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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms

205. Re: id On RAGE Oct 8, 2011, 23:14 sxotty
Creston wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 22:44:
Yes. And since then, AMD has released two MORE wrong drivers to the public, right? Because they just can't figure it out. Rolleyes Okay, Todd Hollenshead.

Edit : In fairness, after installing the latest AMD driver AND restoring the 8192 tweaks, it seems as if the texture flickering is finally gone. Hurrah.


I am glad it is working for you.

The thing is we don't know what percent of the fault lies where, but it is 100% clear AMD screwed up by releasing the wrong driver originally. The most horrid stuff was fixed with the correct one, but there were still problems.

gilly775 wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 23:50:
I still find it funny that fingers are being pointed at AMD/NVidia for poor driver support by id, yet id/Bethesda let the game ship before VERIFYING that whatever drivers that had to code the game were good enough and available to the masses. But I guess that's what some people do when you decide to choose the console as the lead development platform....

Very very few nvidia users had any problems besides a bit of texture popin on slow systems.
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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms

16. Re: id On RAGE Oct 7, 2011, 22:16 sxotty
Creston wrote on Oct 7, 2011, 22:11:
"We knew that all older AMD drivers, and some Nvidia drivers would have problems with the game, but we were running well in-house on all of our test systems."

What a bunch of fucking horseshit. I guess all your test-sytems then had NO driver on it that was available to the public at launch? Because nobody with an AMD card had a driver that actually just FUCKING WORKED. So what kind of driver did you have installed? One made with unicorn giggles and fucking fairy dust?

Four straight days of fighting with your shitty fucking console port just to try to get it to look the way it's supposed to and to run well. Yeah, it's all AMD's fault, Carmack.


All your geniuses don't seem to understand reality. AMD gave id a driver. id tested the driver to see how it would work. Then AMD released the wrong driver to the public. Ingenious.
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