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News Comments > Into the Black
1. Re: Into the Black Aug 27, 2014, 21:04 shiho
Don't bother with the article, it answers nothing.  
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News Comments > Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup
2. Re: Sunday Crowdfunding Roundup Aug 24, 2014, 23:22 shiho
They spent too much time on pixel lighting and other superficialities. When it comes to actual game mechanics, dialogue and C&C handling, they will stumble and implode.  
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News Comments > Firefall Launches
12. Re: Firefall Launches Jul 30, 2014, 00:33 shiho
I can't play this game because it requires I prioritize UDP traffic on port range 32000-65535.

Given how by default my traffic is Bulk, and is selectively elevated for each game, I cannot just give high priority to 33535 freaking ports.

Terrible and pointless coding decision on their part.
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News Comments > Next DOOM Details Next Year
21. Re: Next DOOM Details Next Year Jul 19, 2014, 19:22 shiho
This announcement makes it clear as day that the "demo" shown was just another Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Now they will haul ass to try and make the actual game resemble the video in some form.

This project, one could say, is doomed.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Z
8. Re: Ships Ahoy - Z Jul 4, 2014, 19:10 shiho
STAY AWAY. This is a weak-ass rewrite. You're better off using GOG version or whatever. At least with emulators you get options on screen resolution and scaling. Nothing of the kind is present here.  
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News Comments > Titanfall Patch Incoming
28. Re: Titanfall Patch Incoming Jun 27, 2014, 05:52 shiho
This game is not even 1/10th as good or complex as Quake Wars. And Quake Wars had both elements of Tribes AND actual Titans from Titanfall!

Plus a ton more. And it still looks great. It didn't deserve to die.
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News Comments > Serious Sam 2 Replaces GameSpy with Steamworks
12. Re: Serious Sam 2 Replaces GameSpy with Steamworks Jun 15, 2014, 06:08 shiho
I ran this game only to discover there's no mouse inversion option.

Thus, a waste of $2.50.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
19. Re: Evening Interviews May 4, 2014, 00:17 shiho
Mad Max RW wrote on May 3, 2014, 21:18:
You must be one of the newer people at the codex because Fallout Tactics was HATED by the community. Canon rape aside it's far from a "superb game".

I said "superb game in its own genre", which is the same genre as Jagged Alliance, rather than Fallout. It wasn't a Fallout game but a spinoff, and as an RPG it failed miserably... because it was more of a turn-based strategy game with stats.

Kinda like Wasteland 2.

But better-looking and deeper.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
18. Re: Evening Interviews May 4, 2014, 00:13 shiho
TheEmissary wrote on May 3, 2014, 18:30:
The "Lulzy Scifi" as you put it was always there in Wasteland and Fallout. Just go back and look at some of the npcs for the original game or enemy types they had. Those games were products of the time and filled with pop-culture references. Too bad you can't really see that.


While Fallout 1 had humor, it was still a cohesive world.

While Fallout 1 had pop culture references, it was explicitly designed with the rule instituted by Tim Cain, where each reference must be completely obscured from people not familiar with what is being referenced.

What happened later, was this type of thinking: "hey guys, Fallout had an easter egg that was a UFO, so let's just start making UFO DLCs and shit".

It's the same kind of intellectual fallacy as making a "Rambo The Librarian" sequel because at some point in a Rambo movies he's portrayed reading a book.

I am sure the "IF/Then" is just pseudo-shorthand for a quick explaination of how the quest system at a high level might work in the sense some actions have reactions or consequences. I don't think he was being literal as this can be implemented several different ways in the actual code.

This simplistic approach is evident in the depth and nature of C&C actually present in Wasteland 2, as well as in the way Fargo was hyping it up as having C&C up the wazoo, without realizing just how few games got it right, and how difficult it truly is.

The point is, he's not technologically proficient, and this project does not have the middle managers he requires to govern efficiently. Being made by a tiny company, it requires too much hands-on creativity and technical prowess from Fargo himself, which is like getting water out of stone.

That's why the game is filled with one retarded-obvious-in-your-face-C&C quest after another.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
14. Re: Evening Interviews May 3, 2014, 15:58 shiho
HorrorScope wrote on May 3, 2014, 11:26:
Hi Tim, but what are quests/choice and consequences at a coding level? If/Then, Case, Array or some form of programming derivative of those, or something else? Enlighten. Perhaps magic?

I talked to Tim Cain, he's very humble, however he's the one that wrote the Fallout engine and set the tone for everything. He left the Fallout 2 team after Fargo and Co. came along and started strong-arming one decision after another that he didn't agree with.

This is why Fallout 2 was no longer a cohesive world, but something that started the "lulzy sci-fi theme park" trend we now unfortunately see with Fallout3/NV and Wasteland 2. Fortunately for Fallout 2, it was still powered by Cain's gameplay engine and stood strong on its gameplay and scripting.

As for choices and consequences, the IF/THEN approach quickly spirals into unmanageable nightmare, even if the C&C is as localized as being able to receive and hand-in 3 different quests to one NPC in any order.

It goes really out of control when you have C&C that cross-links different things across the world which can also happen in different order and yet have to make contextual sense.

This is because in one way or another, each "IF-THEN" statement has to be aware of a number of others before it does anything.

You need either a large team with tons of documentation (and then you still end up with a buggy mess like Fallout 2), or very efficient and innovative automated tools geared specifically toward maintenance and management of dialogue and quest scripting.

