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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
1. Re: Morning Mobilization Dec 2, 2016, 16:28 Steazy
I don't even need to click the link to know the answer -
You feel like a total dumbass.
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News Comments > Overwatch Wins Big at The Game Awards
1. Re: Overwatch Wins Big at The Game Awards Dec 2, 2016, 16:27 Steazy
I, for one, appreciate Nolan North acknowledging that VAs aren't the only people who make video games. Regardless of what the motivation was (assuming it was to foster general game dev support for the SAG strike).  
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
5. Re: Morning Metaverse Nov 23, 2016, 17:29 Steazy
While it may be unrealistic for a company to pay the full cost of a data breach, there should definitely needs to be some measure in place.

As it stands, tech companies are highly motivated (ie: make a lot of money) to gather as many users as possible. When trying to gather as many users as possible, as fast as possible, it's expected that some corners get cut. It seems that often that corner is user-data security.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
51. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Nov 21, 2016, 20:34 Steazy
I'm glad to see so many people I've argued with over the years taking a rational side of this discussion.

WaltC wrote on Nov 21, 2016, 14:30:
If Trump U was "conning people" then so is every college in the US conning people the same exact way. More anti-Trump propaganda exposed as false. Yawn...what else is new?

Sounds like you should get some of your (TrumpU) tuition back. I would wager you think Trump is a "smart businessman" since this is all just $25,000,000 tax write-off for him?

Safe to assume this won't affect you since Mexico and China stole your job, but as someone whose "con-artist" education has kept him paying hella-taxes and off government assistance through the last decade (the good and the bad) - it seems like unjustifiable bullshit to me. Just another example of the corporate welfare that the president elect claimed to be against.

I also love when people rag on the Clinton Foundation and pretend that the Donald J. Trump Foundation is definitely not a thing that is definitely not involved in any of the *exact same* type of shit right now and in the past.

If you really gave two shits about the country, you wouldn't be worried about the Clinton foundation. You would be worried about the fact that a metaphorical straw-man won the presidency, and why the "evil" HRC was his opposition. How these two were allegedly the best and brightest of our country?

But whatever, asking questions is hard and is the kind of con-artist work those stupid liberal brain-washing universities try to force on people. Just go back to patting yourself on the back that your side "won" - even though America looks to have lost.
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News Comments > etc.
4. Re: RBDOOM-3-BFG version 1.1.0 Nov 21, 2016, 15:42 Steazy
Yea super impressed by RBDOOM-3. It's been a long time coming. Cutscenes are a little rough though

I don't think anyone should be forced to vomit onto a microphone, but I can't resist - 'They also claim that residual payments for videogame performers would be unfair to the programmers, designers and artists who also make a game. Voice actor Phil Lamarr dismisses this as "a self-defeating argument" because it assumes that videogame performers would oppose residual payments being extended to those staff as well. "Why wouldn't you share it with the people who are working 16-hour days during crunch time?"'

"Why wouldn't EA pay everyone else more after giving us money?" Avoiding the fact that if VAs got the residuals they're asking for there wouldn't be anything left to give to said programmers, designers and artists... different industry, different profit margins. Seeing as SAG has been striking for a month and isn't willing to entertain any negotiations speaks volumes. That they want to talk about health and safety concerns (all of which have been addressed in the *current* offer from months ago) and they won't accept any residuals below what they are accustom to in Film/TV shows what they're really after.

They want money, they don't care that the gaming industry is far younger and more fragile than Film. SAG wants big residuals so they can take a big cut off the top for shipping+handling to their members. If it was about health and safety they would have never gone on strike.

So now non-unionized voice actors are going to be doing the job, and they actually may be hurt by the health/safety issues that SAG doesn't even care about.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
25. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 18, 2016, 15:29 Steazy
Necrophob wrote on Nov 18, 2016, 14:26:
jdreyer wrote on Nov 18, 2016, 13:07:
Man's body 'dissolved' by Yellowstone hot spring after seeking place to swim.

Hard to believe an entire human body could dissolve in a pool of water in 24 hours. Crazy.

Also, too: Darwin award winner.

When I visited Yellowstone, the amount of stupidity on display from other visitors was amazing. Walking too close to buffalo, touching boiling water (with a sign nearby in multiple languages saying water was scalding hot)...I picked up a book in the gift shop called Death in Yellowstone. Good read. This guy certainly wasn't the first person to hop in a hot spring.

