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News Comments > Modern Warfare 3 Sets Sales Record
17. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Sets Sales Record Nov 13, 2011, 14:07 RogNog
I actually agree with you

In many ways Activision are stuck by their shareholders. To innovate is risky as you never know how your public may react. You may take it to the next level, or, (new flavour coke anyone?) as from this and plenty of other examples in history you can crash and burn big style. I would also reiterate that I am not a COD hater, my purchase history with the franchise should tell you that, but when it comes to outlaying 50 I have to be convinced that there has been evolution. IMHO new maps and a few weapons tweaks and kill streak changes dont consitute that, (again my opinion). So my personal choice is not to buy it.

Anyway its only a game at the end of the day and will ahve its time like many other franchises, so peace be with you and may all your twitch kills be head shots
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News Comments > Modern Warfare 3 Sets Sales Record
12. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Sets Sales Record Nov 12, 2011, 12:21 RogNog
Ventura wrote on Nov 12, 2011, 08:40:
That's a bit harsh. It has a complete single player campaign, fully-featured multiplayer, Spec Ops missions, and Spec Ops survival. It's not like there's not lots to do, and unlike Battlefield 3, there really is something for everyone.

I don't mind criticism with regards to its lack of innovation or because it using the same engine, but all you're really doing is making stuff up because you don't like that it sells so well.

If you read through my post properly, you will see I have no problem with the game selling. Again as I said in my thread I lost a lot of hours to COD4 and why innovate if it sells well, as the public obvioulsy want more.

To expand a little on what I said, I bought COD5, didnt buy MW2 because of the dedicated server issue but did invest in Black Ops. Now BLOPS did feel to me like a very good map pack for COD4, COD5 but as the single player for me is a secondary issue (alot wont have even played it all the way through!) Multiplayer is everything to me, and I was soundly dissapointed, it was good but hadnt moved on, consequently I didnt play it to much and when BFBC2 came out I didnt play it all.

I havent "made stuff up" the items you list are all available in BLOPS and MW2. They are good for the audience they are designed for but personally to me they are not worth the outlay anymore to play what I see is basically the same multiplayer game with rail shooters tacked on. With DLC these games Have become a $100 a year investment and I dont think that is worth it and it would seem that the PC community atleast through sales are starting to think the same thing.

If you enjoy it then all power to you spend you money and have fun but next time read through a thread a few times before you reply to make sure you understand someones point of view.

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News Comments > Modern Warfare 3 Sets Sales Record
8. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Sets Sales Record Nov 12, 2011, 08:05 RogNog
It would be interesting to know what the split is across the platforms. Im particularly interested in seeing if PC sales have broken records or whether they have cooled off and its Console sales that have soared. In any event I think its amazing that Activision have developed a franchise which bascially sells map packs every year for the price of a full game. Dont get me wrong, as run and gun twitch shooters go COD is one of the best and I lost many an hour to COD4, but I can only take so much of run shoot die spawn.

I think the game play and development of the Battlefield series has been more refreshing and keeps me coming back for more and I am currelty loosing countless hours to BF3.

I dont hate COD as I dont hav to buy it. It is what it is and while it breaks records Activision will churn out another Map pack (sorry I mean full game) next year guaranteed. Wouldnt you ? very little effort for maximum reward. It strikes me that with there being so little apparent development, most of the money they now spend goes into the advertising and developing an aura around the game. EA have done it for years with FIFA and Activision have seen this and want the develop COD into a sport. Check out the advertising if you dont beleive me. Its less about the contents and more about the different ways in which you can score. Another give away is Elite TV or whatever it is with "star player" interviews and leagues and the like. Make no mistake this is where they are going. I for one will not be partaking but I dont hate those that do.

After never underestimate the stupidity of a fan. Steve Jobs totally understood this and so do activision.

Innovate once replicate till it dies.
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News Comments > Blue's Diablo III Beta Preview
25. Re: Blue's Diablo III Beta Preview Oct 4, 2011, 18:16 RogNog
We are all talking about the lack of features for continued replayability. We seem to be missing the elephant in the room here namely activision. Their model life cycle for games now is 1 maybe 2 years top. They want you to get bored of it so you buy DLC throughout the year. Their recent form has been to sell a game for 49 quid and then release DLC through the year taking the price for the game to around 100, add to that the new market place and Ill bet you will get a lot of people spending 120 on this in a year. Maybe in 2 years along come D4 a slightly tweaked version of D3 adn it all starts again.

COD is the proof that this model works, and lets face it a fanboy and their money are soon parted.

The facts are that the bean counters would real in horror at the thought of longevity in a game. In fact I ahve a funny feeling that monthly subscription for Diablo 3 is not far away
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News Comments > The Fate of Sledgehammer's CoD Game Explained (Somewhat)
14. Re: The Fate of Sledgehammer's CoD Game Explained (Somewhat) Sep 2, 2011, 20:49 RogNog
I personally think COD peaked at COD4 and had an interesting twist in COD5 (zombies) but from then it has been the same game, game play and engine. The tweaking they have done since then you would have expected to have been done by the mod community for free in the past(I would offer Desert combat as a class example).

Having said this, I cannot blaim Activision for what they are doing. BK has a model for all franchises, a lick of paint, hype, a massive advertising campaign, a yearly release and voila sales in the millions profits in the billions. The same model has made Apple the most profitable company in the world. IMHO BK has no interest in experimentation or pushing the boundaries, COD in its current form sells and sells well. If this is what people want then why not sell it to them?

A lot of people call him on here but he has basically turned what used to be $40 dollar every few years, to $100's a year, year on year with DLC and annual releases. From a fiscal persepctive you cant argue with it as hes created a steady income stream from a none MMO which is no mean feat.

So in short I think they have pulled back on this one (SH's Third person COD) as to unknown, teh elite service is all they dare risk at this point. I personally have no doubt that this will do well. You can probably tell that I personally will not buy another COD game, but that doesnt mean I dont appreciate a good business model.

Now some on here will be bemoaning the lack of creativity but Im sorry that has to come a long second when you are owned by share holders. yout primary job is to deliver more and more profit quarter on quarter. If you can do that with the minimum amount of cost and risk then its a no brainer. the fact teh game remains teh same adn yet people on average have paid proabably getting on for 250 to 300 dollars to the franchise already, is not a measure of how evil BK or activision is, its a measure of how stupid the public is.

In short you make what sells and when it sells well you very rarely mess with it, new coke anyone

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News Comments > Origin EULA Amended
44. Re: Origin EULA Amended Aug 28, 2011, 13:31 RogNog
Would'nt argue with that, but they have moved in the right direction. I am sure you remember the issue over MW2 not having dedi's and IW's reaction was almost "excuse me, whats it got to do with you" treating PC gamers as an annoyance. I suppose the big difference here is that this is specifically aimed at PC gamers as a rival to Steam. Lets be honest Steam needs a rival. Its domination is not good so it will be interesting to see the take up of Origin to see if it can compete. God knows EA will chuck enough money at it.  
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News Comments > Origin EULA Amended
42. Re: Origin EULA Amended Aug 28, 2011, 09:25 RogNog
The Key thing here is that we were heard! They do listen to comments on the internet and obviously realised that they had gone a step to far with the wording of the EULA. Yes it was clumsy and a bit naughty, but I would say again, we have been heard. Activision, Blizzard and Ubisoft are companies that we should be raising issue over as they have not listened or even ordained to reason with any argument put to them over Dedi servers for MW2. no lan, and Internet connection requirements for D3 and of course the infamous UBI always assume your a criminal DRM.

I take some heart that they have listened and reacted in a positive way.
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