Roberts talks about FIDELITEH and IMMERSHUN, cultists get wet panties, open wallet and suggest even more detailed features that Roberts gratefully ingests to talk about even more FIDELITEH and IMMERSHUN than ever done in a game before.

Rinse, repeat... feature creep madness for almost six years now. Squadron 42 was originally supposed to be out by xmas 2014.

This joke of a "game" just keeps getting more and more pathetic with each passing year.
I wonder what the Hollywood friends of Roberts are thinking of him as they must be aware that their mocap sessions in 2015 never lead to a finished product in spite of Roberts' claims that it would be done by 2016 (he even said so not only for Squadron 42 but also the FULL PU was supposed to be out by the end of 2016 according to Roberts at Gamescom in 2015).

He should be embarrassed as fuck at this point. If not with regard to his loyal cultists then at least with regard to his Hollywood friends and maybe also his devs (though most of them are probably just happy to be part of a solid years long employment plan).

At least Derek Smart released his Battlecruiser games albeit somewhat unfinished.

This is a bad bad joke! Selling ship packs costing up to about tens of thousand of dollars is a fucking mockery. I hope his games never gets released and get lawsuits up his ass.

It's funny that he at least managed to release good games like Star and Freelancer and Conquest: Frontier Wars without a decade delay.
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News Comments > Steam Ending Windows XP and Vista Support
25. Re: Steam Ending Windows XP and Vista Support Jun 13, 2018, 18:54 christheshitter
WaltC wrote on Jun 12, 2018, 22:33:
everyone wrote on Jun 12, 2018, 18:35:
I am not living in the dark ages, as I have my main rig on Windows 10. But I have a "legacy PC" on XP which runs all my old games. Shame that I will have to get all these games reconfigured for a new OS. Steam should leave an old version of steam that will still run on old OS's. Migrating a large library of old games and game settings (many of them non-steam) from a 32 bit OS to a modern OS, is one of the biggest nightmares of modern PC gaming.

Really, the only nightmares to the very old games are the copy protection, some 16-bit file structures, and a few other things--which you can get past easily these days with the GOG versions of the games where available.

I have dozens of Win32 & DOS16 games and every single one runs terrifically on my latest version of Win10x64, build 17686.1000 (Insider's). Games going back 30 years plus run wonderfully. I find Win10 far more backwards-compatible than Win7 32/64, thought I'd mention it.

There are some caveats, however...;) All the old games you want to keep for the future I'd strongly advise picking up at GOG as the terrible stuff like ancient copy protection (DRM) and file structures for some games just won't run these days--unless you pick up the GOG versions--which do run extremely well and have all of the copy protection stripped out, and the ancient file structures, too--and these are all legal IP copies, as well. IMO, GOG does a much better job with the preservation of older games than Steam--lots of older Steam titles seem to have nothing done at all for them in terms of latter OS compatibility.

I see zero advantage to keeping a "legacy PC" (the actual hardware) around just to run older games, really--much more trouble than it's worth these days, imo. There's just no sense in it as either the titles have been updated to run on modern OSes or else will run fine on DOS emulators, etc., inside Win10x64--I've got ~285 GOG titles, ~60 Steam titles, and 30 Origin titles, ~10 Ubisoft titles and ~35 originals that I've made to run fine on Win10x64--and all run very well on versions of Win10x64 that aren't even available to the public yet. I prefer GOG because I get a complete installable copy of the game--every game--that's stripped of all DRM (Galaxy is *not* DRM, though some mistakenly think it is like Steamworks in that regard, and Galaxy is optional.) Don't need "offline mode" and all of that claptrap with GOG, etc. But not all the games I collect are available on GOG so I have to go Steam occasionally--have nothing against Steam except that it's more of a hassle and less user friendly than GOG, imo. Origin I have to have for the C&C classics I like to have in my collection--that's about it.

