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News Comments > Adding Two-Step Logins
15. Re: Adding Two-Step Logins Oct 17, 2016, 01:21 JSP
I got hundreds of hacking attempts into my GOG account by multiple, and by multiple I mean from 10 different locations in Russia that spammed my email address with 2 step verification requests. Thankfully I did have the verification so I contacted support and reported them. I guess my experience with our Eastern comrades was not an isolated incident.  
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News Comments > New AMD Crimson Drivers
4. Re: New AMD Crimson Drivers Jul 29, 2016, 17:41 JSP
Upgraded to Win10, the OS automatically disabled the drivers but re-enabled the gpu on its own end, installed these and scored 3700 in Time Spy. Surprised how smooth the transition was since I didn't format the computer for 3 years. :p  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jul 22, 2016, 12:34 JSP
No harm in trying, can always roll back within 30 days I believe  
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News Comments > Hardware Reviews
8. Re: Hardware Reviews Jul 19, 2016, 13:51 JSP
I'd wait for the AIB RX480s and see how they perform first before taking the plunge. 1060 is an efficient card but fairly limited aside from providing performance in between 970 and 980. It remains to be seen but already RX 480 has a lead in Vulkan/DX12 games and the difference will not appreciably decrease in the future. Plus it has extra 2 GB RAM and CFX support, better power delivery phase as opposed to 4+1 on the 1060. Nvidia has DPC and microstutter issues with 1070 and 1080 and 1060 does not appear to be the exception here. If you change your graphics card annually 1060 is a good choice, but if you plan to keep it for 2 or more years, RX 480 is a no-brainer in the value segment.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
61. Re: Out of the Blue Oct 20, 2015, 23:48 JSP
Trudeau will have a cadre of people on his ear at all times and his inexperience will rob him of many things that are redeemable, unique about him. But good luck to him, the country needs him to perform right from the get go and be on the side of the people and their concerns.

He definitely lost my vote when he went with the C-51. Anyway, another very crushing thing for me is how Quebec turned against the NDP on a dime and took the niqab bait hook line and sinker. I don't like the veil too, but then I don't like a lot about what people want to wear, whatever the reason. Then it was as if the last four years where Mulcair performed beyond expectations as the leader of the opposition didn't matter.
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News Comments > AMD HBM-based 300 Series Announced
20. Re: AMD HBM-based 300 Series Announced Jun 16, 2015, 18:10 JSP
AMD really needs to hit it out of the park, because discrete GPU market is clamoring for some stiff competition to push the prices down to manageable levels. Their $649 price point is more than decent, but only if it competes with Titan X on at least 4k.  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
5. Re: Morning Tech Bits May 27, 2015, 12:49 JSP
Prices starting at $780...
Fuck it, I'm getting a PS4.
Or at least until AMD releases something on their end, competition supposed to lower prices and all that.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
6. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Feb 19, 2015, 00:14 JSP
Samsuing is one of the worst patent poachers in the world. Couldn't happen to a worse company with a proven record of illicit and relentless copying and plagiarizing.  
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News Comments > NVIDIA Evolve Drivers
4. Re: NVIDIA Evolve Drivers Feb 10, 2015, 17:58 JSP
They might not have purposefully gimped 970's performance but did nothing to correct misinformation being bandied about as truth on review sites and on the web, until being caught red handed by end users, amounting to breach of trust, deception and understandably appearing conspirational.  
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News Comments > Raptr Password Warning
6. Re: Raptr Password Warning Feb 1, 2015, 18:48 JSP
I inadvertently installed it during the latest driver update. And it is pretty handy if you want to record and organize some recent games in one place. Also, if you have ever used RadeonPro before, some of the features are now updated with this client as far as optimization for games are concerned. But it is primarily a tracking device on your usage statistics, as well as a front for free-to-play games and ads. One aspect of usage stats reflects in the points you collect that allows you to enter sweepstakes, etc.  
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News Comments > Talos Principle Punishes Pirates
8. Re: Talos Principle Punishes Pirates Dec 29, 2014, 12:31 JSP
Not much of a feature per se, just a function to not trigger the elevator door to open. The customer gets the 'feature' of elevator door that opens to continue the game.  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
8. Re: Evening Consolidation Nov 22, 2014, 23:15 JSP
Maybe MS should consider ordering more white xbox bundle with this game. Those are selling rather well.  
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News Comments > Game Cancellation Causes Double Fine Layoffs
13. Re: Game Cancellation Causes Double Fine Layoffs Nov 22, 2014, 21:38 JSP
It's pretty sad, that DF had so much goodwill coming right after their KS campaign. Now the only good thing that they did was to start a trend that made possible Shadowrun, Wasteland 2, and other games that were since released. Schaefer, while a talented developer, is not much of a businessman and believes his own hype I think a bit too much whether it be internal or external to his company.  
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News Comments > Game Sessions Steam Trials Add Ryse Son of Rome
19. Re: Game Sessions Steam Trials Add Ryse Son of Rome Nov 17, 2014, 17:11 JSP
Why? Can't you look at myriad of Let's Plays and other videos on Youtube? It is not really that hard to get a feel for how a game will play...  
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
3. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Oct 21, 2014, 14:55 JSP
What unfortunate set of circumstances, condolences to Pushatee and his friends and family.  
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News Comments > New GeForce GPUs & Drivers
50. Re: New GeForce GPUs & Drivers Sep 19, 2014, 17:11 JSP
Overall GTX 980 is around 10% to 12% faster than 780 TI. I think it consumes less power, but some review sites show inflated consumption rates that are worrying. Still the card to get is 970 as it is demonstrably better than 770, but as far as the best of the best something like 780 TI Gaming from MSI beats the 980 consistently, even when overclocked. So overall a bit disappointed, here's hoping for a 980 TI or some cool custom cards to take the crown even from nVidia's own let alone any card from AMD.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
40. Re: Op Ed Sep 9, 2014, 19:40 JSP
Polytron under FBI investigation

