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News Comments > Paragon is a MOBA
10. Re: Paragon is a MOBA Dec 6, 2015, 18:29 Suppa7
Creston wrote on Dec 6, 2015, 16:29:
Epic is basically just a bandwagon jumper now, apparently? Just about three years too late in each instance.

"The kids play Minecraft! Quick, make a minecraft game!"
"MOBAs are hot?! Let's make one!"

Pretty much, the fact that chris taylor wanted to make a MOBA with is kickstarter tells us volumes about the general shittyness of the game industry.
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News Comments > Dark Souls III in April
6. Re: Dark Souls III in April Dec 4, 2015, 23:28 Suppa7
NetHead wrote on Dec 4, 2015, 19:15:
I don't think Dark Souls is all that challenging, and I don't mean that in the way "I'm so good at it" etc.

It's challening to everyone who was born yesterday and didn't play the blik of pre-2000 games, or never grew up on the NES/SNES/GENESIS.

The bulk of modern newer generation gamers are morons. Most games post 2004 ish have really gone off into newbie never never land never to return.

People who get a hard on for these games really is lacking the IQ or never grew up during the NES days through the early PC years of the 90's. There are NES games harder than dark souls and they aren't even that hard either.
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News Comments > Shadow Complex Remastered for Free
20. Re: Shadow Complex Remastered for Free Dec 4, 2015, 23:22 Suppa7
Jagacademy wrote on Dec 4, 2015, 13:19:
Where do we draw the line? Every developer releases their own launcher for their game(s)? We'd end up with 100+ different launchers installed. Why is this necessary whatsoever?

The average gamer made that decision along time ago licking the boots of steam and paying for always online drm'd games like mmo's and diablo 3.

I remember the good old days when you didn't need a launcher to or a game mananger, you simply ran the game.
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News Comments > Morning Crowdfunding Roundup
4. Re: Morning Crowdfunding Roundup Nov 21, 2015, 02:16 Suppa7
eRe4s3r wrote on Nov 20, 2015, 08:31:
Well, a scam usually doesn't try to actually build what they promised..

Plenty of scams build what they promise but only to a half-assed degree, we have plenty of evidence from gaming kickstarters alone that this is the case. One can go to steam early access and see all the unfinished games the developers have given up on because they got that money no strings attached.

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News Comments > Morning Crowdfunding Roundup
2. Re: Morning Crowdfunding Roundup Nov 20, 2015, 05:54 Suppa7
eRe4s3r wrote on Nov 19, 2015, 18:53:
You'd think 3.4m is enough to build a drone (and it is)... until you read what they "claimed" that palm sized drone ought to be able to do. Which is all nice and all.. except You can't scale down batteries to palm size and still have more than 5m flight time while also shooting HD video and writing it to SSD (Which, believe it or not, actually requires a lot of power too)

Did none of the engineers ever actually tell the people in charge that?

It was a scam from the get go, lets be honest.
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News Comments > Star Control Founder's Program
5. Re: Star Control Founder's Program Nov 20, 2015, 04:02 Suppa7
Numinar wrote on Nov 20, 2015, 01:22:
Fallen Enchantress and Sins of a Solar Empire are amazing PC games. I have faith.

The first few goes at FE sucked though apparently, and I hate GalCiv but others seem to love it.

I never played the original Galciv but I really dug galciv 2. I think it's just for those of us who love building and researching shit. AKA we love to manage the shit out of everything. The min/maxing. What I've always hated about civilization is running out of shit to research, so the original Galciv 2 was like my dream come true with a massive research tree. IIRC they patched it to widdle down the "redundant" research options but I always thought "Super Quantum lazer Mark 4" was a cool way to extend research in a way, where brad thought it was stupid, I thought it was pretty cool.

I always love having more options than less, I hate running out of shit to do in games, there's something cathartic about endless progress/growth.
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News Comments > Legacy of the Void Sells 1M
21. Re: Legacy of the Void Sells 1M Nov 15, 2015, 01:48 Suppa7
Frijoles wrote on Nov 15, 2015, 00:46:
Suppa7 wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 21:59:
You don't strike me as having sufficient brainpower if you call SC2 better than SC1.

