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News Comments > Hitman Game Not Cancelled
4. Re: Hitman Game Not Cancelled Jan 6, 2014, 23:33 NamecaF
Task wrote on Jan 6, 2014, 22:44:
But will they learn NOT to put in x-ray and panther vision this time?

You know, you dont have to use it
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Jan 3, 2014, 21:14 NamecaF
Cutter wrote on Jan 3, 2014, 16:13:
So updating things is now worth a patent? Are you fucking kidding me? And what they're proposing is asinine beyond belief. Want to increase longevity? Put in editors and/or map randomizers with your games.

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News Comments > Deadpool and Other Marvel Removals Confirmed
11. Re: You dont own that game! Jan 2, 2014, 12:25 NamecaF
Techie714 © wrote on Jan 2, 2014, 12:07:
What the hell is up with all these games disappearing? This is VERY concerning for Steam users. Can you imagine a world where one day EA/Activision, etc. REMOVE a game from your Steam library because you no longer have license rights to play it? That would suck!

Oh it already happened....
Steam removed "Order of War" from people who purchased it....Google it

That's what I've been saying for ages. This whole move from physical to digital where you dont own anything but rather are loaned a license which can be taken away at whim is one of the worst things to happen to gaming in recent years. Convenience is great, but at what cost?
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News Comments > New Year's Safety Dance
29. Re: New Year's Safety Dance Jan 2, 2014, 00:29 NamecaF
Is it just me, or does it seem like there's been a recent influx of whackos posting comments on Blues lately?  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
10. Re: Morning Tech Bits Dec 30, 2013, 22:34 NamecaF
Mine was a Commodore 64. When it took half an hour to load a game from tape  
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News Comments > Friday Metaverse
2. Re: Friday Metaverse Dec 27, 2013, 17:40 NamecaF
jdreyer wrote on Dec 27, 2013, 13:52:
Internet Archive puts classic 70s and 80s games online.

The other day, my internal monologue was saying, "I really miss Pong. Wish I could play that again." And now, presto!

Can you do us a favor and internally say to yourself "I wish that NamecaF wins $4,000,000 in tonight's lotto"?
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Dec 17, 2013, 23:13 NamecaF
I much prefer the days of physical over digital.

1a. You owned something physical, not just an intangible "license"
1b. Which grants you additional legal rights (at least here in Australia) including consumer rights so you're entitled to refunds (unlike Steam)
2. You always had access to the game/files forever. They couldn't be revoked or pulled or disabled like digital games/files can!
3. Quicker to copy and install (than download a 20gb game)
4. Doesnt use up your bandwidth and broadband quota
5. Could be lent to a friend or easily installed on your second PC/laptop

The only drawback to physical was in relation to having to always have the disc in your drive to play the game (legally-gray "cracks" were always a good way to circumvent this though)

Digital is just convenient - but by no means better IMHO.
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News Comments > Evening Patches
1. Re: Big POSTAL 2 Update Dec 13, 2013, 22:02 NamecaF
* Added an option for micro-transactions!
You can now buy Champ new outfits for 10 bucks a piece, or pay for a 50 bucks season pass to obtain them all as they become available, before you've even seen what they are. Now you can really dress in style and so can Champ too! (Just kiddin’, but it shows the sad state of the industry when you probably half believed that whilst reading it.)

So true. "Micro-transactions" and DLC need to die. Bring back expansions or offer more/significant features and better value "DLC"!

God I hate publishers and arrogant devs who abhor their customers.
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News Comments > Alien Isolation Screenshots?
13. Re: Alien Isolation Screenshots? Dec 13, 2013, 20:26 NamecaF
Wildone wrote on Dec 13, 2013, 10:50:
If they have this on Oculus I will shat myself

Just a tip; "will" = future-tense, "shat" = past-tense
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News Comments > Game of Thrones Confirmed
12. Re: Game of Thrones Confirmed Dec 9, 2013, 01:34 NamecaF
Cutter wrote on Dec 8, 2013, 22:18:
Let's just get The Wolf done first shall we.

