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News Comments > Steam Top 10
53. Valve does regional pricing and restrictions too. Oct 8, 2012, 02:46 hb3d
Dev wrote on Oct 7, 2012, 23:12:
Just like regional pricing on steam isn't because of steam wanting to screw people, its because of publishers setting it that way.
It's not just third-party publishers who do regional pricing and restrictions with Steam. Valve also does it with its own games. See here and here for two examples.
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News Comments > On Sale
8. Re: On Sale Oct 6, 2012, 15:42 hb3d
Prez wrote on Oct 6, 2012, 15:26:
I like the amazon sale title; it made me click on it. I already own the games in the bundle, but it's a very good value imo.
It's only $7.50 with the OCTOFUN1 coupon code.
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News Comments > Legends of Pegasus Developer Bankrupt
11. Re: Legends of Pegasus Developer Bankrupt Oct 6, 2012, 15:39 hb3d
Dev wrote on Oct 6, 2012, 14:25:
A failed studio releasing source?
Yes, I can think of a couple of examples off the top of my head: Golgatha and Cat Mother Studios.

I am sure there are others if you research it.
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Battlefield 3 for $7.50. Oct 6, 2012, 13:54 hb3d
You can get Battlefield 3 today only for $7.50 with promo code OCTOFUN1 from Amazon game downloads.  
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News Comments > On Sale
10. Battlefield 3 for $7.50. Oct 6, 2012, 13:51 hb3d
Dev wrote on Oct 6, 2012, 09:54:
"Amazon has Darksiders II (PC Digital Download) for $25 - 25% off promo code OCTOFUN1 = $18.75. "
That promo code also works for Battlefield 3 which you can get today only for $7.50 with the code.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
4. Re: That problem is not Microsoft's fault. Oct 5, 2012, 20:23 hb3d
eRe4s3r wrote on Oct 5, 2012, 18:20:
broke my savegames unless I crack it and run it without GFWL)
That sounds like your problem because GFWL cracks (xlive.dll) don't use the same saved game files as the real GFWL because GFWL saves are encrypted which the cracks cannot read or write. GFWL cracks usually don't use the same location for save files either.

Starting the services was the first thing I tried.
If it was set to automatic as you said, you would not have had to start it since it would have already been running.

In any case, it's an issue I should not be having with GFWL.
It's an issue you shouldn't be having with the game.

MS is to blame, because MS made it.
That's like saying that Microsoft is to blame for every bad device driver because it wrote the Windows Driver Development Kit. The GFWL SDK is just a tool. Like any other API it can be implemented in applications poorly by the developers of those applications and that sounds like the case with Arkham Asylum.

I think I will install Arkham Asylum to see if I have any issues with it.
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. That problem is not Microsoft's fault. Oct 5, 2012, 16:26 hb3d
eRe4s3r wrote on Oct 5, 2012, 14:48:
I don't think there ever was a GFWL game I did NOT have an issue of some kind with. Heck, even today when I try to start the uncracked Arkham Asylum the game CRASHES flat out, unless... get this, I manually start the actual GFW Marketplace application in windows, and LEAVE IT OPEN.
That is due to poor programming on the part of the game's developers and the fact that you are not running the "Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant" service which is installed as part of Games for Windows Live (GFWL) if you don't already have it, is set to run automatically, and is required to be running to use GFWL. It would be like bitching that Steam doesn't work because you disabled the Steam service. If Rocksteady had programmed the game properly as other GFWL games are (Tron Evolution and Bulletstorm for example), the game would still launch without the service running, but would prompt you that GFWL was needed to save your settings and progress. The reason why the game launches with the Marketplace app running is because it will start the Live Sign-in service if it is set to "manual." The game could do this too if it were properly programmed.

By the way I don't support Microsoft's region migration restrictions as described in the article, but bashing GFWL for game developers' and your own incompetence is stupid.

