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Re: Valve on Steam Trade-Ins
Aug 27, 2011, 04:37
Re: Valve on Steam Trade-Ins Aug 27, 2011, 04:37
Aug 27, 2011, 04:37
Cutter wrote on Aug 27, 2011, 03:09:
killer_roach wrote on Aug 26, 2011, 22:50:
Somnambulator wrote on Aug 26, 2011, 21:56:
The World Bank is the last organization i'd want helping me understand economics, let alone creating a market exchange for digital goods.

Then who, pray tell, would you want helping you construct a theoretical economic framework?

(Personally, I'd cast my lot with the Behavioral Economics people at Princeton or University of Chicago, but the World Bank people are no slouches in terms of economic modeling.)

Well they're certainly good at leading nations into indentured servitude if not virtual slavery. That being the case, yes, I'd rather borrow my money from Vinny the loanshark down the street than those pricks.

And yes, yes, yes, we all know you can't borrow forever...unless you're the U.S. - seemingly at any rate. However, the vast majority of us must go into debt from time to time. If we didn't our entire system of conspicupus consumption would collapse otherwise. heaven forbid we actully spend money on what we need versus what we want. Or, as that douche said in Boiler Room, "Everyone's got a Porsche, but no one has five dollars gas money."

I feel sorry for anyone who has kids right now because the next 25 years i going to see a fundamental shift in quality of life, and for most of us, it ain't for the better unless they start coming with some futuristic Star Trek shit.

Keep your dumb ass political posts off gaming sites

I have not posted here since 2007. Lost my old account. But felt I needed to swat shitbags such as yourself off of blues.
1 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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