And how many big floppy penises will be in this game?

Greedy much? How many do you want?
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
6. Re: Sunday Consolidation Dec 9, 2013, 00:35 NamecaF
Steele Johnson wrote on Dec 8, 2013, 19:51:
There are lot of shitty multiplayer games out there. Gamers have been asking for more co op games for years, and still, designers and devs just don't know what to do. It surprises me considering that almost everyone has a broadband connection and is always online, not to mention that pcs and now newer consoles have more than enough memory. Come on devs, make more multiplayer and co op games. Screw single player, there are enough of them already!

Actually, it's the opposite. I wish devs/publishers would focus more on SP instead of MP instead of trying to spread themselves too thin and included both (in some half-assed attempt to appeal to "everyone").

It would take way too long to list all the games with completely shite and/or short SP campaigns because they had to focus on providing "a multiplayer experience" as well.

And no, not almost everyone has broadband and is always online. Perhaps in the US (even then, I wouldn't bet on it) but in a lot other countries, this is definitely not the case at all.
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News Comments > etc.
8. Re: etc. Dec 4, 2013, 18:44 NamecaF
That was a waste of time. Anyone over 12 years old cant possible find that funny.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Re: Out of the Blue Dec 1, 2013, 20:47 NamecaF
Capitalism and callous disregard for fellow human beings at its finest. Jesus Christ America.  
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News Comments > etc.
4. Re: etc. Nov 30, 2013, 05:18 NamecaF
Simon Says wrote on Nov 29, 2013, 17:27:
jdreyer wrote on Nov 29, 2013, 13:38:
Here's what the mainstream media thinks of video games

You know nothing Jon Snow.



See, we need a +1 / -1 system implemented.

Glad it's not just me
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News Comments > GeForce 331.93 Beta Drivers
12. Re: GeForce 331.93 Beta Drivers Nov 29, 2013, 18:28 NamecaF
Eraserhead wrote on Nov 29, 2013, 12:39:
For anyone who's been having trouble with desktop and browser instability with the latest drivers, as I was, these might do the trick. I've got a 460 GTX and wasn't able to install anything past 314.22 without getting frequent crashes.

Been using 331.58 for the past week or so (which were posted in the Nvidia forum as a test driver) and all's been well so far.

Same. I've got two 460 GTXs and 320.49 were the latest stable drivers I could find. Everything after that caused random crashes even on desktop/firefox. So hopefully these fix that.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - The Shivah: Kosher Edition
4. Re: Ships Ahoy - The Shivah: Kosher Edition Nov 22, 2013, 22:01 NamecaF
Draugr wrote on Nov 22, 2013, 13:35:
Shivakamini Somakandarkram!
Ha! That reminds me, I've still got the last two episodes to watch!
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News Comments > New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers add ShadowPlay Beta
24. Re: New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers add ShadowPlay Beta Nov 20, 2013, 00:58 NamecaF
I really wish they would get their fucking act together and release drivers that dont keep locking up or killing older graphics cards.

Anything after 320.49 is completely unstable for my GTX 460s.
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News Comments > Evening Safety Dance
1. Re: Evening Safety Dance Nov 8, 2013, 00:49 NamecaF
Ok I'll bite. What's the problem with this "Obamacare" or that has some people so worked up?  
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News Comments > Arma 3 Campaign Release
8. Re: Arma 3 Campaign Release Nov 1, 2013, 07:56 NamecaF
Sweet, downloading... now!  
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News Comments > Blackwell Deception Free
5. Re: Blackwell Deception Free Oct 31, 2013, 11:34 NamecaF
So it's been fixed?


Looks like Valve screwed up. I hope they reimburse these developers, the promo was only meant to be for Blackwell Deception.

"Today I am not happy with Steam."

"Steam screwed up the Deception codes royally. I have removed the codes from the free Deception offer temporarily."
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