This comment was edited on Oct 5, 2012, 16:40.
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News Comments > On Sale
6. Battlefield 3 for $10 Today only Oct 5, 2012, 07:58 hb3d

It's from Gamefly downloads, but since the game requires Origin, it doesn't matter where you purchase it since you redeem it on Origin.
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News Comments > Korean Valve Bid?
30. Customer service might improve. Sep 27, 2012, 19:02 hb3d
Prez wrote on Sep 27, 2012, 18:41:
I can't see this being anything but bad for gamers were it to become true.
Valve's horrible customer service might improve. It couldn't get any worse.
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News Comments > Carmageddon Max Pack on
5. Re: Carmageddon Max Pack on Sep 27, 2012, 13:57 hb3d
nin wrote on Sep 27, 2012, 10:32:
So...System Shock 2 and Carma2 this weekend?
That's Carmageddon 1 not 2 from GoG.
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News Comments > On Sale
6. Gamefly coupon is 1GFT82012 Sep 23, 2012, 15:28 hb3d
That Gamefly 20% off coupon works on any game not just Torchlight 2.

I believe it is also one use per account/order, so if you want to use it for more than one game, order all games at the same time.

By the way Green Man Gaming, you call that an EA sale?! Your prices are 50% higher than EA sales have been elsewhere.

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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
23. Re: Ouya is not a scam, but it's not much either. Sep 18, 2012, 00:25 hb3d
Creston wrote on Sep 6, 2012, 15:22:
Have either Google or Amazon said they will allow Ouya to link to their app market? Because if not, Ouya will have exactly zero apps available on launch.
I don't know, but I don't see why not. Amazon's Android store is pretty open. I have purchased and installed apps from it using Bluestacks which isn't a real Android device. Google Play has a long list of supported devices here. I don't see why the Ouya wouldn't be added when it is released.

This comment was edited on Sep 18, 2012, 00:32.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
22. Re: Evening Metaverse Sep 18, 2012, 00:17 hb3d
Verno wrote on Sep 6, 2012, 11:36:
That's not a reason it will come to market and in the timeframe given.
Yes, it certainly is a reason for it to come to market in the timeframe given because the people behind Ouya were prepared to come to market with much less money in that same timeframe. Getting so much more money than they needed for their original plans may delay the product if they change the scope of their plans, but if the plans for the product don't change, the additional money most certainly does help push things to market more easily if the money is spent on additional people and resources.

You can keep blaming people but Ouya set the expectations as has been explained several times.
As I explained, Ouya didn't set expectations unreasonably high. It was people like you who misinterpreted what the product actually would be that are expecting too much, i.e. a real proprietary game console versus a cheap Android PC-on-a-stick type device with an associated Android marketplace website which will supplement Google Play and other popular Android storefronts.

I still see their timeframe and cost structure as very tight and pointing to other hardware doesn't alleviate that.
My pointing to other shipping hardware proves that it can be done in the timeframe so long as the scope of the product isn't changed from the original idea/designs. If it is an Android pc-on-a-stick in a cheap plastic cube case with a $20 gamepad, it should be ready in time. If the Ouya principals decide to take their nine million dollars and come up with something fancier or more original, then it may not.

I never said it was insurmountable, I said it's a sticking concern because again, that's just trusting in these things to happen on their own. I'm not convinced Android STB adoption in general is on enough of a rise to get developers (many already iffy on Android vs iOS development) to do it.
What you continue to fail to grasp is that developers don't need to do anything to make their games support a gamepad if Ouya includes a translation shim like PC Android emulators such as Bluestacks do. Dedicated gamepad support in every game would be best, but it isn't necessary. Plus the Ouya controller is supposed to have touch support of some kind and will no doubt have a gyroscope too since there are cheap Android controllers/remotes for less than $30 that already have that. That will also make it compatible with existing game controls.

They've got their work cut out for them, 6 months and ticking.
All of that doesn't have to be all done in six months. Basic Google Play and other Android store support would be sufficient for a start with a list of supported/tested compatible titles.

I'd love to see it succeed but I'm dubious for several legitimate reasons.
As I have explained your reasons aren't legitimate because they are overblown concerns rooted in unrealistic expectations. In addition success is a relative term. There is no way the initial product and service is going to live up to the hype because people are expecting too much, e.g. an XBOX and XBOX Live for $99. I think Ouya will be successful relative to other cheap Android pc-on-a-stick's since it has a sizable potential target market (gaming enthusiasts) in the same way that the Raspberry PI is a success with the hardware hacker crowd.

