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News Comments > The Evil Within and Rage Sequels Possible
26. Re: The Evil Within and Rage Sequels Possible Aug 9, 2016, 18:12 shiho
The best game Carmack has made in the past 19 years, has been Wolfenstein RPG, specifically for dumbphones. The phones which weren't necessarily flipphones, but not smartphones either. No hardware acceleration, VGA screen resolution.

I almost passed the entire game, got stuck on the final boss. But I had TONS of fun with it.

Why? Carmack clearly had fun (FOR ONCE) going back to his roots and working in a confined hardware environment.

Not only did it allow him to focus on tight, engaging gameplay (and sense of humor), but he managed to squeeze in subtle effects like software alpha-blending, on phones without any 3D acceleration.

Finally, unlike its fancy iPhone version, this game played better, because I still had the luxury of pressing the real, hardware directional buttons to navigate the world and perform actions. People have forgotten... but it makes a HUGE difference to get tactile feedback on your actions.

Wolfenstein RPG > RAGE
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News Comments > Xbox One Controller Windows Issues
54. Re: Xbox One Controller Windows Issues Aug 9, 2016, 17:57 shiho
HorrorScope wrote on Aug 9, 2016, 16:11:
What if I scan the system periodically and it comes up clean? I don't run real time, but I do scan every so often, haven't found anything in years.

What I've been trying to get through to people for YEARS, and which doesn't seem to sink in, is that post-factum "scanning" doesn't do shit anymore.

Either the attack is stopped before it hits the vulnerable software, via a TCP/IP scanner, or it gets stopped during the execution of the injected or just user- or program- ran code.

If it doesn't, the virus becomes a rootkit. From that point on, it is undetectable by conventional antivirus solutions, which lag 10 years behind industry needs in that department.

They mask themselves using filesystem tricks, append to system files, replace system files, etc. Some detect when infected files are being scanned, and un-infect them, then re-infect them. A lot of those tricks were used in the DOS era, and later forgotten.

ComboFix has been the one program that actually "roots" them out. It is basically an automated hacker toolkit designed to destroy harmful hacker toolkits.

If you run Win7 or XP, I suggest you have System Restore enabled, and then run it.

Windows Defender is the worst of the worst.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
6. Re: Morning Safety Dance Aug 9, 2016, 17:32 shiho
Called it. More excitement to follow.  
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News Comments > Xbox One Controller Windows Issues
49. Re: Xbox One Controller Windows Issues Aug 9, 2016, 02:11 shiho
@HorroScope: That's the other extreme. Running without a decent antivirus (and MS shit doesn't count as such), is reckless.

It IS possible to get infected, like for instance with the recent hack of a download site which embedded a virus into the installers.

Or, through a hole of some shitty browser addon like Flash.

Or, say, you bought a Ubisoft game, realized what a hassle their "service" is, and decided to pirate it instead, because pirates get a better version of it, with the service stripped out. You run a questinonable crack made by some kid with morals looser than his mom's vagina.

Worse yet, in the past 10 years the nature of Windows viruses changed drastically. Practically every virus these days is a rootkit.

Once it is executed, you will have no traces of its activity in the system, such as CPU time expenditure. Maybe excessive bandwidth spending - MAYBE NOT.

Conventional antiviruses are as great at dealing with rootkits as an ED-209 was at going down the stairs.

There are specialized utilities like Combofix, which do a much better job. Unfortunately Combofix doesn't support Win8 and up.

I would suggest you run ComboFix (from for shits and giggles. Let it create the System Restore point first, of course. See if it digs something up in its deletion report, because it very well might.
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News Comments > Xbox One Controller Windows Issues
47. Re: Xbox One Controller Windows Issues Aug 8, 2016, 17:07 shiho
Verno wrote on Aug 8, 2016, 16:16:
NAT is not security and given the sheer number of security issues with most consumer routers I wouldn't rely on them either.

What a strange statement. A PC with an exploitable firewall is going to be ripe for automated attacks, as opposed to one which is also behind a router. A number of which also have stateful packet inspection.