Noticed the same thing when I visited, also picked up the Death in Yellowstone book. Should probably be required reading for all visitors :X

And then people don't understand when I say that Yellowstone is a "beautiful, psychedelic, nightmarish hell-scape." I say that in the most endearing way though! It's a humbling reminder that nature doesn't give a fuck about you or anyone you love. Some of the original native names are more appropriate than Jellystone, such as "land of the burning ground" or "the place of hot water". Maybe a rename would keep people aware of the very real dangers. The number of things that can kill you in that park... definitely worth a visit
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News Comments > SAG-AFTRA Picketing Insomniac Games
13. Re: SAG-AFTRA Picketing Insomniac Games Nov 18, 2016, 15:00 Steazy
I know I shouldn't feed the trolls but it's disappointing that 325 some odd words are too much to be bothered reading these days.

Steazy wrote on Nov 17, 2016, 16:16:
Reality check, different industries are different, otherwise they would be the same industry.

Creston wrote on Nov 18, 2016, 13:47:
Great. Next time you ask for a raise, your boss will say "WalMart workers make less than you."

Excellent reading comprehension Creston. Obviously I work at a Target. Apparent you couldn't be bothered by any of the facts of the matter, it's not like I posted links or anything.
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News Comments > SAG-AFTRA Picketing Insomniac Games
8. Re: SAG-AFTRA Picketing Insomniac Games Nov 17, 2016, 16:16 Steazy
I've been waiting for this for a long time...

... but now I'm pretty much totally over it. More important things going on in the world.

If SAG would drop their demand for residuals though, this would have been over before it started.

Posted by the video game companies, so obviously a grain of salt or two is necessary. In my limited experience though, this is accurate. At the very least it echos the sentiment of everyone I've talked to in the video game industry.

I get that in the "other industries" voice actors work in, residuals are common. Reality check, different industries are different, otherwise they would be the same industry.

I wonder how SAG would react if the Film/TV specialized CGI houses went on strike for residuals? From what I hear those guys are treated like dirt, and I expect that SAG is fine with that. In the video game industry, F/X artists earn the same residuals as voice actors! Why shouldn't F/X artists earn residuals in Film/TV too?

Curious how this plays out, if SAG gets what they want, then everyone else in the industry will want it to, and at the rates SAG is requesting - I don't think that will be possible. No idea what would happen, but it'd be really interesting.

Anyways, calling this a strike is pretty comical in my eyes because they're all still going to work (except for these picketing days, which they are paid for). Not just in TV and Film, but in video games! The "strike" is only against projects started after the previous contract expired (Oct 2016 or so, IIRC) many of which aren't even far enough along to be hiring voice actors yet. SAG members are still working on projects started before that (notice how AAA games are still releasing on time).

So I can understand that they haven't been picketing much, hard to fit that in a busy work schedule!
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Nov 16, 2016, 15:44 Steazy
Damn, this thing looks epic. 200 maps and missions?  
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
2. Re: Morning Metaverse Nov 14, 2016, 13:30 Steazy
I think I can spot the 1% he's referring to... link above.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
27. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 8, 2016, 14:59 Steazy
Jivaro wrote on Nov 8, 2016, 12:46:
My wife and I tried to vote by mail this year. First time I had done anything like it since I was living outside of the country. My ballot was brought to me by a concerned neighbor when he found it at the bottom of a rain gutter along our street. Soaked and ruined, I now have to take it to the polling station so I can do a provisional ballot. My wife is in the same spot since hers never actually showed up at all and here in California they have been telling us "don't worry about delays, mail in ballot will arrive on time!" instead of actually taking any reports of delays seriously.

Knowing your ballot won't be counted for, in some cases, two weeks...takes a bit out of it. I wish my mail in ballot experience was as good as so many others have said.

FYI, I have talked to at least 20 of my fellow neighbors at a recent home owners association meeting...they also requested mail in ballots and they didn't get them either. We live in a district that has Democrat local politics but somehow the Reps keep getting the state level spots and the important bills end up with whatever the Reps wanted. When I say that my neighbors are now ready to believe just about any conspiracy theory regarding Republican gerrymandering..I mean it. I am not sure I buy into that but clearly someone screwed up somewhere or someone intentionally went around trashing ballots in mailboxes. For being the leaders of the free world, this country really has a fucked up voting system.