This comment was edited on Sep 18, 2012, 01:08.
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News Comments > Black Ops 2 Specs; No XP Support
33. Re: Do it! Come on, do it! Do it now! Sep 7, 2012, 11:37 hb3d
Tigger wrote on Sep 6, 2012, 14:13:
And even if you could MAKE windows let you install the Hyper-V role or change the install order (Hyper-V THEN VMWare), most likely you would have to do a bunch of crap to prevent it from crashing.
Thanks for the clarification.

Except to do work.
Yes, work which requires no 3D API use whatsoever. That's becoming more and more rare.
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News Comments > Epic Forms Seattle Studio
6. Unreal II is a great game. Sep 7, 2012, 10:21 hb3d
vacs wrote on Sep 7, 2012, 07:09:
(I'm still trying to erase Unreal 2 from my memory)
Unreal II is a great story-driven FPS game especially by today's standards: It's not short, it has a really good mix of standard and unique weapons (like the spider gun and singularity cannon) of which you are not limited to carrying just a few, health doesn't automatically regenerate, the combat is very good with challenging and varied enemies, and it has decent dialog and voice acting with some interactivity. And, if you didn't shed a tear or weren't moved emotionally by what happens to your crew at the end of the game, then you have no soul.

Unreal II didn't have the ground-breaking visuals, multiplayer, and moddability of the original Unreal, but it's still a great game, and it is a better single-player game than the original Unreal if you value story and dialog.

This comment was edited on Sep 7, 2012, 11:04.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
19. Re: Ouya is not a scam, but it's not much either. Sep 6, 2012, 11:03 hb3d
Verno wrote on Sep 6, 2012, 10:48:
9 million dollars is for the whole project, not just one aspect of it. Payroll, their initial buy-in with a manufacturer, marketing, website development, platform development, everything.
First, that's eight million dollars more than they think they needed. Second, some of those things simply aren't necessary or can be done on the cheap. For example right now the company has all of the marketing it needs for free.

People have done more with less and less with more, I'm not as optimistic about it as you are apparently but time will tell.
I'm not optimistic that Ouya will be a success according to everyone's unrealistic expectations. I know that it won't be because it can't be. They are just too high. I am simply optimistic that the company will ship a cheap Android box and controller as I have described in this thread with a website to download Android games or a tie-in to an existing Android marketplace. It's won't be a scam in that respect.

Naming one game does not invalidate my point.
There are more. I just selected a high profile example.

Most Android games are built for touchscreen controls, not gamepads.
All you have to do is remap the controls for most games. This isn't rocket-science where the game has to be redesigned to accomodate it. All or most of the many console-style racing, arcade, and shooter games for Android could be played with a gamepad. An external shim could even be built to allow such remapping without having access to the game code at all. Such shims already exist on the PC to use gamepad for games which don't natively support them. I have played plenty of Android games on the PC right now using Bluestacks, so I know that this works.

Compatibility is not all they need
Compatibility with Google Play and Amazon Marketplace is all they need to have a catalog of games to be successful. If the box has a Tegra 3 in it, it will have the power to run everything that is out right now. As long as the box is recognized as a Android device on Google Play and Amazon, there will be plenty of games for it.

Anyways as I've illustrated, people are skeptical for several legitimate reasons
Most of the people aren't skeptical for legitimate reasons. They are skeptical for unrealistic expectations. As I have demonstrated so long as you don't mistakenly believe Ouya is going to be a traditional game console, you won't be disappointed.

I'm assuming their plan is to profit from game sales like a traditional console so that's again an area where I'm left wondering how they'll be sustainable.
I expect what they will do is try to sign as many independent Android game developers as they can to offer their games through the Ouya website just like the indie bundle people on the PC do it. And, as a backup they will probably also resell Google Play and/or Amazon Marketplace games through their website to get a small piece of that action. I also expect that they will get a cut of the free-to-play microtransactions from the games they offer.

This comment was edited on Sep 6, 2012, 11:20.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
17. Re: Ouya is not a scam, but it's not much either. Sep 6, 2012, 10:41 hb3d
Verno wrote on Sep 6, 2012, 10:30:
Android itself is "hackable" yes but they were talking about their own distribution platform.
Throwing up a website to buy and download Android game files is not that complicated. All of those various indie game bundle websites for the PC and Android games have proven that and done it with a lot less than nine million dollars.