As for the router exploits, they're usually about gaining unauthorized access to router itself, which is a completely different story. This could happen to anyone dumb enough to use factory firmware, regardless of whether they patch their Windows or not.

Microsoft security patches are very fast these days by the way.

Enjoy being the early adopter then.

With Win10's neverending stream of barely vetted patches, this is only going to get worse.

I don't really know of any consumer software that does decent intrusion detection (lol at anyone who even suggest something like ZoneAlarm), pfSense or DIY is the only realistic option there.

I'm not sure you understand what I mean by intrusion detection. Those same vulnerabilities that Microsoft, Firefox and Chrome close in their updates, are often closed faster with Symantec Intrusion Prevention. They scan for the exploit patterns which are meant to create buffer overruns in your browser or kernel or whatever, and stop them before they reach the target.

Kaspersky probably has something like that, too.

If you're going to use an old operating system like Windows 7 then you should definitely have Windows Update on, just pick the updates you want at least.

That's what I do, with a generous delay, to let the early adopters take the brunt of it.

I remember when unpatched XP machines could be infected in minutes due to all of the port scanning and automated blasting of various exploits, NAT didn't save anyone then either.


Cluster updates are not at all preferable to constant updates as anyone who has been around before WSUS can attest to. Large updates tend to break a lot of things and while the new update processes have their own issues, I find them fairly minor by comparison.

On the flipside, it allows one to wait until Microsoft reissues the ones which cause system instability.

And also, wait for tech community to figure out when they're retconning Win10 "telemetry" into previous OSes.

If you trust Microsoft to build the operating system you use every day then I don't see how you fail to trust them to deliver updates for it. If I really didn't trust Microsoft I simply would not use their products.

I guess I should throw out my Nvidia card then, too, because there's tangible evidence of them destroying people's hardware with bad drivers.

Or, you know, I can be smart about it, and buffer the driver updates.

There's this odd disconnect where people seemingly hate Windows or Microsoft while they continually use the product happily every day.

I hate Windows 10, and I went through quite some lengths to replace it on my new laptop, so I don't actually use THAT product.

Microsoft has plenty of shitty policies and by all means criticize them for it but if people really distrust or dislike the company that much then speak with your wallet and use something else. Actions speak louder than words and all that.

I believe what you describe is a symptom of BPD, or borderline personality disorder. It's an unenviable mental state, as we otherwise operate within the real world of grays and compromises, rather than black-and-white absolutes.
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News Comments > Xbox One Controller Windows Issues
44. Re: Xbox One Controller Windows Issues Aug 8, 2016, 15:52 shiho
RedEye9 wrote on Aug 8, 2016, 14:53:
I am glad people recognize my superiority, it makes me feel good.
But it is ok to question me no matter what some might think.

If you turn off automatic updating, and you don't remember to be vigilant, your PC will rarely if ever get patched. You'll be one of a minority with wide-open security holes.

Most of which can't even reach your average PC behind a router. And are faster stopped by an antivirus with network intrusion detection than laggy Microsoft patches. And have new security holes or plain instability in them, which could as well be more severe than the old ones, given Microsoft's lackluster QA.

As I said before, installing their 0-day patches is like installing NVidia drivers on release day. I prefer to do this in update packs, after all the scandals and crashes have been investigated and fixed.
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News Comments > Xbox One Controller Windows Issues
33. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Aug 8, 2016, 04:43 shiho
El Pit wrote on Aug 7, 2016, 17:00:
HorrorScope, this is about emotions, not about facts! ;)

... as you demonstrate with remarkable clarity.
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News Comments > No Man Sky Patch & Plans
14. Re: No Man Sky Patch & Plans Aug 8, 2016, 00:59 shiho
I was referring to them suddenly promising pie-in-the-sky features like building your own space stations.  
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News Comments > No Man Sky Patch & Plans
10. Re: No Man Sky Patch & Plans Aug 7, 2016, 18:34 shiho
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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
25. Re: Morning Tech Bits Aug 7, 2016, 04:47 shiho
NetHead wrote on Aug 6, 2016, 23:52:
It would be far more worth their while to simply make their new Source Engine run Vulkan (no support for DirectX) and make it free to use with decent documentation. That could have a lot of benefits both for Valve and the gaming industry to and extent.