This really ought to be a National Holiday by now...if nothing else. Make the process the focus of the entire country for one day. It seems like it's important enough for that. Not just to us as citizens but to the world as a whole.

If you have your mail in ballot you should be able to trade it for a normal ballot at the polling place. Your wife will likely need a provisional ballot if she didn't get her mail in ballot unfortunately
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News Comments > Natural Selection 2 Free Weekend
13. Re: Natural Selection 2 Free Weekend Oct 28, 2016, 17:17 Steazy
Yea I was somewhat interested in checking this out, because I couldn't remember having tried it. Was a huge fan of Gloom so I followed the development of NS1 for a long time and played the hell out of it.

Open up steam, see that I bought it on 11/10/2012 with less than two hours played - ouch. Guess I disliked it so much that I repressed the memory :X May have to give it another shot though if they've improved it, this weekend may be the last time there's enough people online to be worthwhile.

I love the asymmetrical gameplay and the fact that there is a bit of imbalance (some classes are stronger than others but you have to earn them, monsters are horrifying and fast as hell but extremely skill dependent). I love the concept of having an RTS commander overseeing the battle, but I hate to admit that it seems to fail in practice more often than not (everywhere I've seen it tried, not just NS). Miss the Gloom style where it's just balanced to not have a commander.

Who wants to play?
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News Comments > etc.
16. Re: etc. Oct 26, 2016, 17:16 Steazy
Yes my opinion in is flux, because I continue to do research on the issue. There's a word for people who hard-line on one position regardless of what new information or facts come to light.

"... which sounds like a lot until you realize these people are living in expensive markets like SoCal, Seattle, or Austin."
Where do you think the programmers, artists, game designers and testers live?

I've been posting sources, such as this one - SAG Strike Bad Idea

The game companies effectively agreed to everything except the residuals, they even agreed to raise the base rate significantly (can't find reference, something like 9%). SAG failed to show this agreement to any of its members before calling for a strike. Game companies made an offer, SAG decided to call for a strike anyways without even letting its members know about it. If that's not true then SAG should come forward and explain what really happened.

Source: Companies take aim at SAG
Source: Video Game Strike: Companies Cry Foul

The strike is *purely* about residuals, and the health and safety concerns are just a smoke screen to draw public sympathy.

I appreciate you pulling real statistics into the conversation. If you actually look at the rest of that page though you'll see that $30k is the median *nationally* for general voice actors. If you look in California where the majority of video game VAs are, the median is $54,640 - about half of what I estimated, which sounds about right for a median. Yea, someone in Arkansas doing VA for the local auto body shop's commercial isn't making much. That guy isn't on strike right now.

If a VA is making $30k they are working 1/4th as much as they could be. That is a fact. Talk to any other contracted profession and they would identify that instantly as well. If they can't find enough work, or it takes too much time to do so, they should hire an agent.

I'm sorry if they don't make six figures, but they're working part-time. They have free time they can spend on other things, like protesting. Shit, look at Will Wheaton's blog, that guy is on vacation most of his life (strawman, I know). Show me a game developer who travels to five/six countries a year for pleasure? It's not a lucrative industry, why should it be lucrative for VAs?

There's nothing to indicate that those stats are even collected from full time VAs, or even from SAG members. My impression, based on the stats I can see, is that most VAs are not working full time. I don't think that part-time work should come with a full-time salary + additional bonuses (residuals).

I just don't understand all the sympathy for VAs here. They have a sweet gig. No, it's not easy. Yes it is real work. But they *chose* to work as VAs and they *chose* to work in video games. Please, think back everyone, to before VA was big in video games - this is the same group of people that lobbied congress to censor video games and label them as non-art media. It was only once the actors started making money in video games that they changed their tune.

They are hard lining the mandatory residuals for all VAs issue because it will make them a lot of money. There are other alternatives (see gravy for brain link above) and there are other structures that wouldn't be so obnoxious. For example, they could agree to receive the proportional and comparable residuals to the other game developers on the project. That number would be currently be $0, and then VAs and the game devs could work together to get everyone residuals.

