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News Comments > On Sale
2. Re: On Sale Apr 18, 2017, 11:37 chickenboo
Those CDs did include some real gems (granted a lot of the titles were shovelware). Personally I'm all for more games than ever, maybe it makes the choice of what to play harder but more options are definitely better.

Also didn't Steam address this recently saying they're going to roll out more community voting/rating options?
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News Comments > etc.
1. Re: etc. Apr 18, 2017, 11:14 chickenboo
I can't decide whether to buy Full Throttle on GOG or Steam. I like Steam achievements and I'd like to collect a badge, but I like supporting GOG. Also it looks like the GOG version doesn't have achievements yet, or at least it isn't listed on the game page.  
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News Comments > KOTOR Reboot & New BioWare IP Rumors
6. Re: KOTOR Reboot & New BioWare IP Rumor Apr 11, 2017, 10:56 chickenboo
Task wrote on Apr 11, 2017, 10:40:
The phrases "semi-MMO" and "Destiny-style" just turned this radar blip into an unimportant anomaly. If they can't do KoToR 3 properly without introducing a bunch of grinding casual filler, then my fucks to give are quickly running out when it comes to "BioWare" products. It being 'bigger' than Andromeda also is a poor selling point when all that amounts to is wastes of space and the trashy MMO quests that go with them.

Now - whatever Edmonton doing is doing in secret, that's the only Bioware thing I have left to be curious about.

I think those mmo-things are discussing a different IP/game:

another tidbit from the same podcast, discussing a new IP codenamed "Dylan"

Sadly I don't hold much hope for the KOTOR-reboot either. The fantastic team that made that game is long gone. Or maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised? It's sad that so many of us are pessimistic of rebooted IPs right out the gate, we should give the game a chance, but I refuse to let myself be hyped anymore by brand name recognition.
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News Comments > Terraria: Otherworld Developer Switch
10. Re: Terraria: Otherworld Developer Switch Apr 5, 2017, 16:10 chickenboo
Primalchrome wrote on Apr 5, 2017, 15:45:
Beamer wrote on Apr 5, 2017, 14:57:
I have nearly 400 hours in FTL
No sarcasm, genuinely curious... I probably put 50 hours into the original Rogue on the Tandy 1000. I've played a handful of roguelikes (FTL being one) over the years since and enjoy them for 5-10 hours each but can't imagine putting in over a hundred hours. What about FTL (or roguelikes) makes it fun doing the same things over and over? Is it the challenge to see just how many levels deep you can make it before you reset?

I have about 160 hours in FTL (0 minutes in Terraria btw). The game has a definite end - you beat the boss at the end in Sector 8, and the game is over, you restart. I continue to play for a number of reasons:

I haven't unlocked all the ships yet: There are 8 (7? 9?) ship designs with 3 sub-designs each, each sub design has its own strengths and flaws. I haven't found the hidden ship yet. I haven't won in Hard mode yet. And the game's tendency to be absolutely infuriating sometimes, somehow is precisely what keeps me coming back. It's a bit like that old Lunar Lander game, incredibly simple to play but so difficult to actually win at (I never did get the hand of landing that damn lander), which somehow makes you want to try again, and again. I can't rightly say what specifically brings me back to that title, it's a special blend of design and music and gameplay that just jives me in all the right ways. Darkest Dungeon is like that as well (if only it were $3!).
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News Comments > Terraria: Otherworld Developer Switch
4. Re: Terraria: Otherworld Developer Switch Apr 5, 2017, 13:48 chickenboo
NetHead wrote on Apr 5, 2017, 12:54:
Primalchrome wrote on Apr 5, 2017, 11:36:
Re-Logic created one of the best games and dev models in modern gaming. Terraria has had regular content updates over the last 6 years that add content and levels of challenge. One of the biggest bangs for the buck out of all the titles in my library.

I couldn't think of anything that has as much "bang for buck" compared to Terraria and how for years they kept adding more and more for free.

I remember thinking the only thing that could compete there would be some free game that would probably only compete purely because the price was 0, like Path of Exile lots of content and they keep adding. For a paid software products I can't think of anything that matches Terraria.

Then on the opposite side you have so much crap, like Obsidian Entertainment with Tyranny having just released a "Portrait Pack" costing $4 (could have picked up Terraria for that price) and all you get are 20 disappointing portraits totaling 3MB of data. Seriously, here's a sample of the crap you get as DLC, worse than Horse Armour. Nonsense even before considering how they love over charging for their games to begin with.