It's a bit sad that 20 years ago John Carmack basically attempted the same thing with using his tremendous influence to push OpenGL onto Windows platform.

Technically, he succeeded, and by now we should be able to have OpenGL-based games which are competitive with DirectX, and easy to port to Linux.

But it appears that driver manufacturers have been slacking off, and Windows OpenGL support is not suitable for anything serious.
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News Comments > PC No Man's Sky Three Day Delay; Server Wipe Plans
24. Re: PC No Man's Sky Three Day Delay; Server Wipe Plans Aug 7, 2016, 02:28 shiho
I'd buy THAT for a dollar!

Ok, maybe for 20 dollars. But not for freaking 60 dollars.
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News Comments > More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney
284. Re: More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney Aug 7, 2016, 00:45 shiho
Razumen wrote on Aug 6, 2016, 23:03:
Lol, it's funny that you accuse me of lacking content, because everything you've said so far about Classic Shell is complete hearsay. And yet with some googling, I've found nothing to back up what you're claiming about Classic Shell, other than there was a hacked installer that compromised people's machines when they installed the W10 Anniversary Release:

I'm well aware of the hack, and it has nothing to do with the issue. Win10's compatibility framework doesn't detect malware installers.

So, what makes it hearsay is that only this person posted about this problem?

Well, here's another one for you:

I bet for most people it's a minor issue, they don't yet understand what this kind of control really means, so they don't bother reporting it.

But I fully expect to hear more complaints about MS disabling people's software as Win10 continues to bulldoze user trust.

Enjoy the ride. I'm done wasting time on this thread.
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News Comments > More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney
281. Re: More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney Aug 6, 2016, 22:40 shiho
Razumen wrote on Aug 6, 2016, 21:23:
MS doesn't and quite literally CAN'T prevent every application from having problems when they update something. Saying that they "attacked" Classic Shell when it most likely was a victim of unintended consequences is quite literally a tinfoil hat conspiracy.

We don't know if that version of Classic Shell had "problems" with the Anniversary Update, and what their actual severity was, because someone at Microsoft manually entered it into an "incompatibility database" which disabled it and made it unsearchable in Start Menu.

Maybe the only problem would've been that you can't swap the taskbar icons, or that the systray icons are in the wrong order.

Now all that agency is taken away from the user, because Microsoft DECIDES and ENFORCES what's compatible and what's not.

So regardless of their motives toward Classic Shell specifically, regardless of even the program that's being affected, it is an attack, and it's not an innocent software conflict that happened without human intervention.

If such displays of Microsoft's totalitarian control over your system do not make you wary, then, well, how do I put it without insulting your intellectual capacity... I really can't.

For this, and most of your other claims, Occam's Razor gives a much better idea of what's going on.

Lazy content-free retort. As to be expected.

This comment was edited on Aug 6, 2016, 22:50.
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News Comments > More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney
279. Re: More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney Aug 6, 2016, 20:31 shiho
The tinfoil hat expression is about conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories have a distinct quality of being unproveable. Yet there is clear factual, ongoing, documented evidence of the disaster that is unfolding with Win10's every step.

Its failure as OS-as-a-service is shown in above article I linked, with Anniversary Update being a trainwreck. Its filesystem-spying EULA and undoing user settings have all been well-documented. So is Microsoft's incredible arrogance as of late in its attitude toward the user.

Perhaps you don't understand the radical policy shift that happened with Win10, but that is your burden to bear.

When all you offer in response is evasion and ridicule, one has to ask who is really wearing the tinfoil in this thread. You sir are a shill. And a mediocre one at that.
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News Comments > More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney
277. Re: More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney Aug 6, 2016, 16:22 shiho
nin wrote on Aug 6, 2016, 10:56:
Classic Shell did an update on Tuesday or so and works fine. I'm not sure what he's talking about there. I have it and anniversary running on a machine with zero issues.