I've got at least one Myst title that *nobody* can get running with modern OSes (Exile)..;)...but the good news there is that the Myst guys have announced they are re-releasing all of the Myst games for Win10x64 in the next year or so--if not remastered then 100% native compatible. As for Abandonware--if you've got good working knowledge with DOs box (I prefer the SVN-Daum versions) then you already have a dos computer--no need to really go back to a '486 DOS rig...! Arggggghghghg...;) Lots of games are porting from DOSbox to SCUMMVM--which often works wonderfully well.

Ironically, the latter Win10x64 OS versions I've found to be a lot more compatible with older Windows games than Win7 in general. Basically, I can't recommend anything earlier than Win10x64, version 1803, build 17686.1000, believe it or not...I won't even look at Win 7 these days anymore--too much trouble--no payoff that I can see. Microsoft is putting a ton of effort into backwards-compatibility for Win10--especially beginning with version 1803 and the newer builds. It really pays, too.

Well, we all love to collect games--so just thought I'd chime in with what I like and what works for me....;) Happy gaming, guys!

You know that there are a lot of older titles on GOG that isn't compatible with Win10 but only Win7. And many older 3d-game titles doesn't work out of the box from GOG either. They mostly embed fan made fixes and patches and doesn't do a lot of work themselves.

They don't deserve every credit out there.
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News Comments > IKEA Plans Custom Gaming Chairs
16. Re: IKEA Plans Custom Gaming Chairs Jun 9, 2018, 03:19 christheshitter
Gaming chairs are absolutely trash! Use real office chairs instead from renown brands!  
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News Comments > StarCraft II Premium Maps
6. Re: StarCraft II Premium Maps Apr 24, 2018, 11:35 christheshitter
Darks wrote on Apr 23, 2018, 22:00:
Just low of Blizz to be pimping out two new maps. As if they need more money. These should have been free to the pubic. Blizz just keeps sinking lower and lower.

Todays Blizzard is a ghost of it's former glory self.
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News Comments > U.K. Sales Charts
1. Re: U.K. Sales Charts Mar 26, 2018, 16:18 christheshitter
Those brits and their soccer! Real football is when one is swinging a big stick.  
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News Comments > Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia Announced
2. Re: Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia Announced Feb 6, 2018, 16:31 christheshitter
There will never be a GOTY version of this game that's for sure. The DLC's just keeps coming with no light in sight.  
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News Comments > Get World in Conflict Free and Free Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Plans
21. Re: Get World in Conflict Free and Free Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Plans Dec 5, 2017, 07:59 christheshitter
Cutter wrote on Dec 4, 2017, 21:57:
You just answered the question I was going to ask...who the hell doesn't have/hasn't played Black Flag yet? I thought everyone would have by now. BF is definitely the best of them. If you were ever going to only play one game in the series that would be the one to play. I prefer Ezio and the Italian Renaissance myself, but BF was the most fun and most like playing out a classic pirate film. Cruising around the Caribbean - especially if you're playing in the winter - is pretty damn sweet as well.

Am i reading this right? Cutter likes the Assassins Creed franchise from the well-renowned Ubisoft shit?

I must be dreaming a nightmare!
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News Comments > Titan Quest Ragnarök Released
17. Re: Titan Quest Ragnarök Released Nov 18, 2017, 18:53 christheshitter
eRe4s3r wrote on Nov 17, 2017, 21:47:
And I hate Titan Quest as much as Grim Dawn because it's exactly as boring and functionality broken (with bad itemization) that I actually want to reinstall Diablo 3 now...... still haven't installed since my OS switcheroo....

You must be joking right? D3 is most shitty game Blizzard every spewed out. Install D1 if you want a good game!
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront II Real-Money Transactions Disabled
34. removed Nov 17, 2017, 03:05 christheshitter
This comment was deleted on Nov 17, 2017, 07:55.
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News Comments > Need for Speed Payback Peels Out
12. Re: Need for Speed Payback Peels Out Nov 10, 2017, 18:27 christheshitter
DangerDog wrote on Nov 10, 2017, 17:59:

Need for Speed checkpoint, now with extra quicktime.

EA has promoted marketing stooges to be game designer/producers and this is the result.