Sure you could pick up Terraria for that price, but then you're playing a 2d Minecraft-sandbox game, and not a CRPG. Totally different games. Just a wild guess but Tyranny probably had a much larger dev team than Terraria had. And the artists who made these portraits need to eat, they have to get paid, so why not charge for it? They could have released it for free, but they decided to charge. You could get any millions of portraits off google all day long, but if you want these ones, it's only $4.

Would I buy it? heck no. But I'm sure there's someone out there who thinks, it's the price of a latte, and it customizes my team even further, so I'll buy it. And that's fine.

Or if you prefer, you could spend the $4 on Terraria when it's on sale, or FTL (a better game)
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News Comments > Cyberpunk 2077 in Full Development; More Witcher Games Likely
18. Re: Cyberpunk 2077 in Full Development; More Witcher Games Likely Mar 31, 2017, 17:19 chickenboo
Beamer wrote on Mar 31, 2017, 13:51:
The Half Elf wrote on Mar 31, 2017, 10:24:
Haven't finished Witcher 3 yet (too many damn ?'s on the Skele Isles made me take a long break).

But Witcher goodness with some Shadowrun.... CD Projekt... please choose which kidney or other organ you'd like to have this game out in 2017.

Fortunately, by that point I was kind of very compulsive ? hunting, but the few I went for in the Skeles were not worthwhile, fully killing it.

I actually think that, for several reasons, exploring was significantly less rewarding in The Witcher than in the Bethesda games. But the writing was so massively better. Geralt was absolutely one of the most well defined and deep characters I've seen in a game, and everything was handled so well around him.

I had the opposite experience: exploring in Skellige was great. I loved sailing to tiny islands off the beaten path and finding some village with a unique problem, like the one with the stone tower that had just appeared on a nearby hill, out of the blue. There was another island with a huge decaying fortress with an easter egg down at the bottom. Another island far to the south east had a hidden cache and a Cyclops guarding it. I enjoyed all these encounters and I liked that they were all unique -- Skyrim's dungeons/caves tend to look very samey in contrast.

I did find some repetition in Toussaint's caves, but it didn't bother me all that much.
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News Comments > Videogame Hall of Fame Finalists
5. Re: Videogame Hall of Fame Finalists Mar 29, 2017, 11:18 chickenboo
You can cast a vote in their poll and select the game you'd most like to see inducted. That's about all we get.

Realistically most of these titles should be included since they all broke ground or led the way for other titles. Why they only induct one title per year, though... maybe it makes them seem more legit.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
32. Re: Steam Top 10 Mar 13, 2017, 11:03 chickenboo
MajorD wrote on Mar 13, 2017, 10:58:
Verno wrote on Mar 13, 2017, 08:55:
In case anyone was wondering, Wildlands is a soulless piece of shit. Same shitty formula from Far Cry with outposts combined with the Ubisoft Terrain Generator 2.0. The world feels empty and pointless, much like your generic and repetitive objectives in it.

It is a bad game.

Thanks for the confirmation. My friend had a boner for this for months, it was all he could talk about as the next game he couldn't wait for, pre-ordered it and the whole shebang, but I had zero interest. I figured I would at least try the open beta, which I did, and that confirmed my decision. And now your post reinforced that.

Take note of when he stops playing and goes back to CS:GO or Overwatch or whatever his mainstay is.
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News Comments > Shroud of the Avatar Free Trial
31. Re: Game Developers Choice Awards Mar 7, 2017, 12:10 chickenboo
Rigs wrote on Mar 4, 2017, 19:46:
Where have all our heroes gone? Roberts, Molyneaux, Garriott, Carmack

I think about the only ones left are Sid Meir and Will Wright. I'll have to dig out my copy of PC Gamer's 'Game Gods' issue from the 90's and see who else was on Jon Romero. I guess we can thank the heavens above we still have Derek Smart, eh? Wacko

Warren Spector is still here and working on a new System Shock, even if his studio isnt called "Looking Glass" anymore. And to be honest some "new" names like CD Projekt Red are now up there and very much kicking ass and taking names. Out with the old, in with the new !