People want to know what is going to be on there, not what is possible.
The Ouya is most likely going to run standard Android games and be Google Play and Amazon Marketplace compatible which is all you need. The Ouya website might have a selection of featured Android titles that are guaranteed to be compatible with the box, but so long as users can buy and play games from Google Play and Amazon marketplace, that is all the games that users would ever need.

Android itself just received basic controller support, there aren't many applications that will take advantage of it.
The game Riptide GP is a great example of an Android game which has been out for a while, and that has standard gamepad support. I've bought the game from Amazon and played in on the PC with Bluestacks so I know that it works.

You have no idea what my personal expectations are so
Your comments in this thread make your expectations pretty clear.

Although when you use language like "revolutionize the console industry" it is not difficult to see why people might have some expectations of something other than a very basic emulator box that might be able to play some Android games in the future.
It's not going to be an emulator. It's going to be a cheap Android PC natively running the Android OS not unlike all of the other cheap Android PC-on-a-stick's that you can get from China right now.

Has the company overhyped the thing? Of course it has, but it wouldn't have gotten eight million dollars more than what it was asking for if it hadn't.

This comment was edited on Sep 6, 2012, 10:48.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
15. Re: Ouya is not a scam, but it's not much either. Sep 6, 2012, 10:21 hb3d
Verno wrote on Sep 6, 2012, 09:36:
the lack of any platform software so far. They want to sell a box with a hackable software platform. Laudable but not terribly realistic.
The Android SDK already is platform software and as open source is certainly hackable. The Ouya doesn't need to have any special SDK other than what game developers are already using to build Android games. Ouya will just be another Tegra 3-based target in the Android ecosystem like the ones that already exist. This is not going to be an XBOX, a Playstation, or a Wii which needs proprietary tools despite what your expectations might think.

Publishers are going to run screaming from an open STB, particularly when its installed base is going to be less than 60k and the potential for piracy is massive.
Major publishers like EA already develop games for the Android ecosystem. Gameloft already makes a bunch of console-type racing games and shooters for Android. The Ouya will be no different from that in terms of piracy or anything else.

I just don't see them building all of this in 6 months with 9 million dollars.
I do. It simply won't be what you personally expect. It's going to be a small, cheap Android PC with a targeted website with features Android games like what you can already get at Google Play and Amazon's Android marketplace that isn't fundamentally different than any other Android PC like the Chinese one to which I linked below.

Ouya is probably going to end up being a lot like Bluestacks: just another Android marketplace but instead of a PC emulator customers buy a cheap $100 box to run the games.

This comment was edited on Sep 6, 2012, 11:33.
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News Comments > DOOM 3 BFG Edition: No PC DOOM/DOOM II Multiplayer
42. Re: It's you who should apologize to id. Sep 6, 2012, 01:16 hb3d
RailWizard wrote on Sep 6, 2012, 01:06:
It's exactly 'those who are apologizing for iD' that bugs me.
I too think this re-release is a console cash-grab and is unnecessary on the PC. I'm certainly not going to buy it. But, it smells more like a Bethesda/Zenimax corporate move to squeeze some money out of id's games since Rage sold poorly than a move by id. I'm only defending id for not including multiplayer on the PC version because we've already got that thanks to the earlier gift of the source code.

This comment was edited on Sep 6, 2012, 01:22.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
10. Ouya is not a scam, but it's not much either. Sep 6, 2012, 00:22 hb3d
ASeven wrote on Sep 5, 2012, 21:03:
Yeah, the Ouya screamed scam with every detail that came out.
While I would never give money to pre-purchase an Ouya and most likely would never buy one, the skepticism surrounding it seems based upon a misinterpretation of what it actually will be. If a Chinese company can sell this for $70 today, I don't doubt that next year basically the same thing could be sold for $100 with a cheap gamepad included with it. That is what the Ouya is going to be: a small, cheap computer running Android like that with a cheap gamepad that has a couple of tilt switches in it. Anyone looking for an XBOX or even a Wii is barking up the wrong tree.
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