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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms

57. Re: id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms Oct 8, 2011, 00:29 ThatMonkey
This is John Fucking Carmack telling us we're doomed. SO disappointed in game industry trends lately, but this takes the cake... id Software practically invented the first person shooter AND modern PC gaming, and even they have no support for the cause. That's not just harsh, that's cruel. 10 times the power, better and more varied control schemes, infinitely more freedom, and how many games take full advantage of that these days? Extremely few if you ask me.

This may seem like I'm dwelling on the past but I think it's the true turning point: as far as I'm concerned PC gaming could be on top if Microsoft didn't decide to make a console. Xbox should have been a PC gaming initiative with software much like Steam and hardware much like an XBox as a MINIMUM spec. Instead they chose to make a closed box with nothing but an analog control pad, and this is the true end result. Dicks. All but ruined gaming as far as I'm concerned.

John Carmack just doesn't see the potential in the PC because it's been overshadowed by Microsoft's console push for so long. It has more potential though, much more.
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News Comments > Why the Syndicate Remake is a First-Person Shooter

47. Re: Why the Syndicate Remake is a First-Person Shooter Sep 13, 2011, 04:57 ThatMonkey
Half of what made Syndicate so good is the perspective. The gameplay was BASED on what you could do with squad-based real-time combat in an isometric view. Changing it is like doing first person Mario. Imagine that...

"It was always going to be an FPS," Nintendo game director Shigeru Miyamoto tells them. "The original nub of the idea was to take that viewpoint from the original game and zoom into the Plumber's head, and play that part. A closer experience - to become one of those Plumbers."

"We're big fans of the original Mario, and we're definitely paying as much homage to it as we can - bringing across the essence of the world, the core essence of what it is to be a Plumber," he explains. "That sounds wanky but it's true - we're taking the Mushroom Kingdom and evolving it in different ways, the shells and wacky fun. On both facets of the game, the co-op and the single player, it's very key to stay true to it." He also offers this reassurance for disgruntled Nintendo fans: "I think the game speaks for itself. We've been very lucky to work with a great, original world, and create another facet of it really. I would love them to like it. You're never going to please everyone."

Absurd, and yet basically the same thing.
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