Agree, it's just changing times. The original Tomb Raider was made with a team of 10 people! The latest one has all the bells and whistles of a modern triple A title, and hence, no one central figure to rally around as the design genius. I suppose the modern day equivalent of your Erik Yeos, Brett Sperrys, John Carmacks, and Bill Ropers, are Justin Ma/Matthew Davis (FTL), Chris Bourassa (Darkest Dungeon): Indie games, small titles, and small teams. I can't name a single person who worked on Overwatch, GOTY winner for 2016, nor can I name a single person from CDPR who made Witcher 3!
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News Comments > etc., etc.
14. Re: etc., etc. Feb 22, 2017, 14:52 chickenboo
He's moving to Victoria -- maybe I'll see him around sometime!  
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News Comments > EU Probing Steam and Others for Region Blocking Games
4. Re: EU Probing Steam and Others for Region Blocking Games Feb 2, 2017, 11:02 chickenboo
I am in agreement with you. I like cheap games as much as the next guy, and being able to pick up Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced for $6 from Bundlestars, or Doom 2016 for $24 during a Steam sale when the normal price in Canada is $79.99, is excellent and I've come to rely on a competitive market for keys online. But there needs to be a limit on who is able to sell games to whom. I shouldn't be able to buy games for pennies on the dollar from a Chilean website, where the price makes sense for the average Chilean. I'm all for cheap games, but developers and publishing houses need to make their cut as well, or they're going to resort to other tactics to make money, such as further microtransactions, shorter games with more DLC, less music, multiplayer only, etc. Everything we've been rallying against and angry about for the last two decades, the way the industry has been developing, will only accelerate.  
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
2. Re: Morning Safety Dance Feb 1, 2017, 10:57 chickenboo
In the not-too-distant future, next Sunday A.D., there was this guy named Joel, not too different from you or me  
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News Comments > etc.
5. Re: etc. Jan 30, 2017, 13:05 chickenboo
Tetris The Movie.
Fruit Ninja The Movie.
Five Nights At Freddies The Movie.
Firewatch The Movie.

In twenty years after they've milked video games of all they're worth, they can move on to popular snacks.

Cheetos The Movie
Pop Tarts The Movie
Lasagna the Movie
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Out of the Blue Jan 25, 2017, 10:49 chickenboo
You've Been Wrong About Where the Death Star Trench Was for Your Entire Life

Clickbait title much? Of course the trench isn't the equatorial seam running across the Deathstar, that's where Tie fighters launch from and they have those huge anti-ship weapons. Dumb article.
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News Comments > Overwatch Celebrates the Year of the Rooster
19. Re: Overwatch Celebrates the Year of the Rooster Jan 25, 2017, 10:44 chickenboo
I guess "Year of the Cock" wouldn't swallow well with the gaming community.  
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News Comments > etc.
7. Re: etc. Jan 16, 2017, 16:44 chickenboo
HoSpanky wrote on Jan 15, 2017, 14:00:
Or the first time you went into un'goro crater and realized, very suddenly, why people didn't like going there.

I love going to Un'goro Crater! That's my second favorite zone behind Winterspring!
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News Comments > etc., etc.
10. Re: etc., etc. Jan 10, 2017, 14:33 chickenboo
Pretty looking games on this list, Kingdom Come sounds good. I'm excited for Battletech and Strafe, myself. Like most of us though, I have a big backlog of games to play, so I'm going to try to spend as little as possible this year on games. My collection doesn't need to grow any larger than it is, and I'm going to try to avoid picking up titles solely because they're on discount. It's like I tell my girlfriend: "Yes it's 25% off, but we save 100% if we don't buy it!"  
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News Comments > GeForce Now Streaming Announced
18. Re: GeForce Now Streaming Announced Jan 5, 2017, 11:40 chickenboo
Personally, I think eventually all gaming will be cloud-hosted. We already have MMOs like WoW or EQ which depend on user actions on their home PC being registered by the server instantaneously, so latency from user commands already shouldn't be an issue. I feel like, eventually, our Steam library will be a list of games we have access to from a server location, and we won't install them: Steam or whatever service will send us the visuals and audio to our system which can now be cheaper and rather bare bones. Think of the knock-on effects: hard drive sizes won't matter as much for gamers since we won't be installing anything; with less money spent on expensive components, we will have more money to spend on flashy keyboards and peripherals; game ownership will come further into question as we are given the right to stream a game-as-service for a limited period of time, with no right to the code, further protecting corporate IP. Mods would disappear unless you buy a Home Copy which you install and play yourself, which can be modded, since you won't be able to mod streamed games.

Scary stuff, really.
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. Jan 4, 2017, 13:38 chickenboo
I might actually give it a try. I've had the WOW itch for quite a while now. Probably after a few play sessions I'll realize I don't want to spend my free time grinding slowly to level 40 for the first mount, and I'll go back to more productive things.  
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News Comments > Global Virtual Reality Association Formed
3. Re: Global Virtual Reality Association Formed Dec 8, 2016, 13:28 chickenboo
Kxmode wrote on Dec 8, 2016, 13:25:
Cutter wrote on Dec 8, 2016, 13:04:
If you want VR to take off make an open source compatible format everyone can use.

and make a killer app

Make sure it's appropriately disruptive
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