The last good NFS game was Porsche Unleashed. Anything after has been made for kiddies.
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News Comments > EA Financials
9. Re: EA Financials Nov 1, 2017, 04:18 christheshitter
EA is the first publisher i hope goes into the ground.  
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News Comments > Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Released; Menu Includes Countdown
22. Re: Morning Tech Bits Oct 27, 2017, 20:32 christheshitter
Mordecai Walfish wrote on Oct 27, 2017, 14:30:
RedEye9 wrote on Oct 27, 2017, 11:10:
I just noticed this guys reviews. I like his presentation, voice and style. Not overtly spoilerish.
ACG Reviews, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Angry Centaur Gaming is one of my favorite youtube games reviewers. No pretentious intros (no dubstep, no drawn out intro animations, no begging for likes and shameless self promotion before the video), and no filler and/or fluff. Quality stuff.

Worth a Buy is better.

And this game series have gone to shit! All you consolelovers commenting with praising the game. It's hilarious!
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News Comments > PUBG as a Service: No Sequel Plans
34. Re: PUBG as a Service: No Sequel Plans Oct 23, 2017, 22:21 christheshitter
ForgedReality wrote on Oct 23, 2017, 16:35:
CJ_Parker wrote on Oct 23, 2017, 10:43:
Until the udders run dry and only then will they launch a sequel. Think CSGO or TF2 something like that. Those have been going for years and years as well while only getting patched and DLC'ed with no sequels in sight.

CSGO is brand-fucking-new compared to TF2. TF2: 1997. CSGO: 2012 (I'm actually surprised it's that old).

Really what are you smoking? Half Life TF Classic came the year 1999 not TF2 which came 2007. As someone already noted TF2 was planned as a successor to HL TF Classic but it never went to fruition.

And CSGO is shit compared to CS classic that also came in 1999.
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News Comments > Steam Sale Dates Leaked?
12. Re: Steam Sale Dates Leaked? Oct 21, 2017, 04:33 christheshitter
Vio wrote on Oct 21, 2017, 02:22:
Give me 80% off what I want or wait another year for my money. That's what I say - my backlog's so big I can wait 5 years before needing to make a purchase.

Nah 80% is too little. At least 90% or it's nothing worth!
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
10. Re: Morning Interviews Oct 20, 2017, 22:42 christheshitter
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Oct 20, 2017, 12:34:
Already bought it, $50.39 (USD) on Gamersgate.

Hopefully it does well. Incidentally The Evil Within 2 is also on sale on Gamersgate, $50.39 again, bought that also. I should have time to load it up tonight, but the reviews are glowing, so far.

It's the likes of you that's feeding the hungry money sharks running the big publishers. The likes of you knowing nothing what gaming is about.
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News Comments > Dead Space 2 Selling 4M "Wasn't Enough"
17. Re: Dead Space 2 Selling 4M Oct 18, 2017, 14:26 christheshitter
Slashman wrote on Oct 18, 2017, 12:03:
Making traditional AAA titles is becoming less and less sustainable.

I'm certainly buying less of them at, or near, launch (if I buy them at all).

There are a few franchises that continue to deliver above and beyond on a consistent basis, but the gems in my gaming collection are much more so indie games than anything else these days. (Well Witcher 3 is always going to be there of course).

These days I find myself playing stuff like Grim Dawn, Space Pirates and Zombies 2, Everspace, Divinity: OS 1 and 2, Hand of Fate, Age of Wonders 3 and not really having any cravings for AAA titles apart from whenever they release the next Elder Scrolls game.

I find it hilarious that everyone praise Witcher 3 again and again. I can't repeat it enough, that game has a shit combat system where all you do is spamming a button to auto attack just like the Batman Arkham games or like every consolegame out there.

Shitty stupid NPC's pathfinding which constantly walking into things. Robbing from NPC's and they don't react. Hell damn even Risen or the Gothic-series had smarter NPC's.
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News Comments > The Witcher Turning 10
11. Re: The Witcher Turning 10 Oct 16, 2017, 18:41 christheshitter
Pigeon wrote on Oct 16, 2017, 11:36:
One of the best RPG series out there; I'd put Witcher 3 in contention for the best RPG.

Yea if you like combat where you only spamming one button.
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