Phil Fish is under FBI investigation for having funneled money to develop Fez through Indie Cade, a system that grants money to indie game developer, whose investors including Fish himself sat on the Indie Gaming Festival judging panel that awarded his still unfinished game grand prizes in 2011 and 2012. The return on the investment by all involved in this scheme was around $700,000.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
6. Re: Morning Tech Bits Sep 3, 2014, 18:11 JSP
As far as compression software is concerned, nothing beats Bandizip, imo.  
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News Comments > The Sims 4 and Patch Released
12. Re: The Sims 4 and Patch Released Sep 3, 2014, 07:20 JSP
Things added to Sims 4 (from my cursory impressions)

Expanded architectural options
Structures with curved design is now possible, and the columns do feature a bit more in decorative aspect of home.
One can also determine the height of ceiling, and that of window placements as well.
The entire house structure can be moved.
The size of placement objects can be adjusted

Ability to move between neighborhoods freely, its integration with future DLCs and expansion packs remains to be seen

Custom Sims, Families, and Lots can be uploaded directly to Gallery, which can be

Premium membership akin to Battlefield premium service

Things Taken Out

More or less objects and functions as present and integrated via all the expansions for past games of the series, including but not limited to:

Children age phase
Babies stationary objects tethered to cribs (appears automatically with baby addition)
CAS (a big one and sticking point for a lot of disapproval)
Open world (loading persists in moving to parts of neighborhood)
Reduction of world size
Editable terrain
World editor (its release pending?)
Story Progression (the Sims age and die, and in their place a new NPC group fills the void)
4th floor and up
Height difference
Service NPCs (repairmen, tax collector, etc.)

In addition, no 64-bit support (usable RAM still limited to 3.5 Gb)

This comment was edited on Sep 3, 2014, 07:29.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
4. Re: Morning Metaverse Jun 23, 2014, 17:09 JSP
I understand that there is Pavlovian, frothing rage and loathing whenever Microsoft is mentioned in BluesNews, but bing is just another service that one can opt not to use. Just like one can opt not to install the 'optional' bing desktop in windows update.

I use the search engine sometimes and they do a pretty decent job. Its Map is actually better than Google for its cleaner and more intuitive interface, imo.
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