If it isn't clear why mandatory fixed rate residuals don't fit with the game industry model - consider this - if I make a free to play game, and I use a voice actor, and I get 8 million downloads before making any money (very common) - who pays for the residual? If I want to have a free weekend for my game, and it blows up, I now am paying residuals without having made any money. What about steam sales, what about a humble bundle where the creator may be getting pennies per copy? What about a game that's re-released on a new platform? What if a developer wants to give their old games away for free? Well, fuck the developers, they don't do anything to make games.

The argument that "there's so much money, they should get some!" sounds insane to me, because that "so much money" is what pays everyone else in the industry. Those profits don't just go to CEO bonuses, they go to marketing firms, they go to publishers, they go to fund new games, to hire new staff, pay for servers, pay for patches, and to invest in new hardware and software to push the envelope even further. I agree CEOs shouldn't get as much of that, that's why I don't work for EA. Personal responsibility man. Personal accountability. That's the glue that keeps the industry together. You can see when it fails.

For example, at the company I work at currently the CEOs bonuses are based on user growth and employee satisfaction. Explain to me how these residuals will be coming out of his bonuses?

Why games are so expensive

As it is the VAs are making public statements like "We are the creative energy in video games" and "Video games would be nothing without us", "Programmers are drones who just do what they are told, they bring no creativity to the product" It sounds like they're trying to antagonize me and everyone in my industry. I know they don't speak for SAG, but they do come off as arrogant, entitled pricks. So yea, fuck them. Sorry Video Games don't pay as well as other industries, that is case for *everyone* - even the CEOs. No one else deals with it by fucking up everyone's production schedules. You find a new job.

Ok, fair enough, most games do not sell 8 million copies, but a many do - Best Selling Video Games
Looking at how many voice actors are in GTAV, I can't even guess how many hours of VA work there is in there... but you're talking a lot more than a few hundred thousand dollars in residuals. Yea, rockstar made a lot of money on GTAV - take a look at how long that money needs to last them though.

"0.01% of game industry employees who contribute 0.001% of the man hour" You say I made this up - you've realized by now that I work in the industry right? Almost a decade. I tried to find a source, but I recall that Doom 3 logged a million man hours of development time, at 0.001% I estimated 10 hours for one VA. Two sessions? Maybe it's more than that, but is 0.002% or 0.003% contribution the point where they should get 0.0002% (projected $10M @ 2M sales) of the profits when they took no risk, opportunity or fiscal? Investors don't get that return rate man, and they put money in. Please do some research before you discredit these numbers.

The industry is far more complicated and nuanced than anyone seemingly wants to consider when discussing this topic. I guess I get it, most people don't have a horse in this race so it's easier to side with the people asking for more money than the people witholding it from them. It seems like a lot of folks like to think that this is a SAG vs EA thing. It's not, this affects every game studio in the US that uses voice acting. Big and small. So whenever you think about SAG fighting to take bonuses from some EA fat cat, also consider SAG fighting to take rent money from an indie developer.

If you think SAG can get their residuals, and it won't result in more studio shut downs... I think you need to do some research on the history of the game industry. I'm sorry, but I'd rather see hundreds of people keep their jobs than a few dozen people make a little more money.

And if one more ignorant person tells me game devs should "just form a Union" and stop being jealous...

Since no one will probably read this days old comment thread... I do have a plan to stop being jealous of VAs. I am, for sure jealous, who wouldn't be? You know how much gaming you could do w/ a 15 hour work week? I'm going to start doing voice acting, w/ the strike right now there are a lot of openings Then I can use my VA money to self-fund game projects and actually create something new for the world instead of just demanding money someone else earned.
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News Comments > Watch Dogs 2 Trailer
17. Re: Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Oct 25, 2016, 22:22 Steazy
Cutter wrote on Oct 24, 2016, 20:13:
No, I have a lot friends down in Oregon and NoCal. Mostly Eugene, SF and Berzerkely. I used to head down there once or twice a year when I lived on the west coast and go get bombed out in Napa and Sonoma for free. Good times.

Shit - we may have run into each other at some point. 95% of my life has been in those places Fortunately we were probably both too bombed to remember it.
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News Comments > etc.
14. Re: etc. Oct 25, 2016, 22:11 Steazy
sdgundamx wrote on Oct 25, 2016, 20:58:
Give voice actors a token residual rate and get back to making games.