All you're doing is calling him names and not backing anything up. Why do you feel SC1 was better? Give some examples.

I did back stuff up, in terms of story... the love interest in SC2 vs SC1 story makes no sense, aka raynor as a character has been retconned. In SC1 he had a vicious hatred towards kerrigan towards the end of of SC1. In SC2 he is somehow now in love with her for no reason, other than the original SC1 team had been disbanded and the wow crew papered over the story of SC1 with bullshit they dropped out of the sky. I've played SC1/SC2 recently so that's how I know how different both are, since I've played them back to back.

The next is Tassadar, the heroic sacrifice he made in SC1 and then in SC2 he pops out of nowhere with no warning or justification, it was all so forced... it was the worst bit of story telling I've seen in gaming history... it just goes to show you how World of warcraft basically wrecked the chances for good continuity for both Starcraft and Diablo's story, WoW made blizzard fat and lazy with all that MMO money rolling in.

Problems with SC2 Innovation Vs. SC1: At the time SC1 was released, we were moving from warcraft (clones of races) to the three innovative races of Starcraft 1. It was a step foward for RTS as a whole, a benchmark against other RTS games. Blizzard was breaking new ground in both gameplay and story at the time it was released. None of that is true with SC2, SC2 is by and large for hyper competitive koreans... basically the korean scene that developed in SC1's multiplayer community came to dominate in such a way as to limit innovation in SC2... aka the lack of freedom to experiment outside of traditional RTS gameplay, to come up with NEW ideas rather than the same old build base spam units, conquer your enemy.

I could go on but there are multiple reasons why that could take up pages...
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News Comments > Legacy of the Void Sells 1M
19. Re: Legacy of the Void Sells 1M Nov 14, 2015, 21:59 Suppa7
Yifes wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 11:01:
Starcraft 1 story was bad too. You just didn't realize it 18 years ago. LOTV's story is certainly on par with what Blizzard has produced before.

The point was the lore and atmosphere they established in the original is gone because the original team no longer exists. That was the point, the game doesn't feel like a true sequel.

Yifes wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 11:01:
They have added so much more mission variety and gameplay mechanics, include mutually exclusive between mission upgrade choices, single player only units with overpowered abilities, etc that I find the singleplayer to be much more interesting and varied than the SC1 campaign.

I'm sorry but if you believe this, you are functionally braindead. RTS singleplayer is still about dragging units from point A to point b and overwhelming the enemy, like no strategy involved. RTS single player has always been generally crappy in RTS land, the problem is they made no new innovations. If you think those gimmicks are innovative you prove just how braindead the average gamer is.

SC1 is a better multiplayer game than SC2 (at least up to HOTS, we'll see if LOTV can recapture the glory days of Brood War MP), but the SC2 singleplayer campaign is significantly better than SC1.

If you believe the singleplayer campaign of SC2 is better than SC1 in terms of story you're an idiot. I was hoping for some real innovation in the single player portion of the game with SC2, what we got again was rehash with gimmicks.

Yifes wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 11:01:
I think you're just old and jaded and looking back through rose colored glasses of nostalgia.

And I think you're lacking the IQ to perform any serious analysis. You don't strike me as having sufficient brainpower if you call SC2 better than SC1. Let us not forget SC1 was a groundbreaking game at the time, SC2 did none of what blizzard used to be known for.
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News Comments > TRANSFORMERS: Devastation DLC
4. Re: TRANSFORMERS: Devastation DLC Nov 14, 2015, 21:11 Suppa7
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 16:49:
This game is fucking gorgeous! I say that without having purchased it yet of course, but from videos and stills it seems absolutely beautiful. I'm right in the target demographic though.

I'll definitely get it when it goes on sale, should be amusing and nostalgic enough to warrant a sale price buy.