So you have nothing to refute the article's claim that Win10 attacked Classic Shell, because Classic Shell released a timely patch to circumvent it. Meanwhile the patch notes itself say that it was for "compatibility" with Anniversary Update.

However, if you did not have the latest update, Win10 will DISABLE that piece of software you use, because the OS-as-a-service process allows for major under-the-hood changes and thus makes the necessary attempts at "walled gardening" by disabling "outdated" software have already started.

See, one flawed idea requires the other flawed idea to work.

By the way, I can't wait until Win10-as-a-service starts wrecking security software which is not going to auto-update its executables in time, or isn't even capable of doing so.

Wonder how long people will tolerate living on this shifting sandmass, full of surprises.

Just because your head is clearly buried in the said sand, doesn't change the actual reality:

The Case Against Win10 Anniversary Update Grows

10 reasons you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10

And no, it doesn't force you to make a skype login. Not heard a peep out of it. Never used it, see no reason to.

And I never said it does. However, it does install Skype, and if you uninstalled it earlier, it will use your credentials to login, as the article says.

I can honestly say the fearmongering and incorrect information (as trumpboy perfectly illustrates) is worse than the OS. Don't trust that guy as being truthful.

Since my opinions have less worth than other people's, perhaps I should do a public service by wearing some kind of identifier, like perhaps an armband of some sort
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News Comments > StarCraft HD Next Month?
21. Re: StarCraft HD Next Month? Aug 6, 2016, 02:01 shiho
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Aug 5, 2016, 23:15:
Agent.X7 wrote on Aug 5, 2016, 11:25:
I wish they would just redo them all in the new engines so you can at least SEE them on modern PCs. I tried to play SC, but man it was too hard on my eyes.

That's because all the games were made for the era when we still had interlacing. It's just a pain in the ass.

I don't think he was talking about the console version.
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News Comments > More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney
272. Re: More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney Aug 5, 2016, 21:30 shiho
Meanwhile, Win10 Anniversary Update attacks Classic Shell.



As you can see, it's pretty easy for MS now to fuck with software anyone writes, because most people will be proles running Home edition with auto-updates non-disableable via civilized method.

Enjoy your OS-as-a-service, folks!!!!111

Oh, this is beautiful.
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News Comments > StarCraft HD Next Month?
18. Re: StarCraft HD Next Month? Aug 5, 2016, 17:23 shiho
Best case scenario is that SC HD will be SC with SC2 models and much of its art assets. Which is FINE.

However, Blizzard has no replacement models for Diablo2 or Warcraft 3, and they're not going to be spending MASSIVE resources on doing that.

Diablo2 will never be HD'd properly. WC3 HD may come out with cranked up texture resolution but not actual model overhaul.
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News Comments > More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney
267. Re: More Win10 Concerns from Tim Sweeney Aug 4, 2016, 15:30 shiho
descender wrote on Aug 4, 2016, 08:07:
A 17 year old problem that became relevant in Windows 8 is being blamed on Windows 10.

You do realize that Windows 7 suffers this same exact exploit, right? You don't try very hard, do you.

If you didn't act like the 12-year old "gotcha" troll maybe people would take your advice more seriously.

Actually... The flaw leaks local Windows credentials for any version of the OS, however the hacker can't do anything with them unless they can breach into your local network, which is impossible in most cases.

If you're using VPN, hooray, they get to use your VPN account for free.

But if you're a silly prole who was actually pushed by Microsoft into using their "universal sign-in", i.e. the terrible idea of using your online credentials to authenticate your local network, the idea that Win8 pushed first, and Win10 practically shoves down your throat - the hacker will have access to everything your MS account is tied to online.

This means, Email, file storage, Xbox live, other services like MS Healthvault, which can be tied to all kinds of deeply personal information.

So yes, the "big bad" payoff of this flaw does not exist in Windows 7 and earlier.
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News Comments > Morning Patches
2. Re: Morning Patches Aug 3, 2016, 15:35 shiho
What is dead may never die  
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