Wait, give VAs what they're asking for, even though we don't think they either earned it or deserve it - and then STFU and get back to work? Are you a C-Suit at EA?

Voice actors are fuckin newbs in ~44 year history of the video game industry. Because they have so much free time to be SJWs for themselves as the result of not having to do any actual work - because they're backed by an immensely powerful lobbying firm (SAG) - they deserve benefits no one else gets? Why? Because life is so hard for them?

Since when are the people who make more money, have more power, and wield the most influence the downtrodden of America? Did I miss Trump getting elected?
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News Comments > etc.
13. Re: etc. Oct 25, 2016, 22:01 Steazy
$825 per day, 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. That's a $128,700 annual income working 12 hours a week. That's three times the national average full-time salary working a third as much. Unless you think voice actors are spending 28 hours a week auditioning/job-hunting (hint: they have agents)?

You argue -
A) Well their schedule isn't always full
B) That's still not *that* much money relative to CEOs
C) Salaried employees get benefits!

I respond -
A) Well then, they haven't really made it have they? Acting is a tough gig to break into, they have some free-time since they aren't working and should get another job to supplement their income - I hear waiting tables is a popular choice.
B) Well, CEOs make too much... I agree. This is base pay. If you're experienced in a field you shouldn't be making the same hourly rate as a novice (and from what I can find, they aren't, successful VAs make many times more than base rate).
C) Salaried employees get benefits, they also have limited time off, mandatory hours, have to commute into work every day, pay higher tax rates, and have to find a meal every day outside their home (time or money cost). Salaried employees are generally still paying for some part of their benefits. Salaried employees also get laid off, and it takes longer to be hired on in a new position - game programmers can spend 20+ hours on a job application + interviews and get nothing. Fuck I've spent 30+ hours interviewing for some roles if you count transportation. That's just how it goes, sorry, finding a job is hard for everyone. If you don't like it don't work in a profession that requires you to do it frequently.

I'm not arguing that talented, experienced, hard working voice actors shouldn't make boat loads of money. They should be filthy rich, just like other actors. Fine, sounds good. It's a risky industry I get it.

But SAGs current proposal requires VAs get paid, minimum, $1000 an hour on a game that sells 8 million copies. 5x the current rate. Minimum, not $1k an hour for Dave Hayder or Jennifer Hale, but for Jim-bob "Dropped outta high school moved to hollywood" Dip-shit VA on his first gig in his life. Just being paid to the voice actor, never mind the recording engineer, sound designer, audio engineer who are all working many more hours to actually put that voice into the game.

VA then becomes extremely expensive, so either
1) CEOs suck it up and stop giving them selves fat bonuses (impossible)
2) Studios stop using voice acting and cutscenes as a crutch to sling games (unlikely)
3) Working class person in the games industry gets fucked (very likely).
4) Video games get more expensive (possible, probably best case realistic scenario)

Question: Would anyone supporting SAG in this strike be willing to pay $5 extra per game, on every game they buy for the rest of their life, to allow 0.01% of game industry employees who contribute 0.001% of the man hours going into a game, working 12 hours a week, so they can make up to five times as much as they make now, which is already higher than 85% of the country, so they can work on fewer games?
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
5. Re: Following layoffs, Wooga confirms the death of Black Anvil Games. Oct 25, 2016, 21:26 Steazy
Yea, no-one ever tried to unionize software or game development. There definitely hasn't been decades of anti-union legislation making it nearly impossible.

I got on my high horse the other day about how SAG should just accept game devs into their union if they really cared. I was informed today that's 100% illegal. They couldn't if they wanted to.
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News Comments > etc.
10. Re: etc. Oct 25, 2016, 20:22 Steazy
Found a smart person who understands VO to explain my points for me

^All for this plan, sounds good. The concept of a "royalty buyout" seems incredibly appropriate. VOs want residuals, game industry doesn't have residuals, require game companies to buy the rights to those residuals for an agreed upon rate. I don't feel screwed by VOs getting residuals over everyone else, VOs get some extra money to last between gigs. Sweet.

Safety stuff is a no brainer.