When I was making a concept gameplay demo for my own Fallout clone, I had to pause and spend a year writing a special quest compiler, which would take interdependencies into account. Otherwise, correcting one error in scripting, changing one parameter, would collapse the whole web of interdependencies, which was unmanageable.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
13. Re: Evening Interviews May 3, 2014, 15:50 shiho
Mad Max RW wrote on May 3, 2014, 13:20:
I've been playing throughout beta and the game has almost completely transformed itself. When they first launched shihonage may have had a point. It was clunky, missing features, the UI was a mess and bugged out all the time, barely any of the story was implemented, but you can see the foundation was there for a very good Fallout/Fallout Tactics-like game. If you're expecting Fallout you will hate Wasteland 2. If you're expecting Wasteland you will hate it (although they did a nice job not destroying canon). Now if you were let down by Fallout Tactics you'll probably love Wasteland 2. It's basically a way more advanced non-shit Fallout Tactics.

Fallout: Tactics is a superb game in its genre and a direct comparison to Wasteland 2 exposes the latter as something aesthetically ugly, simplistic under the surface, and generally unappealing when it comes to gameplay at large.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
6. Re: Evening Interviews May 3, 2014, 00:13 shiho
Yes, having taste is a gift and a curse.  
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
4. Re: Evening Interviews May 3, 2014, 00:05 shiho
Clearly you haven't been to my spiritual home, the RPG Codex. The Wasteland 2 dislike is strong over there, and we pity the outside world, for it has no taste in RPGs.  
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
1. Re: Evening Interviews May 2, 2014, 23:17 shiho
Fargo's main contribution to "Fallout" was its name. Tim Cain is the real father of Fallout.

Fargo is a big-picture, vision guy, the salesman, the puffer. His current position is too small for his skillset, he cannot properly micromanage a garage company. He does not have the low-level knowledge of creating a proper RPG framework from scratch. He believes that quests and choice&consequence are just a series of IF-THEN statements.

This will become obvious soon, when you see the mess Fargo made of Wasteland 2.
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News Comments > Notch's Text Adventure
9. Re: Notch's Text Adventure May 1, 2014, 04:22 shiho
Pseudo-intellectual ramblings brought to you by a one-trick pony trying to stay relevant.  
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
4. Re: Morning Tech Bits Mar 28, 2014, 17:49 shiho
Oculus Rift is a convention device. It works great at conventions where the exposure is limited. Once you own it, you will realize that it is nauseating and impractical to use.

I kind of applaud the genius of its creators, who managed to sell the thing to Facebook before anyone realized that it's a dud.
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News Comments > Titanfall Optimization Tips
42. Re: Titanfall Optimization Tips Mar 16, 2014, 17:38 shiho
007Bistromath wrote on Mar 16, 2014, 09:33:
Titanfall is a game that introduces multiple paths to victory to team deathmatch. That you somehow hadn't noticed that proves that what Trevellian said is correct, and everything you type about Titanfall is a waste of keystrokes.

I didn't mean multiple paths LITERALLY you simpleton. Yes, the wall-running, how novel, oh no you can chain them, I got hang of it in minutes.

Quake Wars just had a richer arsenal of possibilities at any given moment, which included the weapons you used and how they worked. It was a deeper game in all respects. It had a ton more vehicles, includine Titans, which handled far more satisfactorily than the ones in Titanfall. They could go prone, like a siege tank, and be repaired. It even had Titanfall's "falling from the sky" effect, which looked awesome.

I have many demos recorded from Quake Wars still lying on my HD, after I got pretty good with it, bouncing shots off walls and doing all kinds of crazy shit that is way beyond the shallow herp-derp-COD-clones like Titanfall.

I think I'm gonna dig up those demos and make a tribute video to Quake Wars in pointless hope that it will help get the game back.
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News Comments > Titanfall Optimization Tips
31. Re: Titanfall Optimization Tips Mar 16, 2014, 07:50 shiho
I'm pretty good at Tribes, have been there since beta, and score on top of the team pretty much every day.

I'm also well-aware of all the hacks floating around, and just how widespread they are. I could go into detail on where you could find proof of this, but I won't.

I don't "cry hax" because I suck, but because I've seen aimbots ruin clans in Unreal Tournament 2004, because I've seen people hack in Tribes, including teleporting other players around the map at will, hacked rate of fire on weapons, you name it.

Titanfall is just another easily hackable game with dull, hitscan weapons, and there are already aimbots out for it.

My point was that I miss games which weren't made for idiots (COD/Titanfall), and weren't simplistic, sloppy-coded garbage(Tribes:Ascend). They had multiple paths to victory, which suffocated hackers even with working aimbots. Quake Wars was such a game. It died an undeserving death.

Another such game was Tribes 1 with Shifter mods. Unprecedented.
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News Comments > Titanfall Optimization Tips
29. Re: Titanfall Optimization Tips Mar 16, 2014, 06:59 shiho
I got sick of all the DLL injectors and .INI hacks in Tribes: Ascend. You never know who's a scumbag with a rate-of-fire or sparkly player cheat or hitbox cheat or whatnot...

Bought Titanfall to try something new. It plays just like the FPS I hate - Call of Duty series. You get killed in 0.2 seconds by someone who may or may not be using a hitscan aimbot.


Quake Wars' mechs felt better than those in Titanfall. They also looked magnificent and handled better. They even had a prone mode. And Quake Wars had jetpacks, like Tribes. Quake Wars' depth of mechanics always kept cheaters at bay, just because the game wasn't simple enough to be easily exploitable.

It was my perfect online FPS. I mourn its demise. Oh, how I mourn it.
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News Comments > NVIDIA Ending Support for DX10-Generation Cards in 2016
16. Re: NVIDIA Ending Support for DX10-Generation Cards in 2016 Mar 14, 2014, 18:11 shiho
They stopped supporting my GTX 260 a long time ago. Do the "BIoshock Infinite" optimizations really work on it? Do the "Titanfall drivers" actually improve its performance in Titanfall?

Who the hell knows.
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