Tragically enough, the game quickly gets repetitive. Fall of cybertron is still the best transformers game.
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News Comments > Legacy of the Void Sells 1M
11. Re: Legacy of the Void Sells 1M Nov 14, 2015, 05:45 Suppa7
Kajetan wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 02:56:
Slick wrote on Nov 14, 2015, 02:49:
You do realize that WoL alone contained more missions than Starcraft 1? Regarding to playable content, SC2 is three full games. But hey, keep on ranting if that makes you happy.

You do realize that the single player is universally mundane and the story is bad and basically retcons the original universe of starcraft 1? SC2 is SC2 alternate universe... its like really bad fanfic. The missions in SC2 were standard fare and SC2 is still about multiplayer mainly, the sc2 campaign and missions I was never impressed by... its missing the charm of the original SC and broodwar, the atmosphere is much different... and that whole Rayner + kerrigan thing they retconned... at the end of SC1, raynor and kerrigan were mad enemies because of kerrigans atrocities, the idea that he would take her as a love interest is bizarre beyond belief.
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News Comments > Windows 10 Outperforms SteamOS
32. Re: Windows 10 Outperforms SteamOS Nov 13, 2015, 19:50 Suppa7
Slick wrote on Nov 13, 2015, 13:53:
I don't know what's more pathetic, ActiBliz buying CandyCrush for 5.9 billion, or Valve sinking all of their money into this ridiculous enterprise. You know as a PC gamer you're being led by a false prophet when his primary concern is making a more inferior console that's already out already.

All because Gabe Newell was so afraid of Windows8, yeah, cause "Games for Windows Live Xbox Marketplace" or whatever is so scary. Steam has become the primary place for games on Windows they fucking dominate that market, nothing else comes close. Time to start running away from that platform as fast as you can! Run Gabey run!

As soon as steam became a thing, it proved without a doubt the gaming masses are feeble minded. I held out on steam for years but newer generations of kids with no tech literacy fed the corproate DRM beast.

No one should expect great things from valve, they are the ones who popularized DRM and normalized it. So now almost all AAA games have gangrene steamworks shit inside them. No dedicated servers, everything locked down if its multiplayer to steam.
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News Comments > Fallout 4 Shipped 12M on Day One
103. Re: Fallout 4 Shipped 12M on Day One Nov 13, 2015, 19:46 Suppa7
yuastnav wrote on Nov 13, 2015, 18:35:
So I guess what I want to know is: what makes Fallout 4 new and exciting? What makes it fun? I was absolutely not impressed with this whole building gimmick and the companions don't really seem to add anything. So buy or wait for sale (if at all)?

It's the same old AAA schlock, new kiddies without any gaming history will eat it up as amazing, those of us who grew up on gaming during the 80's and 90's won't be impressed. It's just a new group of kids who are born yesterday compared to the older generation of gamers. Demographics and all that.
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News Comments > Blizzard Sues Bot Maker
25. Re: Blizzard Sues Bot Maker Nov 13, 2015, 04:05 Suppa7
deqer wrote on Nov 12, 2015, 11:00:
If your game wasn't a grind, then there wouldn't be bots to do the grind.

It's your fault for making the game a grind, in order to get people to play(pay) longer.

The problem is there's always a new batch of kiddies and most gamers are morons, lets be honest. The rise of DRM/MMO's/F2P proves the gaming masses, generally, are idiots.
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
3. Re: Morning Interviews Nov 13, 2015, 03:18 Suppa7
TangledThorns wrote on Nov 12, 2015, 12:25:
RTS is a dying genre, sadly. I'd be shocked if we ever see Starcraft return as a RTS.

The problem was the original team that did Starcraft was long gone and World of warcrafts success basically recked the potential of SC2 and Diablo 3. We can see how much has been lost because World of warcraft became the focus.

Starcraft 2 has to be the most boring by the numbers sequel of all time. There are no new paths tread. At the time Starcraft 1 was made they were making new innovations and breaking new ground in RTS.