I do think it kind of sucks that neither side will be reasonable on allowing non-union voice acting in roles though. If I'm making a game, and there's a character I can relate to and I want to voice him because I know it'd be perfect... I have to join SAG first or I can't have any SAG actors in my game. Just seems dumb. (To be fair, I get that EA et. al are asking for *WAY* more than that, and then SAG's naturally reaction is "Uhhhhhh, no you can't undermine the main foundation of a union.")
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News Comments > etc.
9. Re: etc. Oct 25, 2016, 18:24 Steazy
I finally found an outlet for my frustration so I'll probably drop this around blues for the time being...

Thanks (Whistle)ill!

Still can't find a SAG response to the residuals issue that isn't just "we get them in film/tv/commercials!" Well then go do that stuff if it's so fucking great! Oh, wait, *they are doing that right now*. That's why the picket was only two hours, everyone is still working. What a tough, courageous, bold statement.

I wish I could find it, but I found one quote from a VA who said "These games would be nothing without us." Huh, wonder why they're antagonizing so many people? Maybe telling thousands of educated people that years of their life are worth nothing did it?

(Whistle)ill's response

"I canít speak to the fairness or unfairness of residuals or lack of residuals for programmers, artists, composers, and others who game developers and publishers, because thatís not my job, and I donít know what, precisely, their contracts are. I certainly donít believe that there is some sort of feud or lack of shared interest between us (the actors) and them, and I fully support all the people who work on games ó especially the huge blockbuster games that pull in profits that are in line with the biggest blockbuster movies ó getting the very best contract, with the best compensation and best working conditions that they possibly can."

Errr, why does this sound like Donald Trump saying "nobody has more respect for women than I do, nobody... especially the hot ones. They're my favorite". Because he doesn't know "precisely" what everyone else in the game industries contract is, he just assumes that they're getting residuals? Even though it's very clearly obvious that they aren't? He couldn't even state "they should get residuals too"? Oh Wesley, the academy changed you

Again, if one of these Film Actors Guild (sp?) peeps could just acknowledge that it's not just them being abused in this system... I would be 100% behind them. Everything except the residuals seems like a (relatively) no brainer, although they are arguing that VAs can't have their pay docked if they're late for, are distracted during, or leave a session early? Uhhhhh... what? Isn't that just... the basic ruleset of working a job? I'll just assume that's being blown out of proportion.

But the residuals man.... the residuals... and the absolute lack of acknowledgement for the plight of anyone else in the industry. A blindness to it, or as I see it, an indifference because these people do in fact think they are entitled to more than everyone else.

BTW: The residual payments are a repayment of the original rate, which is helpfully publicly available -

So, back of the envelope... looks to me like actors wage growth has beaten the national average healthily... and at a very consistent rate... the national average that includes the top 1% of earners. Definitely the downtrodden under class.

$825 for 4 hours, up to $1600 a session for atmospheric voices. Who was it who told me VA's didn't make $200 an hour? They were right, they can make up to $400 an hour *base*. Sounds pretty tough. Then they want 4x more in residuals. Cool. Jennifer Hale does 3x rate? So that's $600 an hour (assuming no one would hire her for atmospheric voices). Sounds so freaking tough. There are pro athletes who don't make that. So, base rate actor works on a game for two weeks, makes ~$5,000, and stands to make another $20,000 if hundreds of *other* people bust their ass. Those other people, putting in thousands of man hours? People maintaining live servers and releasing patches and DLC? You know, the things necessary to hit those sales numbers? Fuck them, their only purpose in life is to help VAs get their residuals. Nothing they do matters.

If you want residuals... here's an idea. Take all that fat TV/Film/Commercial money and fund a fucking game. Then you can flip EA the bird on the way out, win win. You'll also save $10's of thousands of dollars on voice acting which is worth an artist or two.

This comment was edited on Oct 25, 2016, 18:32.
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. Oct 25, 2016, 17:29 Steazy

"The top games make money. This industry has grown, boomed and morphed into something bigger and more lucrative than many other segments of the entertainment industry, and it continues to do so. The truth is, secondary compensation is not uncommon in the video game industry. In 2014, Activision's COO took home a bonus of $3,970,862. EA paid their executive chairman a bonus of $1.5 million. We applaud their success, and we believe our talent and contributions are worth a bonus payment, too."

Interesting they couldn't cite a single example other than "The people that everyone agrees are overcompensated are making lots of money! GIVE US SOME TOO! Obviously it will come out of those bonuses and not anywhere else, because executives are honest straightforward people." It is news to me that executives and voice actors were the only people involved in making video games.
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