This comment was edited on Nov 13, 2015, 03:42.
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News Comments > Battlefield 4 Free DLC Plans
8. Re: Battlefield 4 Free DLC Plans Nov 13, 2015, 02:42 Suppa7
Slick wrote on Nov 13, 2015, 01:44:
"actual big maps" lol.

such rose-tinted nostalgia glasses, the article itself said explicitly how small a view distance there was in BF2 (and it was small, so very very small, like 150m). The point is that it "felt" bigger. When you have a 4KM view distance, nothing really changes with the skyline when you move around.

Size is relative, you'd actually have to sit down and do metric conversions of the time and distance travelled between games. It's quite possible for the maps to be larger in terms of space/travel time despite having 'lower distance'. AKA the relative distances are all that matter. So its quite possible if you blew up or scaled down he co-ordinate space (depending on which is bigger or smaller) you'd find out all sorts of interesting things.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
3. Re: Morning Safety Dance Nov 12, 2015, 22:43 Suppa7
Cutter wrote on Nov 12, 2015, 12:33:
And the FBI assault on civil rights continues unabated.

That's its job, lets be honest... it exists to protect the status quo and that is the naked criminality of the powerful.
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News Comments > Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 Plans
10. Re: Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 Plans Nov 7, 2015, 22:30 Suppa7
More evidence that path of exile is the better ARPG.  
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News Comments > StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Launch Schedule
5. Re: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Launch Schedule Nov 6, 2015, 02:52 Suppa7
Wildone wrote on Nov 5, 2015, 19:59:
People playing this fucking game still? I remember playing it to death in 1998 but wtf..its 2015..they need to update it a lil bit

You need to remember that there is a new generation that never played starcraft 1 at all, theres a generational turning and churn because new kids are constantly being born. So theres generations of kids coming in on the 2nd or third installment. That's why old gameplay is old to us oldtimers but brand new to the young.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: Morning Consolidation Nov 5, 2015, 20:41 Suppa7
Tumbler wrote on Nov 5, 2015, 13:18:
In a $60 game micro transactions are despicable. I can think of instances where they aren't that bad, cosmetic items for example, but in the end if all feels like content that was deliberately cut from the core game rather than additional stuff added to the game.

The problem is free market theory can only work when you are within asskicking distance of the people selling you shit. Once the people making and selling stuff are 100's of miles away, corruption runs rampant because you can't kick the bastards ass. Or as I like to say: Humanity doesn't scale. Human beings were never meant for these giant societies. The human mind is just a clusterfuck of monkeydom, it really shows us human beings evolved from lower animals.
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News Comments > Descent: Underground Early Access
11. Re: Descent: Underground Early Access Oct 23, 2015, 13:21 Suppa7
Bub wrote on Oct 23, 2015, 06:34:
I would love to see this gain a large following, but judging from the failure of other somewhat newtonian space sims to attrack large enough audiences these days, and from the general average gamers complaint that copy cats like Miner Wars is too hard, I doubt this will attract enough players to make online worth it.

The real issue is that it's hard to control a ship like the descent ship moves in 3D, most people just don't have the biological reflexes and brain power to handle it. I think what is needed is a 'newbie' mode where you have a more doom like approach where the ship is magetically stuck to walls or their orientation that acts like a 2D floor in fps and it has a free floating 360 turret, aka aim and movement are like in an fps. That would go a long way to saving the genre, just because most people can't handle truly 3D flying.

I've been thinking about why games like descent and freespace bit the big pickle and its really largely about the differences in what we as traditional Descenters/pilots want out of a game and what the gaming masses want out of a game. A difference in needs.

One can construct a game that caters to both sets without breaking what made descent great, you simply add rules to the game modes like say what unreal tournament did where you have different modes or game rules you can shut on or off. Those who want to play the hard traditional 6DOF and have the total game run by those rules can, those who want to play mixed in with other players with easier controls can play it that way as well. Therefore purists like ourselves can play in their own spaces and don't have to worry about new rules tainting the purity and they can pick and choose at their whim to play with the mixed rules bunch that allows for the reflex challenged among us to get some fun out of the game.

I think of it in terms of how would I design descent today if I had a brother who had serious challenges in reflex speed/intelligence/etc. Because those kids want to have fun to. And we keep forgetting what its like to be a kid and on the losing side of a videogame, its not nice.
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